Friday – A very special Giveaway

Friday – A very special Giveaway

Day 3 here in Northern California, 
and San Francisco has to be the best city in my whole world. 
I say in MY whole world, because I am sure there are plenty of cities I haven’t been to (yet) which are spectacular, too!
It was so chilly this morning though, and did I bring a jacket?
Did I heck! 
Thankfully, there is a Maceys on Union Square, so I was able to buy a little number…
And then we noticed the Cheesecake Factory!
You couldn’t miss it really…

Was I able to resist? Yes! I was able to resist –

a second slice, 
but primarily because the first slice would have fed a family of four!

And the views from the roof terrace of the Factory were pretty cool too.

I lived here in the Bay area many moons ago, 
and loved it then, as I do now.
In fact, Mark was born here, in Monterey.

Here he is today, 

Outside the Transamerican Building.

But there we are. 
Life happens, and now we’re back in England!
I have got so much to tell you, and we’ve only really been here a day! 
I am keeping a little diary for the next newsletter, 
so I don’t forget….

Globetrotter Gray was in France with the Clarity Design Team not so long ago, and whilst there, we all made some little collections of art. 

Each of those present made a piece of art for the 3 members of the team who couldn’t make it, Elaine, Jane and Julie.

But it was suggested that we make a fourth collection, for somebody special. 

So we all set about making beautiful little pieces 
of individuality, signed with a loving kiss.

And all that remains now, 
is for us to find that somebody special, to send this little 
Ringed Art Collection to. 

If you would like to receive this little splash of wonderful 
Clarity Artwork, created by the nicest, and possibly the most talented bunch of card-makers in the country, 

then leave a pleasant, uplifting comment today!
Tell us why you would like to own it! 

I will ask Mark to pick a random name tomorrow, 
on his Graduation Day,
and I will announce the winner on TV 
next Sunday, June 1st.

Sound like fun? I think so!
And what a valuable Art Collection!!!!

much love,

105 thoughts on “Friday – A very special Giveaway

  1. Oh I am so glad your having such a fab time with your family. You give so much to us all with your blog it is so nice to know you are getting some nice back too!
    I don't wish to appear rude but I don't want to win so discount my name as I think there are many others who will benefit more than I would from this fab prize., plus I am mid down sizing and fear I am having to be harsh with many of my collection of treasures already and to be fair have rediscovered a wealth of saved bits of inspiration from friends etc that it's I time I focus on doing them justice as part of my life shake up lol!
    Enjoy your time away and I look forward to a week Sunday for my Clarity fix .x

  2. Reading this in bed – wide awake at 2.20am. Scrolling through my iPad and delighted to see Barbara's blog posted early to keep me company in my insomnia! The artwork looks splendid too! So talented and such a collection of inspiration for times when I am all out of ideas! Just like a high end 'homes and gardens' magazine you flick through and lust after. What a difference your teams work would make to my imagination and – hopefully – completed projects. Whoever wins them will be inspired!

  3. What a LOVELY idea to brighten up a miserable and rainy New Zealand autumn day. San Fran <3 I love it too. So glad you are able to be there as a family to celebrate this great family occasion. Make sure you have the tissues with you tomorrow for your heart will surely burst with pride and I am sure Leaky Eye Syndrome will strike you down!! Enjoy

  4. How wonderful of you, as always, thinking of us over here and inspiring us to be great stampers and card artists by sharing your and your wonderful teams art with us! Thank you Barbara and the team for the chance to win and for sharing with us everyday. Congrats to Mark – a very proud Mum is going to be in tears tomorrow – it only seems like yesterday that the young man went off to college. Have a lovely trip with your family and don't eat too much of that cheesecake – hey who am I kidding lol! Gobble away Karen xx

  5. The world is a beautiful place, but the earth without art is just 'eh'. Artwork inspires and lifts the soul. To own such beautiful creations would be a honour and an inspiration every day.
    Have a wonderful time with your family – enjoy every moment xx

  6. Have been reading last few days put been in bed with flou.anyway I havrvbeen reading your blogs it's like we are there with you enjoy like today cheese cake which I must say looks very yummy but how did you choice , I just love my daily world of clarity your blog and the happy greetings on Facebook has helped me so much over last eight months all your friendlyness and talent between you it's just amazing well enjoy your day and see you tomorrow xxx

  7. Hello Barb, what a fab idea, to give a very lucky person such an inspiring gift, if I could bribe Mark I would. Whoever does win it will no doubt love and cherish it. Thank you to you and your team for sharing your amazing talent. Hope tomorrow is a wonderful family occasion and yes tissues will have to be a necessity as you will be bursting with love and pride. Enjoy your time with the family, and go ahead, have some more cheesecake. Bx

  8. I love your expression 'in my whole world' Barbara. We all get to see little bits of the world and say we like that place best, but who knows what joy is just around the corner? Have a happy graduation day tomorrow, I wonder if you made Mark a card! x

  9. Oh wow how wonderful it would be to own such treasures. I followed closely all the antics of the DT in France (many of them my friends) therefore it would be fabulous to own a keepsake of the trip.
    I know what it's like Barbara when your children live far away as my daughter lives on Vancouver Island – times together are very special.
    PS – if I don't win the artwork could you send cheesecake?
    Have a fantastic time in a lovely part of the world with your special family xxx

  10. Hi, I'm currently planning to break from the world of IT and have a more crafty based career. It is still in the early stages but already I am so excited and my spirits are flying high again which feels great. I would like to win the collection as it would be a constant reminder of what can be achieved as it was made by those who have already made craft such an large part of their world's.

  11. What lovey art work. im on holiday getting ready to catch a bit more sun before our flight home. i think all the design team are so taltented and their work is just lovely. xx

  12. Waouh!!!! Love the Cheesecake factory, never seen amything like it…..But never been to the States neither, so….
    The work of art you've all created is stunning. Why would I like to win it? For 2 simples reasons, I would be very proud to have a collection of art created by the most talented crafters round me, and I will ba able to learn a lot by "studying" them.
    Thanks for giving us a chance to win, and enjoy the rest of your stay in San Franscisco.
    Laurence xx

  13. Mark
    Congrats on your graduation, I hope commencement is fantastic and the beginning of wonderful things for you. Enjoy Rio. San Franciscio is so cool. Enjoy the time with your family.

  14. Hi so glad your are having a great time . I hope you have a big hanky with you for tomorrow . The family and myself went to my youngest son's Passing Out Parade some years ago and I felt as if my heart was going to burst .The feeling was over whelming. He received top Sappers award which I could never have for seen as he was never very good at school , He has now been in the Army for 14 years and has gone from a young man to a grown man and been all over the world into many dangerous places. He is now home after a 6 mouth tour so must get on the train and go and visit him and his family very soon to give him a big hug,
    Enjoy your wonderful day ,xxp

  15. Good Morning Barbara…I am Just dropping in to say hello and please don't include my name in your draw…I already have my own little pieces of art work …..they are so lovely and they arrived after a really hard day at work which lifted my spirit and made me realise how lucky I am to be part of your fabulous team. I had real fun trying to guess who had made each one before I turned them over to see if I was right. Next month it will be a whole year since you asked me to join the team and I still have to pinch myself to make me realise its all real.
    The Cheesecake looks really yummy and so many varieties….I don't think I could choose!
    Anyway have another great day and I bet you're all getting excited about Mark's graduation!
    Love and hugs xx

  16. Why would I like to own a collection of "tiny art' made by the Clarity Design Team?? Really? You have to ask? I would love to be able to look at my very own art collection from which to boost my inspiration and to be able to look at it each and every day would just be a bonus. What a handsome young man Mark has become Barbara and along with the beautiful Grace you must be one very proud Mum – and who could blame you. I hope you have a fantastic trip and come back suitably refreshed and inspired and ready to inspire your loyal bamd of followers once again.
    much love
    Dawn xxxx

  17. So glad you're having such a great time in San Francisco. Not taking a jacket certainly gave you a good excuse to buy a new one! Why wouldn't I want to win this amazing collection of Clarity artwork? As always, you and the team are so generous; sharing your ideas and new techniques. We learn so much from each other, and you all inspire and encourage me on my creative journey. Clarity definitely makes my world a better place. Xxx

  18. What a lovely idea. What a handsome young man Mark is. I'm off to stay with my sister today in North Carolina, woo hoo! I will be looking out for one of those cheesecake factory's!! X

  19. Would I like to to own this collection? I certainly would! To be able to touch it, be inspired by it and just enjoy the diifferent craft styles would be a real daily pleasure.

  20. Ooh Barb you do spoil us. What fantastic Art work, they would brighten up my day each morning as I would have them above my craft desk on show, these must not be hidden away Oh No! They would be an everlasting inspiration for me.

    I hope all goes well tomorrow for Marks graduation, enjoy it as they go by in a blink of an eye!

    Views look fantastic, what a view to wake up to?

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  21. Good Morning Barb and Family! I love Fridays and your blog – you share so much – its truly special – and to share this special milestone is a real treat – so too is the give away – little works of art by a special group of people – how wonderful and inspirational and a lovely act of random kindness. SF is a place firmly in my heart – fell in love with it the moment I drove in to it on a road trip – stayed down near Fishermans Wharf – could not get enough of the place, the food, the wonderful sights – its a city I want to return to one day. There are some wonderful places around the world – I am lucky enough to have been to a few – I was reading Crafty Granmas post – from New Zealand – another country firmly in my heart as I have family there – so wonderful places there too – but I think there is always certain places that remain in the heart as special and can understand that with SF! So another day is dawning – the sun is out – the sky not as blue as I would like – but hey all is good in the world – so you carry on having a wonderful time – and thank you for sharing it – Marks graduation is one to be very proud of xx

  22. Hi Barbara. Hope all goes well with the graduation. I know how I felt when my daughter graduated…thought my head was going to pop with all the excitement and that feeling of being so proud. It is wonderful to see one's children achieve their goals in life. What a wonderful gift to give. I would love to own it as I am sure so many others would too. I would place it with my Clarity Collection for inspiration. Hugs xx

  23. Hi Barbara, you have no idea how lovely it was to receive my little book of treasures all wrapped so prettily. It started out a bad day till the postman came and what a surprise it was to receive something so beautiul and special, I really appreciate a hand made gift as I know how much time and thought goes into one. I keep getting it out and having another look at it, the only problem is I need to up my game to keep up with my design team friends! I've never met any of them but think of them as friends, as I do you Barbara, thank you all so much xxx

  24. OMG I would never come down off cloud 9 if I won the art work! Such a wonderful collection of inspiration that I know I would never be stuck for something to do again. Have a super time, keep blogging the pictures, they are taking me right back to when I was there! Stay safe. XX

  25. I have to say that although I have never been to San Francisco it has to be one of my most 'must see ' and explore destinations. I love California and would love to be able to spend a few months shared between there and New York . Maybe some day I will get there …. It is a dream but we are all allowed to do that, aren't we ? The cheesecake looks fab and just looking at the selection they have makesy mouth water !! Enjoy your time there Barbara and Dave,, with your son and daughter. Now would I like to own one of these fabulous works of art made by the very talented Clarity Design Team ?? … Erm , I think that my answer must be a big fat …. YES …please, I would love it !! The very best of luck to everyone xx

  26. Hi Barbara. Thanks for the great pics, how long did it take you to choose which cheesecake to have ? Talk about spoiled for choice! Why would I like to win this fantastic set of artwork? To be able to hold and study up close such talented work would be the ultimate inspiration. I struggle to come up with ideas and am guilty of doing the same things over and over, until I see something different, that's why I love your blog so much. To have this bundle of joy would be fantastic. Have another great day, can't wait to see pics of Marks graduation.Take care.

  27. Hello Barbara, SF looks an amazing place to visit, and it's great that you get to share your stay with Mark and celebrate his graduation – what a moment that will be. The little book of art is a lovely way for you and the DT to share their inspiration more personally, as you all are so generous with your ideas and sharing techniques. I would certainly cherish it and enjoy looking at it every day.

    'Have a nice day now' !! 😊 xx

  28. Hello Barabara, I remember ordering a slice of cheesecake in America and getting the equivalent of a whole one here! Yum! The little artworks look amazing, a whole little bundle of smiles. It would really make me smile to win them. Xx

  29. What a wonderful reason for a trip – not that going to San Francisco needs an excuse! Hope you enjoy every minute of Mark's graduation ceremony. The Ringed Art Collection looks fantastic and what an honour it would be to own it, let alone the best inspiration I can think of. It's a very generous thought – but then anyone I've met connected to Clarity Stamps has always been so generous of their time and skill, it's part of what makes you the best.

  30. Morning Barbara. My daughter and her boyfriend, at the time, visited San Francisco, a few years ago. Whilst they were in holiday there, we received a telephone call from the boyfriend , in what must gave been the middle of the night for them. I answered the phone, terrified that something bad had happened and felt even worse when he asked to speak to my husband. The boyfriend then proceeded to ask if he could ask our daughter to marry him. What a relief!! Of course my husband said yes and he is now our son in law of 5 years, this year. Foe their first anniversary, I made a card depicting San Francisco.
    Enjoy Marks graduation tomorrow, and I'm sure that the artwork will go to a good home. I look forward to reading the next newsletter. Xxx

  31. Brilliant idea bet the others that couldn't come were gutted ,we of to Kent garden show today with our display wish i could take my stuff but there isn't room!!! have a lovely time with your children xxxxx

  32. Hope you are having the best time in the u s of a with your loved ones. I should love to win this as I think you and the team are so inspirational but having read previous comments would like it to go to Jane Dunkley because she had nothing for her birthday, found that sad, just saying. Love you and your work Barbara xxxxx

  33. Thank you for allowing us a peak into your family life. Congratulations to Mark and I wish him all the best for the future.

    If I am lucky to win the prize I would be over the moon for two reasons. Firstly it would be an honour to own such fabulous pieces of artwork from a group of very talented people and, secondly, it would give me a lift after a traumatic eight months.

    I am looking forward to the next newsletter.

    Have fun with your family and enjoy the ceremony.

    Roz x

  34. Enjoy this wonderful time, proud Mum can't beat that feeling! What a fantastic prize, there's nothing more inspiring than artwork of any form that you can hold or touch. If I was lucky enough to win I would treasure this collection always. Have a well earned break, Jane x

  35. Hi, enjoy your special day tomorrow! What a great inspirational gift you are giving away, all those ideas!!! Glad to be in with a chance, love Carolyn xx

  36. Hi Barbs,
    What a fabulous display of art from you and your crafty team. Hope you had an amazing time at the graduation and didn't do what my mother did at my brother's – she stood up and shouted "Raymond!) and to everyone within earshot "that's my son, that's my son". He's still getting over it – and he's in his 70's!! Your comment about the cheesecake had me chuckling – my mother-in-law (the old bat) used to say she could only eat one of a certain brand of chocolate sweets -I used to reply and say "me too, at least only one box!" Enough waffle, glad you had a great time and glad you're home safe. xx

  37. When you look at art that has been lovingly created , it speaks of the personality of the creator and oozes inspiration. I would love that to happen to me if I won that gorgeous art work. The memories you have created with your family will keep you inspired so have a great time re exploring them

  38. What wonderfull memories Barbara so good you are there the best is yrt to come the graduation. I dave kept a holiday dairy for all our family holidays my children are men and a lady now I am 76 on June 1st so you can imagine my little books for my family. God bless mark on your special day love June xxxxxx

  39. What a good excuse to go shopping and buy a new coat and the cheesecake was just the icing on the cake! [cuse the pun]. Just want to say thank you for sharing your wonderful moments with us.
    The artwork is amazing and I would be so proud to be the owner of these inspirational gifts by such a talented bunch of crafters. Joan x

  40. Hi Barb,
    Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself in San Fransisco but don't go eating too much of that cheesecake which I have to say looks absolutely fabulous! The pieces of art was a lovely idea for the DT team who couldn't go to France and an even better idea for one of us mere mortals! Yesterday was my birthday and we had so much planned including going to Bamburgh in Northumberland for a walk along the beach. However the foul weather put a stop to that so I ended going to a garden centre to buy plants for my hanging baskets etc! To win the pieces of art would really cheer me up and inspire my at the same time and would have pride of place in my little craft room all in little frames. Have a fabulous day tomorrow and I'm sure you will be bursting with pride. Congratulations to Mark. Love Alison xx

  41. Glad you are having a good time .I am sure you would love anywhere your son was . I am off to stay with my son in Cambridge on the way to a short break in Paris – I have packed Zentangle to do on the train – which I started it thanks to you. Looking forward to meeting you and your talented ladies in June xx

  42. Morning Barbara, so please you are enjoying your time acroos the pond. Your lovely Mark all grown up and looking so handsome. You must be so proud of both of your children. Didn't take a jacket?….what an excuse to get something new! Enjoy the rest of your stay. Xx

  43. You brought back memories of our wonderful family holiday in Canada when our girls were young. We took time to visit some friends over there and ended up in the Cheesecake Factory, the portions were just as big then too! What a wonderful idea making up little art books, they all look amazing. I would love to win because you can never have too many sources of inspiration and also as a reminder of how to do things! Thank you Barbara for your cheery blog, always a good start to the day 🙂 x

  44. So pleased you're having a good time with your family making special memories for the future. The art tags look beautiful and I would be truly delighted to win one because I'd feel honoured to own such inspirational artwork. I would hang it with pride in my craft room and when I had a bad day it would remind me that my Clarity family were close by. That sounds a bit soppy but since I discovered Clarity & met Maria & the Preston Gang it has livened up my life and introduced me to people who have become cherished friends. "Friends are the family that you choose". (Would love to. have that as a stamp). Enjoy every second of your time with Mark and Grace. They have grown into such beautiful young adults and get yourself a box of mansize tissues for the Graduation. Best wishes Jeanette x

  45. Barbara -What a fantastic giveaway I can't think of any crafter on this planet who would not love this-inspiration what. Lol Thanks for the chance to win.☺

  46. Love the posts here as so uplifting. I back read yesterday to get more of an understanding. Love the idea of the multi samples, they look gorgeous.

  47. Morning Barbara,
    San Fran is amazing!!
    Cheesecake Factory is amazing!!!
    I love the States and go every year on holiday just fantastic and so are the people.
    Enjoy Mark's graduation tomorrow, my son's is at the end of June and I couldn't be prouder.. so looking forward to it, unfortunately his is not in the States.. never mind.. holidays are coming…
    Love the art work such a generous thought to make it for someone special that you don't know yet but once you pick your winner a friend for life you will have.

  48. What a lovely idea; to share the love of the creativity of your team.
    I love reading your blog every day. Quite often I end up being late for work as I must read it before I do anything in the morning!!it good see you having "proud Mummy moments". I love when Mums share their very special moments of achievements of their children. It reminds me that the world does contain love and good people , despite what the news on TV tells us.
    Keep spreading the love and enjoy your family time. xxx

  49. What a fab city! Your posts are always so interesting and inspiring. It was such a lovely idea to make gifts for the team left behind when you went to France, they must have loved them as will whoever among us is lucky enough to win! (I hope it's me!!!!!!!). Have a wonderful day tomorrow and 'well done' to Mark! You must be so proud of them both, I know I am proud of my son and daughter! I went back to Uni to do an HND in business when I was in my mid forties and they came to my graduation. I think they were proud of me too! It was something I never thought I would be able to achieve! Have a fab day today, maybe more cheesecake? xxx

  50. Glad you are having a good time with your darlings Barbara-when we look back we can't believe it all went so quickly , but there they are in front of us , all grown up !
    So wonderful to be able to enjoy special moments with those who mean the most to us.
    Your design team are very talented and who wouldn't want to receive such things of beauty!
    Enjoy your day,

  51. I would love to win this little collection, its beautiful, but may I ask. If I am lucky enough to win could it be forwarded on to Spain Jane.
    Have a lovely time Barbara.

  52. Hello Barb. I could have told you about San Fran being so chilly. I have bought many a cardigan/jacket/hoody there. It's the wind. Such an exciting and uplifting place though – just like your artwork. Thought I'd write you a ditty :-
    Cheesecake for breakfast; cheesecake for tea; cheesecake for dinner – but artwork for me. (Please!) xx Margaret Col.

  53. I don't even have a passport, so I do love to read of your (and others) travels, even though they do make me wistful. Well what a lovely idea behind the mini-art work giveaway, whoever gets it will appreciate it and look after it – just the pictures on the blog have given me ideas.

  54. Oh Wow! reading this is uplifting itself! So glad you're having a great time. I could do without pictures of cakes if you don't mind – as I said on FB started Slimming World on Weds and I think just a forkful would be syns for the day! Only joined to support hubby!

    What a lovely idea to do these pieces of work while you were away. I'd love them because they would be instant inspiration for those 'I can't think what to do days' and they'd be there to touch and feel – just like stroking your new shoes (I do that you know!).

    Enjoy the rest of the trip and making the most of your family. Congratulations to Mark on graduation! x x

  55. Oh WOW Barbara, what a super, special, thoughtful idea – for you all to make something for those who couldn't get to France, and make an additional set for one of us. I hope the graduation goes smoothly (and the weather warms us too).

  56. looks like your having a great time Barb – mmmmmm Cheesecake!!! Wow – why would I like to win the fabulous art collection – thats easy – it would inspire me when things weren't going so well on the crafty front, make me smile when things weren't going so well on the homefront and when all was well and good it would be there as a thing of beauty to just enjoy! Hope the graduation goes well – I'm sure it will! Hugs rachel xx

  57. How do you keep coming up with such good ideas? And how do you keep up with the work load? I hadn't done any stamping until I saw you demonstrate on C&C, so I can truthfully say that you have been an inspiration, and now your design team are also inspiring me and it would be great to be picked out of the hat and receive some of their art work. But like someone else said, second choice would be a piece of that cheese cake!

  58. I am lucky enough to be reading this whilst on holiday in Florida where it is extremely warm I would love to be able to look at such lovely art work and be inspired when back home in UK I am missing being able to do any craft work on holiday but am doing the rounds of the many craft shops. have a wonderful time at the graduation and well done Mark. I t sounds as if you have like me been really blessed with your children. Enjoy your self.

  59. To win a little book of clarity art work wow what a wonderful day that would make it would hang in pride of place for inspiration for each day even days when I am too ill to craft I can look through it and think wow what wonderful clarity design team you have .enjoy your time away with your family cram in everything for your memories for when you come home your own little clarity memories book big clarity hugs xxx

  60. what a wonderful idea creating art pieces for the ones that couldn't make it. and even more generous that one of us mere mortals can own a collection as well! oh i would love to own it because then i can look at the artwork up close and personal instead of off a computer screen. i can feel it too! and then i can stop saying that i never win anything….. hugs xx

  61. Glad you have such a wonderful time with your Family – of course I wanted to have such wonderful art-Works – would like to this wonderful créativity. LOve

  62. nice pics Barbara, San Francisco looks amazeballs as do those cheescakes. I am making a Orkney Fudge cheescake this afternoon, yummy! Love these ickle works of art from your team, what a lovely giveaway. Congratulations to your boy on his graduation, I know you are very proud and rightly so. Enjoy the rest of your trip x

  63. Congratulations to Mark – hope you all have a very memorable day! What a wonderful treasure those little pieces of artwork will be for your team members and also whoever is your lucky winner. A little booklet full of inspiration and ideas – wow! Loved the Cheesecake Factory when I lived in the States, although it took me a while to realise you just had to have dessert, as the portions were so huge, if you had something first there was no room for the cheesecake!!!! Susan x

  64. Hi Barbara, I am so pleased that you are enjoying going back to SF. I must say it sounds great, and that cheesecake looks extremely yummy! How lovely and so thoughtful of you and your team to set aside their beautiful artwork for one of us to own, and the pages are turned to that wonderful pair of lovebirds which is one of the many stamps on my wishlist as the image always makes me
    smile. Although I have never met any of you I followed your trip to France avidly, and I think owning a bit of that talent would be so inspirational and make me feel as though I know you all through your different styles of work, and maybe I will get to put the faces to some of the named creations at sometime in the future Congratulations to Mark, and I know you will have a wonderful day to remember tomorrow. x

  65. Wow Barbara what can I say shopping at Maceys (great plan leaving your jacket behind!) unbelievable cheesecake (which flavour?) a stunning view and a wonderful son (and daughter too). Have a fabulous day tomorrow and delight in that proud mum moment. Now for the artwork wow how wonderful you are spoiling us. Uplifting comment……wonder bra ! !!!! Sorry couldn't resist. Enjoy life have a laugh and tell people you love them every day. Have a fantastic time. Love Diane xxxx

  66. Your joy at being with your lovely family and experiencing SF is almost tangible, and your blog uplifting to those of us in chilly Scotland this morning. Wishing you all a wonderful time as you make lovely memories to cherish. xx

  67. Hi Barb, you must be very proud of your "baby" boy, enjoy the day and take lots of photos so you will be reminded every day of the occasion.
    God bless to all the family and safe return.

  68. I've just recently discovered your blog…(so much catching up to do)…and I'm in awe of your beautiful creations. I'd love to win this inspirational collection of art pieces. So many things to try…so little time 🙂

  69. Sorry I've been missing this last week but we have been on holiday so I have a bit of catching up to do. Have a wonderful time at Marks graduation I remember our girls graduations with great joy and pride. Take lots of photos and have an amazing fantastic day. I'm sure you will. Those cheesecakes look very yummy too
    Jackie x

  70. Would love to win some pieces of art made by such talented people with love. It would be something to inspire and treasure.

    Enjoy the graduation, a very special day

  71. Reading your daily ramblings always brings a smile to my face, especially Fridays insight to "Barbs world"….how did you manage to resist a 2nd portion of cheesecake, I wouldn't have!!
    Sending congratulations to Mark on his graduation and Grace on her part in the advert, enjoy this special family time, bring home lovely memories.
    The little pieces of art work look beautiful, clearly made with LOVE 🙂

  72. Hello Barbara, I am not a tweeter(!) a skyper (!) a facebooker (!) a blogger (! This is a first), i look at craft sites. But if i don't get my daily Barbara blog-fix i am lost. Your prize: next best thing to having you and your fab experts in my craft room with me! Fingers crossed. Moira x

  73. I really enjoyed reading your blog as I do each day, and especially the pictures of San Francisco as I had a holiday there a few years ago with my daughter and it brought back many happy memories.
    Enjoy the graduation tomorrow, a truly special time.
    The pieces of art would be lovely and hopefully inspire me to create something new. :))

  74. Whoever is the lucky winner f these gems will have something to really treasure. I know just looking at the work of the Design Team is an inspiration to try something new and get better. To own something they created with love would be wonderful. Good luck everyone. xx Maggie PS enjoy those cheesecakes.

  75. I would LOVE these little gems Barbara – they would lift my spirits no end. We should be on our way to Kenya as I write this for a 'once in a lifetime' safari holiday. The bother all kicked off and our holiday was cancelled a week before we were due to leave so I'm not a happy bunny. Glad you're having such a great time & if it's any consolation we need jackets over here too – 8 degrees and raining! Pat x

  76. Hi Barbara, glad to see your enjoying your time off, say hi to Grace and Mark from me!i would love to win the beautiful collection of artwork form you and your team, each one a little piece of individual magic, just like each of you! It would be like having a catalogue of arty inspiration!lots of love, Wendyx

  77. Wow what a lovely gift, how I would love to try to guess who had created each piece of art before having a look on the back. As for the cheesecake factory could I have passed it by, definitely not! Blow the diets it would be rude to resist. Enjoy the day tomorrow it will pass so quickly, just as those precious childhood years fly by. xx

  78. It's lovely following your trip on your blog, great photos, would love to visit San Franciso one day.

    What a lovely gift for the missing DT members. I wouldn't say I deserve such a beautiful gift more than anyone else but I would definitely treasure it and it would provide great inspiration to me x

  79. I have had such wonderful, inspiration from you and your design team – tips, happy thoughts.
    My dark little place would be filled with sunshine were I to receive such a special treasure trove from such lovely people
    Anne x

  80. Lovely pics! What a thoughtful idea to create something for those who were unable to make the French trip. And even better that one lucky person will also win some beautiful artwork from a group of extremely talented people. No doubt the artwork is all very inspirational and would certainly inspire me. x

  81. Never having visited San Francisco I am enjoying following your travels and seeing your photos. You must be enjoying time with your family too (and cheesecake, yum). I would consider myself so privileged to own those mini works of art and they would inspire me on those days when my mind is blank and a plain white piece of card or paper is a very scary item 🙂

  82. What lovely photos you have been sharing with us. I was very excited about the mention of the Cheese cake factory … not for the cheesecake but for the fact that it features heavily in my favourite comedy 'the big bang theory'! Good luck with Mark's graduation tomorrow. I hope you all have a very special day and memories that you'll always treasure. Xx

  83. Barbara Gray your children are both extremely good looking, they could each make a living as a model. You must be so proud of them. I would love to own those beautiful mini masterpieces, just to be able to look through them for inspiration, or even just to lift my spirits when needed. Treasures of The Dt!!! x

  84. Hello Barbara
    Thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous bundle of fabulous art. I'd love to take inspiration from all the wonderful designs and techniques showcased within the crafty bundle held so simply together. My craft mojo often goes walkabout and this would be perfect to kickstart 'mojo' back into action. Fingers crossed and thank you for the ongoing design inspiration and, of course not forgetting, all the wonderful products you make available to us

  85. Hi to the Gray family, it looks like you had a wonderful time. I think the swalk bundle is stunning, I really must give it a try to hand to people I feel need cheering up. I think I will also do some festive ones to go with the blankets and scarves I am making to give to the homeless folk of our city for Christmas xx

  86. You Guys & Gals at Clarity are so inspirational & this bundle looks full of great ideas.
    What a lovely thought to own this – can't really think of a reason why I, more than anyone else, deserve this – other than to say, it would be a "lovely to have!" to hang in my (soon to be built) craft room 🙂
    Enjoy Mark's graduation and enjoy your day with your family – most of all – have a lot of fun!
    Take care, Carole x

  87. What a lovely, generous idea. I'd love to win them – they will be treasured by whoever is lucky enough to own them – they will provide masses of inspiration! Enjoy the graduation – a proud day for you.

  88. How nice! You must be a very proud mummy I know I was when my daughter graduated ! Mark looks like a handsome chap too! Love your work Barbara, it continues to inspire me xxxMarcia xxxx

  89. Hi Barb
    Just joining your blog – how lovely to be in San Francisco and for Mark's Graduation Day.
    I remember my daughter's so well – it was the day of the London bombings. So while we were travelling up the motorway to Manchester, my other daughter was working in London. It was also my son's Leaving Ball from Sixth Form – so many things to remember on that day! BUT, my daughter's graduation was lovely and I'm sure you will be so proud of Mark.
    Meanwhile, I would love to be a winner of the DT works of art – what a fantastic idea and so inspirational when the mojo decides to take a holiday.
    I'll be back!!! As I will be joining the Stencil Club and I'm really in to it – as I got into stamping after seeing all your fab demos on C&C. I still check back at the Classrooms.

    Bye for now,
    Sheila x

  90. I would love to own these pieces of artwork as the inspiration of your work and the DT team would move my creativity to new levels. They would be much loved. I aim to join the stencil club this week as I so much love the results you get from them.

  91. Hello Barbara. My message will be too late for mark to maybe pick as posting a day or so late. I've lost track of time. I staying with my daughter at the mo. We have been baby clothes shopping and having mum/daughter time. Her name is nici she lives 2hrs away. I don't get to spend time just with her much as my granddaughter always needs me to play. So yesterday we had a lovely time. Her baby is due sept. Your swalk collection looks beautiful and the lucky winner will be special as they will be chosen by your very loved son. Thank you for sharing with us your family story it's makes me feel like your friend. I have met you (have photo as proof) that was a special day for me
    Enjoy your family time
    Debra x

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