Madeleine hits the spot every time.

Madeleine hits the spot every time.

Good weekend? What fabulous weather! 
When the sun’s shining, England is a beautiful country, isn’t it!
And this weekend I was so busy having fun with friends and family, blogging took a back seat!
But here’s an old favourite of mine: Madeleine. 
Never fails to look good!
Even if you’re pushed for time, 
she always looks great!
Stamped her in Black Archival,
and heat embossed her with Detail Clear Powder.
Now we have raised the line-art, 
we can fill her in, so to speak!
What nationality do you think she is?
I think French. 
Anyway, I mixed a little Perfect Pearls and water,
 and painted her.
The raised line-art keeps the colours separate, and the Perfect Pearls just bead off the embossed lines.
Super easy. Super look.
If only my hair looked that good every time!
Add the William Blake Poem in black to the side,
and a couple of papere mbellishments.
See how the Perfect Pearls shimmer?
Also, for anybody who is new to the world of Mica Powders, these ones by Ranger have a built in binder, or fixative, so you don’t have to seal them.
Makes it much easier – especially on glossy card!
If you have time – but only if you can spare a minute, Maddy’s hair is BRILLIANT for adding doodle patterns, or Zentangling, like so.
She sure is a favourite of mine. 
Here are the links:
 there’s also a Madeleine Stencil
William Blake’s To See The World Verse
Have a great Monday!

40 thoughts on “Madeleine hits the spot every time.

  1. Barb this is stunning and so very simple. I am new to mica so I will be having a go at painting. I do love this stamp and I will have a look at the stencil too. Thanks again for your utter brilliance.
    We don't have the sun yet but it is bright so fingers crossed. I wish for a little sunshine with the heat behind it, how lovely.
    Have a wonderful day whatever you get up to.x
    Denise xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Really like this! Madeleine always looks like the ancient Greeks/Romans to me although with a name like Madeleine I suppose she'll have to be French! Anyway, whatever her nationality, I think she is beautiful. I never seem to have success when I use mica powders for some reason. Beautiful day here and we seem to have lost the wind at last! Have a great day and thanks for the inspiration yet again. Love Alison xx

  3. Good sunny morning. Loving this weather although I do feel guilty sitting indoors crafting when so much needs doing in the garden. Madeleine would be a small project, bit of stamping, bit of colouring and bit of putting together and then out to work. Sounds like a plan. xx Margaret Col.

  4. Glad it's Madeleine 'cos my friend is coming round today to help me with the Perfect Pearls, (forgotten how to use them, old age again). Glad you're using the 'technique' because the 'how to' has gone out of the window as well. Thank you Barb, your tutorials are absolutely 'bassin'

  5. I've seen you demo this stamp a number of times and she always looks fabulous. I think the zentangling looks lovely – it adds that little bit of ooh la la! Pat x

  6. A lovely project, I don't think I have Madeleine but will have to check first when I get home! How bad is that…. However, if not I do have other stamps to try this with as I have all the other ingredients! Thank you for brightening my day. My life is roller coaster of up and down over the last week, Dad going into hospital, next door's dog being put to sleep and then a high of our friend/neighbour getting a Romanian rescue dog on Saturday – I went with her to see her and collect her (Dusty) and she couldn't be more perfect. Last night I heard of a 6 month old pup I know being run over and killed which was devastating and that's how it's going in my world at the moment. Currently in a soap opera at work too – some people need theirs heads bashing together ….. Anyway your projects and posts light up my day and I'm storing them all up to have a go at when I get chance. THANKY YOU! XXX

  7. Madeleine is lovely Barbara and the Perfect Pearls and zentangling enhance her beautifully. With a name like that she has to be French I think. x

  8. this stamp has really grown on me and i have used her a good few times. the stencil is cool too and you can achieve different looks with it. i have always thought of her as french and in fact i always pronounce the name the french way.
    lovely card. can be quick but can spend hours colouring her hair. for me it is usually the latter. hugs xx

  9. Hello Barb, wow, this is great, love the colours that you have used. I don't have the stamp or the stencil, but I guess that is an addition to the "I need" list. I love my PP's and use them quite a lot. Oh and she just has to be French! My hair is definitely not golden, more like silver/grey and a lot shorter :-). Bx

  10. Home from work – quick trip to the local dump to take bags of rubbish cleared from and intensive gardening spell yesterday – coffee and sit down to read your blog – after sorting out my email account as someone tried accessing it in the US!!! What is it with people I ask myself!!! Anyway…..Maddy – A stamp I recently used – nationality – hmm cannot make my mind up – French – yes I can see that – but I feel there is also an air of Spanish or Portugese !!!
    England in the sun – makes me want to sing Jerusalem!!!
    Great card our Barb xxx

  11. I just need a little space and then out come the Perfect Pearls. I had completely forgotten that your could paint with them, I have the Madeleine stamp and the stencil, so I might excavate them and have a go this evening, while I am listening to the birds singing after the rainstorm.. xx Maggie

  12. A beautiful stamp and lovely colouring with the Perfect Pearls. Good to hear that you managed to grab some 'down' time this weekend Barbara, we all need to forget about work for a while and I guess in your line that's not easy. Take care.x

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