YouTube Tuesday – Birch Trees

YouTube Tuesday – Birch Trees

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by on this lovely sunny 
YouTube Tuesday!
I thought it would be good to do some traditional stamping with a few old tricks thrown in, 
so I do hope you enjoy the Birch trees tutorial today.
Please forgive the sound quality. 
We had an issue with the microphone, but didn’t realise until it was too late! I should have known that tucking my Iphone into my knickers was asking for trouble !!!
If you turn the sound down the buzzing goes away. Funny that…
Never fear – Barbie’s here! 
And a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do….
See if you notice when I lick the tissue…
couldn’t believe that didn’t get cut!
Birch Trees

 Items Used:
Copy Paper
Make-up Brush

Learn it. Live it.
much love,

40 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Birch Trees

  1. Have only read the blog so far and I'm already giggling. ..did you have a bee in your knickers Misses? Buzzing from your pantaloons! !! Must now watch the video to check out the tissue licking incident!! Love the birch tree so sure it will be delightful xx

    1. Watched it now and what a beautiful, and relaxing scene you've created. Didn't get any buzzing either. Love the 'mummy' tissue licking. I hated my mum doing that to me, yet I did exactly the same to my children…my youngest, Paul, is 26 today and he detested it. Keep up the good work. You tube Tuesdays are fab! Xx

  2. Lovely card Barbara!
    The birch trees always remind me of my Grandma and Granddad who looked after me when mum was at work. They lived on an avenue lined with Silver birch trees and they used to gleam in the sunshine. Happy memories!
    Love and hugs xx

  3. Barbara – what a lovely VT to watch before I head off to work – loving the tissue licking! LOL – bet you were a mum who licked the tissue and wiped the kids faces too!! I know I was and my Mum and Nan before me!!! – brought a broad smile and a chuckle I can tell you!! Loving loving loving the Tuesday slots xxx

  4. Oh! Now that takes me back to the very first time I met you at the NEC… You made this very same card! My very first stamp purchase was made that day at your stand, the silver birch and what an investment that turn out to be! I remember putting little birds on everything I made too! Thanks for the memories xxx

  5. Good morning Barbara. Lived the video. Oops that was a bit unprofessional but hay I am sure we've all done it. You are human after all. It's nice to see your vids on a Tuesday, I look forward to them. At work at the mo so had a quick look, will watch properly later with a cuppa. I loved the card, thanks for the bird drawing tip will try it. Have a lovely day x

  6. I look forward to you tube Tuesday xx I can now draw little birds thank you they are fabulous and so easy. I need to show my Daughters they will love it. The card is lovely and you could put any sentiment on that and have a card for loads of occasions and as you said you could also make it dark and moody and have a night time scene.

    I like that you are you in the videos and on tv and you do the things you always do like licking the tissue. Is that not what we do anyway. It makes it normal thank you for that and I like when it is real instead of edited all over the place that it starts to look unnatural and the person being filmed is nothing like themselves.

    Have a lovely day and I hope you are all packed and ready to go for a very long trip for Graduation. I am excited for you x

    I have just ordered the birch tree stencil but I think I will need the stamp as I do love birch trees, I love the silvery white there is something magical about them.

    Denise xx

  7. Oh Barbara what a great card and a giggle too. I love silver birch trees my swing was under one when I was little so lots of looking up at the sun through the leaves. The tissue licking was so natural! How could you not do it you need water so you lick! We have all done it, all hated it when our mums did it and I bet our girls will do it too when the time comes. It's a mum thing! Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely card – I remember when you did this on C&C and loved it then. I remember when you showed how to draw the birds, I was fascinated & had birds everywhere! It was like when you did the little boat – I felt like I'd achieved something as I really can't draw at all! Anyway, going to have to check to see if I've got this stamp because if I haven't I think I will have to take advantage of your offer & might have to have the stencil too! Thanks again ! Love Alisonxx
    Ps love the tissue licking reminded me of my dear Mam trying to clean something off my face- ugh!

  9. Hi Barbara, I remember you demoing this on C&C, and bought the stamps as I love silver birch trees. Must get them out again! I can also draw birds too since you showed us this technique, when I showed my sister she was very impressed – and she can draw!!! Loved the tissue licking bit, as others have commented reminds me of being a little girl, and yes I have to confess to doing it too!! Have a lovely day. xx

  10. Hi Barbara. Wonderful stamps, and a gorgeous piece of art. Thanks for the bird drawing tip. I have been having a go and it works so well : ) Tissue licking? Yep, been there, done that! What Mum hasn't? It does come naturally doesn't it : ) Take care.

  11. I have these stamps and remember using the birch trees at one of your workshops. Love your finished work Barbara, I'll give it a go and may well lick my tissue too! Pat x

  12. Hello, this has to be one of my favorite 'quick card' techniques, I just love the birds, so easy but so very effective. I have even done this in my home as a border along a dado rail and everyone says how pretty it is so I am now thinking of doing a larger version and decorating my hallway the only problem I have is which season to choose. Thank you so much for all the inspiration you give us, Andy.

  13. Like Mandy I remember watching you do a similar card at the NEC and you gave it to my Hannah and you asked her if she would like you to sign it and she said no thank you, when I asked why she didn't want it signed she said "it will spoil it!"?? Kids. Its great to see a version of this card again, I fancy getting my Brayer out today/ x

  14. Brilliant. Haven't seen this done before. I forgot you mentioned the buzzing and for a while I was wondering where the slight buzzing noise I could hear was coming from! Doh! I love the tissue licking. I hated my mum doing that to me and yet I find myself now doing the same to my son! 🙂

  15. Morning Barbara, I love the birch trees stamp and have fond memories of using it at a workshop with you. I remember putting so much versamark down it ran off the page the 1st time, lots of giggiling. Got it the 2nd time and it still has its place in my craft room. Thanks for reminding me of happy times. No buzzing this end. It must be the fact that you are on your way or with Mark that has you in Mummy mode, licking the tissue. Thanks for the great video and I have a wonderful time. xx

  16. Love this picture and your two little birds so clever! The tissue licking made me laugh, I too used to do this when one or both of my children had grubby marks, they both hated it. What can I say its a mum thing. Didn't hear any funny buzzing noise. Love you tube Tuesday. Joan x

  17. I love the birch trees Barbara and the lovely scene you created with the birds as well, totally lovely, and didn't hear any buzzing. I too like to use good old fashioned spit on a tissue when crafting and there is no water to hand. I often say to myself, well, that's not very hygenic, but needs must, and it hasn't killed me yet. All children hate the face wiping trick, but I'm sure there isn't a mum out there that hasn't done it at some time. Talking of children, have a great trip, but perhaps you are already on your way. x

  18. Great tutorial, as ever. I love the silver birch image and enjoyed this technique in Cowden. I don't remember my mum licking a tissue for me; I don't think they were invented then, but I certainly did so with my son.

  19. Beautiful, you make it look so easy. Will have to show my granddaughter how to draw the birds. She has spent the day with us today, has a chest infection, suspect she will be back later in the week. We have all done the tissue licking, my kids squirmed. Thinking back I can understand why, but it is instinct. I do like the silver birches, lovely tutorial. xx

  20. Another fabulous tutorial Barbara. I love the birch tree stamp – its one of my favourites – and I especially love it as a winter scheme. Thank you. Lx

  21. Hello Barbara, I remember doing this at Sedgefield. I enjoyed the process and especially the end result then, and I still do. I've found this to be a good card for men as they always appreciate the trees and the skill of application (does that make sense?) Look after yourself, hope the neck is holding up (you'd be in a state if it wasn't!) xx

  22. LOL, been there, got the T shirt for licking and cleaning the kids faces with a tissue….its a right of parenthood!!
    Just love the birch trees and this card, I'm trying to perfect this card in each of the seasons, still a work in progress, got the birds sorted now.

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