Glorious Sunday with Esther

Glorious Sunday with Esther

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by on this beautiful sunny Sunday.
What glorious weather it is here in Kent!
It’s my Aunty Esther’s 70th birthday, and the family is having lunch together to celebrate. So I can’t stop long!
Always running around from one place to the next it seems.
Life certainly moves fast! 
Last week, when we  drove back from France, as soon as we hit Dover I noticed a marked increase in the volume of traffic! 
More cars, more lorries, wider roads, more speed.
I know we must be careful what we wish for, 
but sometimes I wish things would slow down a bit.
But just for today, I shall put my favourite shoes on, and we shall dance round the M25 up to the beautiful little market town of Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire.
Pub Quiz: Where is Beaconsfield on the map?
We’re here!
This is a really cool Stamp, you know!
Here’s a card I made a while ago on Telly
using a lovely grey ink pad call Watering Can
(which reminds me! 
I must water those plants quickly before we leave!)
Anyway, yes. Stamp the British Isles map Stamp onto coarse
Water Colour Paper.
Decide where you live…
and make a dot!
Colour in the counties Map using 4 colours, so that no two counties next to each other have the same colour.
(Another Pub Quiz!)
And add the compass.
If you have used coarse paper, and you shade in lightly, the texture from the paper gives a real authentic aged look.
Tear the edges, using a ruler as your guide.
If you run a water-wet paintbrush along the edge of the ruler where you want to tear, and let the water soak into the paper first, the tear will be easier and more fibrous (fluffy!)
Stencil brushes to dust in a background
with Butterscotch and Tumbled Glass Distress Pad.
Draw some faint pencil lines coming away from the compass and across, to give the map a real feel.
Set to one side.
Time for the Letterbox Kit.
A5 Theuva Card.
Spell out your message in Black Archival
like so:
Lay the Mapwork over this piece and make marks where you need to cut to make the slits.
Cut along the upper and lower edges of the Take me boxes, and the upper and lower edges of the with you boxes, so they can act as photo corner slits, 
if you know what I mean!
This pic will explain it better!
Join the boxes with a black Micron pen, 
so they look like they are strung together.
Now slot the map into the two corners.
Great man’s card.
So think about a great man in your life…
Anyway, I must dash !
But before I go, 
I think if you buy the Map stamp, 
we will give you the compass as a gift!
Call me old-fashioned, but
give me a Map Map over a Tom Tom any day!
And Everybody should have a compass in their handbag….
Black Archival (sale price)
(There are 5 tins. The Essential set is a great starting place)
Have a great day!
much love,

38 thoughts on “Glorious Sunday with Esther

  1. Fabulous card as ever Barbara and great advice too…That's why I love you and your blog…you always manage to inspire me! Thank you!
    Enjoy your family day…and don't forget to water those plants before you go. Love and hugs xxx

  2. Morning Barb, fantastic card..I might just have to order that pencils will be with me tomorrow. Have a safe trip and enjoy your catch up with Aunty Esther xx

  3. I like the map card and I think somewhere in my paper stash I've got some water proof paper with the lines on, think I could manage the map but I don't fancy going with any of the men I know except my husband -ugh no thanks. Love the card and technique though.

  4. Good morning Barbara. I love the look and feel of this card. The Spectrum Noir pencils look great on the rough paper. I once did an Anniversary card for a friend who's Hubby I call "Map Man" he is obsessed. I put that she loved him all the way from John O'Groats to Lands End? Hope you have a lovely day. My Sister used to live in Beaconsfield Road – Up Norf x

  5. Lovely card and it's good to know it's sunny and warm somewhere! I think our good weather is due to come back later this week!!! Say hello to Beaconsfield for me – I had a good friend who used to live in a little Quaker village near there, called Jordans – lovely part of the world. Enjoy lunch with Aunty Esther Happy 70th Birthday to her! Susan x

  6. Hello Barbara. I don't remember that stamp and it would be so useful. I know exactly where Beaconsfield is as I went to school there. Such a pretty county – I remember when the M40 was built and it tore up the countryside. grrr. Have a great day. xx Margaret Col.

  7. Enjoy your celebration, I love getting all our family together. Glad I don't have to negotiate the M25 to do so though. Great card remember you doing this one on TV. Think I am going to have to browse the website later feel an order coming on. Have a lovely day make the most of gorgeous weather. xx

  8. Lovely card. I really like the way you have strung the boxes together and the way the map slots in. More great ideas! I have happy memories of regular family days out to Bekonscot Model Village and Railway, when I was growing up. Hope you have a lovely day with your family celebrating your Aunty Esther's birthday. x

  9. Hi Barb,
    I remember you doing this on C&C and really liked it then. The pencils look fabulous on the watercolour paper too – must try it. If anyone is thinking about the pencils they are brilliant. Glorious day here in the North East but a little windy! Have a lovely family get together – enjoy it whilst you can. Love Alison xx

  10. Great project. Love the old age effect and the letters used as a photo corner. Hope you have a great day with your family. And Happy Birthday to your auntie.
    Laurence x

  11. I saw you demo this on C&C and thought it was lovely – and I still do! Enjoy the celebrations with your aunt Esther, now I wonder what sort of card you made for her?? Pat x

  12. Lovely card is it only British Isles you do or do you have a Europe stamp?
    I know what you mean about the hectic pace of life in the UK I notice it every time I visit. Just sometimes the slower way of life like here in Spain can be annoying especially when you want things done. I always say the only time Spaniards hurry is when they are behind the wheel of a car.

  13. Well very unlike me I am reading this at the end of the day instead of the start of the day – but in doing so I have seen your wonderful family photo – what a lovely Sunday to spend with your family and how lovely you all came together to celebrate – this card should have had dots on for all the places they travelled from xx I remember this one from the telly and loved it as it took me back to geography lessons at school – I used to spend more time colouring the maps in and putting the sea round the coast line that actually learning the geography so this one calls to me!!! So what a lovely end to my day reading this blog xx

  14. Hope you had a great day with the family. I bet you took some lovely German potato salad. I love this stamp set and giving it that old look is inspired. xx

  15. Hello Barb, hope you had a great day yesterday, the weather was super. Great for a BBQ and Pimms, so just catching up now. Love this card, cutting the letters to make corners is brill. Have a great Monday. Bx

  16. Hi Barbara. I love the map and stamping onto coarse water colour paper makes it even better. I love the effect you get and the lines coming off of the compass. I must invest in the letterbox stamps, what a great way to display the map. This is simply beautiful. I hope you all had a great time celebrating your Aunties 70th Birthday yesterday : ) Take care.

  17. The map and compass stamps are great for male cards and the watercolour paper and distressed edges give it that old map feel. The idea with the letterbox words is very inventive and clever. Thank you for this Barbara, and hope you had a good family catch up for your aunt's birthday. x

  18. Hi there. I hope you had a lovely meal with your family. I love the card, that map stamp could be used for allsortts. Maybe even a treasure hunt. I was born in Dover and lived there until I was 15, it's changed so much and is very busy around the port. I haven't been back for quite awhile though.
    Debra x

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