Je Swee Fatty Gay…

Je Swee Fatty Gay…

Hello Monday!
Thanks for stopping by.
Monday’s blog is Trees and Flowers,
 so here is a very quick card made very quickly !
I hope I can be forgiven for whistling through this one, but yesterday was just a lovely lazy crazy day, and before you could say “don’t forget to write your blog”, I had forgotten.
So here’s a scrap of copy paper, on which I had cleaned my brayer. 
Maybe it was too much sun, (NOT!) but I could see hills and paths here, and the rest was pretty simples…
I used the 
Just stamped them into place with a Black Archival, 
on the lines I had made with the edge of the brayer!
Trimmed the picture back,
And you know what?
I could try and recreate those paths and hills till the cows 
walked down them – I would never get them as good!
And quick?? It took me longer to find the stamps!

So voila!
Thanks to Gill for this one!
A bunch of happy cows!

If you decide to buy the large larch tree
I will make sure you receive the small larch tree as a gift. 
Last day here in France today,
but I think we can all agree that it has been pretty special.
We haven’t done any work at all! Not a stitch! This has been a holiday, a break, a getaway-from-it-all.
Quite simply, this was Dave’s and my way of saying
to the Clarity Design Team.
much love,

43 thoughts on “Je Swee Fatty Gay…

  1. Often the cards made in a hurry are the best no time for messing around – how does this look, how does that look no I think that should go there etc.
    Safe journey home to you and the team

  2. It just goes to show why crafters save every snippet and bit of scrap, you never know what it might become! Glad you all had such a relaxing time over there you all work so hard and deserve it. Enjoy the last day. x

  3. Enjoy your last day together, safe journey home tomorrow.

    I shall be looking very carefully at all of my scraps of paper now, I love a nice landscape and whilst very simple , it looks perfect and I finally have the tree mantel set x

  4. Lovely, those paths and lines look perfect and all from the clean up of a brayer! I have sometimes saved the pieces of paper I roll my brayer onto as the colours overlay really nicely sometimes, a rather serendipitous moment. Glad to hear you have all had fun…………… but who is going to clear that table? Makes my craft table look tidy by comparison! XX

  5. I love your way of speaking French……Tooks me 4 time reading the title before I understood it…… Anyway, you can be "fatiguée" as much as you wish, that piece of art is stunning. And you're right, you could try it again, you'll never have the same effect. Thanks for sharing, and thatnks to you and Dave to come in France for a break, and had fun with the team. You all deserve it. Enjoy your last day here, and travel safe back. xx

  6. You can make a masterpiece from scrape paper! Dam you Barbara! I'm still in the trying stage. Enjoy your last day in France and thank you for sharing. safe journey Joan x

  7. Morning Barbara. "Fatty Gay" made me smile this morning… you are so funny. And your landscape is brilliant, something beautiful created out of nothing. Glad you've all had fun. Its been quiet over here without you and the team. Xxx

  8. The scene is brilliant, must look at my scraps more carefully before I recycle them! As for the video – it is so cool! I like cows and jazz so perfect! A brilliant way to start a Monday morning with a big smile and a chuckle! Thank you! Have a fab last days holiday xx

  9. So from the cleaning of your brayer you create a masterpiece! I'll never look at scraps of paper in quite the same way! Love the video, who knew that vows lived jazz? Have a great last day in France and a safe trip home. xx

  10. Hi Barbara. I have just read yesterdays blog before this one and am glad that so much fun was had on Sat eve. Poor Kelly, bet she didn't know where to put her face : ) Love both pieces of art. The hills etc are great, like you say, you couldn't have got it as good if you had tried. I try and "see" things but am not very good at it sometimes : ) Love the cows. Bet the men didn't think they would have animals as an audience : ) That table is seriously showing what a fab time is being had by you all. Great to see that fun rather than tidying is the order of the day, and rightly so : ) Enjoy your last day. Have a safe journey home tomorrow. Take care.

  11. Hi Barb,
    Love the title! Really made me smile. I don't know how you manage to produce something as lovely from a scrap of paper that you've cleaned your brayer on – my paper certainly never looks like that! Enjoy your last day in France & have a safe journey back. Love Alison xx

  12. I'm am sure clarity team all have been blessed this last week it is amazing how you have taken them all away . From pictures and things said looks like you all have had the best week we are all jealous back here we did not come. And a lovely card from a scrap of paper just amazing. Have a lovely last day and safe trip home glad you have rested too x

  13. Good morning,
    This is a lovely landscape, but more so glad that the week has just been fun, you deserve to relax and have lots and lots of fun, lucky Clarity Design Team too

  14. Barbara and Dave… What an amazing experience we have had this week! Thank you so very much for bringing us all together! Friendships have been made that will never fade together with some of the most amazing memories!
    THANK YOU xxx.

  15. Have a wonderful last day in France. I know you say this was not a work trip, but I am also sure that it will have the effect of emphasising the friendships between you all, and the sharing of ideas will have a knock on effect on your joint creations in the future. It has been fascinating watching how you all having a go at things that are new to you, like Maria and her new passion for parchment craft, and Paul playing with his Gelli plate. Sadly, you are coming back to rain over here for the next few days, so we need that lovely sunshine on today's landscape, a totally unique creation. Have a safe journey tomorrow, all of you. xxx Maggie

  16. Hi Barb, so glad that all of you have had a lovely time, and great fun too. Love your card from just a piece of scrap. Great video, really had a laugh at that. Travel safely all of you. Bx

  17. Absolutely fan-tas-tique. Wonderful use of a piece of scrap paper and so original. You could put that piccie on a box of vache qui rit couldn't you? Lovely fun and you are special bosses too. Looking forward to the next instalment. xx Margaret Col.

  18. All I can say is wow! The card is fabulous Barbara . That table looks great full of stuff! Have a wonderful last day with the crowd and a safe journey home. Love Diane xxx

  19. This has been the most perfect week for me Barbara, precious time with good friends, an opportunity to get to know other friends better. We've shopped, crafted and laughed a lot! Thank you and Dave so much for your kindness and friendship. Xxxxxx

  20. Did I imagine a gallic shrug from one of the cows? They did seem to enjoy it.
    Love the use of the scrap paper and the way you always encourage us to look at things in a different way.

  21. This is lovely Barbara and it just goes to show that even leftover scraps can come in useful. Glad you have had such a great time in France. My DH and I are going to France in September and are having a week in Brittany with four friends and a few days before in Normandy and a few days after returning to Calais via the Loire Valley, thats the plan anyway as I have never been to France before we thought we would make the most of it as we are lucky enough to be retired. If it is anything like your trip we will have a ball. Thanks for blogging about your trip it has been lovely. x

  22. That is really kind of you and Dave to say thanks to the Design Team. They are fabulous though xx
    I am so glad you could take the time off and you have still managed to blog xx
    Denise xx

  23. Love that scrap of paper Barbara! it made a cool card!!!

    I'm glad you all had a fabulous holiday but I do so wish I could have been there too! I was in spirit even if I wasn't in person! I tried to play as much as I could…got some stuff I needed to do done which puts me ahead….always a good thing!
    Looking forward to you all coming home and filling fb with all the gossip!!!
    Love and hugs xxx

  24. What a fabulous 'Merci' to your team – how generous of you and Dave. Well, all these years of showing us how NOT to get lines with the brayer and now you go and do lines!! Looks great too. I haven't got the larch trees but I'm sure any tree would work as long as it's the right size. Have a safe journey home. Pat x

  25. I too have used some scrap pieces at the weekend and was very pleased with the results!
    I love the effect you've achieved & think I need these larch trees too – my £20 prize is now all spent – I've had a "virtual spend" and now need to place my order at the Clarity office 🙂
    What a great boss you are Barbara – Mine is great, don't get me wrong, but I can't imagine that we will be doing this type of trip any time soon.
    I filled out my Goals & Objectives and suggested I do a crafting course as part of my self-development – it didn't get approval and she laughed at me!!
    Enjoy your evening in Hobbitsville. Take care and have a safe journey home tomorrow. Carole xxx

  26. Loved the cows, there are cows in the next field to my house and they are just as nosey. They stand in a line and just stare. Never seen them stare and listen to jazz though.
    Have a safe journey home.

  27. Brilliant, not sure I would have seen the landscape in that piece of scrap. So glad you have all had a good time, great to be able share each others talents. I don't envy you all trying to sort out that table though. Funny video with the cows, they looked as if they were enjoying the jazz. Now I have to decide if I really need the larch tree, suspect I know the answer. Safe journey. xx

  28. Well I say, if this is from scrap paper then I really must look at my scrap a bit more! Fantastic is what I say and I really loved the cows too. Be good to have you all back on English soil xx

  29. Hi. Love the card. The tree is beautiful Wow the cows were fabulous. Shame it's your last day. Thank you for letting us in on your holiday as you were having it. Debra x

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