YouTube Tuesday – Secret Garden

YouTube Tuesday – Secret Garden

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You Tube Tuesday.

How ironic that I should be sitting in possibly the most fascinating secret garden ever. It’s 6 am, the birds are twittering away and the sun is rising over this ancient woodland. 
It’s as if this is the only place in the world right now.
Actually, sadly, it’s time to leave our magical retreat in Bretagne

and our friends Elizabeth and Alain.

But in the words of Arnie, “We’ll be back”

Our last two Gelli Plate You Tubes have been very well received over in the States, so I thought I would round up this Gelli Plate trilogy with a very cool Framing technique. Our British friends may already have seen this one, at an exhibition or on TV, but some things are just worth cataloguing, and this is one of them.

Once you work out the aperture in the brick wall, then you can create any number of landscape, garden scenes.
(my friend Mel calls them Ann Donny Die Racks)
Copy Paper

Now to Homework! Please forgive me for not showing homework this week. You probably know that we have been in France all week, and I have not been in a position to upload and gather all the homework which has been coming in. 
So next week, let’s have a Gelli Plate Homework Gallery, shall we?
Do please send in your creations to 

much love,

46 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Secret Garden

  1. Good morning Barbara and all the gang! Can't believe you're on your way home!!! Where did that week go!
    I'll have to watch the you tube later!
    Looking forward to seeing all the homework!
    Safe journey home to everyone….bring some sun back please!!! X

  2. Hello Barb, great picture of the group and your friends, would love to stay somewhere like that. Wow, I bet you will have loads of homework to go through when you get back. Got my NDC envelope yesterday, and have to say I love the stamp – not saying too much to spoil the surprise for others. Technology does not seem to like me this morning, cannot watch the Youtube video, it says it is private. Will try again later. Take care coming home, and yes I agree with Jane, please bring some sun back. Bx

  3. Safe trip home Barbara and friends. I couldn't see the video. It was a black screan and words saying this is private Not sure what's happened will try again later.
    Debra x

  4. Morning Barbara. Glad that you have all had a wonderful time. Like the others I too get the same message on the video. Have a safe journey home with the gang. xx

  5. I did get the same message but it is working ok now. :). I will need to watch later this morning. Lovely pics from France again. Looks like you all had a lovely time. Have a safe trip back home. x

  6. What a fabulous piece of art Barbara. Thank you for the video – it's great. Have a good journey home, at least the sun is shining today (well, it is at the moment). Pat x

  7. Bonus today, not only a great tutorial but I actually have all the kit. Not at work on Wednesday, I feel a playtime coming on. Thank you Barbara.

  8. This is just lovely. I haven't played with my Geli Plate for ages. This has made me want to get it out and try something like this. The effect is great, but the leftover print at the end is fabulous too, so you get two for the price of one, what a bargain in terms of time and effort ! Have a safe journey home. I'm looking forward to your blog through the rest of the week, to see what you come up with now that you are all refreshed from your little break.
    Sylvia (Sandy's mum. I put that as I think you might remember my son Sandy from SECC Glasgow, in past years, standing watching your demos in awe.)

  9. Hi Barbara. Love the twilight scene. Fantastic brick wall, thanks for showing how to get it looking so good : ) The secret garden sounds wonderful. Have a safe journey home, bring some sunshine with you please. Take care.

  10. Beautiful, will be giving this a go at the weekend. Will have to think about what I will use because much to my horror I only have black permanent ink!! I know how shocking right! XX

  11. Morning, what a great place you have taken the team to, you all look relaxed and happy, I can't believe that it's time to leave already. Looking forward to seeing lots of fab stuff from everyone when you return. Safe and pleasant journey to you allxxx

  12. Video playing fine now. Like the split screen rather than the little screen in the corner its much clearer and easier to view both at once. Saw you do this demo at a show so great to now have it on you tube whenever I need a reminder. Safe journey home to you all x

  13. What a fantastically easy piece to do. It just looks so effective and beautiful. I shall have to get this stamp set as it would be used over and over in my craft room.

    I love the thought of a secret garden it is so magical with some lovely flowers and beautiful colours and a slightly overgrown area.

    I am so glad you all had a lovely time. The picture is a happy one. Safe journey home xx

    Denise x

  14. What a simplistic and highly effective technique. Will give this a go as I wanted to do something similar for another project and didn't think about using my Gelli Plate – Doh!!! Have a safe journey home. xx

  15. Safe trip home Barbara and the gang. I am catching up on a few days blogs today as haven't had time over the last couple of days. Too busy soaking up the rays in Spain! It's beautiful here, sun shining and a glass of Sangria, and clarity blog! What more coulda girl want!!!!

  16. Hi Barbara. I so enjoyed todays u tube. What a great project. Another one to try. Thanks for all these great ideas.
    Have a safe journey.
    Love Val in Spain x

  17. Thats lovely ,but i still not got a Gelli plate so cannot try but i do have some acrylic inks a friend gave me them they kinda gold /silver colours . have a safe journey home xx

  18. Barbara. What can I say. This peice of art work is amazing. I love it it's beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I am glad you got the video to work would hate to off missed this one. I don't have a jelly plate but I do have the stencil and stamps so will try and do something similar Thanks again
    Debra x

  19. Looking forward to doing this one. In fact, if I can get it right, I might be showing a few friends when I go down to a Crop with them later this month. The only problem I have is that I cannot remember where I put my paints the other week. This afternoon's task, I think. Hope you have a good journey home. xxx Maggie

  20. Now had chance to watch the video. I am so glad you have shown us this one Barbara. I did watch this demo more than once at the NEC and even tried it out a couple of days later. I was however trying to remember how it was done, just last week, so it is great to have a permanent reminder to refer back to. Also my shading with make-up sponges was not good, so it is good to be able to watch you over and over again until I can get it right. x

  21. Hi Barb,
    Lovely photo, everyone looks as though they have enjoyed themselves. Love the video as usual and this is something I'll be journey, love Alison xx

  22. Love this one , watched you do this at NEC. You then convinced me I needed Gelli plate and even fetched the stencil for me. Personal shopper. I have tried it myself and result was not too bad but will be having another go as my shading was not brilliant. Shame your week is over , you all looked to be having so much fun. Welcome back to a rather rainy Britain but hopefully the sun is following you. xx

  23. Great video , I've had a week of catching up on You tube Tuesday, love it, must get my gelli plate out for a play, I have the brick wall stencil but not the other stamps so I'll have to adapt to what I do have, thank you as always for the inspiration. Safe journey home to you all xx

  24. This is a great demo Barbara and the aperture in the wall works beautifully with the little twilight scene inside it. Hope your journey home has been good. x

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