Time is on the wing.

Time is on the wing.

Happy Sunday!
Oh boy have we just had the funniest evening ever!
We played out a Who Dunnit Murder Mystery, so we each dressed up and took on a role.
From Madame Edith La Grande Butte (moi)
Pia Fedora
Oily Carte
Nicole La Grande Butte
Kirk Ramson III
Seamus O’Hack 
Pierre Paysanski
to Otto von Pinkelwürst (aka Speelchecker)
and others…
I haven’t laughed so much in years. For three hours we went round the room, establishing our defences and interrogating each other. And then, right at the end – and I mean right at the end, just before we were supposed to give our verdict, somebody asked 
“so does it say on our scripts if we’re the murderer or not?” 
and Kelly from the Telly said “Yes. Nooooooooooooo!”
We could have had another murder on our hands!
Kelly’s the one in the corner, looking like Grouch Marx.
 Back to the artwork.
Time is on the wing. 
We only have 2 days left here in France!
But it has been formidable.
Spread a very thin layer of Golden Open Paint Azo Gold over the 8×10 Gelli Plate with the brayer.
Flick some water over the plate and pull a print on 
Lay the Clockwork stencil down on the plate.
In fact, lay a piece of white card underneath, 
so that you can see what you’re doing!
Using make-up sponges, add acrylic paint through the stencil, 
like so.
Before you lift the stencil, blot lightly with a paper towel.
Then lift the stencil off.
See the pattern from the paper towel?
Pull a print on the pastel yellow card 
you have already gelli-plated.
Time to add a couple of arty words...
and a couple of birds.
They always lift a piece.
and then mount on another funky Gelli piece.
 I do hope you like this piece. I had fun creating it. 
Lots of love,

49 thoughts on “Time is on the wing.

  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun last night. I love the colours you have used for this piece. Something else for me to have a practice at today :-). I hope the sun is shining where you are, it is lovely here this morning by the sea in East Sussex.

  2. Good Morning Barb!…and there was I thinking you may have all watched the Eurovision Song Contest and organised your own scoring panel!!!…looks like you had loads of fun though – you will all miss each other when you return!
    Love todays art, its bright and cheerful but still grungy…fab! Have a great Sunday all of you xx

  3. Hello Barb, love this piece of artwork, the colours look great with that stencil (another for the wish list). Looks like you all had great fun last night, who thought up those names? they are just fabulous. Enjoy what is left of your time in France. Bx

  4. Good morning Barbara and all the team in France! Looks like you are having the most marvellous time! It has flown by!
    Great artwork again Barb! Love the colours! Have a lovely day all! Xxx

  5. Ha ha! So funny, hope the moustaches were not permanent pen. Maria looks fab almost didn't recognise her, what a good effort you all made. Beautiful colours for the artwork. This stencil is great for backgrounds.
    Enjoy your last days in France…wonder how long it will take to pack up all the crafting gear…you must have a huge pile of artwork between you by now. Aurevoir tout le monde! X

  6. Good morning Barbara. How fabulous I love a good murder mystery, I have been to a few great fun. Your all having a great time. I do wonder what you all have done arty wise for us to see. I can't guess from what you've been telling us or have I got it wrong and it is just a holiday. Either way it's been lovely that your sharing it with us. Oooo nearly forgot to say about your card. It's lovely simple but hits the spot for me. A card for anytime of the year and any ocashion Thank you. Debra x

  7. Hi Barb,
    Love this! Really like the colours you have used. I've ordered this stencil so when it arrives ,I'll certainly enjoy having a go at something like this although need the paints first! Is there no end to my wish list! You all look as though you are having a great time although I bet you could have throttled Kelly from the Telly! Love Alison xx

  8. Hello Barbara, what a great evening you all had. I went on a murder mystery evening on a train once – great fun. Thank you for today's project, the finished artwork is lovely. xx

  9. What a hoot, it certainly does look like loads of fun. Lol about Kelly he he I bet she was kicking herself.

    What a lovely piece of art I love my clockwork stencil and will have a play later.

    Denise x

  10. We'll you all look like you had a fabulous night and a great laugh. The card is lovely. You can really work the grunge look ( with your artwork!). Have a great day love Diane xxx

  11. Oh my did I lol, Kelly on the telly you're priceless 😀

    Back to the artwork, fab result, wonder if I can work quick enough with the other acrylic paints? I'll let you know 🙂 x

  12. You all look to be having a great time. Hope you all come back rested and full of creativity. Thankyou for taking time out to share the fun with us. This is a lovely stencil, had not seen that one but could be very useful for the difficult male cards. Your piece of artwork is fab. Enjoy your last two days. xx

  13. Glad you are all having a ball. The gellie masterpiece is great, love the colour combination. Its good that you are still sending in the art work. Joan x

  14. Another timeless masterpiece Barbara. It certainly looks as if the design team are having a fantastic get away, I bet they will not want it to end!

  15. Another beautiful piece of artwork and a great stencil Barbara, and you are right about adding some birds as they finish it perfectly. It made me laugh that after three hours of play acting the murder mystery remained a mystery, but it was obviously great fun anyway. x

  16. How funny! That's the sort of thing I would do. Love the gelli print, I am now going to look carefully when buying kitchen roll to see which one has the best pattern!

  17. Looks like a fun evening was had by all – so who committed the second murder?!?!
    Love your piece of artwork as always Barbara – this stencil is another "must have" & luckily I received my £20 Good Friday prize voucher this week, so I know what part of that will be spent on!
    A big THANK YOU again for my prize voucher – I'll enjoy choosing some more bits later today. Take care & have a lovely afternoon, Carole x

  18. that sounded like a lot of fun. i really like that print you pulled off in the end. only yesterday i used a pice of gelli print to create a topper for a father's day card. hugs xx

  19. You're all having way too much fun – not that I'm jealous or anything. Must get the gelli plate as the results get better and better. I've been putting it off but it's no good, I can resist no longer!!! (Sounds like a melodrama – and a poor one at that). Enjoy your creative selves and we'll all reap the benefit. xx

  20. I've got a very similar stencil used only for men's cards, but you have made the stencil look so young and dare I say feminine. I love the colours. Hercule Peirot doesn't a chance with the Clarity gang.

  21. Will I have a stash of 'funky gelli plate prints' soon? I keep having a play but haven't produced anything like yours yet!! This is a gorgeous card.
    Enjoy yourselves for the next few days!!! Thank you, Jan

  22. So who was the murderer in the end? Did you decide? Glad you have all had such a great trip, just setting you up for the rest of the year as a great team. My Gelli plate is in its box at the moment as I am deep into mass producing ATCs with Perfect Pearls and Gilding flakes (with hay fever, that is challenging). I look forward to trying those new open paints though, yet another technique to learn and play with. Love this one with the clockwork stencil. Sleep well, all of you. xx Maggie

  23. Read this earlier and couldn't comment but I've been smiling about Kelly on the Telly most of the day – I needed something to smile about today! Another lovely design – great colours too! I'm glad you're all having a good time!

  24. Pleased you're all having such a great time wish I could be there. Love the card and I agree with Jan I haven't produced anything I would give anyone yet either, but I lov looking at yours. Keep em comin x

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