It’s all an illusion….

It’s all an illusion….

Hello there!
Saturday’s blog a new technique.
Now let me see…
Why don’t we take that Chessboard Stencil I made you a couple of days ago, and put a different spin on it – literally.
We will need:
Golden Open Acrylic Paynes Grey (coming very soon)
Golden Open Acrylic Quinacridone Gold 
(we’ll have it in a week or so)
Brayer (Special Sale this month)
Make up sponges.
So what’s the difference between the System 3 Acrylic paint and this Open Acrylic paint? 
This one dries very slowly. 
You only need thin layers of it.
Both are excellent for different tricks is all.
And every time I play, I figure out more. 
So here, spread a thin layer of the Azo Gold over the Gelli Plate.

Flick some water at the plate.

Blot it with a paper towel lightly. 
Just lay it down and pat it VERY LIGHTLY.

You will even get the imprint from the paper towel in this paint.

Lay a sheet of copy paper across the top, like so:

and pull your first print using the Gelli Card.
You can use pretty much any white paper or card.
Ours is the right size, so you can set the plate on a sheet of it, and line up the print piece in the right place every time, 
no matter how many layers you are adding.

Nice underlayer.

Pull a ghost print if you like, too.

Replace the copy paper mask, and add the Paynes Grey.

Lift the copy paper.

Position the Chessboard stencil over the wet paint,
(remind me to wash my stencil in warm soapy water !)

Blot with copy paper.

Lift the stencil,

Lay the gold print from before on the Gelli Plate 
and pull the print again.

Stone Path with algae?

You can see the old Victorian lamppost on the right, can’t you?

Or let’s put another spin on it..
Pick a man.
Choose him carefully….
This calls for not just any old man..
Dial in 
The Brolly Man.
Sponge Butterscotch through the stencil,
like so.

Add some shade with the Watering Can Archival.
Just a great matching colour to Paynes Grey.

Add additional shading depth to the figure with a Post-it.

I love this image.

And suddenly, the stone cobbles become a wall….
and the perspective is brilliant.

More depth required…
Add a Post-it, but use the little stencil shape to cover up Don.
Remember him from the London Blog?

So now you can see that Don is turning the corner.
Or, like me, going round the bend?

Chessboard? What chessboard?

 Cover the border with masking tape.

Add a sun mask and dust some Butterscotch into the edges.

Add a little grey in the lower area, too.

Interesting how the water marks have reacted.
Some grey, some yellow.

Now trim the white card right back to a sliver,

and I think that’ll do.

Mottled garden path,
Rochester cobbles,

or the wall at the end of the road.
Now all we need is a Sign on the wall that says

What does the Sign on the wall say?
YOU tell me.
I love hearing your minds whirring….
Hope you can join me tomorrow morning on telly at 9am
9-11 with Nigel. I am really looking forward to it.
lots of love,

68 thoughts on “It’s all an illusion….

    1. I don't know why but i think of a flasher. Loving this card im waiting for the chess board stencil to come i will be trying some of those paints when you get them in. xx

  1. That's really good I wonder what cod be on wall have to think your getting lots use out of chess board looking forward to Sunday just been peaking on C&C stamps look fantastic well better get some sleep as Katie will be up early as it's her birthday so busy day night x

  2. I am too busy trying to keep up with what you are doing with these stencils to think of a word other than "WOW". I could not think where you are going with this one, but just that bit of shading did it. By the way, the man leaning on his stick is definitely Charlie Chaplin to me. He will make a perfect card for our friends' son. Have a wonderful show on Sunday, if there are any of those lovely new stamps left by then. xx Maggie

  3. Oh WOW this is amazing …. both stencils already ordered… so I raring to go. Love that wall you would never believe what the stencil was designed for … but then that's the beauty of your stencils they are versatile. Those paints are gorgeous too love the way they interact mmm xxx

  4. Ohhh I love this one Barbara, just outstanding, I like all your work, but there's just 'something' about this one (its quite thought provoking) …. anyway the sign, I think the sign should be in the shape of an arrow (pointing to the right) saying Sunshine This Way.

    May I ask … are you bringing out anymore DVD's, is Artful Crafting 2 possibly on its way soon? …. Only The Transparent Stamping 5 and The Artful Crafting 1 are feeling kind of loney and we need a new friend to be let out to play?

    J 🙂

  5. Morning Barb, what a great spin on the board and really shows the versatility of your stencils. Live the picture you have created here, to me the illusion of a wet windy day but if you turn the corner the promise of sunshine and warmth, so ….. Hope Corner… For me xxx til tomorrow xxx

    1. Your such a clever lady Barbara. I guess that's why your a designer and I am not. I would not of come up with all the technics you do. Just amazing.
      My sigh would say. You never know what's around the corner!
      Debra x

  6. Hi Barbara. Amazing! From chessboard to wall. Oh I do wish I had your imagination. Thank goodness for this blog : ) It makes me think of walking from the rain (hard times) into the sun (happier times) so maybe the sign could read "You brighten up my life" or "You are my Sunshine". I am looking forward to the shows. Have safe journeys there and back and enjoy yourself : ) Take care.

  7. Wow, what a great card! For some reason it makes me think of Magritte. I feel that the man has finally made it – achieved what he set out for – Journey's End in the best way!

  8. Hi Barbara oh wow ! What more can I say . Amazing. I wondered where you were going when you put the man at the side especially as I had seen the lamp post! My work that came to me as I read it was destination but I also like to the harbour/sea but I think destination sunshine could work. Just off to look at the stamps. Have a great day . Love Diane xxx

  9. What a great spin on this stencil and love the artwork. I think the sign should say "Mind The Hole", sorry just my warped mind 🙂 xx

  10. Love this one. Magpie C is right it does make me think of Charlie Chaplin, so in tribute I think the sign should be "Smile" as he wrote the song and the sun around the corner makes me smile

  11. "This way to the Mutts Nuts Pub"
    Saw a yacht in the harbour years ago called "The Mutts Nuts" and it made me laugh then and always stuck with me, so thought I would liken it to this, as everything here is top notch!
    See you tomorrow on telly Barbara 🙂 Have a lovely day xxx

  12. Wow Barbara….. you are a clever lady …that's blown me away…that card would be great of a man …happy crafting and a nice weekend ….will be watching c/c….your demos..

  13. You are a mind reader Barbara….. I had an advert on my FB page with a man in the same colours of the wall is on, and I was just thinking, that would be fun with the "Chess stencil"….And here you are making a card, using it as a wall, brilliant!!!!
    As it looks "ancient" I would write "Way to the Tower"
    And please, don't forget to wash your stencilwith hot soapy water……You've asked….. xx

  14. Oh wow Barb, where do you get the ideas from? I can hear your mind whirring thinking up all the variations. Love the card and love this stencil, so it is on the wish list. There are a great many words that would suit it. Have not seen memory suggested – as in a walk down memory lane? Have a great weekend all, and looking forward to the show tomorrow. Bx

  15. Oh Barbara it's fabulous!!! I I love the effect you have got with the water and paper towel on the Gelli plate!
    It's just amazing how you keep coming up with all these but I'm glad as it's more to play with!
    Have a good time on TV then the big pack up begins for the trip to France. Love and hugs xxx

  16. How fabulous this is Barbara. I love the colours you've used on the wall, it looks really old and worn. I'll be watching tomorrow and can't wait to see what delights you are going to serve up. I think 'Bring Me Sunshine' would make a good sign – you certainly bring sunshine to us! Pat x

  17. This is amazing Barbara. Really inspires me to get out my Gelli plate this afternoon.
    How about. "Exchange your umbrellas for a sun hat round the corner"
    Love Val in Spain x

  18. Wow, fantastic artwork , this stencil was already on my list but it's just been promoted to the top along with the men wheelie got to try the water technique, will have to try it with the brick wall stencil until I get this one. See you in the morning 🙂

  19. What an amazing transformation, a chess board to a wall or path! Love the effect from the paints. Thanks for explaining the difference between the paint types. More things for the wish list! Maybe 'here comes the sun' for the phrase on the wall. Looking forward to the show tomorrow – the new stamps are lovely. xx

  20. amazing – so very clever – I love this Barbara – so excited too – convinced hubby last night to join me to the stencil club for my birthday in June – woohoo – so excited xxx

  21. Awesome! I know it's not strictly the words for a sign, but I would use your fab stamp 'Keep looking for the rainbow'. (Note to self, buy this stamp and the stencils used today) my wish list is growing! Can't wait for tomorrow's shows! Have a good day! xx

  22. Oh so clever, wish my mind would think outside the box like yours. I am in awe of your talent. Just received two wheelie stencils I ordered, so maybe after grandson's party this pm will be able to play. Maybe 'Brighter Times Lane' would be ok on the wall. Lynne xx

  23. Really atmospheric card. I would add 'every cloud has a silver lining' as it seems that Don has gone through the rain and is now stepping into the sunshine. A wheelie good idea : street things ie lamp posts, benches, signs etc. I thought it as I was reading and then you mentioned it as well. I LOVE lamp posts (old style ones) since falling in love with Narnia when I was young, I still look for Mr Tumnas when I see them.

  24. Wow this is brilliant Barbara, first thing that popped into my head to answer your question for a sign was 'Its Raining Men' lol xxx will be tuning in to C & C to see all your other wonderful demos tomorrow xxx

  25. First thought that came to me for a sign was 'this way for Clarity gold' , really amazing the images that you create and inspire to everyone else

  26. I certainly won't miss tomorrow 🙂
    Your mind is amazing chess set to path to wall, wow is all I can say. I am in awe.

    This is fabulous and I think the sign on the wall should read Don Street.
    Lol Denise x

  27. Stunning wow how your stencils work in so many ways .i would just write ART looking forward to c&c tomorrow pity it isn't with dean your a perfect duo .xxx

  28. How do you come up with these ideas? It's just mind-blowing!! For me the sign would read "Sunshine after the rain", although in truth the wall reminds me of the prison we have in the town centre in Inverness – took me ages to find out what was behind the tall wall… Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  29. This is a brilliant take on the chess stencil Barbara, and as you were going along I did wonder if it was going to be a wall. I love the way the wall appears to be in shadow and the figure has walked into the light, and there is a song called 'I'm Beginning to See The Light' which made me think of perhaps 'New Beginnings' or 'See the Light', but this would look fantastic whatever you were to use. x

  30. Wow this is amazing your imagination knows no bounds, I wish I just had a little bit go it and I could be dangerous.
    Your wall reminds me of the corner of an alley way near where my Gran lived when I was small so for me the sign would say Sunshine Alley
    Looking foreward to seeing you on the telly tomorrow
    Jackie x

  31. Love it Barbara, I think one of those old fashioned Wall Street signs wouldn't go a miss, but on the arty side something like "break down your wall and make that step"! knock down your walls and life your life, or a poster advertising the film, singing in the rain? except its not raining or Gene Kelly was ere??

  32. Hello Barbara. You are one clever lady. That stencil would have been a chessboard to me, but with your imagination it becomes so many things. Such inspiration. You do such clear instructions as well so I'd like to call the sign – 'Clarity Corner' in your honour! xx Margaret Col

  33. No word but an old fashioned street name sign with something like Penny Lane or Farthing Street. Marvellous artwork. Cannot wait for tomorrow's programme.

  34. Oh that is genius Barbara! How clever are you?! I think your sign should say REMEMBER (and then underneath in small letters … to always take your umbrella – well British weather is always unpredictable!). Can't wait for tomorrow's show! Ela xx

  35. Brilliant use of the stencil. I thought it looked good as paving and then you turned it on its side! Nice to see Don again. I think I would use one of the word chain stamps and go for Change, as it looks like things are changing for the better around the corner. Looking forward to tomorrow's show. x

  36. Aren't your step ncils wonderful! That is gorgeous, after the stunning bird table, the Azo gold is on my list. Wow, no ideas re 'title' so many great ones already!

  37. Wonderful, as usual. Am watching you on C&C with Nigel and got the woodland masks before they sold out – hoorah !!! How about a street sign saying "Don Lockwood Ave"? Thanks for your brilliant ideas but I've got to go you're busy stamping the lapwing! xx

  38. Brilliant Card Barbara. Your imagination is astonishing, I could even see the lamp post. I have read all the comments too & there are some brilliant ideas inc Yellow Brick Road from Pam Kate. All I could think of as I read through the blog & the comments was rainbows but I can't think why. Perhaps the rain/sun combination, anyway my sign would have to say Rainbows End x

  39. Just to let you know you are not the only mad one. I use Kitchen roll a lot to with my gelli plate to create imprints/patterns. It has got so bad that I walk round the supermarket, down the kitchen roll aisle, to see what patterns are embossed on the kitchen roll – I have some lovely swirls, circles, diamonds, squares and honey-combes.

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