Hello there.
Thanks for dropping in!
Let me brighten this otherwise gloomy looking Friday 
with some pretty good news.
Last Friday, we talked about the New Designs Club, 
where it started and how it has grown over the years.
Thousands of you enjoy this monthly dose of Clarity stamp-art.
Well, today marks a new milestone.
It occurred to me that stencil work is so very different to the art of stamping. Stencils are very diverse, and lend themselves to  
so many other new applications. Whilst stamps and stencils certainly live alongside each other, I think it’s time to explore stencil art more fully.

So another lightbulb moment, and while the Clarity Team sighed, “here she goes again”
and Wanda – she who runs the club – just stared at me blankly,

I pressed on undeterred.

I am very proud and pleased to present the

Just like the New Design Stamp Club,
each month, we will design a new stencil, 
exclusively for Stencil Club Members. 
This will be mailed, together with a fab full-colour 
step-by-step pictures tutorial sheet.
The same Club perks apply:
10% discount on all Clarity purchases
1/2 price members only sales
Free Stencil and Tutorials Storage Folder 
(the large one!)
So now we have not one but two Educational clubs; 
one for stamps and one for stencils. 
They are independent of one another, 
but compliment each other, too. 

Stencil Club cost? 
£58 for the whole year. Same as the Stamp Club.
If you are already a member of the Stamp Club, 
and you decide you want to join the Stencil Club too,
 then you will pay just 
to become a 
And there’s an added bonus for GOLD MEMBERS:
Free P&P on all orders all year round 
(UK mainland only, orders over £10)
If you order from us once a month, then that savings alone just about paid for the Stencil Club.

The first Stencil Club instalment will be in JUNE.

To join, you can

a) go to our website. 
(To secure the special price, you will need to log on as a member)

b) phone Jan at the office on 01732 868215.
(Office hours Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)

And don’t worry about the two clubs not being in sync 
Wanda is doing a fine job.
Seriously folks, let us do the worrying!
YOU just enjoy the journey!
To those of you who aren’t in the club yet,
but think maybe NOW is the time,

you can also do so via the website.

 join the stamp club
join the stencil club 

or join both together

much love,

55 thoughts on “A BRAND NEW CLARITY CLUB is BORN

  1. Done it! You have done it again, Barbara. It has been incredible to watch how Clarity has grown and developed since I first met you at the Wollaton workshop last year and was persuaded to buy the Gelli plate. You are certainly cooking on gas, full throttle. Long may it continue! xxx Maggie

    1. Yipee. I'm now gold. Just wish I hadn't made an order earlier as I would have got my p&p free. Looking forward to June and my first installment. Happy, happy, happy! Xx

  2. Fantastic news! The ND Stamp Club is amazing and I'm sure the ND Stencil Club will be too. You can count me in. Just think of all the money I'll save with free P&P. I'll be spending it on Clarity goodies instead! Thank you. Xxx

  3. Wow how wonderful going to be a gold member later today stamps and stencils how unique how lucky we are your clarity club members time for bed xxx

  4. I love the idea of the stencil club Barbara, but not sure that I can afford to belong to both and I have only just joined the stamp club, but this is definitely one for the future. x

  5. Wow I am so excited and have to join, I certainly don't want to miss out and I love free postage so will obviously need to become a gold member. Love love love it and cannot wait.

    Denise x

  6. Dear Barb, what great news, and more excitement each month, I will also definitely be going for Gold, almost as soon as I have finished typing. Fab pics on the blog post this morning, Bx

  7. What fantastic news. I will be joining later once I have got up! I also have an idea – what about a Clarity badge for club members? Is it feasible? Is it possible? I would certainly buy one if they were available and I am sure a lot of other members would too.

    I realise you would not be able to make them inhouse (unless they were made of shrink plastic. Lol) and would have to outsource them. The cost might be prohibitive.

    Rosalind x

  8. Good Morning Barb – I love the ideas – especially the Gold option – as free P&P will be worth its weight in 'GOLD' (pardon the pun) I agree with one of the comments above about a special members badge(s) – one for each of the options – that will be handy to wear to shows when shopping!!! and I would proudly wear mine at the workshops – I have tried to do the upgrade link but it will not work for me – am on a macbook air? can you check it out as it may just be my end!! Barb I really do wonder where you get your light bulb moments but you keep em coming girl!
    Love Kimx

  9. Morning Barbara that sounds wonderful I think I may be joining! I like having the clubs staggered as my stamp one is Christmas and May will be birthday so it will work fine for me. Thank you to the lovely Wanda for sorting us all out, I hope she gets a pay rise! Hope you manage to get some time to relax over the busy weekend. Your lightbulb needs to keep going ping! Love Diane xxx

  10. Just went to Clarity, I am now a proud and excited GOLD member! Can't wait for that plop on my mat in June when I receive both letters. Club badge sounds fun, I bet you could rustle up a few thousand 😉 XX

  11. Hi Barbara. Yet another great idea : ) By the way, I love the ostriches, they always make me smile. Have a great weekend. Take care.

  12. Hi Barb,
    Fantastic idea and I've already signed up! Love my stencils! Fantastic to have free p&p all of the time too!!! Just wished I hadn't ordered my wheelie and chessboard stencils yesterday! Pleased the stencil club starts June as my NDC is October so that spreads out the cost as I couldn't afford both together. Thanks Barb, love Alison xxx

  13. Oh my word love my stencils and have just upgraded. Will never afford to retire Barb with all the lovely new things you think off. Now to save up for Crowborough in August xx

  14. Oh Barbara you have made my day, not only another fantastic club with my favourite Stencils in the whole world, but another reason for my rather lovely postman to visit me……oh yes…x

  15. Waouh!!!!! Thanks a lot for that gorgeous idea. Count me in please as soon as my wadge arrives….. I think I will find a UK adress also, it will be far cheaper…..Lol!!!! Only joking, can't wait that long for my parcels and my monthly clubs goods to arrive. Have a great day. xx

  16. Wow Barbara you've done it again. I'll definitely being going gold – with two Clarity goodies to look forward to each month and free p&p it's too good to resist!!!! Thank you so much. xx

  17. Great idea Barbara. I'm going on holiday shortly but will be saving my pennies when I get back. Quite fancy being a Gold member – doesn't it sound posh!! Pat x

  18. Hello Barbara from a new Gold member! This all sounds very exciting and exclusive – well sort of. I can't wait for my first stencil to arrive. Please can I have a bigger craftroom to house all my Clarity products in? xx Margaret Col.

  19. Oh you have certainly done it again. The new club is a brilliant idea. I will definitely join after this, I was reading blog and said out loud " well that is a no brainer" husband just looked at me as if to say 'now what'. Bless him he is even bringing me down to your open day. I love your Ostrich pictures, so funny. Enjoy your trip next week, there is going to be a lot of laughter. xx
    Off to join now!

  20. Blimey Barbara you are the Usain Bolt of the crafting world – first you design a stencil for the chessboard before the paint is dry on our gelliplates, and now a gold club offer!! Do you find time to eat? Sleep? Amazing – I will consult my bank manager and see if I have the funds to join this month – don't want to miss out!!! Thanks, Susan x

  21. Well that's my pay rise spent, good job they are back dating it to to beginning of April. Alas I may never be rich, but at least I am never bored and am never more truly happy than when laying in my craft room

  22. What a great idea Barbara, my son came in from uni yesterday and picked up one of my new Clarity Stencils and said "mmmm 350 micron, I have to say I am impressed mum" I told him he should be Barbara only does good quality, and I am sure that is what your new Stencil Club will be, good luck with it Barbara, and thanks for such a wonderful idea xxx

  23. I am definitely interested in joining this New Design Stencil Club. I am already a member of the stamp club and love receiving the stamps and project information every month. I agree Barbara that the two clubs will definitely compliment each other.

  24. I've gone gold and now I can't wait for my new membership to come as I never really know what to do with stencil so will be so grateful for the tutorials and inspiration.Thank Barbara

  25. Well, she's only gone and done it again!! Brilliant idea Barbara as I think I need all the help
    I can get with stencils as have not had great results to date. Have gone Gold and look forward to the first instalment in June. Thank you Barbara x

  26. Wonderful idea. I'm so into stencils at the moment and would love something to look forward to every month!!! Must go and join up. Have a good weekend. Thank you, Jan

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