Thursday – Blue Clocks

Thursday – Blue Clocks

Well, here we are in the poshest hotel I have EVER stayed in,
complete with view of San Francisco Bay.
Mark and Grace are coming into the city for lunch, too.
Very excited to see my kids again!
Oh my, where has the time gone?
One minute, they’re hiding their milk teeth underneath the pillow,
the next, they’re flying high, with the wind beneath them.
So here’s a funky Clock card, which I found in my personal reference library of Cards Made; seems appropriate.
I used bottled inks and water spray here for the backgrounds.
You could use the old Inkabilities here; trouble is they got discontinued. We still have a handful of the sets in stock though.
Well worth the money.
You could also use the new Distress reinkers 
we have started stocking.
They are pretty awesome, I have to say!
Here’s the link to our full range of Distress Reinkers
good price, too…

It goes without saying that you can re-ink your Distress Pads, 
(the clue’s in the name!)
but they work for so many other things too!
Here’s how:
1) Slit a plastic document fold down one side and along the bottom, so that it opens like a book.
2) Drip a couple of different colour inks onto one side on the inside.
3) Lightly spritz the area with water. 
4) Open and close the plastic document holder several times, which distributes and spreads the inks, 
5) Open the flaps and lay a sheet of A5 Claritycard (the coated card) down on either side. You will get 2 background sheets every time.
6) Spritz with water again and make another 2.
7) Keep going, spritzing water and making more. The more faded ones are often the best ones!
And now to the stamping. I used our Clarity Fobwatches and a very cool verse.
See the differences between stamping on the brighter or the more watered down backgrounds?
And see how the Claritycard is glossy? 
You can buff it to a high gloss, too.
First things first: the verse. 
Stamp the verse into place first, using Adirondack Denim. 
Now you can stamp around the verse with the fobwatches.
So we stamp the fob watches with Denim Adirondack around one edge, and mask them (cover them up). Stamp some more. Easy peasy – once you know how!
And knowledge comes with time. 
I was cogitating this morning, whilst cleaning my teeth, as you do. 
Have I changed much since I was 22?
Have I changed much in 33 years?
My God I hope so!
Otherwise what have I been doing all this time?!
Back then, I thought I knew it all, 
when really I knew very, very little.
Now I KNOW I know very, very little!
Would I change anything?
Hell yes!
Oh sorry…was I supposed to say 
“…and I wouldn’t change a thing”?
Now that would be fibbing.
I am very happy with where I am today, although there are still some issues around the Life-Work balance which need addressing; and I fully understand that I had to travel the path I have trod to get here!
But would I have taken a short cut if one had presented itself? Probably!
Have a great day, as they say over here!
Make it count.
much love,

Graduation Celebration 

Day No. 2
This week, to celebrate a very happy occasion,
I am sending special offers every day from America!
So today, if you buy the Front Fobwatch, 
we will send you the side-view fobwatch FREE
and if you buy the Verse, ‘Life is not Measured…’
then we will send you a pair of mini fobs as a gift x
and last but not, (while stocks last), the Earthtones Inkabilities
are £10 instead of £13.99.

Happy inking!

37 thoughts on “Thursday – Blue Clocks

  1. Hi Barb – what a nice surprise to see this pop up for company! I just love San Francisco – such a cultural place, friendly and where I bought my first iPod near Giradellis!! Ah memories! As I sit here badly flagging with a poorly dog by my side it was great to read this blog, see the card and think about happy times when I went to SF!!! Have a truly wonderful time – feel the pride and log it firmly in the memory xx

  2. Glorious photo of SF bridge, how lucky to have such a fab hotel room & view. Sure Mark & Grace will get huge hugs, distance makes the times spent together more precious and definitely a moment that takes your breath away. Thanks for taking the time to share the moments with us. Love the card & background tecniques & I'm pleased you've started to stock distress ink refills.
    Have the bestest time ever with your gorgeous children. Xxxx

  3. How fab to be somewhere special for a very special event and with most of the most precious people around you!. The photo Grace and Mark is so cute. t would be lovely to so them in a similar pose but now!
    The card is fabulous as always and fitting.
    Have a wonderful time y'all. Love and hugs. xxxxx

  4. Morning Barbara,
    I was just reading your blog without my specs and read "have I changed since I was 227" WOW!!!!!!! you do look great for your age. Maybe with the jet lag you do feel 227!!!!!!
    Anyway glasses firmly on, what a lovely inspiring blog as ever. SF always looks good in the bright sunshine, my memories are of damp and fog, but like yourselves great hotel with my first experience of a power shower. I felt like I had been shot but with water!!
    Enjoy your time spent together it will be very precious and good for the soul.
    Take care love Bev xxx

  5. Hi Barb, another great blog post, glad you are in a posh hotel, and enjoying yourself, Mark and Grace were so cute as children, no wonder your pride shines with what they have achieved as young adults. Have a great time. Bx

  6. Hi Barbara. Love the card, the sentiment is beautiful and the background will be great fun to make. What a pair of gorgeous children. Where have the years gone? You will be thinking that on Sat. when you watch Mark graduate. Would I have changed my journey to where I am today? Yes, of course, some bits,but it's such a waste of time to have regrets about things that we can't change. Much better to remember all of the good and wonderful things that have happened : ) Take care.

  7. Good morning. You have a beautiful view one I have never seen so thank you for the photo. Cute children, it really is sad when you look back and wonder where has it gone. I feel the same. Still you have beautiful grown up children your proud off. Me too. So that's where the time has gone, helping and watching them grow.
    Lovely card I remember watching you do that technique on TV. I had off course forgotten about it do thanks for the reminder.
    Debra x

  8. wonderful stuff Barb – I've got a few paths I wouldn't have travelled if I could have seen where they led too! But I'm very happy at my destination and lot! Hugs rachel xx

  9. wonderful stuff Barb – I've got a few paths I wouldn't have travelled if I could have seen where they led too! But I'm very happy at my destination and lot! Hugs rachel xx

  10. What a fantastic view Barbara and look at you two with your posh hotel. Enjoy it you deserve every moment. The card is beautiful with a great sentiment. Must have a go at that background. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I also think you have to travel a path to make you who you are. As for children growing up too quickly- yes definitely !!!! Have a wonderful day with your lovely children. Love Diane xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Wow, that is a fantastic view! Pleased that you're spoiling yourselves in your posh hotel for such an important occasion. Enjoy every minute of your stay and have fun with Grace and Mark. Love the technique used today and as it is so horrible here today, I might just have a play with the reindeers I've got. Love the stamps too. Love Alison xx

  12. Wow such a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge what a wonderful way to celebrate Mark! Enjoy your lunch with Grace and Mark. Have fun! Love this card technique. Xx

  13. Fab tutorial! I am going to have a try! I have made many mistakes and have had many problems in my life (and still have!) but now have the best son and daughter ever, the most gorgeous granddaughter and (on my third attempt) the best husband, friend and soulmate ever too! Would I change anything? No, cause if I did I might not have them in my life. Enjoy your day loads! xxx

  14. You have just given me an idea, lets hope it works. I love these Fob watches, I have one and not the other for some reason? I know what you mean about the life/work thing, except with me its more, be the perfect Housewife&Mother / have a life of your own thing??? Enjoy your lunch with the Kids. xxx

  15. Inspiring as ever Barbara! I remember driving all the way from LA to SF years ago, specifically to see the golden gate bridge, and it being shrouded in mist except for the very tops of the towers!! Enjoy your posh hotel and the time with your children – very special. I'm sure we would all make different choices with the benefit of hindsight and experience, but would probably not be the people we are today if we travelled by another route… Susan x

  16. Love the background, the fobs and the verse, beautiful. Hope you make the most of your family get together, we can all look back and regret things but its a waste of time, life is what we make it. Live well, laugh often and love much. Enjoy! Joan x Thanks for the bargains. x

  17. Love how you do the background watched you do this on c&c so bought the inks but haven't used them yet time to have a go brilliant offer too .have a lovely day xxx

  18. Fantastic picture of the bridge Barbara. It is lovely to see your strong connection to your family, very heart warming. Would I change anything…definitely, except having my three wonderful children. Enjoy your time in America. Saw the TV advert with Grace sitting behind Kevin Bacon last night. My what a wonderful smile she has. Wishing her all the best in her acting career. If she is anything like her mother she WILL go far. Hugs xx

  19. Jetlagged at 5 in the morning here! I must tell you, the view of the Golden Gate Bridge is not the one from our room! Wish it was! We have a view of the Bay, but not the Bridge. I had to pre select a picture so that I could post a blog when I arrived! Feel bad now, because you think I'm fibbing! But I did say the Bay Area! Wow. The power of inference! X xxxx

  20. Excellent honesty and I agree if I had stayed the same OMG what a nightmare and how things would be so different as it is I am back to where I was 20 years ago health wise 🙁 but not mentally thank goodness.

    Enjoy the weather and your family 🙂 I cannot wait to hear more on your trip. I would love to go to America one day xx
    Denise x

  21. Hi Barbara, gorgeous technique and card is so delicate but strong at the same time! Funniest thing ever on C&C today, Martyn was saying that he is on with you on 1st June and Magic Hands said that the programme would be STAMPING WITH CALAMITY. You know what Martyn's like!!! Take extra special care, and if you use embossing powder DO NOT let him put it back in the pot. Remember the first time!! Hope you all enjoy yourselves and give each other plenty of kisses and hugs. xx oo

  22. P.s. I forgot to say what I would do differently after all those years. Well although there have been times when I've been in a right pickle, I wouldn't change anything because then I wouldn't be the person I am today, with good friends, a loving husband of 48 years and a daughter to be proud of (like your Grace). There's been heartache, illness and financial monies, but hey as Frank Sinatra would say "That's Life".

  23. Lovely like the background papers. Glad you chilling out with your kids. You are so right they grow far too fast but I found each new stage with mine a joy. Tiring definitely. A few things I might do differently given the chance but they are nothing major so can't have been so bad. Thankyou for the generous offers. xx

  24. You will have met up with your kids by now and have had a grand reunion no doubt. Thanks for the demo and offer of the fob watches, the backgrounds are all beautiful, and thank you for the tip with the opened up document folder, I must try that one, probably easier than using an acrylic block. I know from your comment you cannot see the GG bridge but I'm sure the view of the bay will be just as spectacular. Have fun. x

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