Chess for Beginners….

Chess for Beginners….

Hello there!
Second post of the day!
Sorry to drag you back here, 
but it had to be done! 
Our Chess game today
has spurred me on to design
guess what?!
no – not a Cheeseboard stencil ! 
But you’re warm….
much, much easier. 
Built in perspective.
Now I just have to learn to embed it on the website 
and add the link!
(Or ask Jim….)
…..a little while later….
education, education, education.
She now knows how to load a product onto the website.
so if you would like to buy the chessboard stencil,
click the link here
Now THAT’s progress!!!
much love,

25 thoughts on “Chess for Beginners….

  1. Think I'm going to break my promise I said no more stamps all stencils until I come back from holiday this month but I'm going to order this and the chess stencil tomorrow maybe a word chain might sneek in as well.

  2. Who said you can't teach an old dog a new tricks? Haha!! Well done on getting to grips with new technology, it's a wonderful thing – when it works!!!

  3. Well done Barbara, you make life so easy for us all through your own trial and errors, what would we do without you. Loved your blog today it was Chess fabulous xxx

  4. So Jim was busy then was he??? I love this, when I saw the Chess Stencil I knew I would struggle with a background, perspective and all that, but this is now perfect. So if I order them can you take them to France for me??? Well if you won't I will have to borrow yours??? Absolutely love the card you have made on here! Just off to see the first Blog of the day now. xxx

  5. Thank goodness I came back for another peek …. I loved this morning's chess post and so wanted to make it for my husband's birthday card, but just knew I would never manage all that perspective malarky. Now I am such a happy bunny because hopefully thanks to another of your Clarity moments, Barbara I WILL do it x Annie

  6. Well that had me confused for a while. 2 blogs in one day…Thought I'd lost a day somewhere. Mind you, 6.15am this morning does seem like ages ago. This stencil will be fab for flooring too. ..café, kitchen etc. Another cracking idea and well done for mastering more technology skills. X

  7. I'm still trying to get to grips with putting my name on the photos – my other half is getting fed-up with me keep tutting! I WILL do it………eventually! Well done for mastering your blog Barbara.
    Love your chess board design – great stencil.
    I'm looking forward to the weekend. I've booked my two hour slot in front of the TV & I've told my partner Peter he'll have to forfeit James Martin this week!!! 🙂 xxx

  8. 2 posts in one day! We are being spoiled! I was thinking this morning when reading your blog 'what we need is a stencil for that' OMG you are a mind reader! Fantastic. XX

  9. Hi Barb,
    Well what a treat – 2 blogs in one day! I might even have to change my 1st comment now as with this stencil, I could be tempted to have a go at this morning's card. It might even turn out similar if not as good as yours! Thanks Barb, brilliant idea! Love Alison xx

  10. how wonderful – and I adored the earlier post too – so clever – my hubby loves chess – it would be a great things to try to make for him xx

  11. Oh you're so clever Barbara! This stencil will HAVE to go on to my wish list as I already have the Wheelie Chess stencil, can't possibly have one without the other! x

  12. Hi Barbara. You just knew that some of us would struggle so much with perspective etc didn't you. Thank you. Also can't believe how fast you managed to get from idea to stencil for sale! Take care.

  13. Hi, I know this is a crazy comment, but as a family we are adopting a young rabbit and getting him on Saturday. None of us could agree on a name, and believe me, we've been through so many. Then I sat to read your blog today and the word chess jumped out at me. I shouted to my hubby and son," what about Chesney for the rabbit's name ? " and lo and behold they both like it. So thanks to you Barbara, we've named our Bunny ! Great card too, by the way.

  14. This is terrific and so much easier to achieve the desired result Barbara, you think of everything. This is definitely on the list. x

  15. What a great idea. This really will save a lot of time, especially if you cannot draw straight lines even with a ruler. This stencil will have many uses, not just as a chessboard.

  16. What a wonderful idea. Having read the previous blog and admired your work I didn't think I would ever attempt something like it but with the new stencil I think even I could give it a go! Thank you Barbara.

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