YouTube Tuesday – TORN GELLI PLATE

YouTube Tuesday – TORN GELLI PLATE

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Thought it was time to tackle a Gelli Plate video.
Here’s an 3-layer trick for you to try.
I did this as a photo step by step blog a while ago, too.
Thought it was a good idea to capture it on You Tube, too. 
Here’s what I used:
Copy Paper
Bubble Wrap

The hardest part is waiting for the layers to dry!
If you can sit on your hands long enough,
you can do this!

Here’s a similar one I did recently on TV, using different colour paint and our brickwall stencil.

If you do decide to have a go at a 3-layer piece of Gelli-Art,
 email me a picture of your work please, 
so that we can upload a Gelli Homework Gallery here! 

much love,

58 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – TORN GELLI PLATE

  1. Good morning Barb, great video, in addition to the step by step previously done. Had me giggling with your turning around on the chair, and looking to see what was happening elsewhere while waiting for the paint to dry. I have tried a few of these, and they did turn out quite well, so was really pleased with myself. Love both the examples. Happy Tuesday. Bx

  2. Good Morning on this damp grey morning…loved the colours – didn't the blue and magenta make a beautiful colour too! – I really like the effect of the torn fragment – touch grungy which I love. I will be adding this to my youtube watch list
    Looking forward to what wonderful things you made in your kitchen yesterday too!
    Kim xx

  3. Hi Barb, so very useful to have these videos to refer to. Beautiful artwork as always. Love the chair spinning etc. LOL! Think you should have some mugs printed with "a moment of Clarity" on them as it's often over a cuppa that ideas come together. Thanks again for generously sharing your design ideas and for a great tutorial. Love Jeanette x

  4. Barbara this is spooky, only yesterday I was trailing through you tube thinking that you had made a geli plate video . This morning the first FB posting I see is this one. I have been struggling with using mine but now I can have a stage by stage tutorial I am going to have another go and I am sure that with your help this time I will be successful . Thank you x Lynne

  5. Good YouTube Tuesday. I am still cracking up at your trying to wait it out, swirling around In your chair, drinking Calrity coffee. You are ao funny. I love this technique when you do it, guess if I swivel around a little longer it will work for me too. Off to try. Thanks this was great fun,

  6. Hi Barb, I love you tube Tuesday they are brilliant videos. I am awaiting the leafy swirl coming through my door hopefully today so I certainly will give it a shot. I don't have the word chains yet. But it won't be too long.

    Talking of word chains will you be bringing out Mother, Father ones etc etc as I just love the font, it would be brilliant.

    I have enjoyed the video and much prefer to a step by step although they are useful. I learn quicker when watching 🙂

    Denise x

  7. I think this is a stunning technique! Quite simple but so effective. Everything about it is classy, looks a bit grungy but with sophistication, ooh get me.! Talking of sophistication I've just seen a trailer for The Artist on BBC2 Sunday, if you haven't seen do watch it's absolutely charming and you will fall in love with….?

  8. thats stunning and very effective love it ,my son brought me Acrylic Paint round last night his partner has given up crafting . dont know if they would do ,but still not got jelly plate ,xxx

  9. Brilliant video. Loved the card and technique the first time around. I have just sat watching whilst waiting for my three year old to finish his breakfast. Matthew enjoyed watching it too. He told me "She's good at this" whilst watching! We both loved the waiting for paint to dry bits. After the first waiting bit when you were spinning around, he told me that was the same music from one of the iPad apps he plays. I have now been told I must make a card, so I can do the same as Barbara! Who am I to argue with a three year old?! x

  10. Hi Barb,
    Love this especially the magenta one with the leafy swirl on it – I think it's more to do with the colours actually! Pleased you've now done this video to go with the step by steps you did a while back. Love Alison xxx

  11. Morning Barbara,
    Your Geli plate art work is always inspiring every time you demo it I pull mine out and have a go, one day it will look as awesome as yours, 'practice makes perfect'!!!
    Lorna D

  12. this is brilliant – loved it when you did the step by step – love it even more now! That chair can swivel! Lol! Will be having a go – when I get chance! Hugs rachel xx

  13. When are you adding the Clarity mugs to the web site, Barbara? They need to be big mugs for all the coffee and tea we are going to drink while we wait for the paint to dry. A great demo, beautifully put together, with your special brand of humour mixed in. I have decided that today is going to be a crafting day after my massage this morning, so what better to start with than this gelli plate exercise. My daughter would have serious trouble though, in allowing the paint to dry on the gelli and on the roller. I might have to get her to try this one. Thank you for another great idea. xx Maggie

  14. Love the chair swirling, coffee glugging you tube Tuesday. Great image, love it. Nigel May put your inspire image on twitter yesterday… how spooky! Thanks for the very amusing video please keep them coming. Joan x

  15. Hello Barbara … it was the 'Inspire' one that you did on TV that 'inspired' me to order a gelli plate from you, I thought 'I want to do that!!!!' (lol) … I'm so excited, I can't wait for it to arrive! (seriously big cheesy grin) 😀

    I am booked into your last workshop in August and also have tickets for both open days which I'm really really looking forward to, I am 42, with terminal heart failure and early onset vascular dementia (caused by TIA's – mini strokes, I call it premature senior moments! lol) and for as long as I (physically and mentally) can, I will keep going and keep learning, I don't want to waste any opportunity.

    Thanks for yet another fab video demo …. its Barbaratastic!
    Jacqueline 🙂

  16. Superb demo, Barbara. The 'instruction' is all there and just what we need, but the humour makes it even more memorable. Never mind your great shows on C and C, do the BBC know about you yet?
    I love the results too and must, must, must make a start with my unused gelli plate.

  17. Excellent tutorial and definitely on the to do list! You need to learn a few jokes or a song and dance routine for the drying bits! although what you did made me smile as well as good old Buff Titanium!

  18. Barbara, you are amazing and so is this delightful video. I've nearly plucked up courage to get my gelli plate out of the box it's been sitting in, for over 12 months since the NEC 2013, and have a go. After all it's only a bit of paper and paint should it not work for me. I will have a go, I will. Promise.

  19. This is brilliant especially as you convinced me to buy a Gelli plate at NEC in March. As I have got the stencil you used will try yours first, then see if I can come up with my own design hopefully for gallery. Going to have a whole week to spend crafting soon as new kitchen being installed so got to keep out of way. Right off to get first layer of paint on I think. Lynne xx

  20. In bed with a bad cold and an infection on my gum, I couldn't resist taking my computer and go on You Tube. Thanks for brighting my day. I love your demo, and will have a go at it in a few days when I feel better. xx

  21. Hello Barbara the video has really made me laugh! It was fabulous and really helpful- when I tried this I put too much paint on so it took longer to dry and was darker. The chair spinning was very funny, I did the washing up but kept going back to look. I tried 3 and on the last one I was so excited I forgot to put on the strip! I also forgot to think backwards so ended up with the wider part on the wrong side. I'm sure I took photos of the end results so will e mail them to you. Thank you once again for a terrific tube Tuesday. Diane xxxx

  22. Great tutorial Barbara, even if there is a boring bit of time to fill you manage to do it with style and humour!will have to try this.Wx

  23. Well I resisted temptation to watch this morning! If I had I would have been late to work!
    What a great Video of how to do the Gelli plate …but with a bit of humour thrown in with you waiting for it to dry!
    I really want to get my Gelli plate out now! but will have to wait til at least Sunday!
    Love the You tube stuff you're doing! Love and hugs xx

  24. I always love your videos, always so helpful and inspiring. My layered gelli prints often have a finger print in the corner where I have given it a poke to see if it's dry!!! I love these colours together, and the stencil is my favourite one. I will give the ripped technique a try. XX

  25. Great tutorial again and I love the "waiting for the paint to dry" bits too! I've just worked out I don't take off enough paint when I gelli, so this was really useful! If I get a chance over the next couple of days I will do some homework and send it in to you if it turns out well…If not, it will end up as more woven gelli strip backgrounds! Thanks, Susan x

  26. Love your video I tried this yesterday from memory and watching this got it completely wrong but still loved what I ended up with so tomorrow I will try and do it properly and see what happens !! X

  27. Hi Barbara love this technique, thanks so much for putting it on YouTube. Your videos are always inspiring and fun to watch. Just how many times did you go round in circles waiting patiently for the acrylic to dry completely? xx

  28. watched it along with Massimo and we are going to have a go on friday. it got his juices going and he was talking about stencils and colours….so will wait and see what he comes up with. hugs xx

  29. Fantastic video, I did laugh to myself at the chair spinning and tea break, very funny. I haven't tried this technique yet but I'm definitely going too this week 🙂 x

  30. Brilliant video, it is good have it demonstrated in real time. I have this image of us all spinning in our chairs slurping tea waiting for paint to dry! You are a funny lady. Ela xx

  31. This Gelli Plate demo is really good Barbara and that Leafy Swirl Stencil gives a great result, another thing for the list. I'm sure you must have done some acting and comedy in the past because your timing is excellent, and your facial expressions are just the best. Thanks again for the demo. x

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