Trees for you on Easter Monday

Trees for you on Easter Monday

Hi there.
Hope your Easter weekend has been pleasant? 
Ours certainly has.
Here’s a little step-by-step project for you, using 1 of 2 stencils, which were designed to work together, but can be used alone, too.
Enhanced with our two Sapling Trees and 
Let’s take a look…
Let’s see how the 2 sit together first.
Even though I have only used the underneath, I wanted to show you how they are related.

But how can we used them together? Well, I was thinking I might do a You Tube Video on this topic in a couple of weeks time….

But here, let’s just use the less obvious one – the snowy one.
And let’s get off the SNOW train quickly!
Using one of our fab Clarity Brushes
brush Lettuce and Meadow Adirondack into the fields.

Remove the stencil.

Using our Clarity Moon Mask and some Post-Its, 
let’s make a huge sun.

Load one of the Clarity Brushes with your Butterscotch Adirondack,  and swish around the edge of the orb.
Keep going round in circles with the tip of the brush.
Use a make-up sponge to add depth to the base.

Looking good!
If you missed the You Tube Tuesday video this Tuesday past, I did an orb like this against a dark blue sky. Check it out!

Using Fern Archival ink, 
stamp the Sapling trees into the Paths of the stencil.

Smaller tree to the back, larger tree to the front.

3’s plenty….
This artwork almost has a Japanese, crisp feel to it, 
don’t you think?

Let’s add a duck in flight. First generation ink,

and second generation further away.

Very very basic stamping, but easy on the eye.
The more I hang around this cardmaking world of ours, 
the more I like the simpler things…. 
One of those brilliant word chain words might work well in the sky, but which one?
YOU decide. 
Let me know, and I will pick one, 
finish the artwork with it 
and send it to somebody….. 
that’s if they want it!
much love,

62 thoughts on “Trees for you on Easter Monday

  1. Love the simplicity of this, Barbara – I would stamp 'Dream' as I am always dreaming of flying away to a better place. Hope you had a great Easter.
    Hugz, Jan xx

  2. A stunning card Barbara simple and very effective. My word choice would be inspire or magical but you could add remember depending on the occasion and recipient ( remember when we saw the ducks flying on that magical country walk for example! ). Thank you for your inspiration Barbara I made a couple of Easter cards using the torn geli plate method inserting a cut out cross from a die underneath the swirly leaf stencil and stamping happy Easter across the strip. They were well received and I had to explain how I had made them as they had no idea. Now imagine me trying to describe a geli plate it looked like I was trying to juggle jelly!!! Have a wonderful day Barbara and thank you yet again. Love Diane xxx

  3. Hello Barb, fabulous card, love the colours and the stencils. I also think Inspire from set 5 or Change from set 7, as you inspire us, and you have certainly made us change the way we think when being creative. Happy Monday everyone. Bx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Lovely card today. Really like the composition and the colours. I think I would use Joy – that's what the ducks must be thinking and also because to me it reflects how I feel on a lovely summer day out in the countryside. Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday everyone. Love Alison xxx

  5. Good Morning Barbara
    I think for me the word would have to be 'promise'. Whenever we see the ducks or geese flying over our garden it seems to bring the promise of better days and lovely long summer evenings. At the end of summer when they are off in the opposite direction it's the promise they will be back next year. I suppose 'change' would work easily as well for the same reasons.
    I have to say I don't know how you find the time for everything you do but thank you, especially for the daily blog. Shirley G x

  6. Lovely scene Barbara -think I would choose word chain 6 -with faith and hope in.
    Flying high above the trees and winging it , knowing and trusting all will be well. Very clever stencils , must get!!
    Have a great day ,

  7. Morning Barbara, what a beautiful card, so sunny. I thought about using inspire, because as others have written you give us so much inspiration through all that you do, especially this wonderful blog. I would use friendship though, there being two ducks, with the distance emphasising that no matter how far apart we may be from our friends, true friendship will always live on. Have a lovely day xx

  8. Morning Barbara
    I love this card it all slots together so well you have taught us such alot on this wonderful blog i do enjoy my morning visit. I would use magical.
    Off for another busy day lots of people about sun shining here today.
    Have a good day every one xxx Christine.

  9. What I love most about this blog of mine, is that the visitors who share really think think think about the artwork, and about the creative process. It's like pointing through a window and then stepping back for others to see what they see. That's pretty special. X

  10. Another lovely card Barbara & I have to agree, simple is stunning. My word if choice would be magical. Happy bank holiday all from a dismal Leicestershire. Xx

  11. Hi Barbara. Beautiful card. I would go for "Imagine" as seeing ducks flying always makes me wonder where they are going! Glad you are having a good Easter. Take care.

  12. I cant imagine that anyone wouldn't want a piece of your art work so I look at this particular piece and see Magical Memories as it reminds me of summer days and special times as a family in the country.

    Enjoy the rest of Easter


  13. Good morning Barbara! A real beauty today! The colours are so fresh and remind us spring is here and hopefully a good long summer will ensue!
    I'd have to use three parts of the word chains and a bit of masking so I got the phrase 'A Special Day'.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  14. Hi Barbara, a beautiful card. I'm trying to think "outside the box" which I find very difficult. If you have a Bon Voyage stamp (as they could be going on their hols)! or Home as they could be moving to a new one! Pathetic I know.

  15. Brilliant card as usual. I love the Japanese look of this card and as has been said the poster feel to it too. I would, maybe will! Use the word Art as I feel this is really arty! Love it, thank you

  16. This is simply beautiful! I think the word 'dream' cause it's a relaxing dreamy scene where, if you were there, you could sit or lie under one of those gorgeous trees, close your eyes, forget your troubles and dream! Have a wonderful bank holiday Monday! xx

  17. I love the art work Barbara. I love the clean lines of it all. I would go for IMAGINE as I always do when I see the ducks flying overhead and I imagine what they are saying to each other as they fly over…its your turn now Harry, go on get up here front and centre…hold your horses i'm coming etc etc. (yes I know I need to get a life lol) xxx

  18. I love the simplicity and crispness of this card Barbara. I think I would cheat and try to fit three words in – Remember Your Dreams. So often we dream big but forget when life intrudes too much. It's good to try to remember sometimes. x

  19. Yet another wonderful piece of artwork. I think anyone would be delighted to own a piece of your work. It is all so inspiring. As for a word, I think there are so many that are suitable, hope, imagine, inspire, dream or promise. I couldn't decide which one, so after taking another look through the word chains, I decided on something different, two words…Friendship Forever. Happy Bank Holiday Monday! x

  20. Good morning inspire is the word of my choice as others, I love the word chains and have been using them more and more. Beautiful sunny Monday…you are inspirational. Xx

  21. Lovely card – crisp and fresh, and simple enough for even me to attempt! Hate to be predictable, but I think Journey would be my choice of word – we have lots of geese flocks flying over at the moment, going back to colder climes I expect, so it seems really appropriate. Thanks for sharing your ideas and talent! Susan x

  22. Lovely card, and easy enough for me to try to do one like that today, after only 3 hours sleep and a "non-tooth" ache from hell. As we are Easter I would go for "Blessings". Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas with us. Laurence xx

  23. Stunning card fabulous colours my word chain I would use is magical as with a stencil stamps and a word you create something so beautiful I wish I could hang it on my wall that would be magical happy Easter Monday xxx

  24. Great to see how using multiple stencils can create a beautiful image. I think the word 'dream' would suite the flight of the ducks. Have a lovely bank holiday break. x

  25. Magical would be my choice – because that's what you do – magic! I spent yesterday afternoon putting my stamps on to the acetate. Filled one folder and will now have to start on the other one! It was so satisfying and even more amazing to see how many I have and still some to go!! Let alone on the mounts ……. At least I've made a bit of space in my drawers to fill with more! xx

  26. Celebrate would be my word of choice as I think this scene is very Springlike and we need to celebrate Spring and all the new life and fresh beginnings the season brings as well as celebrating Easter too
    Jackie x

  27. wonderful card barb – i'm really torn as to the word between imagine and inspire
    ……. i think imagine for me in this case as i like to imagine where the ducks have been and where they're going …… amazing the distance they go on their migration. remarkable xx

  28. Hello Barbara. I think I would use the work Promise as the scene promises the summer still to come, the birds going home to roost with a promise of food for little ones and for us the promise of green fields and eventually a good harvest. I have the perfect spot for such a card! xx Margaret Col.

  29. I've been wondering what to do exactly with the 'snowie' stencil. basically I just couldn't figure it out, never thought of the double stencil , brain dead again! I've got both stencils so I'll give it a go winter/ spring. Thank you for such a brill idea.

  30. Just lovely Barbara! … If this was my piece of artwork I would choose the word 'JOURNEY' to accompany it … but seen as the idea is to pick from the current word chain words I think I would have to choose 'HOPE' … x

  31. I think I would choose IMAGINE as I would like to picture myself out in that lovely landscape on a lovely summer's day. Also could imagine this beautiful card taking pride of place on my hall wall for everyone to see and I certainly cannot imagine that anyone would not want to own a piece of your wonderful artwork. Just love all the stencils they are so versatile. Lynne xx

  32. This is beautiful Barbara. I would choose Dream because I dream that one day I will be as free as these birds with not a care in the world. Also of course because it would be a DREAM to win this gorgeous piece of artwork and be able to hang it in my living room to share with everyone xx

  33. Beautiful, crisp, clean – I think 'Friendship' is what calls to me on this one – one of the geese following its mate – forever together type things.
    Having seen your other post too – I do hope that no one has spoilt your weekend – and if they have – try not to spare them a thought – you are a very special lady xx

  34. I would choose Magical as there is always something magical about seeing ducks flying. In fact this artwork reminds me of the day I have spent today at Sandringham with my best friend and her family including my 9 year old Godson and the beauty of the wildlife in this area.

  35. very fresh card. and simple is best the majority of times. i would use 'blessings' as a pic like that with that lovely sun would be a blessing and it's also one of my favourite ones. hugs xx

  36. Just seen from this that I've been using the 2 stencils the wrong way round – snow on top!! Next time I'll try a la Barbara! Great idea to use the fields tho' with green! Think one of my words would be hope or joy? Birds flying off to who knows where? Joy of flight? Serene landscape. Lovely art work though whatever you chose.

  37. These stencils with the trees and ducks make a beautiful card Barbara, so understated and elegant. I love the beautifully sheded sun with the duck flying across it's face too. I think I would use three words actually 'CREATE AND INSPIRE', because the creation and beauty of nature gives us inspiration, and you create some really inspirational demos and cards, so for me these three words are very apt. Hope you had a good Easter break. x

  38. Imagine would be my word – what must it be to be a bird (feathered variety) – especially one that can walk, swim and fly…………………………………

  39. Such a calm and tranquil scene. I can imagine sitting looking out on this scene (possibly with a glass of wine in hand) and it would be something I would remember. Create Memories would be my 'title' for this lovely card. As life goes on, we build memories from such simple things. Thank you for all your inspiration, Barbara.

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