Easter Sunday Celebrations

Easter Sunday Celebrations

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by on this lovely Sunday morning.
I hope you are well and happy?
Thought I’d send an Easter card project to you;
a simple celebration Sunday.
I remember great amusement when doing this card together with Dean on telly; let’s see if I can embed the You-tube of that show….
Anyway, here’s what we used:
I cut and embossed an oval shape out of Theuvacard.
I heat-embossed the Easter banner and the Greeting with a heatgun
Stamped the 3 chicks onto Translucent Shrink Plastic, 
Cut them out, like so…

but let’s watch Dean the crafting Guru tackle 3 chicks, eh.
Or was it 4 chicks….
Managed to embed this from You Tube, and thanks JantheNan, 
the lady who put it there in the first place!

This is very funny! 
Dean is brilliant!

To make the flower, I bought a set of very reasonably priced punches at my friend Terri’s shop in Wisbech 
Terri Lucas, The Craft Den. Fab shop, even fabber woman!
If you live in that area, you should pop in, or sign up for one of her workshops. She is one talented lady. 
And our Clarity Design Team Kelly Ketteringham (Kelly on the Telly) works at the Craft Den, too, so you will meet her there.
So there we are.
Happy Easter to you and yours. 
All the stamps are in the Easter sale this weekend.
Sales ends Monday 21st April, 2014.
lots of love,

57 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Celebrations

  1. Good morning Barbara and very Happy Easter to you and your family. The weather is lovely here in France, and we're going to enjoy a walk to our local market. Love your card, what a great idea to have used shrink plastic for those chicks, and thanks for the You Tube. Have a wonderful sunday.
    Laurence xx

  2. Hello Barbara,

    Love the card. I wish C&C would put you with Dean all the time. He even makes the boring bits enjoyable and you are a great double act.

    Happy Easter and love to you, your family and all your team. X

  3. Fabulous card Barbara and the shrink plastic clip is a classic! I am still laughing now! Have a great Easter Barbara relax and spend time with your family. Love Diane Green xxx

  4. What a scream! Shrink plastic, Dean & Grey. You've had me in stitches again and what a jolly way to start my sunny Easter Sunday. Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter, Barbara. Think this will be a fun thing to do with my daughter this afternoon. She driving 300 miles today so she can share her 29th birthday with me on Thursday. I'm a very happy mummy xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    I remember you doing this on C&C and was crying with laughter at you and Dean. Seeing the clip again has had the same effect! Wishing you, your family , all at Clarity towers and everyone on the blog a very Happy Easter. Thanks for all your inspiration Barb. Love to all Alison xx

  6. Same as Mandy – I love this C&C clip…I then had to go on to watch the shrink plastic galleon episode too…great start to my Sunday & I will smile every time I think about it!
    Love the card with the little chicks.
    Have a relaxing Easter Sunday. Take care, Carole x

  7. As a sideline you could form the next great comedy duo on TV, " Dean & Babs" you wouldn't need a script writer, just ad lib as on here. Produced a great looking card Barbara despite the distraction! Love it. Happy Easter. Xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Hadn't seen this one of you and Dean in Episode 2 of shrink plastic. What a giggle! You two just bounce so well off each other and are a real tonic. Weather here in Germany is wunderschon and the church bells are ringing out. Love reading your blog and you always give us something to smile or laugh about. Thank you for taking the time.
    A happy Easter to all at Clarity Towers and fellow readers. Liz x

  9. Hi Barbara. Yesterdays card is as gorgeous as todays, I love the chicks and the eggs. Pretty flower too. Laughed all over again re-watching you and Dean shrink plastic no 2 : ) Forget about Pearl and Dean films at the cinema, it should be Gray and Dean films. How funny that would be, you bounce off of each other so well. I could watch you all day : ) Wishing you a Happy Easter. Take care.

  10. I just love watching you and Dean a specailly with shrink plastic and calling him wrong name great to start day with a laugh card was great too have a fantastic day you and Dave I have all family coming so busy day 10 for dinner lots chocolate xxx

  11. Lol lol lol, I have just laughed out loud at Dean and the chicks again, it was so funny the first time and still as funny watching it back.
    Composed now, well almost he he. The card is a lovely one, I did enjoy watching you make it and laugh along with you and Dean.
    Who is your favourite presenter to work with I wonder?

    Barb (I am still wiping tears away) have a lively day with your Family and Happy Easter to you all. I will speak to my Husband on the phone as he works away. But I am away to boil some eggs for Skye and I to decorate later.
    Denise x

  12. Happy Easter Sunday Barb, so glad you posted this Youtube clip as it is soooo funny but with a fantastic card at the end xxx Have a lovely day even though it is now raining….

  13. Good Morning Barbara and Happy Easter to you and Dave!
    Fantastic card but also a brilliant blog today! I have just stopped laughing. Tears were pouring down my face! You and Dean are so funny together!
    Have a lovely day.
    Love and hugs to you. xx

  14. Always good for a laugh when you and Dean get together. Love the shrink plastic chicks. Another beautiful card from you. Thank you for sharing and the laugh too. Happy Easter. xxx

  15. Hello Barb. A very Happy Easter to you and yours. That Dean is such a card. How you manage not to crack up is amazing. Love those stamps and all you do. xx Margaret Col.

  16. Hi Barbara,
    What a beautiful card. I am as sitting here behind my stall at an antique fair watching you and Dean with my earplugs in trying desperately not to laugh out loud!!!! I am getting some strange looks so perhaps it's not working. Thank you for cheering this dull day up. Happy Easter to you and yours. Love Bev xxx

  17. Brilliant as always, watched Dean making a pergamano butterfly earlier, it was fantastic.
    We love Terri Lucas too, we are always made so welcome at THE CRAFT DEN, we have a caravan in Heacham and visit her all summer, we're due a visit soon. Love reading and learning from you Barbara, Happy Easter xx

  18. Happy Easter Barbara. Hope the sun is shining in Kent and you're all having a nice weekend.
    Lovely project, I wish my shrink plastic turned out as well, I just can't get to grips with it.xxx

  19. Trying to decide whether to attack the garden in the sunshine, or craft. I think your post has inspired me to get into the craft room – I still haven't used my new stamps that I ordered from you before my holiday, so it's about time….! Happy Easter – Susan x

  20. That was funny, not tried shrink plastic maybe one day. Lovely card very smart. Hope you and Dave have had a good day. I cooked dinner for my son and his girlfriend then spent couple of hours with some friends just catching up.
    Wish we had a good craft shop near us, got a Hobbycraft but does not have the personal touch. Enjoy rest of hol. Lynne xx

  21. Happy Easter Barbara, Dave and everyone at Clarity including the Design Team. I remember this demo on the television and don't think I have ever laughed so much, especially when Dean's shrink plastic appeared to curl right up. He did well to rescue it. Love the card and hope you have had a great Easter Sunday.

  22. Happy Easter Barbara…I remember this well as not only was it really funny, but I emailed the show with a question and my email was pulled out of the Cup of Chance, so I have Dean's shrink plastic chicks with the scissor mark!! xx

  23. Lovely card, I love playing with shrink plastic. Great video, I must have missed that show, blooming hilarious 😀

    My top tip for shrink plastic is to use a pokey tool to stop it from blowing all over the place x

  24. I took your Bloopers and the two shrink plastic videos with me at the weekend on my Kindle fire, and they were such a great lift when I started to feel sorry for myself. It does not matter how many times I watch them, they always make me laugh. xx

  25. I love the gold theme to this card, just the perfect Easter colour. The shrink plastic video is a hoot and using it will always bring a smile to my lips, The finished chicks are just so sweet. x

  26. I love these chicks, I couldn't resist the sale and bought all these stamps and the egg ones too, can't wait to have a play.you and Dean together are hilarious!I hope you had a good Easter break too!Wx

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