New Sunset Stencil…

New Sunset Stencil…

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by!
Wednesday’s blog is something new, right? 
So how about we get our large 8″x10″Gelli Plate out,
use some Golden Open Acrylics (Deluxe)
I’m right into seeing things in backgrounds just lately. 
And the Gelli Plate gives me plenty of opportunity!
Like staring at the clouds and looking for animals…
What can you see?
Keep looking….
Anyway, let’s take a look at how we made the background.
Piece of cake!
 Spread a very thin layer of Golden Acrylic Paints 
(Blue and Green)
across the large Gelli plate with a brayer.
Patchy is good….
Add some clouds with the sunset stencil, blotting as you go.
Let’s do it darker, so you can see it properly!
That’s better!
Add a moon. 
You can use a stencil, or cut a paper moon out.
Pull a print on our white Gelli Card.
You can use any card; ours just fit well.
Sometimes, if you have used a little more paint, 
you can pull a second print with open acrylics.
Here’s a second particularly pleasing print 
I produced from another attempt.
Anyway, pressing on….
add some golden yellow paint to the plate, 
keeping it nice and thin….
and let it disappear towards the bottom.

Use the Sunset stencil again.
Time to position the blue print directly over the 
Yellow Gelli,

Now if that’s not a volcano in the background, 
I need to go to Specsavers!
Time to sit and ponder…
On the subject of Ponds, check this one out:

These beautiful Lapwings are being showcased 
on TV this coming Sunday morning.

Just need to define the water a little with a tiny amount of the same blue acrylic paint on a make-up sponge, 
with a sheet of copy paper to get the straight edge…
And if I could just learn to stamp the verse in straight, 
I could really think about doing this for a living!
 I just wanted to show off our new sunset stencil.
Have you been thinking about getting the larger Gelli Plate?
If you decide you do need an 8″x10″ Gelli Plate, 
I will make sure we send you the 7″ x 7″ Sunset Stencil
as a gift. 
It really is an excellent stencil. 
At first glance, you wonder what to do with it; 
but it is actually one of the best and most versatile 
in our collection.
The Golden Acrylics? We don’t have them as yet. 
Most good artshops stock them.
As for the 8″x10″ Gelli; it will certainly broaden your horizons 
in more ways than one!
much love,

57 thoughts on “New Sunset Stencil…

  1. Morning Barb, what a fab background, wonderful new stencil, and the lapwing stamps are great. Looking forward to the show on Sunday. My wish list of all things Clarity gets longer by the day. Have a fab Wednesday. Bx

  2. Morning Barb, I have the large gelli – in fact it was the first one I bought – the small one came later! I love it as you can pull the bigger prints which have been great for various projects. I love the stencil and those lapwings look superb! At first glance the cloudy look reminded me of when I went to the grand canyon and chased the evening shadows around the canyon watching the colours on the rocks – then I saw an ocean with a mountain/volcano in the background – just like laying on the grass watching the clouds on a summers day looking for shapes in the clouds – so am seeing the stencil and lapwings coming my way soon!!!
    You have so many stencils now its just amazing!
    Love Kim xx

  3. I love sunsets, we get some real beauties up here so loving the effect you get with this stencil. You could have some real fun playing with colour with this one. I've got both gellies so will it be out in the 7×7 version too? Well done for another great clarity product plus the lapwing stamps look fab too. Looking forward to the show on Sunday xx

  4. Fabulous picture as ever….colours and content stunning!

    Uh oh, something else I have to have. Have the large gelli, unused as yet, but love the small one which is nearly worn out! (Not really)…. Will have to have this stencil I'm afraid because I can see so many scenes in there already. Do I order today with free p&p or wait til Sunday? Decisions, decisions.

    One way or the other this stencil will live with me!

  5. Both gelli prints look fab, I definitely see a mountain and often play the cloud game. These prints make me want to get my gelli plate out and have a play but work first, I'll have to wait until this evening x

  6. Barb I love the volcano pic it is fab. I so wish I could get the large gelli plate I will get it soon though. I had seen a mountain or a bit of land also some birds. But I also imagined it being an iceberg, in that kind of bluish night almost morning kind of a way. I love to see what I can see in things. Lol you might laugh but I hate to see cactus with three spikes close together as I think it looks a little evil lol.

    Love your blog so much Barb, it is just like you are speaking to me, I love it 🙂

    Denise xx

  7. love it ,i got some Acrylic paints now was given them but think they gold silver colours but will need a gelli plate will have to wait for funds though xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    I already have the larger Gelli plate but haven't used it as much as the small one. That will have to change! Love this new stencil as well. I love sunsets and sunrises especially when they are vivid pinks and reds! They look like the sky is on fire! Also very spookily, my hubbie & I went to the local RSPB reserve yesterday and I was looking at the lapwings – they are beautiful birds with that big feather sticking out of their heads! Will have to get that stamp too! Fantastic inspiration today, thank you. Love Alison xxx

  9. I´m so enjoying how your imagination works, Barbara. I´m really hooked on my Gelli Plate but don´t seem to make anything with them.
    Love the paints.
    Love Val in Spain x

  10. Wow – only just getting to grips with my little gelli, so not ready for bigger things yet! That sunset stencil is fab though – one for the wish list. Thanks for the u-tube last week though – your tips on taking off some of the acrylic and letting the layers dry have really improved my technique! I've finally got a couple of prints that will make it as the main feature on my cards!! Susan x

  11. Hi Barbara, we get some lovely sunsets here in Ayrshire, and my son, Sandy, will often comment that it's a Barbara Gray sky tonight !!!!! As he is very familiar with your techniques.
    Love this stencil. I only have the 6 inch geli plate and have not played with it very much as I haven't had time recently. I must rectify that soon.
    Look forward to Sundays show.

  12. Brilliant background Barbara. Love the effect but refrained from staring into it for too long. I've already got and alien and a pig staring out at me from the woodgrain on the bathroom door.
    Beryl xx

  13. Hi Barbara. Love the sunset stencil and the new Lapwing stamps. I am looking forward to Sunday. Oh and by the way I can see the volcano too : ) Take care.

  14. Hello Barbara. That sunset stencil is lovely. So looking forward to Sunday's show but think I'll stick with a smaller gelli plate for now. Glad yours is finally out of the box. xx Margaret Col.

  15. What agreat card. At your question I was looking very carefully and I think I saw a volcano too…. Thanks for the great offer again, but just spent some money yesterday, so will have to wait and miss this one…..As I am not Lucky enough to live in the UK!!!!! xx

  16. I could see a water spout rather than a volcano as it is blue. It does not really matter what you can see, just as long as you really learn to look at things and use your imagination. I can remember coming back from a weekend away, and there was a line of huge thunderclouds lying along the horizon. If I had not know where I was, they looked just like a huge range of snow capped mountain peaks. Looking forward to seeing the lapwings – another bird that has been in serious decline over recent years. Perhaps you could extend the range to cover more of the declining species. Who is the presenter on Sunday? I am just wondering what innuendo Dean could find in lapwings! xx Maggie

  17. On the first close up I can definitely see The Loch Ness Monster!! I have thought about the big gelli but haven't taken the plunge (yet). I love using birds and would really love it if you did some swans as these are my favourite. After seeing your blog the other day I couldn't resist getting my gelli out, pulled some cool ones so was happy. I will be doing my homework this weekend. XX

  18. brilliant!!!!!! I wish I was as creative as you Barbara, wouldn't know where to start with the Gelli plate, still mastering the brayer xx

  19. This looks so good-another for the wish list. Still playing with the gelli plate I had for my birthday, but not produced anything wonderful yet!!! Not giving up though. Thank you, Jan

  20. Another stunner Barbara. I love the lapwing stamps and I'm looking forward to the show on Sunday . Is it wrong to wish for rain whilst you are on TV so I don't feel guilty sitting down to watch you in stead If gardening?! How strange I thought I could see a girl with bunches dancing! Love Diane xx

  21. Wow! This is amazing. I saw the masts of a tall ship!! A definite for the wish list – both the stencil and the lapwings. Thanks for the tutorial. What's the difference between the System 3 and the Golden acrylic paints? Hope you've had a good day. xx

  22. Really lovely card, just getting used to my small gelli plate so will wait before I invest in large one. I have managed to make some nice prints so quite pleased with myself. Someone must be showing me what to do! Now the sunset stencil is another matter, just excellent. You really are providing us with all the tools we need to produce beautiful pictures. I am enjoying the challenge of using stamps and stencils. Thankyou for all the inspiration. Lynne xx

  23. stunning piece Barb – love how you drew the eye into the 'volcano' – I hadn't seen t until you mentioned it – but them it couldn't be anything else! Hugs! Would love an 8×10 inch gelli but funds wil not allow just at the moment! Hugs rachel x

  24. As always, an amazing piece of art. I'm not a geli plate fan, just don't really get it to be honest. It kinda looks like a mess and then you just make something wonderful out of it. Just can't see how I would ever be able to achieve that though. Will be watching your show on Sunday – still open to being persuaded lol.

    Alice xx

  25. humph! just got the 6" x 6" from you at Ally Pally…i love it so much i wish i had got the bigger one, and here you are talking me in to it 🙂

  26. This is so lovely Barbara and will have to keep saving for a Gelli Plate. I love those Lapwings too. I am looking forward to Sunday. x

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