Hello there!
It’s Thursday, Blue Blog Day.
So here’s a little project recapping masks and introducing our Wheelie clever Stencils.
I used:
A5 Theuva Card
(also included in the 5-part Skylines Mask Set)
Wheelie Stencil Men & Boys

Letter box Kit first.
Stamp the 3-part boxes into place, and fill with L O N D O N.
Cover the boxes with the Letterbox masks and add black shadow around the bottom of LONDON, using a make-up sponge and Black Adirondack.
Now lay down the top part of the London Skyline Mask, and add shade to the skyline with Denim and Pitch Black.
Unsure how to do this? Go back to this week’s 
YOU TUBE TUESDAY, for a full video how-to, 
using Clarity Masks. All will be revealed!

You will see how to add the light and shade to the buildings, too…
Now let’s tackle the chap tackling the wind with his brolly.
He’s my favourite.
Please note: We also hang on to the cutouts, too. 
Very, very handy for Gelli Plate prints…

Decide where to place him,
 and then secure the Wheelie Stencil with a Post-It. 

Sponge through the aperture with Denim using a make-up sponge.
Add more ink at the back.

In fact, add a little black along that edge, too.
These figure stencils are fab for shading.

It doesn’t get much easier really…

Add a little groundwork beneath his feet, using torn paper.

Go round the edges with a brayer and Stonewashed
Add some Denim and Black along the bottom edge, 
with a blending tool and mat.

Add a thin black line around all 4 edges with a ruler 
and Sharpie Pen.

Give him a name….

The NEW Clarity Wheelie Stencils are pretty special. 
We will be taking as many as we have made to Ally Pally this weekend!
much love,

61 thoughts on “LONDON and the WHEELIE MAN

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  1. Oh my word these new wheelie stencils are brilliant – a revelation!
    On my "must have" list – can't wait to use them. Free P & P too – what more could a girl ask?
    Thank you Barbara and the Clarity Team xxx

  2. Fab card! When I saw the wheelie thingamijigs yesterday I wasn't quite sure…end of long day is my excuse! But this morning that light bulb moment! What a fantastic innovation! I'm off to Clarity to order 1 or maybe more!!! Thank you……xxxxx

  3. Now how on earth did you come up with the name Don?! 🙂 Great artwork. I really need to get some of these skyline masks. It is great to see one of these new wheelie stencils in action. Like someone else yesterday I was slightly concerned that I wouldn't be able to see through the stencil to help with placement. But I should have known that wouldn't be a problem! Your images clearly show how easy it is to see through these new stencils. More things to add to my wish list! x

  4. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous! Wheelie, wheelie clever. Ordered the leaves & branches and one of the alphabet stencils yesterday, so wheelie,wheelie looking forward to them popping through the letterbox – sorry I just can't resist saying wheelie, wheelie!! Bet you'll be inundated for these at Ally Pally. Love Alison xxx

  5. Fantastic Barbara, such a clever invention and so adaptable to all types of inks and pastes I think! I shall be heading your way on Saturday without a 'shadow' of a doubt!! Xx

  6. Fantastic and another item that I Need…..please put my name on one…..yah…..Thank goodness I am coming to Ally Pally…..See you tomorrow…..x x

  7. Morning Barbara when i saw the new stencils last night i was'nt sure but now i wheelie understand how
    they wheelie work
    Great idear off to watch Tuesday's utube.

  8. Wheelie loving these new stencils, started to make up stories as to why Don is looking out over London on his lonesome. Think he'll need a ladywheelie friend soon…bit like those old nescafe adverts…you could give us the next installment next week. Oh and what about some wheelie cool pets too and street furniture and….sorry getting carried away now. Think your number wheelie stencil will be good for clocks. Congratulations on another fab idea Jeanette xx

  9. Good morning, Don is a perfect name for umbrella guy. I love this concept, last night I explained to Gill how I thought they worked and was not disappointed to see you demo them today, exactly as I thought, I explained that I thought the grunge paste would be cool too. In any event hope some are left on Sunday, I wheelie need them…

  10. Love the effect that your shading has created. I just HAD to order the wheelie stencil of the men /boys and the chess set, whilst doing so a few other 'goodies' happened to jump into my basket! An early Easter present to myself! x

  11. This is another great piece of artwork -the shading is amazing. Definitely want these wheelie stencils and have put some on my birthday list. Can see lots of ideas for these, as well as pets how about flowers, birds, and as Jeanette says Don needs a lady friend!! I won't be able to see you at Ally Pally this weekend 🙁 hope you all have a great time. xx

  12. A beautiful offering this morning, Barbara. I reckon that this particular figure is fairly unisex, male or female, but those wheelie stencils are really going to earn their keep for a lot of folks, me included! Now, I do have one more question to ask – when does the special storage for the wheelies come out or do they just fit into the existing folders? Don't work too hard at Ally Pally. Save your energies for what is going to be an exhausting trip with the DT. xxx Maggie

  13. Was not sure, should I, should I not????? Now that I have read your post and your tutorial, it is a definetive I SHOULD…. Buy them of course!!!! Thanks for that revolution, and for sharing. xx

  14. Love the artwork and great to see the new wheelie stencils in action. So clever, I can see these flying out the door, some heading in my direction of course. xxxxx

  15. great artwork. these wheelie stencils look wheelie wheelie cool. methinks there is a purchase coming. and this kind of artwork is great for sending cards abroad since the postage has become quite prohibitive hugs xx

  16. Hi Barbara. As expected your Wheelie stencils are going down a storm. Have got them on my looong wish list : ) Love todays piece, the shading is great and Don suits umbrella man much better than Lon : ) Take care.

  17. Love the use of these stencils especially the wheelie stencil. Wish I was coming to Ally Pally so I could see some live demos with these, but your instrucions are so clear to understand and follow that I have added them to my wish list.

  18. Gosh that looks good! Was worried about how you would position them, particularly the letters, but you can see by the photos that you can see through the stencil so it should be really easy to line things up. Going to have another look at the alphabets and maybe make the most of the no postage 🙂

  19. What a clever idea. I have purchased two of them (and other things as I had a bit of a windfall and blew the lot on Clarity:) ). I can see me getting a lot of use out of them, I got the branch and leaves and the alphabet and can't wait for them to arrive. I have a lot of stencils and haven't used them to their full potential but now with your easy to follow tutorials I am getting a lot more use out of them and really enjoying myself. I do have a bit of trouble with bleeding under the edges but I will just have to practice more and I am also trying paste with them and colouring with mica powders, this looks stunning. A wheelie revolutionary idea all round :))). Thank you.

  20. Oh Barbara that's brilliant! You so inspire us with these blog posts! The depth you get with the shaping is amazing!
    Have a great weekend at Ally Pally! There is a little something on its way to you….and I'm not talking about Jo…but she's bringing it with her!!! Love and hugs! X

  21. Vive la revolution! Just an amazing concept, well done the clarity army, keep on marching on. Would love to be at ally pally but not able to, hope it all goes well. Take care of your neck Barbs. Joan x

  22. What a fantastic card those new wheelie stencils are brilliant. Wish I could come and see you at Ally Pally but my knee still isn't healed so isn't strong enough to allow me to walk round all day 🙁
    Jackie x

  23. This is lovely with the London skyline and the silhouette figure from the Wheelie Stencils. I love the way you add the shading which brings the whole thing to life, I'll just have to keep practising. Hope you have a good time at Ally Pally. I would love to go but sadly live too far away. x

  24. You will be changing your name to Clarity stencils soon ,they are becoming so popular. Love this can see these wheelie stencils are going to be a big hit. I hope you are ready for a busy weekend and that your poor neck will cope. Love reading your blog and your play on words is brilliant. Lynne xx

  25. Well, we're currently on our hols in the Outer Hebrides, so I guess a trip to Ally Pally is not on the cards for me – hope your new wheelie stencils go down a storm! Not so far for Dave to get back to base for reinforcements if your stock runs low tho!! Best wishes for a busy weekend, and keep looking at the ceiling…Susan x

  26. These are really great. The demo helps so much. My daughter is a Wheeley! So these are a must! I have 4 reasons and another on the way to use the wheelie happy birthday stamp 😊 enjoy Ally Pally, keep the ideas coming. Brilliant.

  27. just LOVE this. I have the landscape masks but haven't used them yet as wasn't really sure what to do….maybe tomorrow I need to watch the Youtube vidoe then?
    Also need to acquire some wheelie stencils xx

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