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Here at Clarity, we’ve been working on a new and novel stencil concept; a wheelie clever way of masking while you work.
And so, it is with great pleasure that I present to you
to go to Wheelies on our website, click here
We are excited and delighted to share our brand new
Wheelie Stencils with you!
They are so simple, they are pretty self-explanatory.
Let’s take a closer look at a few of my favourites…
So you have 2 wheels, which are attached in the centre with a swivelling snap-rivet. This pops open and closes for cleaning.
The stencil images are on the lower wheel,
the aperture is on the upper wheel.
We Wheelie love them.
And we hope you do, too….
Men & Boys 

We have some awesome larger Alphabet stencils
(lower and upper case)

The Chess pieces come in 2 sizes…

and the leaves and branches
Well, that’s just wheelie brilliant!

To check out the selection we have on our website today.
We will bring as many as we’ve made to Ally Pally this weekend!
New designs, Blogs and You Tube Tutorials to follow!
Watch this Space!
And don’t forget: FREE P&P on any UK orders over £10
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  1. I wheelie like these 🙂 Look forward to seeing them at Ally Pally. Will you be giving demos using them? Going both days, so hope to catch all your demos. Sally x

  2. Good afternoon Barbara,
    They look really exciting and I can't wait to see a demo on them. I thing the alphabet and numbers will be so useful but then again I know you will show us some great effects with the leaves and branches and the chess pieces. Can't wait 🙂
    Lorna D

  3. Hi Barb,
    WOW, how clever! Think the letters & numbers ,leaves& branches will be so useful. Pure genius! Thanks Barb, Clarity do it again!!! Alison xx

  4. Hi Barbara. These Wheelie Stencils are fantastic, I love them. The Branches and leaves are my favourite but they all are going to sell like hot cakes : ) Congratulations. Take care.

  5. Those look absolutely great, especially those alphabets and the baubles. One question – do the letters and numbers fit with the masks and shapes for the Letterbox and numbers kits? I reckon you are going to have to take a whole van full of those to Ally Pally. xxx Maggie

  6. These are great, Jim and Dave did a wheelie good job by the looks of it. I need that Charlie Chaplain I used to do his walk as my Party Piece!! I bet you have already thought about the ladies, Film Stars, Big hats, Long Dresses, Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady??? Off to check out the web site.

  7. Very clever concept – just when I decided I really needed those letterbox stamps, and now you come up with the letter stencils! Can't wait to see what you create with these… Susan x

  8. Love the alphabet and number stencils and will check them out at Ally Pally, Would it be possible to include the height of the letters in the description please.


  9. Fabulous, love this new idea, how clever 😀
    OOh just had a thought, how great it would be if they were clear then you could line up the letters and see where you're stenciling, just sayin 😀 x

  10. Wonderful idea – would expect nothing less from Clarity though! I "wheel" have to speak to the bank manager before coming to Ally Pally on Saturday…..don't want them thinking that someone has stolen my bank card and going on a mega spending spree with it (tee-he)… will be ME!!!!
    Have a lovely evening, Carole x

  11. Just come back for another look at these fab stencils, I too look forward to seeing you use them. I like the baubles and the branch one could possibly be very versatile. I would love to see one with butterflies hint hint Lynne xx

  12. I wheelie love them too, they are a fabuloso idea I love the alphabet one I really wheelie do, I will wheel right over and get one or two, how wheelie fabulous to get into my wheely fabulous wheely growing collection. I wheely love all things Clarity and wheely adore the quality too lol I wheely said wheely a lot x

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