Do you believe in Miracles?

Do you believe in Miracles?

Hello there!
Friday’s blog is a private peek,
but I also want to show you some simple close up shading with the new Wheelie Stencils.
So first of all,
let me ask you:
Do you believe in miracles?
Here’s one!
You may recall at Christmas, we had a long discussion about our Poinsettias. All lovely and red and bushy throughout Christmas, and then, within a week of New Years, stalks. Leafless sticks.
Here’s a pic of mine; there were still a few bits hanging on, but mostly we decided it was doomed, didn’t we.
Well. I thought I would try to bring it back to life.
I put it in a nice light window, watered it and even gave it cold tea. 
And here we are today!
It’s a MIRACLE!!!!
I am so chuffed I decided to try and revive it. 
It’s really looking good!
So now to the Wheelie Stencils and other Clarity Stencils.
I thought it would be good to do a simple shading sample.
So what did I use?
White 7″x 7″ Card
The Square Aperture Stencil
7″x7″ Brick Stencil
Men & Boys Wheelie Stencil
Butterscotch Adirondack Ink Pad
Slate Adirondack Ink Pad
Black Archival Ink Pad
Clarity Stencil Brushes
Make-up Sponges
Low-Tack Masking Tape
Attach the Square Aperture Stencil to the square card with 
low-tack masking tape.
Perfect fit. 

Brush the Butterscotch through the top area 
and the Slate through the Brick stencil.
Easy does it.

Dial in the image you want to use and secure it in place 
using Post-Its. 
They will mask off the area well, too.

Using a make-up sponge, add yellow first.
I filled the whole image with yellow.
Then it’s time to add the shade.
I used Black Archival over the top of the yellow in places.
Build it up gradually.
I found dabbing the ink onto the surrounding plastic stencil, and then smearing it into the aperture helped me control the area.

One thing I am quickly working out, is that we can achieve great shading through stencils. It’s a softer edge than a stamp, but we can mix and blend colours on the image.  
I think next week, when I have more time, I shall get into the shading aspect some more. Maybe something a little more direct than a make-up sponge…. 

Not bad though, eh…
Let’s add our word of the day:
Black Archival ink gives a really sharp stamped image every time.
In for a penny… 
Let’s add a little shade with some Distress Markers.
Yep. That’ll do.
Love this young lad.
Reminds me of my own.
Reminds me also, 
that it is ok to take that blind leap of faith,
and expect a miracle!
And I’m not just talking about Poinsettias.
much love,

67 thoughts on “Do you believe in Miracles?

  1. Beautiful piece – one for the Gray's gallery I think. Inspiring message too. I may have to take one of those leaps of faith soon & fingers crossed it will be as successful as you're little lad in the pic !

  2. So effective and the simplicity really works I really love the new words, mine are on the way!
    Thanks for showing us the potential of these new stencils. Your fingers are obviously green as well as clever 🙂 x

  3. Brilliant, both the stencil and the plant! – The stencil leap of faith is just fantastic – am wondering what other tricks you have up your sleeve!!! Good luck with the traffic!

  4. This is a great piece Barbara; sometimes its best to keep things simple and uncomplicated. I love these men and boys stencils. They will definitely have to go into my basket when I next order. Thanks for sharing all your ideas. Xxx

  5. Love it just had message to say new word art set should come today looking forward to using them. I do believe in miracles we had a daughter who was a total miracle who should have died at birth but lived 27 years we see many miracles during that time. Have a good weekend be thinking of you all at alley pally loved the card x

  6. Barb I love the shading and would really love some help in that area. I think if you know where to shade it makes a massive difference to any picture and helps bring it to life. At the moment I get by with guess work. I really could use a miracle in my life at the moment.. I am like your poinsettia at Christmas (not mentally but physically) so I hope for one every day. And I certainly believe in miracles and do know it will happen. Very poignant blog today for me. Thanks Barb x

  7. Morning Barb, well done with the plant…I am useless, but my grandson said i should put coppers in the vase with the flowers I got on mothers day..he had done it in science…so I did as I was told and they have lasted for nearly two weeks with the heating on!

    Love this little man..ordered mine! Safe journey and MIND THAT NECK this weekend and have fun filled busy weekend xx

    1. I told my daughter to do that trick with some drooping tulips she had. Well it was obvious she thought mother had lost her mind but humoured me and did it. RESULT upright flowers. A customer told me the tip. Lynne xx

  8. Your poinsettia looks lovely! Although mum isn't known for looking after plants, her poinsettias are about the only plants that look good and seem to last forever. It must be down to where she positions them. I believe in miracles. Our little boy is our miracle. Just when we were accepting we wouldn't have any children, along he came! Great card. I really like this boy on the stencil. But what is his name? x

    1. 🙂 I agree, Mark definitely suits him. The feeling of boundless energy this Mark has is just like the energy my son has. But he is just learning to jump and trying to hop, so is not quite at the leaping stage yet, although I suspect it won't be too long before he is! x

  9. Where I live poinsettias are two a penny, at Christmas they are planted all round the roundabouts in fact any spare ground that can be dug. I have had one for 15 years, planted it in the garden after Christmas and it flowers every Christmas then I cut it down (yuk full of white gluey gum).
    PS like today's project also.Haha

  10. Love it! I think his name is 'arry! Ordered mine yesterday, chess wheel too. Large order placed on Sunday should be here any time now…..sooooo excited! Hope Ally Pally successful, watch that neck. By the way is it any better? Love Shirley xxxxx

  11. Great project. I too have a very twiggy poinsettia which my friend bought me for Christmas. I'm amazed but it's not dead yet! Plants usually come to me to die, lol. It doesn't have any big leaves…it lost those early on. It does, however, have lots of new growth so I'm hoping it may get a new one soon. Might have to try the tea trick, thanks for the tip.
    Hugs Helen x

  12. Hi Barb,
    Wow, the poinsettia is doing really well isn't it – well done! I never manage to get mine revived, mind you never tried the cold tea. The picture you've created this morning is fabulous as well, can't believe it's all done with stencils and a bit of ink! Definitely one for your gallery I think. Good luck with Ally Pally, but do look after your neck. Just remember to keep looking up every now and then & chuckle when the audience does the same! Love Alison xx

  13. Morning Barbara! Well done on the poinsettia! I've never been able to keep them! I might try the cold tea trick!!!
    Your card is fabulous! It made me think about your Mark's try the other day when he took a leap of faith and scored!
    Safe journey today and hope the set up goes to plan then the show over the next 2 days! Bet the wheelies sell out in record time!!!
    Love and hugs xxx

  14. That's such a joyful image and a great combination of DI colours.
    Well done on reviving your poinsettia. The way they are grown and forced to be as they are around Christmas time means they will inevitably finish up as yours did. But what do they care. They know the most people will bin them and buy another the next year. With a little TLC the 'miracle' of nature will go on.
    Beryl xx

  15. Good morning Barbara, congratulations on bring the poinsettia back from the brink! I'm impressed, mine was rushed to the green finger hospital (my parents house!). Love the subtle colouring on todays piece of artwork, I can't wait to play with my Wheelies when they arrive. 🙂 x

  16. What a delightful image, the boy seems so full of joy. Love the subtle shading of the background. Your poinsettia looks amazing! How wonderful you were able yo bring it back to its full glory. xx

  17. Well done with the Poinsettia it looks glorious, just in time for Easter too! Love the card, it's amazing what can be achieved with just a bit of ink and stencils. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Barbara. Great piece.I love the shading, I need to keep trying as it doesn't come easily for me but I follow all of your tips and I am improving, so thank you.
    I am really glad that you have saved your Poinsettia. I kept forgetting to tell you that one of mine didn't make, suddenly gave up 2 weeks ago but that is still a bit different to only just surviving Christmas! The other one is thriving, it is covered in new leaves : ) It must be the cold tea tip that I got from your blog as I haven't done any thing else different to any other year. Isn't it great to see them looking so good : ) Have a great time at Ally Pally. Have a safe journey. Take care.

  19. Beautiful card looks so lovely framed ,hopefully my body mentally and physically will let me craft just a little today love the wheelie stencils have a great ally pally show look forward to tomorrow's blog xxx

  20. Just like your poinsettia, this time of year is a true miracle. Just look out of the window, trees that looked dead to the world are now coming back to life, all those green buds and beautiful blossom, it makes me feel quite humble really. Even the ants (I know they can be a pest sometimes) are coming out, what a hardy little creature they are. I spend so much time looking out of my craft room window it's a wonder that I get any cards made but it does give me inspiration. Hope you have a good weekend at Ally Pally and don't overdo it. My neck isn't right either (car accident) and looking up does help a bit but when you are in the 'zone' it can be hard to remember so take a bit of time for yourself every so often for a stretch, don't work to hard and have fun.

  21. Lovely, an inspiring sentiment. Have to agree with Andy above, it is a delight to see my garden coming back to life.
    Am loving all the tips for working with stencils and mask as I haven't really got a handle on them yet. Have a lovely weekend, wish I was coming along xx

  22. Green fingers Barbara…..both gardening and when they get inky! I hope your plant will do well until Christmas….only 257 days to go – Keep up the good work! 🙂
    Love the new stencils and I'll be checking them out tomorrow that for sure. Thought crossed my mind to bring a wheel-barrow for my purchases, but not sure if they'd let me on public transport with it, tee-he……Hope to see you there. Carole x

  23. That Poinsettia is looking great, I must remember the cold tea idea. I love the brick wall stencil and the colours look really effective. The boy silhouette works so well and the shading just brings it to life, and love the those bold single words. You do such great woek Barbara. x

  24. I believe in miracles small everyday ones and big life ones. My favourite thing at the moment are the word chain stamps as they can be used on everything! I am now feeling guilty about the poinsettias that have been composted over the years, at least they went into making something else bloom.

  25. Sorry for not having faith in you….. but I had to ask my Dave if it is true that you can use cold tea for your plants…..You see reading your blog, I learn evryday and not only about crafting!!!! Lobely card by the way. Could you show us how to use the wheelie alphabet, please? Thnaks for sharing all those tips. xx

  26. Your poinsettia looks lovely well done on reviving it and to answer your question yes I believe in miracles. I've never managed to revive a poinsettia mine usually do what yours did in fact the family have given up buying me one!
    Your card with the shading is fab
    Jackie x

  27. Very clever – I must try that when I get back home – simple but effective. I'll have to practice the sponge shading a bit more, as mine always looks a bit blotchy, even though I try to keep to your "less is more" mantra! Have fun at Ally Pally!! Susan x

  28. gorgeous card Barbara. love the simplicity but elegance and professional look to this card.
    love everything you do. am so in awe of your work.

  29. Your poinsettia looks fantastic, will remember the cold tea trick and might try again with one this year. Wish I had the energy to take a leap at the moment, we have been trailing round kitchen and bathroom showrooms all day and I am shattered. I am even too tired to look at new stamps that have arrived today but there is always tomorrow.
    I imagine you are going to be very busy at Ally Pally especially with these fab new stencils. Have a good weekend Lynne xx

  30. Well it seems like lots of us believe in miracles, that can only be a good thing I think. You met my miracle Barbara but missing her like mad at the moment. Getting stuck into crafting with all your goodies and reading your blog everyday helps!Wx

  31. Well done for keeping that plant going and persuading it to grow back. I reckon these wheelie stencils are really going to be a great hit. xx Maggie

    1. Great idea, would be good for a boy's card …. just need a skateboard! Impressed with your plant. Does cold tea work on any indoor plants I wonder? Enjoy ally pally, wish I could go but too far I'm afraid. Xx

  32. Hiya Barbara,

    That is amazing,I so love Christmas Poinsettia and like you want to keep them longer!

    You are a clever cookie and it looks amazing too!

    Loving your Leaping lad and that card is amazing!

    Take care
    Big Hugs

  33. Hiya Barbara,

    That is amazing,I so love Christmas Poinsettia and like you want to keep them longer!

    You are a clever cookie and it looks amazing too!

    Loving your Leaping lad and that card is amazing!

    Take care
    Big Hugs

  34. Double posted-silly blogger! But while I am here…………………………

    Although my life has been busy and I am in catch up mode with technology.

    Technology does rule our lives more and more,I am lucky and Happy at this point in my life sue to the amazing positive people that I have found this year.

    Life does drag us down as does worries and woes,listen to your heart and learn to love yourself and let go of the little things and most importantly the past.

    The past has ruled my decisions from a child as the experiences were not kind nor loving,Today I am a caring,loving exceptional Lady that has conquered so much and I always have been and I always will be.

    The difference is me and how I understand and walk the path in my life.
    We all get lost and we all stray from what may have been our path – as humans we all have choices and that choice changes our path.

    We all struggle and muddle through as best we can!

    Did you hear that? As best we can and our best, IS GOOD enough and always has been !

    Be strong and believe that no matter what your belief system that someone will come into your life to help you.

    That may not be in the way you expect as in physical and tangible.
    You are special and another persons belief in you and your abilities makes life easier and you more content.

    If you are reading this and no doubt you are a crafter , you have succeeded in life already!

    You have leaped into a hobby and are making a change in your life,no matter that you are a beginner or an expert.

    You are all experts in your own lives and have done so well to achieve what you have as well as finding a community of people who will help and advise as well as tutorials etc.

    Crafters in the main part are genuine and caring people with a common goal – Art and to Craft.

    I have learned to love myself and to repel others moods and guilt from my life – its theirs they own it!

    Be truly strong,beautiful and amazing each day and do you know what?

    You Already are all of the above and truly exceptional as well as unique!

    Have a great Day and an even Better Tomorrow- Always!

    Big Hugs

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