Time to head for the Beach. In March???

Time to head for the Beach. In March???

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by on a Sunday.
I promised somebody a Beach hut card, so if you are she, 
please put your hand up!
Here’s how.
Stamp the beach images on the white square card
using Black Adirondack.
Tear a piece of paper, to create the illusion that the bucket is buried in the sand.

It’s a really Happy Set, a summer scene…

Now, we have to make a choice. 
Either, we can just carry on, and create a cool sandy beach scene, using a brayer, or brushes, or a blending tool.
Or we can run the stamped picture through an embossing machine with the Ocean Swirl Stencil.
I have done the embossing on a blank piece and dusted it with Willow, just so that you can see the fab pattern it throws.
I am going with option 2. Much more interesting!

Very hard to photograph white embossed card. Can you see it?

Colour in the Beach Huts with Promarkers.
and the deckchair…and the ball…and the bucket & spade…
Then it’s time to start on the background…
This is where the embossed Ocean Swirl stencil comes to life.
Definitely use Clarity Stencil Brushes for this one.
Load a couple of them with Willow and Stonewashed, and just lightly swoosh back and forth. 
You won’t get lines and the bristles won’t fall out!
Clarity brushes really are super.
The beach hut masks are handy.
To get inbetween the swirls though, we have to place the stencil over the artwork and attach with lowtack masking tape.
That’s how the swirls stay lighter.
Build up your colour, adding shade with a make-up sponge.
Torn paper where the bucket is, to bury it properly!

Lovely Sun. 
Remove the stencil for this one.
I used Mustard Seed Distress Pad for this colour.
Very easy to do. Punch out the sun out of a Post-It, and sponge the yellow through the hole, sorry aperture.
Then cover up the sun with the punched out mask, and add the blue with a brush.

Use the torn paper as a mask, to make a landline behind the huts.

The best bit about using the Ocean Swirl stencil is that when you lift it off, you have a superb white frame built into the picture!
Mount the piece on a matching colour
Now you can even add a name to the hut with a black pen.
but what I love best is the raised Ocean swirl background.

I have made one large piece here, but I think this would be brilliant as a set of small summer notelets, using just a couple of the elements on each card.
So lets take a look at what I used, 
and then put together a super Sunday offer. 
I used
How about this for a 
 The Row of Beachhuts,
the large Beach hut,
the Deckchair,
the Bucket & Spade, 
the Beach ball and 
the mask 
would cost  £30.70, if bought individually.

SO, as it’s a lovely sunny day, and we’re headed for the beach…

Half Price for the whole set,
the whole kit and caboodle!
(offer ends Wednesday 12 March.)
and if you’re in my New Design Club, you receive an additional 10% off! But you knew that, right? xxxx
much love 
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70 thoughts on “Time to head for the Beach. In March???

  1. Morning Barbara!
    You , yet again, have made it look so easy and produced another very individual piece of art!
    A day at the seaside would be lovely but it's just nice to wake up and see the sun!!
    Have a great day,

  2. I love this, it's fun and sunny and makes me want to walk on the beach. I thinkI may have to get this set, I can already see other ways to use the stamps, the ball can be a christmas candy, the hut a garden shed etc Thanks Jx

  3. Wow, I love the option you went with, really effective! Love your new word 'swoosh'……two days on the trot…. Wonder how many other blogs you can use it! And- what a generous offer you have made – enjoy the sun I day Barb, hope your back and neck are improving x

  4. Stunning card, and the effect with the embossed backround is perfect. It is very sunny here too, and am getting ready for our party today, so aperitif outside. The Sauerkraut is already on the stove, and am now going to make the nibbles for the aperitif. I think that at the end of today, I will use your deckchair with pleasure…..lol!!!! Have a great Sunday. xx

  5. Bloomin' lovely, Barb! I look in every day and think one day I won't like it, but so far never happened. Think I might have to order the offer, can't resist…..I'm working towards a clarity stamp stamp room……nearly there!!!

  6. Lovely sunny card, just right for today. Yaah we are back to sunny Somerset, not quite so soggy Somerset! We are only a few miles from the coast so I may pop down later and see if there is any beach left after the storms. 🙂

  7. What a beautiful sunny scene. How I still wish I lived nearer to the coast like I did in my early childhood as there is nothing I would like better than going for a walk along the beach and maybe building a sandcastle or two, even though I am now in my mid forties. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  8. Hello Barb, what a fabulous beach scene, well the sun is starting to show it's sunny smiley face, so maybe we will soon be seeing this scene everywhere. I would love to be close enough to the coast, to do this on a lazy Sunday. The offer is really great, and I think it is just right for me to take it up, you really are spoiling us, and I am sure very few people could resist. Have a lovely day. B

  9. Think that this might just be too good an offer to miss as this is one of the sets that I don't have. Love how you've used the stencil to emboss…very effective and really brings the scene to life. You've done it again, Barbara. Have a lovely sunny Sunday xx

  10. My goodness… Fantastic card, so bright and cheerful! We don't have a beach in the Midlands, but I do have a pond… Maybe, if I shut my eyes…

    Amazing offer too Barbara, thank you for your generosity! X have a wonderful day down the beach!

  11. What a beautiful scene – The way you've used the ocean swirl stencil adds a new dimension to one of my favourite sets. I just love being on the coast and this picture transports me there. A great offer as well. Have a lovely sunny Sunday. xx

  12. Good morning, wow!! what a bargain, I went straight to the web site and ordered (to good to miss). I think I will have a lot of fun with this set even though I haven't thought about doing beach hut themed cards it makes sense as I live by the sea so I think that they might sell well to the holiday crowd that visit the shop that sells my cards for me, I can also see stationary sets being made and I may even try some arty pieces. Yes I can see I'm going to have fun. Have a super Sunday, Andy.

  13. Love the result of embossing the stencil, looks fantastic and what an offer, you really are spoiling us, thank you. It's a beautiful sunny day in Scarborough, I'm very lucky to live 5 mins walk from the North side Beach and the fabulous brightly coloured beach huts , think a walk with the dogs is in order, have a lovely day xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Gorgeous card, love the way you have used the stencil and embossed it. Great offer too but I already have this set apart from the mask ( but a post it will do). Unfortunately, I have never used the stamps yet – they still have the blue ink on them shamefully – but having been inspired by your step by step instructions , I think I will have a play today . Thanks for the inspiration. Might go to the beach today but will probably be blown along – very windy here and no sign of the sun yet!! Have a good day everyone, love Alison xx

  15. Oh I love the beach huts Barbara all the stps are brill and the stencilling is such a good idea makes it special thank you for the step by step love always June xxxx

  16. Hi Barbara. What a lovely scene. Thanks for the tip about the bucket. I wouldn't have thought to stamp it slightly buried : ) I am loving the beautiful weather that we are having but I do wish I could get down to the beach today. Then again I would love to be on the beach every day, so nothing new there : ) Enjoy your bright sunny day everyone. Take care.

  17. Morning Barbara,
    Another great card and it looks so summery! I'm in Bo'ness and its raining and dull so your card has brightened my morning. And what a great offer! I've just been to the SECC and spent loads but I can't let this offer go past. Enjoy your day.
    Lorna D

  18. How beautiful wow what an offer keep saying I'm going to be good but too good to miss thank you Barbara for another wonderful blog happy sun. Day xxx

  19. Hi Barbara.
    How fabulous that we have sun and brightness! It makes everyone feel better I'm certain! Let's hope it's here to stay for a while!!
    Your beach scene is lovely. The ocean swirl stencil makes you think of the ocean that this little beach would lead onto. Just lovely!

  20. What a fantastic offer ordered it straight away but there was no extra discount for club membership still a great buy. This is my first time commenting on a blog so I hope it works. Love all things Clarity thank you Barbara.

  21. Lovely demo, we live by the seaside and the sun is shining, a walk would be nice but the garden is begging for attention so may have to venture there instead, after taking up your very generous offer, have a lovely day

  22. Hi Barbara beautiful card I`ve had this set of stamps for a while – they are one favourites. People who have received cards made them really like them. Thanks Julie

  23. What a brilliant card and a very generous offer on the stamps too.
    I hope you are able to enjoy the sunshine today it really is almost warm enough to go to the beach lol
    Jackie x

  24. Fabulous creation Barbara. Love how you used the ocean swirl too. Mine would never look like this in a month of Sunday's!! Lol. Great offer too – now do I NEED these?? **smiles**

  25. Fab card Barbara, love the swirl embossing. A set of small notelets would make a lovely gift, especially if they looked as good as your card! Pat x

  26. Oh Barbara what a fab offer to go with a wonderful demo. If I hadn't bought the alphabet and numbers about a week ago I would be getting this as it is such a great offer. The weather here in Somerset is lovely and bright today so may have a little 'sea sniff' this afternoon. Hope most people will have had a bit of sun today as it certainly brightens the mood. x

  27. Great design again, and another really generous offer Barbara. Alas, no sunshine or beach for me today, but I have just baked up a storm in the kitchen (quite literally if you take a look at the floor!), so I shouldn't be too surprised it's gloomy outside!! Cheered me up no end to see your card though. Thanks Susan x

  28. Very generous offer, think I might be one click away from taking you up on that. Too good to refuse. Lovely summery card you created certainly goes well with the beautiful weather today. Just hope it lasts as we have four days on the south coast next week, so looking forward to a break. Lynne xx

  29. This would have been a terrific card without the Ocean Swirl but the embossing lifts it into the realm of really great. You always have a different aproach from the obvious.
    We were in Eastbourne on Thursday and it was glorious. So many people out enjoying the sea, sunshine and warmth. Your card is spot on.

  30. I can't wait to get to the seaside this year. I don't do sitting on the beach these days, but I love watching the waves crashing on the rocks, and just letting the sound wash over me. I would never have thought of using the stencil in that way, but isn't it effective. xx Maggie

  31. What a fab offer. I may have to take you up on it. I have no idea what our weather was like as I was at the SECC all day, helping to man a stall. I have made a lovely new friend, someone called Jo. I think you may know her lol.

    Denise x

  32. What a brilliant offer, too good to miss so into my basket it went and now I can look forward to it arriving along with all the other goodies that also fell into my basket. Looking forward to seeing you at Harrogate on Saturday too

    Best wishes

  33. Brilliant idea to add the stencil! Another lovely detailed demo and a fantastic bargain to boot! Got to hurry…I'm off to do some shopping…I wonder where xxxx

  34. Lovely design! It made me go and try embossing a stencil on white card and, yes, a lovely image, now just to colour it properly and will probably need a few attempts. I'm getting to the point where I haven't got any room for more stamps ………

  35. Lovely design. I have already got all the things I need so I could have a go whenever I am not out in the garden in this lovely weather. I am off to the seaside in a couple of weeks, only for two nights, but I am determined to paddle if humanly possible. It depends on how the sea defences stood up to the battering in those storms but at least I can see and hear the sea. xx

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