Stag Party!

Stag Party!

Hello Deer Friends!
Happy Saturday and thank you for stopping by.
Today I have decided to step-by-step a little technique I did on German TV recently, using the Deerscape to create an old photo effect. Nothing stag-geringly complicated, 
Let’s take a look…
I used
The Deerscape 
The Tree
Lake Mist or Latte Adirondack

Attach the Oval aperture stencil to the white card 
with low tack masking tape at the top.
Load a Clarity Brush with Lake Mist Adirondack ink, 
and swoosh the brush around the oval edge.
Swoosh. Good word…
 Every now and then, check to see how your swooshing is working.

Use the Claritymat to tear a deckle with copy paper.

Ink up the Deerscape in Eggplant and then stamp into the Oval,   

placing the straight baseline of the stamp on the copy paper.

just like this. 

Where the stamp has overlapped onto the stencil, 
drag the ink back into the lake. It’s a lake, by the way.
Can’t you see it?

If you catch the ink while it’s still wet, it drags really well.

Both ends…

 Add the tree.

 Now for the hills. Use the mat again, 
to tear a wave at the other end.

Add a little Eggplant and a little Lake Mist to the mat.

Load up your brush with Lake Mist, 
and wander into the Eggplant a little too.
It’s called a Blending Mat for a reason…

Position the paper hill,
and dust the first hill into place.

Next hill, move the mask back and use your brush again.

The hill in the background needs to be a little fainter.

Now use a make up sponge and Eggplant 
to add a little tatty colour in the lake.

 And when you lift the mask off,
you’ve got yourself a bonafide old photo
of a stag party!

 and there’s even snow! 
Love it!!!!

The sun is shining here, the birds are singing in the garden,
life is good.
See you tomorrow, but have a really good day today!
Then tomorrow, your yesterday will have been worth remembering!
much love,

66 thoughts on “Stag Party!

  1. Another stunning piece! For a moment there at the start I thought you meant it was snowing where you are….. and as I am just down the road from you I thought we were also in for it. Love catching your blog each day. How's the back? X

  2. Morning Barb, a lovely card and your blog as ever is a wonderful step by step, I bet this went down really well on the TV in Germany x. It's so good to see the sun isn't it? And the birds … Had Blue Tits in my garden yesterday.. Makes you feel happy x

  3. It's great to have this in a detailed step by step. I did watch the German TV show but it was all so quick as you managed to cram lots in! And I could only watch as I have forgotten all the German I learnt when I was at school, far too many years ago! x

  4. That is a stunning card, and really love the snow effect. It is very sunny here in France too, and the birds really enjoy the garden and sing a lot. Busy day today as I have a big party tomorrow with friends, and am making a "Sauerkraut"……Coming all the way from Alsace. Have a great day. xx

  5. This deerscape is a favourite of mine…the stag looks so majestic. I'm off to Preston for Maria's class today so it will definitely be a really good day and well worth remembering tomorrow because it will be a day of creative fun & laughter (…and cake) spent with my Clarity family. Xx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Love everything about this, it just looks so peaceful and Jeanette is right, the stag is really majestic. Thanks for the step by steps. Have a great weekend everyone. Love Alison xx

  7. Lovely card reminds me of the misty mountain mornings I enjoyed when we visited Scotland a few years ago. Looking forward to the 'heatwave' the weatherman said is coming this weekend. Xx

    1. Yeh… right…., Barbara. We might think you re wonderful, but we are not quite that gullible. I would love to know how to do it deliberately. The ones I have got happened totally without my efforts, and Google seemed to do it all on its own by magic, and, no, I did not sprinkle talc and clap my hands. You have been talking too much to that naughty Sam. Love the card, though. I liked it when I saw it on German TV. xx Maggie

  8. It reminds me of one of those really old paintings in grand houses, very atmospheric. Thank you for sharing. Its very misty here in Cornwall but hoping for a nice clear day. Enjoy yours. Joan x

  9. Great blog . Love the card and the snow is great. Have a nice weekend. I'm off to our local Scotland shop to sell my wares. Hope it's busy! X

  10. Hi Barbara. What a lovely scene. I can imagine the mist rolling in and a piper, piping on a far off hill. AH lovely.
    Enjoy your Saturday.
    Love Val in Spain x

  11. Good morning Barbara, you're getting very clever with this blogging lark, snow!?!? Love the atmospheric look to this card, it would make a super image for those difficult to make male cards.x

  12. Morning Barbara love the card it's stunning thank you for the step by step brilliant for Christmas too have a lovely day no sun in Warrington very dull but I live in hope love always xxxxxxxx

  13. What a great scene, love the snow at the end. It is overcast here in Nottingham at the moment and the best thing about this weekend is that I don't have anywhere to go, so shall be playing with my new Clarity goodies which arrived earlier this week. I have also started putting my shopping list together for when I come to the NEC later this month!

  14. A lovely scene, it reminds me of my holiday in Scotland last year. I told my son how you make it snow on the blog….he went very white, and begged me not to try it. He must think me very stupid…lol x Enjoy the weekend x

  15. Tried the talc on my iPad….uh oh need a new one! Not! This is just darling shall be trying to do this later. Thank you. How is your back, neck too …hope they are improving daily

  16. I really like this , will improvise with other stamps until I get these. I wrote a short ditty for you this morning:

    What a way to start the day
    A cup of tea and a bit of Barbara Gray

    Have a lovely day yourself xx

  17. What a lovely peaceful card – just what I needed after a tearful week at work. Looking forward to my order coming – all my birthday goodies from Clarity.
    Thank you

  18. Love this stamp. It is my favourite clarity stamp of all time. I got it at the SECC on my 40th birthday a couple if years ago and use it often. Love the oval aperture.
    Today I am going back to the SECC with my hobbies this time so won't be able to spend as much money as I did on Thursday when i was with my friend!!!! But will persuade him that I need more inks for all the stamps I have!! Just hope Dave and Heather tell him how much I spent at your stand on Thursday!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend. xx

  19. Hi Barbara. Oh deer, what a one you are with the puns! It's staggering how you come up with them…I can't think of any more so will stop now : ) (I do love it, your blog often has me either laughing out loud or crying with emotion, or sometimes both, please don't stop sharing though) This card is another stunner, so atmospheric (and the snow at the end is wonderful, you are clever) Have a good day. Take care.

  20. Hi Barbara. I love these stag stamps. I have both sizes now (needed for perspective of course) I use them a lot. I would love it if you took one of the stags (the one by the tree is my favourite) and made him into a single stamp. He stands so proud and would look lovely on his own! (not hinting or anything). I tried to do the thing with the falling snow at Christmas but the snowflakes were huge and it didn't look good….couldn't reduce the size in the coding for some reason. oh well! Another lovely tutorial from you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xxxxx

  21. One to try I think as I have both stamps! We don't see so many deer roaming around in Inverness, but after the sunny morning lured me into the garden yesterday, it did snow on me in the afternoon!!! It was a good excuse to give up weeding, but the sun was out again before I'd finished my cup of tea!!! Having a crafty afternoon today, so hope to create something half as lovely. Susan x

  22. Very clever, love the snow effect. Would be good if we could give cards for Xmas complete with snow effect. My mum and dad used to go regularly to Cannock Chase to see the deer, they always found them as well. Don't think I have ever been so fortunate. Lovely card, enjoy the sun it is sunny here in Tamworth as well. Just great. Lynnexx

  23. A lovely demo Barbara, and the colours work so well to give the impression of a misty morning. These stamps are on my wish list. Considering you haven't been blogging for very long your effects are very clever. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

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