Family always..

Family always..

Hello there!
Hope you had a good weekend? Lovely weather for a change. 
A little sunshine and the whole world looks different, eh.
So while darling Dave was up in Scotland slogging away, I have been having a grand old time! My lovely brother and I spent the weekend together, which is very rare, and boy! Did we laugh. He really is wasted. He missed his calling as a stand-up comic, that’s for sure. And then Sunday we were invited to our parents for lunch. So it was pretty cool, just the four of us. 
The core Family.
So I thought this little project would be fitting.
I used
Acrylic Paint
Hope you like it. 
Very, very easy.
Dig out one of those 8 x 10 Gelli Plate acrylic paint scraps you weren’t sure what to do with, but really liked the colours.
If you haven’t invested in a Gelli Plate yet, you really do not know what you are missing….

Cut the large piece up, so that you also have a panel the same width as the main piece.
Stamp the large blossom branch and chick stamp
in Archival Black.

Colour it in with Distress Markers. 
They are ideal for colouring in over acrylic paint.


Take your time picking the colouring colours you use. 
Go with whatever background you have.
Think Tone in tone.
And I bet every single person looking at this is thinking Easter….
We are so predictable!

Okay, so let’s keep going.
Stamp the 3 chicks and the Always from the Family Wordchain 

Colour in the chicks.
Told you it was easy!
But one thing I know for sure: 
easy doesn’t mean less than. It just means easy!

Add the word FAMILY in the open Acrylic area.
Mount the main piece and add the panel. 

And then enjoy it. 
Time spent making?
5 minutes.
Time spent enjoying?
Much longer!
A lifetime in fact!
(think about it…)

Of course it would make a lovely Easter card – 
that goes without saying!

But those little chicks make a great little family, too.
You could stamp out all the kids and grand kids and nieces and nephews – and even make little name tags for their feet!
I find there’s always a temptation to keep adding.
(to the card…)
But less is more.
Thanks for stopping by!
Much love

49 thoughts on “Family always..

  1. Such a bright cheery card to welcome the sun back to our wet and windy shores. Looks promising too for the next few days weatherwise. Your family gathering sounds lovely and why not stretch your birthday celebrations out for as long as you like? Have a great day. Xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hello Barb, love the card, especially the colours, they really work well with the little fluffy chicks. Glad that you had great weather for your family get together, and that you could relax and have a laugh, I am sure you will be even happier when Dave is home safely. Bx

  3. Its always good to go to your Mum's for dinner…its something natter, you laugh, you eat, you compliment the cook, drink wine, coffee and have a lovely time.
    Dave …. from reading the blogs and FB entries sounds like he has done a wonderful job…so he deserves a little break for a few days now.
    Card….lovely – I have this collection of chicks – they are lovely and stamp beautifully and you are so right they can be used for family cards xxx

  4. I am so pleased you took the opportunity to have some well deserved R&R! And I don't mean rock and roll!!
    Family time is so important and it should be treasured as you never know how long you will have them!
    That's a beautiful card you have made there too Barbara. Really pretty and to think that the base could have ended up on the scrapheap!
    Have a lovely week ahead and I will be seeing you next Sunday! Love and Hugs xxx

  5. Very cute artwork, I want to play with my gelli plate instead of going to work lol. So pleased you were able to relax and enjoy some quality time with your mum, dad and brother, recharges the batteries. It was a beautiful weekend here in Scarborough as well, very relaxing. Looking forward to Harrogate next weekend xx

  6. Really like the little chicks! Lovely idea of tags with family names but with 8 grandchildren I'd need a really big card ! Hope the sun shines here in Scotland today, it's a bit frosty now but skies are blue so might get my towel wash on the line shortly x have a good day , hope it's sunny for you x

  7. Love the colours on this piece of artwork. Spring is definitely in the air! Wish I was at home crafting right now, but am at work ready for 8am start, so I could play with my new Clarity goodies which I ran out of time to play with at the weekend. I have decided there are not enough hours in the weekend to do the housework and for the crafting activities I want to do, but it looks like I need to plan my time better instead of spending time on the computer checking out Facebook and Twitter…oh hum.

  8. Morning Barbara, so glad that you had a lovely family time, and yes you are quite right they really are top of the list when it comes to important times. I am currently at my sisters house , sat up in bed with my IPad and a cup of tea. What a great way to start my week, and we are off to our parents house later. Friends are important too and Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet some new ones in Scotland, what lovely people. …Love your project too, take care and see you on Sunday….Jo. Xxx

  9. Hi Barbara. how lovely to be able to spend time with your brother and have a family gathering.
    This stamp is really cute and not just for Easter. Glad the sun is shining at last.
    Love Val in Spain x

  10. I feel it's so important to reafirm family ties, even if you see each other regularly, time together is precious! I love these wordchain stamps… They fit everything! Perfect! Thank you! Xx

  11. So glad you had a lovely family weekend, its nice to catch up with family, especially when you don't see them to often. I am spending time with my sister and her husband in Cornwall at present, she is not too well. Like you and your brother, we laugh a lot. The card is beautiful, love the chicks. Joan x

  12. Hi Barb,
    How right you are, family is so important. I'm pleased that you had such a great weekend with yours. Treasure every moment that you spend with them. I miss my Mam and Dad so much but still have my sister that I can turn to. The card today is really cute – love the chicks! The background is gorgeous too- must get out my large Gelli plate , have tended to use the small one. Love Alison xx

  13. Nice spring picture love the little chicks ,glad you had great day with your family ,thats such a great moment in time ,i still not got Geli plate , so will have to wait ,Hope u have a lovely day on this sunny morning xxx

  14. Morning Barbara,
    Up here in Bo'ness we actually have the sun shinning this morning and your card really makes it feel like Spring. Wonderful!
    Lorna D

  15. Gorgeous card. Though I'm sure Dave and the others told you weather wasn't great in Glasgow but hey ho. More crafting could get done without thinking about missing the rare sunshine we get. Though my mother in law not doing so well so never got any crafting done either. People are more important.

  16. What a lovely cheery card chicks are beautiful and does make a beautiful family card glad you had a lovely weekend off nothing like a good laugh to cheer you up xxx

  17. Hi Barbara. Really glad to hear that you had a lovely family weekend. That has set you up for whatever the week throws at you hasn't it : ) I love the card. Those chicks are so sweet. Love the idea of having one for each member of the family : ) Take care.

  18. Such a cute card, the spring colors are just right with the weather we have. Glad you had a lovely time with your family yesterday, I had a lovely time with my family (only my daughter now…..) and friends. xx

  19. My family are all so far away, so I do envy you spending the weekend with your brother and parents, but so glad you enjoyed yourselves. I have to wait until May!!! Love the card, and keep those ideas for the gelli backgrounds coming – I have been practising since it came out of the packet, and have a growing pile!!! Thanks Susan x

  20. A really pretty card Barbara and with lovely thoughts behind it. The chicks are so cute and the Gelli Plate is fast becoming a must have item. So glad you had an enjoyable weekend. x

  21. Lovely card, nice to turn thoughts to Easter hopefully weather will be continually bright by then. I agree family are so important, always told my children to stick up for each other when they were out even if they did bicker when at home. As adults now they all get on well and it is lovely when I have them all together, very noisy but lots of laughter. They are all coming for Mother's day, think some of your potato salad will be on menu. Lynne xx

  22. What a cute card, I am collecting all the ideas in my head although it is now bursting. It's lovely to spend time with your family I am looking forward to my sister coming next month as she has lived in America for the last 30 years but thank heavens for Skype x

  23. This beautiful. I love how the Gelli plate background has been used – another one to add to my must try list. The stamps are also one for the wish list 🙂 I agree family is so important; my sister is I the States so we can't meet up as much as we would live too – though re can see each other thanks to Skype and FaceTime. My NDC letter arrived today, what a beautiful and useful stamp. I hope you've had a lovely day and that everyone got back from Scotland safely. xx

  24. I thought you were telling on your Bro for a minute there – we were having a grand old time and he is wasted?? Funny how you can misinterpret something eh?? I couldn't get all my family members on one card? Love this stamp and the card you have made with it. xx

  25. Amazed that you knocked this up in five minutes – even discounting the fact that the gelli printing was a done piece beforehand. It's gorgeous.
    Beryl xx

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