Oh Ver Well ming…

Oh Ver Well ming…

Oh yay oh yay!
This is what my creative space looks like today.
This is what happens when you jump from one job to the next one,
with no time for f f f f filing.
Trade Show
German TV 
English TV
All I can tell you is Stevenage stuff is at the bottom,
English TV Stuff is at the top.
So does that count as filing?

Let’s look at it from a different angle.
Nope. No prettier…
But at least I have found my tracing paper on the chair!

How about I step away from the table…
I could always light a candle to get a bit of an ambience going…

or torch the lot.
We are supposed to be having a meeting later at this table! UNDER the table might make more sense!
Ever get the feeling you have hit a wall?
Thank goodness for good friends.
Here’s a little angel. Jo is up in Glasgow with Dave and Heather (Heather being Angel Numero Uno at the Retail Shows!).
Jo is doing the demos at the SECC instead of me. 
And doing a great job by all accounts!
Look at this lovely work!
I think it’s great for the public to meet Jo up there! 
She is so lovely and so creative!
And what a grand job Dave and the ladies have made of the stand!

It looks delightful.

So much work and so much attention to detail!

Look at this! It is perfect!
I wish I was there. I really love the Glasgow Show.
But honestly. How could I walk away from the chaos back at base?
I really needed to stop and re-group!
Not only that, but I have to give my neck and back a chance, if I am going to do Harrogate, the NEC, Port Sunlight and Ally Pally!
So thank you Jo, Heather and Dave, for taking the heat. 
I appreciate it more than you know. 
much love,
The winner of yesterday’s Blog Candy is 
Beryl Sheppard!
(please send me your address)

72 thoughts on “Oh Ver Well ming…

  1. I've got a room just like your's, my husband asks me how I can work in it? I just tell him you cannot craft and be tidy as the very things you've just put away, you'll need out in just a minute Ha Ha.

  2. It's good that you know when to take a break, Barb! That is an important factor in life and not just when the desk is untidy! I always have good intentions of tidying my craft room but projects get in the way! Creativity is messy but vital!!

  3. What a team! And what a craft room! Mine NEVER (much!) looks like that! Lol! The stand looks amazing and Jo is really doing you proud up there! Great job guys xxxx. But come home soon, we need you too! Xxxx

  4. The mess the mess! What can one do when you just need everything on the table? At least it's not your kitchen table like me. And they have the cheek to complain cos they can't get their dinner sorted! I'm gonna make a sign, Crafting in Progress no meals being served. Don't think it will go down well though x

  5. Hi Barb,
    I have a whole room that looks like this , not just my desk! My husband just despairs and when my sister came to feed the cat when we went to London, she couldn't find her, so went looking for her to give her a cuddle etc. Where was the cat? Under all of the card, paper, Promarkers etc that were cluttering the desk! My sister was ashamed of the mess – her house is like something in a Homes and Gardens – not a thing out of place! I just said that you have to be messy to be creative, don't think she believed it though! Lovely samples from Jo and the stand looks great. Well done to Beryl you lucky thing! Love Alison xx

  6. Yes I know what you mean but sometimes I get so angry as I put something dow then two minutes later I cant find it. Will need to get more organised.
    Will miss you at the SECC but will pop by and see Jo.


  7. I'm also an untidy crafter! However mine is the dining room table. ..chairs…sideboard……ironing board and any other flat surface I can find. Wish I had half your talent one clever lady.x

  8. That's what my craft table looks like when I'm busy creating! It builds up and up until it gets on my nerves and I spend ages tidying everything away. Outside in the sunshine would be a great place for your meeting………. Or maybe down the pub! Hope your neck improves with a bit of rest. Well done to Jo for doing the demos at the show her work is fab so I'm sure she will fine. Xx

  9. We missed seeing you at the SECC yesterday, Barbara, but Jo is lovely and doing a grand job. Hope to see you back with the rest of your team in Oct. M x

  10. shame you can't make the SECC but I am not at all surprised, you do far too much as it is. Stand looks great and lovely work from Jo, I'm sure they will do a sterling job x

  11. It's all about teamwork and having a good team of people around you. Heather is indeed an Angel and has helped me many times at Harrogate and Doncaster shows. Wonderful examples by Jo and the Clarity stand looks amazing, looking forward to Harrogate, hope your neck and back feel much better xx – Go Team Clarity!

    ps. My craft room is now in the loft, what a bombsite but I'll get there 🙂

  12. Morning, lovely cards from Jo. I have a room that resembles yours at the moment, its at that stage where it has to be sorted otherwise I can't do any more crafting, but like you there has been otherthings that had to come first, life does get in the way sometime. Will get it sorted this weekend then back to it monday. Hope the show goes well at the SECC and you get sorted for your meeting today. Have a good weekend Jx

  13. My room is just the same. my current work space is reduced to my A3 glass mat despite the work bench being 6 ft by 3 ft. The stratification of previous projects pleases my archaeologist friends who say they can date my work by known events….."that layer was mid january because you used that paper for Gerry's birthday card….there appears to have been a disturbance here because xmas has worked it's way to the top….". My Partner (also a Dave), who's leather working bench is in the same room, lives in fear of continental drift….. :0)

  14. Ha ha! I had to read your heading for today a few times before I got it! Looks like Jo, Dave and Heather are doing a brilliant job. I am hoping to go to the NEC. Your desk looks like my dining room table and chairs when I am crafting. But I usually only craft on Tuesdays and Thursdays when our little one is at Nursery school. And then I have a mad panic to put everything back in my little cupboard before I rush off to collect him! Hope your neck and back are better soon. x

  15. Oh Barbara it makes my heart sing to see its not only me that's got mess I hide it everywhere so it's on hand when I want it and no one understands you want more.the blog is brill today have a good day love always June xxx

  16. Just looks like my crafty room…..So pleased I am the only one using it. Jo, Dave and Heather are doing brilliantly in the show, and her creations are stunning. At the end of the day, you're really a lucky woman: Doing what you love as a job, and having such a great team to help and support you. Thanks to all of you. xx

  17. The art of delegation…. its a difficult one I know… you want to be there…but you head and your body are telling you otherwise…so when you can delegate you must…I learnt that during the Olympics when I was pushed and pulled so many ways and fell foul of a few illnesses but had to carry on because deadlines were so tight. At first it feels strange, then you feel guilty, but eventually you realise that your team around do you proud, then you wonder why you didn't delegate before! Jo is wonderfully talented and doing you proud, I bet she is enjoying it and for her it will be a happy exhaustion at the end of it – Dave – well what a rock he is – a true partner in all sense of the word and Heather – well I can see another true trooper, a pillar of support and someone I think is filled with pride to be part of your team. So just brush all the stuff in to a box and sort it out later when you are in the mood (or delegate it) – have your meeting with tea/coffee and biscuits and sit back and think what a lucky girl I am and what a wonderful team I have – that mess is just work in progress/awaiting filing – your health, talent and well being should be at the top of your list xxx
    As ever, thank you for the private peek – and as you can see from all the comments above – your desk resembles ours so really does not matter xxxx

  18. It's amazing how so many people can find what they want on a desk or table piled high with everything. Your body has a way of telling you it has had enough and needs a rest so you can then carry on with gusto. It's hard when you want to do it all and not let people down, but they won't think any less of you. Look after your back and neck as we need you to continue doing what you do so excellently.

  19. Thought my craft den would be ok but its no different to yours ,apart from its in the garden ,its my summerhouse ,wish i could go to the shows ,well we will be starting ours end April starting with Knedworth garden show then all the summer we are away at flower shows we do displays Will be at Edenbridge and Kent Kent had a Craft barn last year hope it be there this year i was lost Hubby was going to send search party .Love Pauline xxx

  20. So good to see your room as mine is the same, hubby can't understand how I work in it and okay sometimes I lose things but they usually turn up, and most of all I am happy in there

  21. Oh WOW, your craft table looks just like mine. Every day I have a smaller space to work in but the idea of wasting a day tidying instead of crafting does not appeal.
    It´s sad not to do the shows you want but it´s good that you have such a reliable team to step in.
    I felt such a thrill when you mentioned that you are going to be at Port Sunlight. I have my ticket and my flight. I´m taking an empty suitcase to fill up whilst I´m in the UK so not a lot of packing.
    Love Val in Spain x

  22. I think the thing I like best about the Barbara I see on tv and this blog is how appreciative you are of other people and the help they give you… your talents are amazing but you never forget others who help make things happen. That is very rare these days.

  23. This looks like my craft space too! I call it organised caos!!! Many others don't. They just see mess!!!
    I was at the SECC yesterday, and while you were very much missed I had a fabulous time choosing my stencils and storage for them. Dave and heather were just wonderful at serving me and my friend. It was a joy to be served by such lovely people. Take care and I hope that you feel the benefit of slowing down for a few days.

  24. Morning Barbara,
    As I said yesterday the Glasgow show was fabulous, Heather is excellent and Dave so friendly and Jo a pleasure to watch, such a great team!!! The only thing you didn't have was the Grunge paste so will have to order that online. 🙂
    Lorna D

  25. As long as you can find the kettle and biscuits, all is not lost! Perhaps the first part of your meeting should be a team challenge to see who can tidy their portion of the desk first!! Reminds me of my desk disaster when I worked in an office – my PA used to come in and say "I've blocked out X in your diary over the next week for tidying!" I'm sure that your A team are doing a fabulous job at the SECC – shame I can't go, but maybe next year…Congrats to Beryl too!

  26. Congratulations to Beryl for her win. Now, Barbara, tidying workdesks is not the way to give your neck and shoulder time to heal. What you need is to continue the delegation process. Sit down with a nice drink of your choice and direct someone else to put things in the right places, so you know where it all is, but don't overstretch or overwork those poor joints and muscles. Then, when it comes to all the shows coming up, instead of you doing all the demos, use your talented Design Team to do some of them. You could be there to commentate, and to meet your adoring fans, do a few demos yourself but not all.

    By the way, have you found my foiling kit mixed in with your things. Your desk is remarkably tidy. I can see distinct piles of things, rather than the random heaps that most of us "push back".

    When I was teaching full time, I was terrified of having a day off sick because I knew the Head would come in and take my class, and he would clear the whole desk and it would take me a month to find everything again, and if he had occasion to open my cupboard, disaster would strike as it all cascaded out. My tidiness has not really improved from then.

    Thanks for sharing your desk with us. You would be very welcome in the What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) group. Take care and delegate. xx Maggie

  27. How lucky you are Barbara having such a wonderful team of helpers thank you for showing us your busy working desk you keep your mind tidy for been so creative so you have to have a messy desk hope you get your back and neck better for your shows Sheila xxx

  28. Good morning – mess is inevitable when creating – You are truly blessed to have such a supportive team but they are also fortunate to be so appreciated . recharge and have a nice massage jx

  29. It makes sense to stop and regroup Barbara – my desk looks permanently like your table – I should take your lead and deal with it – but there's always another project to do that is so much more exciting! Wonderful news that you'll be at Port Sunlight – see you there xx

  30. What a wonderful team you have Barbara and Jo's art work is lovely too. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and take time to re group and give your body chance to recover, I hope your neck and back are ok for the busy time you have ahead.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your desk, it's always good to know I'm not the only one who creates such chaos while being creative
    Take care
    Jackie x

  31. Barb,

    I suffer from severe neck problems and have tried everything over the years to find aa solution. Then I found something that worked – Acupunture. Oh my word it was like instant relief. If your GP is like ours you can now self refer to get acupuncture and it is normally done at your local physiotherapy department. You can pay for it too but avoid the chinese medicine kind of places. Oh and when you're there – get them to stick a few pins in the top of your head – the relaxation points! Anyway, just a suggestion in case you haven't already tried it.


  32. Something about that desk looks familiar, oh yes no space left and bundles piled up, just ready to tip and spread all over the floor. And just look you can see the carpet, but not for long. Hope you have enjoyed all the lovely things you have created, I know there are plenty of Clarity Crafters who would be happy to tidy it for you and admire all the bits and bobs on the desk. Take care of yourself. I am sure Jo and the team will do a fantastic job and SSEC. Oh and the Club stamp arrived today, love it. Bye for now.

  33. Ee lordy what a mess….reminds me Of something ..oh yes my mess…

    I have yet to meet a neat crafter lol. The stand looks fantastic as do Jo's demo pieces. Oh I can just picture it…Jo demoing all serene Dave managing the till..a little less serene.. big queue..everyone wants your stuff and meanwhile the lovely Heather is wearing out her kneepads keeping the stall topped and helping all the customers find what they are looking for,

  34. Its good that you can delegate and I'm sure Jo will do a remarkable job, although I am sure Scotland will miss you. The stands look amazing. I am sure your desk is organised chaos! Joan x

  35. I loved the pictures of your mess. It gives us all heart. However I could still see some floor so a way to go yet! I'm glad your delegating and teamwork is working so well for you. We need you to remain in fine fettle. Carol

  36. I am glad you have given me photographic evidence for when I tell Paul that all crafters make this mess!! Mind you, you didn't even have a gap left big enough to put a card on?? Definitely time to tidy away. I like how you try to find an angle that looks better???? Jo looks great and her Art work looks lovely, great job your doing there Jo.xxx

  37. hahaha, your desk reminds me of Irenes desk, it was like a bomb had exploded but it didnt stop in the craft room, oh no, it developed into the livingroom and the hallway too. crazy!! Oh and i forgot to mention her bedroom and the spare bedroom too. CRAZY!!

  38. Family of five and we have to eat at a table that looks like that 🙂 Can't wait to get to Glasgow on Sunday. Have my list, have revised my list – husband setting a budget (not a hope of sticking to that). Was sure I'd made my mind up what I'd be getting – go with a plan – but it's all gone to pot again 🙂 Looking forward to seeing Jo, Dave and Heather and the amazing stand 🙂

  39. Hi Barb, well at least I am not the only one 🙂 That is a bit like what my home office/craft room look like! love seeing pics of clarity HQ, and also Jo's artwork and the stand – amazing, beautiful, fab, gorgeous…. I could go on. Please take care of yourself with your back and neck, you only have to have watched BBC this morning to know that if you are over 50……mmmmmm. Hope that everyone that goes to Glasgow has a blast. Wish I could. Bx

  40. Hi Barbara, Thankyou thankyou thankyou for choosing my comment for the prize yesterday! What a super way to start my Friday!!!!! Now I can have the set of birds from last weekend TV demos. From reading todays comments, it seems we all have messy crafting spaces which makes me feel much better as the only space I have to actually work on [my desk is 6ft long!] is my A3 glass cutting mat!! Thanks for showing us your desk Barbara and relax a little if you can to help your kneck/back to get better. Looking forward to seeing you at Ally Pally. Beryl x

    1. Well done Beryl on your win. It really gives you a lift when you win something, I was chosen in January and was walking on air the rest of the day. Enjoy your birds set Lynne xx

  41. Congrats to Beryl and enjoy your lovely new stamps. Sorry your back and neck are still not right Barbara. It's great you have Dave, Joe and Heather doing great stuff at the show, and the Scottish crafters will have missed not seeing you there, but sometimes it isn't possible to be everywhere at once, especially as your fitness isn't 100% at the moment. I'm sure everyone understands. x

  42. at least i'm not the only one that lives in constant chaos. the dining room table looks like that most days and we have to make some space on it to eat! so it's nice that you are like the rest of us humans albeit it's not at your lovely house but left at work! look after yourself to be able to reap what you are sowing……hugs xx

  43. My craftroom always looks like this and a lot worse !! Hubby brings me a cuppa and says where shall I put this ?? Lol, I just push a few things aside and say there will do and he always says be careful it doesn't get knocked over …
    I think that regards your back and neck you are doing the best thing to let others take the helm for a while, it will do you the world of good. I am sure your very capable team are more than happy to help you and do realise how much you appreciate it, but isn't it what friends do and surely that is also what team work is all about ? Helping each other when it really counts x

  44. I have not got a craft room, have to manage with a desk in corner of room but it is hard to keep it tidy. At the moment there is a sewing machine on there as well, been making a doll's dress for my granddaughter. I bet even though you found your tracing paper you won't know where it is when you need it. Make your neck and back your priority, the rest will fall into place ( or off the desk). Lynne xx

  45. Hi Barbara. I am not lucky enough to get to Glasgow but Jo is certainly doing some stunning demos. I craft on our bed and dressing table. Not sure if that is better than the dining table? I HAVE to put everything away each night to get to sleep – oh ok, I have to move everything every night 🙂 but as no one else sees our room I don't have to worry about the mess! (I also have a very understanding husband) Sorry that you are up against the wall, not a good place to be but your desk WILL get tidier at some point, your meeting WILL still take place jsut nmight not be at this table and most importantly I hope you WILL get that neck and back sorted. P for positive. You must be so proud of your team that are more than happy to help you when you can't be in two places at once 🙂 Congratulations to Beryl. Enjoy your stamps : ) Have a good weekend. Take care.

  46. Lovely to see that, Barbara. Makes me feel (almost) normal. Half the size of it, add a few more layers, plus a computer and a keyboard under all the layers and you'll get an idea of what my desk is like 😀 My husband walks in and says "Can I use the computer… " then gives an exasperated sigh… "oh never mind."

  47. I was at the SECC yesterday. Your stand looks great, your team is doing you proud and Jo is a great demonstrator and Clarity ambassador. I was uncertain whether to buy the stencil brushes, but after Jo answered all my questions about them and even let me try them for myself, I had no hesitation in buying them (along with other items). I hope to get more Clarity goodies at the NEC, too!

  48. I so wish I was there with a purse full of cash and all your goodies ready for me to purchase! Try not to burn the candles at both ends and in the middle Barbara! Gorgeous work from the lovely Jo – she is very talented x

  49. Beautiful art work from Jo, you've trained her well Barbara! I wish I lived near to you as I would LOVE to offer to tidy up your office for you, I can only imagine all the lovely art work and goodies buried beneath! I hope you're managing to get some rest and relaxation to recharge your batteries ready for that mammoth crafting season. Take care.x

  50. What a hive of creativity. I so wish I could have a separate craft room where I could leave everything out I was working on but unfortunately only being able to craft in the living room on the floor I have to clear up after each session. Hope your neck and back gets better soon Barbara and hope to see you at the NEC later this month.

  51. Congratulations Beryl on your win. Jo's cards look great. Make sure you take care of yourself Barbara enjoy the sunshine that's heading our way x

  52. Well I'm no different to anyone else it seems, my dining room table looks just like this when I am crafting. The pain is having to put it all away and then finding I've lost something when I am next able to get it all out again. I last saw my Clarity stencil, which came as a club gift, a few weeks ago and now it seems to have left the planet!

  53. I'm always getting complaints from the other half about the state of my craft/work room and the amount of stash in it. He says the house will fall down with the weight.
    So pleased to see Jo doing so well at the SECC. Her artwork looks gorgeous and the stand looks fab. Can't wait to get my hands on some of those stencils. Ha ha, I can write that on your blog (unlike on facebook) as my dearly beloved can't read it so doesn't know my big spending plans for Harrogate.
    Sure you made the right decision to rest your neck & back. Hooe it eases up soon. Xx

  54. Who can craft tidy there so much we need and if we did away then have to get it out anyway so best out just incase hehe enjoy Jo has done fantastic job hope your getting some relieve from that neck pain night might xxx

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