1. I got mine at the SECC today and have filled it with twelve new stencils! I am really looking forward to keeping my stencils tidy and getting my gelli plate out and trying them all out.
    You were missed today at the SECC. It would have lovely to chat with you again. Perhaps next time!

  2. Brilliant, thank you. My stencils get all tangled & twizzled so these will be fab & will prevent me from muttering on a daily basis as I won't be unravelling them from each other anymore

  3. At last, I can take my stencils out of the very useful large Clarity post box and use the box for something else. Loved the chaos, your mess still isn't patch on Sue Hughes's, but I've been put to shame by always tidy Julie Jones so my mess is tidyish. In comparison with ours your mess is tidy.

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