Hello there!
Good to see you again!
Well, Tuesday’s Blog usually rolls back the hours, 
but today I actually want to launch our 
Clarity You Tube Channel.
Not being able to go to Port Sunlight because of my pain in the neck, I sent Dave instead. This presented me with the opportunity to run a screen test etc. 
We came in on the weekend to film, when everything was quiet, the phones weren’t ringing, and the machines were all switched off.
Jim, our in house Film Producer,
Jack, our Best Boy,
and myself, Mad Presenter.

Trying to build a funky, stylish set in between shows and exhibitions, in an art-room where you can’t see the floor for stuff,  was Dave’s job, and didn’t he do well?!

It’s not Warners Bros or Shepperton Studios, 
but it’s OUR little TV set, 
and we like it!
From little acorns and all that…

So here it is:
Our very first You Tube Episode:
A short, simple exercise in pattern-building with a corner stamp. 

There. I only made one mistake, but kept going. Also, we need a better camera, and the lighting is a bit iffy in the lefthand corner. 
And every time I stamped, the camera wobbled on the 4×2 it was strapped to above my head! But the new camera will correct that.

There’s plenty of room for improvement, I know! 
And yes, note to self: 
(Hey! It could always be worse)
But all in all, it went quite well, and the job’s a good’n. 

And therein lies the illusion of TV.
If you think that I just rattled that off without so much as a stutter, you are very, very wrong!

It was going so well before we started!

Want to see what really happened? 
Then hit play here….

Now that’s what I’m talking about!
Hilarity with Clarity. Good for the soul. 

But seriously folks, we do have a plan! And it’s a very exciting one.
Watch this space; more will be revealed.
In addition to the daily blog here, 
every Tuesday we will release a new Clarity Web Tutorial, 
which is why we are calling it 
You Tube Tuesday with Clarity!

So tune in next week, for the next instalment.
I promise to behave.

Much love,

109 thoughts on “Launching YOU TUBE TUESDAY!

  1. Absolutely brilliant. I loved it, both the intended version and the bloopers. All I need now is to remember how I saved the last one and transferred it to my Kindle. Being able to carry those round when there is no internet access will be perfect. xxx Maggie

    1. Coffee time here, and I finally managed to find how to save these two videos again. By the way, if you have special Clarity mugs made, you need to have them printed on both sides so that the name shows whether you are a left-hander or a right-hander. xxx Maggie

    2. Maggie can you share how to do that please or is that too hard? I have a Kindle and to do that would be GREAT. I live in NZ and have to watch Barbara on C&C through my computer so I have been trying for AGES to find a way to record the shows to my computer but don't know how to and can't find anyone who does know how to. Any ideas??? xx

  2. As a picture editor I've seen hours and hours of rushes, out takes and false starts over the years but yours is the best Barbara and had me laughing along with you! Keep showing them :0) xx

  3. Morning Barbara. Well not only did you give me a laugh but my husband Alex had a laugh too. He said that it was brilliant that you were putting yourself out there. (in between giggles…yes he giggles like a girl). He says and I concur ' What a great little video and brilliant that you showed your out takes too. What a very down to earth person you are and it takes guts and determination to do what you do'. He wishes you the very best of luck…and of course I concur with that sentiment too. xxxx

  4. Loved your Blooper video Barbara. I was giggling along with you. Was it nerves do you think? I think the cup of tea must've helped sort you out:-)

  5. Morning Barbara – I love this & was watching the outtakes with a permanent grin on my face. Just as well no-one else is here or they'd think I've completely lost my marbles. Enjoyed this a lot….and of course, I don't have this stamp – YET! Thank you for starting my day with a smile & looking forward to the next tutorial (& of course the outtakes) 🙂 Have a good day, Carole x

  6. Brilliant loved it made me laugh ui can amagine how long if took fir the giggles to stop really enjoyed both takes going to look forward to Tuesdays and your YouTube videos a bonus to your blog keep doing what you do your brilliant xxx

  7. What a wonderful way to start the day with the lovely Barbara Gray, we loved the first Clarity Clip, and cracked up the second, we watched it three times. A good laugh in the morning is the perfect way to start. These are fantastic. Congrats on the Tuesday launch.

  8. Fantastic Barb and so good to see the blooper as well, reminded me a little of our Clarity Group last Sarurday at Peterborough with Sazz where we had a few similar moments and brought much fun and laughter. This will be a joy to watch every Tuesday and is a fantastic way of learning whilst getting a huge amount of enjoyment as well. You must promise to add a blooper section at the end xx

  9. So glad that I woke up early and had time to watch these. Such an entertaining way to start the day. Love your little set with the brick wall and framed art work. Maybe you could add a pic of your Hilda Ogden ducks in flight! I think that You Tube Tuesday will become a highlight of my week as your tutorial is helpful but the bloopers were so funny, had to laugh silently so as not to wake my sleeping other half, Neil.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for being brave enough to do this. I too would have a fit of gigles. The tea certainly made the difference. Definitely think you need a Clarity mug. Maybe one colour to buy online and another design for prizes or achievement. It could become the new Blue Peter badge.
    Looking forward to the next installment. Jeanette xx

  10. Love the video, it made me cry with laughter, keep doing them – we will all learn as we laugh, definitely Hilarity with Clarity! Great idea about the mug maybe you could put one of your designs on it or even the A Moment of Clarity design. Thanks again for making my morning. Jx

  11. Love the videos Barbara – thanks for sharing the bloopers as well, really great to start with a laugh. Definitely hilarity with Clarity. I agree with others that a Clarity mug is a great idea. Well done to Dave and the team as well for the set and production! xx

  12. Great videos Barbara, Jim and Jack.. They're got me starting the day with a smile on my face. Looking forward to next week's now. I think they're going to be very popular. x

  13. A brilliant start to a foggy day here! I think you find live telly easier lol. Loved the demo and look forward to the next one and bloopers Ep 2. This blog is definitely a 'go to' place. xxx

  14. Good morning Barbara. What a brilliant way to start the day. I don't know if you remember my son Bobby. He has learning difficulties and he adores you. He loves watching you on c&c and oh how we've laughed this morning. Wonderful. Can't wait for the next. And so informative too. X

  15. Brilliant, is there no end to your talents? Loved the bloopers as well just proves your human! Seriously though I wish you the very best in your new venture x

  16. Fantastic, that was hysterically funny, the second one lol. Very well done on the video. It is great.
    I love the honeysuckle corner stamp, that will be my next purchase from Clarity. I didn't realise until I was watching your first two DVDs very recently just how much you can do so much with the corners. As I am relatively new to all this crafting lark I never really found Clarity until October last year when I met you at the SECC and boy am I hooked. Therefore I am slowly building my little collection. I am so glad I follow your blog and receive emails, otherwise it would have no idea of the fabulous offers, like your delicious winter trees yesterday. When I had to call up and get them added to my order I placed on the weekend. Can you say thank you to the lovely person I was talking to, he had a lovely voice lol.
    I am looking forward to the next you tube vid next Tuesday.
    I hope you keep well. Dx

  17. Hello Barb, a great launch video, great set, loved the bloopers, couldn't stop laughing every time you started off, and the moo, well that just topped it. Thanks for the demo, I love my corner stamps, just have to practice. And oh boy, would I love to have that big mug full of stencil brushes :-), looking forward to more videos. Have a great day. Bx

  18. Great, love the you tube, what a hoot! You are a real giggler. Was that a cow in the video? It was great, good clear instructions and great results, keep on filming with clarity. Joan x

  19. Hi Barbara, the first video was really inspiring. The second one had me and my daughter in stitches the whole way through. A big thankyou as our day hadn't started too good.

  20. Hi Barbara. What a great start to Hilarity with Clarity, oh sorry I mean You Tube Tuesday with Clarity! Seriously, thank you for showing me just how to get so much out of a corner stamp! And a very big thank you for adding the bloopers…brilliant, a fantastic way to start the day, and that moo… couldn't have been timed better 🙂 You have made your wonderful blog even better with the weekly videos. Have a good day. Take care.

  21. I also would like to add 'well done' . Although I look forward to your blog every day Tuesday now has even more to look forward to. It is a quite something to be in at the start of your U.Tube journey. It will be a wonderful source of inspiration for us crafters as well as being VERY entertaining. WELL DONE YOU!!!. Andy Day.

  22. Have just stopped giggling at the bloopers. A good start to the day.
    Loved the corners tutorial. Don't have that corner stamp but do have a few others of yours. Will be experimenting later today.
    Thank you.

  23. Brilliant. Please don't edit the end of the first clip – I think it's hilarious. As for the second clip. What a start to the day. The tears are streaming down my face now. Thanks for sharing the laughter.
    Beryl xx

  24. Great fun that bloopers video, thanks for sharing it. I was amazed at how many things you can do with one wee stamp, i will look at corner stamps differently from now on. Looking forward to the next you tube, and yes was that cow mooing in the video?? xx

  25. Oh soo funny laughter is infectious too I was crying with laughing – hilarious what a brilliant start to my day – oh and the first clip was ace too lol xx

  26. How wonderful to wake up to the start of the day with laughter. Barbara this is fantastic, also loved the "Bloopers", I am sure we will see more of them, they show you as you are, a fun and lovely lady. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to next Tuesday. mind you I look everyday, but Tuesdays will be even more special now. THANK YOU

  27. How wonderful to start the day with a good laugh! Don't get too professional and slick Barbara as it will spoil the fun and that's all part of what we look forward to when we see you. I'd forgotten just how great your little corner stamps are too. xx

  28. Well you've cheered my day up no end thank you and oh did you do a demo? Well keep them coming and please keep the outakes in. That's my next Christmas card I think with the ivy corner.
    Great wreath. So simple and I sit in my craft room for ours planningcomplicated stuff that doesn't look half as good as that ggggrrrrr!!!!


  29. Hi Barb,
    Great way to start the day. I have just stopped laughing at the blooper clip, my husband thinks I've gone mad!! I keep forgetting how versatile the corner stamps are – I don't have the honeysuckle, but a few others – & then you remind me again & I get all inspired to go and have a go. Keep up the good work, and well done to Dave for getting the set organised. You can now have a second gallery to hang your creations. Love the idea of the Clarity mug too & I would certainly like the one on your table with all the brushes in it! Well done, love Alison xxx

  30. Thank you so much, what a lovely start to the day. I wasn't feeling too well, but after seeing your blooper clip, couldn't start laughing. Feel so much happier now. Have a great week and never change. We all love you and your team. xxxx

  31. Love the honeysuckle corner Barbara and never tire of doing the pattern building – simple and elegant effect and different every time! Loved the video and the out-takes were so funny – you are so brave to get in front of the camera and then to show everyone your false starts – maybe Grace will give you some tips on avoiding the giggles on film!! Thanks, Susan x

  32. Hi Barbara,
    Call me stupid, but much as I love the teaching skills the second "blooper " one wins hands down!!
    Mind you -I can now stamp a circle with a corner stamp !!
    Thanks for both of these Barbara – looking forward to next Tuesday for the next " laugh as you craft" instalment,

  33. Morning Barbara, this was a lovely and happy way to start the day. So looking forward to more. Best of luck with u tube you will be a great hit. xxxx

  34. Love your Youtube film, and had a great giggle at the bloopers, really cheered me up. Well done for getting organised to film, it can't be easy, though at first, you looked as if you were filming in the back yard, because of the wall effect!

  35. Love it! Well done Barbara & team. Educational & fun, if I had had a teacher like you when I was at school I would have become a genius! Always remember if it's fun people will never forget so don't ever cut the laughs. Just one suggestion… Maybe a G & T instead of a cup of tea!! Roll on next Tuesday.
    Lots of love
    Lynne xx

  36. Oh Barbara! I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry … so I did both! Thank you so much for both clips, tho I think you might guess which made me laugh the most! Now I had better get moving – I have 3 hours until hubby comes home. Birthday cake is cooling on the rack so I had best get creating him a gelli plate creation. (I know, a bit last minute)

  37. Good morning you should have called it laugh along with Barbara at clarity towers so much fun to watch you and we learn so much too .my parcel from clarity has just arrived so a clarity crafting time for me today looking forward to Sundays show and Tuesday YouTube xxx

  38. Oh Barbs
    Please don't behave. The funniest thing since you and Deano. Wonderful start to the day. Can't stop giggling.
    Proper video super, perhaps a zoom on finished item would be beneficial
    We'll done to you all.
    Hugs, Marge xxxx

  39. fantastic launch who needs TV ? I laughed so much with you just the boost I needed today don't ever change Barbara and the reminder about the corner stamps was just what I was searching for.
    Pam x

  40. Brilliant, you had me in stitches with the bloopers. This is a fab idea, especially for the people who can't afford your DVDs, a mini lesson each week. Why is there a cow in the studio?? Is it cos you is makin a moo…vie? Were you using the 'udder' card? Sorry x

  41. Just managed to watch your Youtube videos, what a hoot the bloopers one was. Would love to know what Jim and Jack were doing to make you laugh so much! It was a bit difficult watching them here at work, as the Internet connection is not so good, and the video kept freezing. I shall have to watch them again when I get home.

  42. LOL just had the most entertaining lunch time ever, couldn't wait to see these and they've really made my day! I've got a corner stamp somewhere so a great lesson. Even better the blooper one! Thank Barbara, you should be on NHS prescription! xxx Looking forward even more to Tuesdays from now on!

  43. Barbara, you have cheered me up this afternoon. Normally I read your blog every morning, but my car broke down and had to take it to the garage and that many I have lost 3 hours of pay at work!! I was feeling a bit low and sorry for myself until I watched your video.
    Thanks for making me smile and giggle. Now I am looking forward to receiving my Clarity order that I placed late last night!!

  44. Your antics always make me smile and the video went well. As they say 'room for improvement' and I'm confident there will be. I'm looking forward to the new videos. Thanks Barbara.

  45. Afternoon Barbara,
    That was hilarious! I haven't laughed so much in ages!
    Technique was fabulous as always but keep the bloopers coming.
    Lorna D

  46. The set looks brilliant. Well done Dave. Really looking forward to YouTube Tuesdays. Alas today my phone connection is not playing the videos. My hubby has said I must be crazy to think I can watch a video with 3G. I want to prove him wrong so will keep trying but I suspect he is right so I might have to wait until I am home to watch these.

  47. Hi Barbara. Thank you so much for the giggles!! I am laughing out loud. I did worry a couple of times as you seem to have forgotten to take a breath!! Looking forward to next week. Hugs. Jan.xx

  48. A great start to YouTube Tuesdays (Dave did a great job with the set), I hope the blooper video will be a regular feature! I love your corner stamps and this video shows just how versatile they are. x

  49. That was wonderful, lovely effects with the corner stamp and as for the blooper video that was hilarious. Laughing out loud, sorry I know you were trying to be serious but your laugh is infectious. Initially I thought Oh what a lovely vase of tulips on the desk then I put my glasses on and realised they were your wonderful stencil brushes. Did I feel silly? Great addition to the blog look forward to the next instalment. Lynne xx

  50. Great fun. thank you Barbara. I had a horrible day at work – it has cheered me up so much. Also how clever with the corner stamp
    A million thank yous.

  51. Just poped in very quickly to thank you for sharing the first You Tube demo, but my brain is still in cotton after an operation on my teeth today, so hope to feel better tomorrow and have a good luck at it. xx

  52. Hi Barbara, what a great start to the new look Tuesday, looking forward to the next one already. I hope the bloopers will also be a regular feature, so funny and your laugh is infectious, had me in stitches, especially the cow calling in to say hello! Keep up the good work as you brighten our day. Jacqui

  53. Oh Barbara, what a laugh! After a hard day at work, to come home to watch your bloopers – what a tonic that was. I couldn't help having a fit of the vapours along with you. You are a treasure! Jean.x

  54. Fab demo of a lovely little stamp. The bloopers are a fantastic tonic after a day of stress!! I laughed along with you. Looking forward to seeing where Tuesdays will go now………. XX

  55. Great video, pattern building with corner stamps is the first thing I ever saw you demo on C&C and I never did quite master it but I might have another go now I can watch again and again. The bloopers made me smile.

  56. I agree with Donna Brooks, a tonic after a very stressful day. Like many of your blog follower's, I was giggling along with you. Thank you for helping me unwind hugs xx

  57. Fantastic as always – you are solid gold encrusted with the purest of diamonds and then some !
    I had a rubbish day and this helped put my head back where it needed to be – I so felt for you as once I get the giggles it's like they take over and no matter how hard you try the bubble back up lol!

  58. A bit more practice and you will be fine??? Very funny and actually the corner stamp video is really informative. I do think the set looks great and you have all done a great job with these videos. Is that wall from your Stencil?? xx

  59. I loved the video & the bloopers made me laugh after a dull day at work. In a short space of time I had so many tips for the corner stamp ! Thanks x

  60. OMG, your blooper was so funny! It's so good to see you are so down to earth and not too serious about it all.lovely! I'm looking forward to the next episode!i just wonder what you'll pull out of the bag next time.another success to add to your collection, well done you and all the team at Clarity. What on earth was the cow doing in your studio?Wx

  61. Have only just got to watch these as saving them for a quiet moment at work… had to make one in the end! Really enjoyed them and good to have a laugh to start my day, thank you Barbara
    Jane x

  62. Love the You Tube idea. You had me in stitches with The Bloopers. It's like when you are kids eh? and your parents tell you and your siblings to behave and eat tea nicely. That's all it needs to start the giggles going. What I want to know is how come it was ALWAYS me who got sent from the table 'until I knew how to behave". I bet you got sent from the table a few times too. Thanks for the therapy.

  63. Wie schade, daß es diesen Stempel nicht in Deutschland zu kaufen gibt. 🙁
    Er ist einfach multifunktional! Super! Vielen Dank für das Tutorial, liebe Barbara. ♥

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