Knit one drop one….

Knit one drop one….

Hello there!
Thank you for dropping in.
Wednesday’s blog is something new,
so I thought I’d introduce you to our 
brand new 7″ x 7″ 350 micron 
(5 words: my art journal create diary)
Manila Card
Ready, steady, Knit!
This stencil is great for backgrounds, but I decided to have a play with some Grunge Paste, and this stencil was calling to me from the NEW STENCIL WALL….

Tape it down to some manila card using lowtack masking tape.

Put a craft mat underneath your workspace, fill a bowl with warm soapy water.
Now you’re ready to cast on !

Spread some of the paste on the craft mat and slap it about a bit. 
This will warm it up and make it easier to apply.
The mind boggles…
I mean, if you spread me out on a craft mat and slapped me about a bit, I’m pretty certain I’d warm up some, too!

Tried spreading it through the stencil with a ruler.
Went back to my card.
Different strokes for different folks….

When you have spread and covered the whole stencil, 

remove the masking tape.

and drop the stencil in the warm soapy water.
Straightaway, if you want to clean the stencil easily.
Or leave it an hour if you like a challenge.

If only knitting were this quick!

Now it needs to dry.
About 15 minutes, although you can speed it up with a heat gun.
When it is dry, use a craft knife to scratch away any areas where the paste may have bled underneath the stencil. This doesn’t happen much with this particular texture paste. There are others which are much runnier, and it really seeps…

 Use a stencil brush with a little black ink on to age the knit a bit.

Dry off the clean stencil, place it over the dry paste 
and add some Latte ink with a make-up sponge.

Cut a little mask out of some copy paper. 
The object of the exercise is to add some shade 
to the lower area of each stitch.

Add Eggplant using the paper mask.

This really adds dimension.
Just do half.
There’s enough for 2 cards here.

Trim the piece.

The shade in the lower stitches adds real depth.


Also landscape. I see knitting, I see wheat-ears, I see rope.
What do you see?
Add some gold Perfect Pearls. 
I ended up just rubbing it in all over with my finger.

Perfect Pearls self-set, without any fixative.

Replace the stencil, and just offset it a tiny bit.
Dab Versamark ink all over roughly.
This is how to get a shadow.

Remove the stencil.
Dust with blue Perfect Pearls.
See the gold offset?

Cut the card in two.
So we have got two arty pieces:
one Gold and Blue metallic,
one Latte and Eggplant.
In fact, here’s a third sample, painting red acrylic paint through the stencil on burgundy card.
Now that REALLY looks knitted.

Very cool.

So we’ve got this fabulous, 
3-dimensional cable-knit artwork. Yay. Love it.
But if you are anything like me, the next question is:
This is where I headed…
Take a strip of the manila card and wrap it around the panel.
Get out your word chains.
I’m not kidding you; these are exceptional to use.
They just work with everything! Even knitting!
Stamp one of the lovely words onto the panel in Black Archival,

wrap it around the panel,

secure it at the back with double-sided tape,

and bingo. 
Mount on cream card.

Add to black card.

Present as a panel on white.
Makes a lovely greeting card. Especially for a man.

Makes an excellent Journal page. Or even cover.

Slide the other panel through the sleeve.
Eggplant and Latte looks great too.

Either or. It’s up to you.
But my point is that you can make 2 different pieces 
from the same exercise. 
And what I like is the feel of it.
Hope you like this one. It’s a new and different idea.
Remember on Saturday, I asked you to fill in the blanks with the 
You are the Apple of my Eye artwork?
You cannot believe how many people sent in a step by step. And what’s more, how many people got it right!!

So many, many thanks for figuring it out. What I was most chuffed about was that so many of you said that it was a really enjoyable exercise, and that it really got you thinking and learning. 
But to pick a winner! Very hard.
I went with a German entry, written in German, which absolutely nailed the steps perfectly. 
So the £20 Gift Voucher is going to Karin Denzler. Well done Karin! Du mußt mir nun Deine Anschrift geben.
Now to all the others who did so well, too, and sent in your clever instructions, I think I shall send a new and funky ClarityClass Badge, to wear with pride. 
Just because we can, and you deserve one. So drop me your mailing address, and we will sort it out.
And the card itself? 
Well, I sent that to my lad, Mark this morning, 
who will be 22 on 1st April. At University in California.
He graduates next month, so the Apple card is very apt.
I’m a funny old thing. When I designed the Apple stencil, I was thinking about what I was doing (haha) and I added 3 apples:
Mark, Grace, Dave
much love, 

47 thoughts on “Knit one drop one….

  1. When I first saw the stencil I wondered where this was going and thought I am not sure about this one. But as soon as you started adding ink, it looks great and then the finished card looks amazing. I love it! I have the grunge paste and bought the word chains on Saturday, so now just need to add the stencil. Well done Karin Denzler! x

  2. Morning Barb…..loving GP – such a fun and funky medium to use and really takes things to another level! I see knitting, rope, chevrons! Congratulations to Mark – are you popping over for the graduation ceremony or are you just too busy? Mind you if you did go I bet you would be tempted to stay for a while! I know I would xxx

  3. Hello Barb, great new stencil, love the ideas with the ink over the grunge paste. Well done Karin, hopefully my entry was close enough to get a badge. Wow, so Mark is an Aries, same as me, the day after. Lovely reason to have 3 apples on the stencil. Bx

  4. Oh Wow Barbara! I love that new stencil! and what you have done with it! I hope that one will be on the Clarity Stand at Port Sunlight!!
    And how fabulous that Mark will be graduating….our children do us so proud Barbara! Happy birthday to Mark for the 1st. I am sure he will make it a good one! xx

  5. Love this stencil. How about inking through, cutting and rolling the top around some kebab sticks to make some knitting in progress!! Valerie

  6. What a fantastic stencil and so effective. Love the Gp and how you make it so realistic. Think this will be jumping into an online basket very soon. Congratulations to Karin and I'm sure Mark will love his card. Celebrating your child's achievements is so special… that feeling of literally bursting with pride. Xx

  7. I bought some GP at Harrogate so looking forward to having a go with it, great ideas for adding shade and colour using the stencil, I have several stencils to play with now 🙂

  8. Morning Barbara, a different kind of card for you but with your usual artistic flair!
    I love stencils -so versatile and always something unique at the end.
    Lovely knitting- makes me feel I should get out my needles!

  9. Hi Barb,
    Not sure about the finished card – not for me BUT I love the latte and egg plant version and the grunge paste gives fantastic texture. I think this particular version would be lovely framed as a work of art ( especially if you know someone who knits) . Hope Mark has a great birthday and How proud will you be when he graduates! Love the reason behind the 3 apples too. Congrats to the winner. Love Alison xx

  10. Morning Barbara,
    Brilliant stencil! I have been looking for years for paper/card that looked like it was knitted! I got close with an embossing folder but still not quite right so this is fantastic and to be able to use my paste as well excellent!!!!
    Lorna D

    1. I bet there are loads more that she is hiding from you, Jo. Is this going to take over from the Chinese Lanterns as your new favourite? xx Maggie

  11. Hi Barbara. I love the fab new stencil. So many ways of using it but the knitting, especially the burgundy, look so real. Sure Mark will love his card and is looking forward to seeing you next month. Don't forget to take lots of tissues to mop up all of the proud tears : ) Have a good day. Take care.

  12. As a knitter, this stencil appeals to me a lot…….on my buying list for Saturday at the Happy Stampers Fair. Plus, I think I'll be popping the grunge paste in my basket as well. you've achieved such great effects……you are a genius in your craft, and so generous in passing your knowledge on. Looking forward also to your c&c show.

  13. Love today's blog, the knitting is perfect for my Mum, she never stops ! Even with the arthritis in her hands and the pain it causes, still she loves to knit. I bet you are so excited about going to Marks graduation and I wouldn't minnd guessing it will be a proper family affair too !! Now there's another idea for either word stamps or stencils Barb, A family affair …..

  14. This stencil is so good. I not only see rope and wheat ears, I also see plaited bread! Seriously thinking of investing in some Grunge Paste as this will be yet another technique for me to learn.
    Congratulation Karin on your win!

  15. So Barbara! Not content with teaching and sharing your stamping, brayering etc. You have now decided to teach us knitting!!! lol. I love the stencil and it looks great with the grunge paste. Thank you for another lovely lesson. Enjoy your trip. Congratulations for getting the quiz right Karen Denzler, well Done you. xxx

  16. Really like how you have shaded the stitches to make it look so realistic – how I would love one that had some crochet stitches on it (Hint, hint)! Hope Mark has a fabulous birthday, and enjoy the graduation celebrations – you must be so proud!! Susan x

  17. love love love this new stencil and love how you put the eggplant onto the stitches – such clever and simple way to highlight – fabulous ….. no I don't know if my entry was correct but I'm hoping it was so off to email to see if i get a badge! Hugs rachel xx

  18. The red one looks just like a comfy and cosy fisherman's rib jumper, all ready to snuggle into int the winter. Now I must get back to my real knitting, another one and a half scarves and two shawls to finish in quick succession. Congratulations to Karin for your win. Barbara, are you going to show the correct instructions for the rest of us, preferably in English please as my German is definitely not up to that? Have a wonderful trip to see Mark at his graduation. Is Grace going to join you? You must be so proud of both of them. xx Maggie

  19. Not tried grunge paste yet, just getting used to the gelli plate. Love the texture you have achieved though, another lovely stencil. Well I don't know about getting slapped around on a craft mat but I am off to throw myself around on a yoga mat in a while. Certainly end up hot and sticky. You will need tissues for graduation, I was really choked during my daughters and son's. Enjoy being a proud mum. Just ordered tickets for Clarity open day so feeling well pleased, just keeping fingers crossed now that hubby stays well enough. Hope Mark likes his card lovely design. Lynne xx

  20. Well done to Karin! I would love a badge, thank you so much! Will email now. I enjoyed trying to guess the process! This technique is awesome! There is so much texture and the mask is fabulous! xx

  21. I love it Barbara, looks great with just the word over, See these words are so gorgeous you just need a background like you say. That stencil would be great for part of a Phiigraphy starting place too, or edges in a Journal, Shadowing? Oh I need it now!! Talking of needs, did you know I don't have one of the new Gorgeous, Clarity Badges??? Hint Hint.

  22. I love the knitting stencil and what you have done with it Barbara. I particularly like the one with the eggplant ink, and the word chains work really well with it. Congratulations to Karin for being the best detective, and also to your son on his birthday and upcoming graduation. You must be a really proud mum. Our son graduated nearly fourteen years ago, and my husband and I were so proud and happy and their graduation day is something you never forget, and I'm sure you will be the same Barbara. x

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