It’s a Circus out there!

It’s a Circus out there!

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Thursday’s blog is always blue, isn’t it.
Now, today I’m going to keep it short and sweet; 
yesterday’s blog was like the Dead Sea Scrolls! 
I could have knitted it faster! Literally!!
So here’s one I did on TV a while ago, where I took a few elements from the Clarity Circus Set
and then created a meaningful kind of Doodle/Zentangle pattern background. Several people have asked to see this one slowly and up close, so let’s take a closer look…

 I used:
I started by stamping a basic composition into place on 
A4 Theuva Card, with Black Archival ink.
Then made an outline to stay within.
Then added the tightrope.
Then got my little black pen out and started. 
Oh. And made 10 photocopies of it to practise on!
The best way to tackle this kind of artwork is one section at a time,
and on scrap first. Make sure you like it before you add it to the original piece.
Let’s just look at what I did. The pics speak volumes.
Clouds and raindrops.

A banner for the words, with a funky backdrop.

Trapeze swings and a safety net.

A night sky with stars and a flag on the Big Top.
The most important thing is to take your time and think Circus!
The ideas will come, if you let them…
So to add a little blue. If you want to that is! I have to, it being Thursday and all that!
I decided to do an overlay of alcohol ink.
You apply the ink to a sheet of A5 acetate, 
which sits on top of the artwork.
So, once again, the original is preserved.
Mind you, it’s a good idea to run a few copies after you have completed your creation!
I wouldn’t want to dribble alcohol all over my masterpiece! 
Would you?
Take one of your copies and lay a piece of acetate over the top.
Start with a couple of drops of Stonewashed Alcohol ink and dab dab dab it with your applicator.
 Add a few drops of Blending Solution, and watch it start moving! 

Add some Denim alcohol in certain areas, like this:
Add some Juniper in the other areas, like this!

Use a clean felt and add yellow for some vibrance.

 The best thing is that your wonderful doodle-work, 
your one off Filigraphy, your Zentangle is still pristine.
And if you have used a copy of your work, as I have here, then your original is fine!
When your ink is completely dry, if you prefer the ink on the inside, then simply flip the acetate. It will work fine.

But how to attach the acetate.
Here’s an idea.
Slit the sides of the artwork from top to bottom, and slip the acetate into the slits.

Alcohol inks are very easy to use.
Best on glossy surfaces, like acetate and the coated Claritycard.
But I do like to add the blending solution; 
it just disperses the ink beautifully.
See? Even when I try to keep it short and sweet, 
I get carried away!
Have fun!
Much love,

52 thoughts on “It’s a Circus out there!

  1. When I saw this on the TV I was very impressed with your meaningful doodles. And the colouring added really finishes this off beautifully! x

  2. Hi Barb, love this, especially yours doodles/zentangle. Love doing alcohol inks on acetate, found out that they work quite well with shaving foam for swirled backgrounds too. And even if your blog posts were a combination of War and Peace and the Dead sea scrolls, I would still be back every day to read them, the day job allowing of course. Have a great day. Bx

  3. Love it – love doing the entangling – and the colour on the acetate really sets it off! – I agree with Bridget about length of blogs – short, medium or long – I love them and appreciate the time you give to them xx

  4. I loved that card when you did it on TV but adding the inks …..WOW! And it could be so easily changed by adding a different colour! Just Lovely! Love and Hugs xxx

  5. Oooo I really need some alcohol inks now, they're on my shopping list for Doncaster Dome in June. Great idea for attaching the acetate (which I also need), great inspiration as always x

  6. Hi Barb,
    I saw you do the artwork on tv and loved it, but now that you've added the ink to the acetate WOW the whole thing just pops! It's really lovely. Haven't tried alcohol inks like this but might have to get some and try. I do like Zentangle though, really chills me out. I'm with others as well when it comes to the blog – whatever you do is fine with me, I'm just grateful that you do it. Thank you. Any chance of doing something with that stunning owl stencil you have? Love to everyone, Alison xx
    Ps please say a big thank you to Janice for sorting out my order yesterday she was great.

  7. Loved this demo when you did it on tv and I love the finished result, don't use my alcohol inks nearly enough must get hem out and start to experiment

  8. Hi Barbara. I am so pleased that you have chosen to show us the circus scene. I saw you do it on TV and loved it then. I am just starting to have a go at Zentangling and will be able to have a good go now : ) Love the inks over the top, and the slits on the sides are a good idea. I agree with the others that have said we don't mind short or long posts. I am just happy to read your blog as it is always so inspirational. Thanks for all you put into it. Take care.

  9. Love this idea Barb, if you put one in your gallery, you could have different acetates to suit your mood and change them as and when you like. Thank you for yet another great blog xx

  10. Love this idea Barb, if you put one in your gallery, you could have different acetates to suit your mood and change them as and when you like. Thank you for yet another great blog xx

  11. I Love this picture. you know how much I admire your Philigraphy and it looks great with the Inks over too. Clever you!! how many times have I battled to add acetate and not let the "seems" show! You have so much logic in your head. xxx

  12. Watch you do this on TV Barbara it's stunning so much detail love the philigraphy .love the march 40% offer plus club extra 10% placed my order how lucky we are with your clarity offers .have a good day xxx

  13. Amazing with the acetate overlay, and what a good idea to do some copies of the original artwork! I found some fabulous zentangle on Pinterest yesterday, that looks just like balls of wool that go with your knitting – kept the link in case I ever have a spare afternoon with nothing to do….! Susan x

  14. I failed miserably at this when we tried it at the Scone workshop last year. I've avoided the inks since but I think I might just have to have another go! As you say, just play and have fun and see what happens – it doesn't need to be perfect. I'm also starting to get used to the "just keep going" idea – especially with the Gelli plate. It's not until it's all done that it looks like something special, on the way it can definitely look a bit dodgy!

  15. Tried typing a comment earlier whilst I was on the bus, but Facebook crashed on my phone. Too many dead spots between where I live and Nottingham. I loved this when you did this on TV and the addition of colours brings it to anothe level. Looks like I need to think about investing in some alcohol inks, but you have brought us so many techniques which are new to me I think I had better try these first. Not complaining though as I really enjoy your daily blog and it is a must read everyday no matter how busy I am.

  16. Did see you do this on TV and liked it then, certainly changes the whole look with the acetate overlay. Great idea especially the way you have attached it. now I know how to use those inks I won on your blog earlier in the year. It is fine if your blog is a nice long one, I am fortunate now that being retired I can spoil myself and settle down for a lovely read. Lynne xx

  17. Great blog as always – how do you manage to keep coming up with all these new ideas?
    I can't wait for the weekends to arrive so that I can try the new techniques…I've just placed my order to try out the virtual knitting……looking forward to my bargain Clarity order arriving – of course I couldn't resist ordering a few other bits at those bargain prices! Thank you for the great 40% off 🙂 x

  18. I love the 'mono' circus, but I'm not to sure about the zentangle because my hands always do a dance all of their own, but still I'll give it a go. It will be the oddest shapes yet, I'm good at drawing wavy lines round card edges though.

  19. For some strange reason, this one took me longer to grasp than any other so far. I think my brain was not quite in the right area this time. I love the finished poster, quite in keeping with those colours. xxx Maggie

    1. Forgot to say that whenever I do a drawing these days, I always scan and print off several copies so that I never ruin my original work. This, for me, is a hang up from when I was forced at school to paint my delicate and detailed pencil drawings with thick gloomy poster paint and a huge brush. xxx Maggie

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