Hanging my laundry out !

Hanging my laundry out !

Happy Saturday!
It’s a New Technique Blog today, and I am pretty chuffed with my first attempt at using paste through a stencil.
Sometimes, having no clue about a new medium can be advantage, because you just have to figure it out. 
The first attempt didn’t go so well. 
Paper too thin.
Too much Paste.
Fiddled with it too much. 
So the next time, I went with thicker card,
less paste, and I worked fast.
Result? Well, decided for yourselves
Since I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, I deliberately went with a stencil which could handle a few creases or patches: 
The washing line.
First things first. I went to my Gelli Plate card stash, for a good background for a picket fence and a washing line.
It was this one’s brother!
Acrylic paints
Bubble-wrap, Sequin waste.
Just one of those quite full pieces, 
to make the white paste stand out.
So here’s the Washing Line Stencil. Laundry first…

I did my homework, and decided to go with Grunge Paste. 
There are so many different brands out there. This is good.
I put some on a piece of copy paper and whipped it back and forth for a while with an old credit card. 

Then I smeared it through the stencil, from one side to the other. 
Stopped halfway, went to the paper to load some more and continued the sweep through. 
Went in and filled the birds.

I think the trick here is not to keep going over it again and again. But hey. I’m a novice with this stuff. This really is the first time I have used it in many years; I once used a Dreamweaver stencil with paste, back on the 90’s. Those are the beautiful metal ones which have been around forever. That was a different texture though.

Cool! Very smooth.
So I decided to rough it up a little, and get some texture in the clothes. Some folds.
Check out the difference. Smooth… but see the little scalpel nicks? 
By bending and manipulating the card while the paste was still malleable, still not set hard, I was able to change the smoothness.
I used a scalpel to make some seams and dents. I used my finger to drag the paste a little too, to get a sag in the trousers. 
I had plenty of time. 
It takes quite while to set hard. About 15 minutes.

When the laundry was hard, I loaded a little stencil brush with Black Adirondack, 
and started lightly dusting the clothes. 
The black ink catches in the creases and folds. 
Very realistic. But you have to know when to stop; otherwise it looks like the neighbour has had a bonfire!

Is there anything more frustrating than hanging your lily whites out to dry before you go to work, and Happy Harry next-door deciding to have a fire, while the wind’s blowing your way?! 

Step away, and check it out. Ready for the Picket fence?

 Position it, and

just like with the washing line, pull the paste through without fiddling too much. The thing is, by using the Washing Line Stencil, my thought was we could aim for smooth, and get good practice in, but still be able to use the work, because it actually looks cool if there are a few imperfections. I have gone in and added them, haven’t I!
Lift the stencil while the paste is still wet.

Again, I got lucky! 
So added a bit of grain to the picket fence with a scalpel 
and my forefinger.

Just as with the washing, dust the picket fence with black 
once it is dry.

I got brave then. 
Using a make-up sponge, I added some shade with Stonewashed and Denim Adirondacks around the fence.

Then I loaded a big Clarity Stencil Brush with 
Denim Adirondack and went round the edges.

But what I love is how real the laundry looks!

 If you overcook it with the black dusting, take a piece of kitchen towel, lick it – I mean, wet it lightly – and gently wipe over the raised parts, to get brilliant highlights. 


 The more you wet and wipe, the more of the soot from the next-door neighbour’s bonfire you can lift off again!
If only it were that easy!

 So there we have it:
A blustery day, brilliant for hanging the washing out. 
Hope you like it. I am delighted.
 Can’t wait to try something else with the Grunge Paste!
TV tomorrow morning.
Sunday, 2nd March 2014.
9am – 11am
Hope you can join us.


 we decided to extend this Wednesday’s Special Offer until Sunday night.
Perfect Pearls Set with a FREE Houses Stencil.

much love

75 thoughts on “Hanging my laundry out !

  1. What a lovely way to end the day – will go to bed now with a smile on my face! Trying to think of something witty re: wetting/licking, but my brain has failed me! lol Sleep well, Barb, and look forward to 'seeing' you tomorrow morning. xxx

  2. Snap! I've been doing the same! I'll post a picture once the stamps I have used have been shown on TV…. I just had to use the new stash in my journal! Looking forward to the show! Xxxx

  3. I just had heart failure, reading that the tv was tomorrow morning, cos I haven't finished with tonight's sleep. I still have some Dreamweaver paste so I might have a go with that. I love the wave you weave a story through your tutorial to help us remember what to do. xxx Maggie

    1. Should have said the "way" you weave a story. I am awake now, and it is a great technique. The background is very apt at the moment with the Northern Lights wafting round the country. Sadly, we cannot see them round here as we have too much of the bright orange lighting blocking out the sky. We can only see the larger stronger stars from here. I need to get away in the caravan to see things like that, to somewhere with no street lights. Looking forward to tomorrow's show, and I am sure you are looking forward to getting home to put your feet up for a short time afterwards. Safe journeys, and get your neck sorted properly. xx Maggie

  4. Love the washing line! Too many driers in use these days! Never tried grunge paste but really liked the effect so might give it a try . Thanks Barbara you brought back memories of my late mother hanging out her washing many years ago. X

    1. Isobel, there is nothing nicer than sheets and clothes that have been dried in the fresh air. I have a cover that goes over my rotary line once the strong winds have gone, so I can leave my washing out even if it rains. It still dries and smells so sweet. xx Maggie

  5. Great demo I think you are reading my mind as this is another of the things I have been looking to try out recently. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow

  6. Hi Barb,
    Very good, although I'd cry if I found my washing that colour! Love the way you have managed to get the creases and texture into the clothes – very clever. I haven't used grunge paste before but have made some lovely cards using your stencils with creative expressions texture paste which I assume is something similar. Looking forward to the show tomorrow but I'm having to record it so very naughtily, I've already ordered the blue tits stamps ( gorgeous) as I think they will sell out before I could watch the show! Love Alison xx

  7. Hi Barbara. What can I say, another brilliant technique. Grunge paste on my shopping list. The washing looks so realistic and the Gelli plate background is great. Good to have a drawer full of the backgrounds ready for times like this.
    Thought your show was today and got up early to get everything organised before I sit down for two hours. Shucks I´ll have to get up early again tomorrow but it will be worth it.
    Hope Germany went well.
    Love Val in Spain x

  8. Another great card with another technique to try. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, just hope the recorder behaves itself, it refused to switch on yesterday so I am going to give it a good talking too in my best classroom voice! Here's hoping.

  9. Excellent – so pleased you did this – I had made my own paste a few weeks back using paint, PVA glue and talc! I loved using it and wanted to do more but could not make my mind up on what so your bringing this product in with all these lovely stencils is such inspiration Barb!! Thank youxx Hope your night in your own bed was bliss and so looking forward to seeing you on the TV tomorrow xx

  10. This is lovely. I have very recently been looking at some videos with the Grunge Paste. I love the way you have given texture to the clothes and fence. This has convinced me I need some!

  11. Hi Barb, this is the kind of blog post that people come back for time and time again! Wonderful ideas, fabulous stencils, using them with different products, and a brilliant step by step. Love the whole idea and the way you have created the texture is just superb. Thank you for another chuckle morning, looking forward to the show tomorrow. Bx

  12. Bonfires and licking! – I SO enjoy your tutorials, Barbara and what you've created is so effective too. Washing line stencil now added to the Harrogate list. Tell Dave to get ready at the till, unless I use the wrong credit card for my grunge paste. Oh, if only the weather in Cumbria allowed me to hang washing out to blow dry on the line. More likely to bring it in smelling of slurry than bonfire!!! Thanks for brightening my morning once again. Can't wait to see the new stamps etc on TV tomorrow xx

  13. I love this barb – its so very clever – love that you moved the paste and got it to crack whilst still wet – brilliant! Great stuff Barbara xx

  14. Hang on…..where's my "must have" list……there's a couple of things here I have to add…..I love this technique and your art work is fab – another one for your gallery I'd say! 🙂 x

  15. Hi Barbara,

    Great demo and card, though I'd be disappointed if my washing looked like that on the line lol! The detail you added is brilliant, I would have added colour to the clothes rather than Black, great work, brilliant technique.
    Looking forward to your shows and have set them up to tape.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  16. Such a different technique. I could see this working with the girl on the swing stencil that I have as I do not have the washing line or picket fence stencils. First things first though I am going to have to decide which items to buy off my ever growing wish list to which I have now added the grunge pastes. Really looking forward to tomorrows show as I can't wait to see the new products and the work of your brilliantly talented design team.

  17. Very interesting. I've never thought about putting texture on my modelling paste on card DUH. Newbies to a mediums/techniques always come up with 'out the box ideas', that's why experts love 'em. Thanks Barbara


  18. Wonderful Barbara and you make the picket fence stencil, just brilliant. Love the washing line too. Have to buy. You will be addicted to the past now. xxx

  19. Good Morning. I have tried paste before with disasterous results. I have used metal stencils and a much wider area so this looks a better idea to have a go at Thanks you, see you on telly tomorrow


  20. It is a day for hanging out the washing. The first in a long time here in Glasgow! Your post is so apt as my neighbour is burning rubbish today, but the wind is going the other way! (hope it stays that way!).
    I too used the pate with the gorgeous Dreamweaver stencils years ago and I did enjoy it, but your stencil will be much easier to maneuver!
    So looking forward to watching you tomorrow so see what I can learn, but will be saving my money for the SECC on Thursday! (so excited!!)

  21. Another thing to add to my list and after tomorrow I am sure there will be a load more (just looked at C & C website and all the lovely new stamps/stencils tht I must have). Great tutorial can't wait to have a go at this. Thanks J x

  22. Wow, what a fun technique, I had never heard of Grunge Paste! Thanks for the heads up about tomorrow's shows. I've set them to record, just in case I don't surface early enough!

  23. Oh wow Barbara, it looks amazing! Paste was one of the first cardmaking techniques I used when I started many moons ago, but I never got the effects that you created!

  24. Love both the washing line and the tutorial. Love the way you show the mishaps and how to get out of them Have to try the Grunge paste, it all looks so real and 3Dish. Thank you.

    1. I love, love, love this demo. I always find texture makes the work more interesting. I'm also loving the fine detail that you added to your washing line and fence……..extremely effective. Can't wait for tomorrow's demo on Create & Craft.

  25. Love, love, love this!!! What a fantastic stencil and another great way to use gelli prints. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Just unpacked my recent Clarity order can,t wait to play! Off to order a washing line. Xx

  26. Very nice card, the washing is out here since a few hours. Lucky enought not to have any neighbours having a fire……Lol!!!! Can't wait for tomorrow show!!!!

  27. Wow Barbara just love this,never thought about texturing the paste before it dries, what a great effect. Looking forward to seeing you on C &C tomorrow, can't wait to see your new stamps and stencils, until then I,m off to hang my washing out lol xxx

  28. Hi Barbara, I do hope your neck and back have eased up after your trip to Munich. I bought some grunge paste last march at the NEC do you remember that awful weather and all that snow ? I have used it a couple of times but this has inspired me to get it out again, I love the effects that you have given to both the washing and fence. Looking foward to tomorrows shows 😉 xx

  29. Hi Barbara I got some grunge paste a couple of weeks ago and made my first card with it I love the effects you can achieve and this is another great idea. I must get round to blogging it

  30. Hi Barbara! I love using paste with the stencils. I love what you have done here. Another great tutorial! Will miss you on Thursday in Glasgow but look forward to meeting Jo. Hugs and Hope your neck gets better. I have spondylosis in spine and neck so I can sympathise with your pain. I hate taking painkillers so I can be found wandering about with a few heat pads stuck on my back and I have even tried them on my neck (on top of a thin polo neck jumper) Not the best of fashion design but they do help relieve the pain. xxxxx

  31. I have ordered the grunge paste and can't wait to get cracking with all my stencils. It looks really cool on the gelli print……. I will have the courage to use a gelli print one day as I have lots now!… Vx

  32. Hi Barbara. I have just finished reading yesterdays blog, my car broke down midday and by the time I finally got home I was knac….sorry, very tired , Car all sorted though, thank goodness. The pics of you and Dave in Germany were fantastic. What great timing to be able to see all the fun that was going on, you lucky things. You look like you had a brilliant time : ) Todays post is another stunner. I can't believe you have managed to get so much life into the clothes on the washing line! I must try some paste, it's another thing on my wish list : ) (I would not be happy if my clothes came in looking quite so grey though, unless they were grey when I put them out of course : )) Have a safe journey to the studio tomorrow and enjoy the show. I am looking forward to having a couple of "me " time watching you. Take care.

  33. Well I am so impressed!!!! I knew when Barbara Gray does Grunge Paste she would find something to do with it that I have never thought of. And you did! You are such a true artist Barbara, your fence looks great, the clothes look real – in fact my whites always look like that? – when I first caught a glimpse of this card I didn't know how it had bee done till I came on here, because the clothes just pop off the page. Love it, love the stencil too. I will have my shopping list for Harrogate not long now!!

  34. I've never seen grunge paste textured like this before – it's fantastic! Should have know that the Barbara Gray way would have a twist to it!!! Thanks for sharing all the tips and inspiration every day – I so enjoy reading your blog daily. Hope your neck improves soon, and look forward to catching your shows tomorrow. Susan x

  35. Oh wow Barbara that's fab! I must have a go with that paste…I have some somewhere in all my stash! I loved the background too and as for that stencil that's another added to the list of things I need!!!
    Love and hugs! xx

  36. Never tried paste on card stencils, was using stencils on a cake the other day with Royal icing so much the same technique really. So guess what I need Grunge paste now. Great card love all the different textures you have achieved. Lynne xx

  37. Never tried paste on card stencils, was using stencils on a cake the other day with Royal icing so much the same technique really. So guess what I need Grunge paste now. Great card love all the different textures you have achieved. Lynne xx

  38. Oh Barbara, I can't keep up with you. So many ideas and techniques to try and so little time. Will have to add this to the list!
    Thank you. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow-everything ready to record!
    See you then. Love Jan x

  39. There is no limit to your creative talents. Great instructions and wonderful effects. Looking forward to tomorrow. Had a stressful day being battered and bruised at "Five". Too many uncivilised crafters for my liking!
    Will relax with you tomorrow.

  40. I'd never thought to use my inks with embossing paste but will certainly have a go now having seen your tutuorial. Looking forward to the show tomorrow. x

  41. I love that the so experienced and accomplished Barbara Gray is happy to confess that there's a technique so far untried. And then you go on to do all sorts of extra clever things that that we've never seen anyone else try. Amazing. The creative bit of your brain must be so full.
    Super result too. 'See' you soon on TV.

  42. Oh my word! I love using paste and stencils together and the way you've made the washing look so real is fantastic. Looking forward to the show later. See yer there xxx

  43. What a great card a
    nd a fantastic tutorial i used paste last week at our scrapbooking weekend for the first time was trying hard to get it smooth did'nt think about giving it texture i am hooked on your blog every morning good luck for telly i shall be watching before a busy day at work. xxx

  44. I love this technique with the paste Barbara, but we all try to get it smooth, and you give it that twist by putting in some texture, and it works so perfectly with the washing line and picket fence. Thanks for giving us such great ideas with your wonderful demonstrations. x

  45. Oh my gosh, I would like to hang that piece of art on my wall. Absolutely brilliant result, and, as always, superb step-by-step instructions. Thank you very much.

  46. I have missed so much! This is fabulous, that grunge paste is brilliant and I have not seen anyone else use it and texture it – you are a real artist Barbara – stunning work x

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