Look out! Old Women alert!!

Look out! Old Women alert!!

Friday’s blog a private peek, so I am writing to you from a hotel in Munich. It’s a challenge piecing a blog together on an Ipad, but I so want to share this day with you!
You know, how you have a plan, but then unexpected things keep cropping up? Well, when we arrived this Thursday morning, the plan was to go into the city and just enjoy the fruit & veg market in the centre. So that’s where we headed…

Many of you will be familiar with the Viktualien Market in Munich; it is open every day and pretty impressive, and today was very lovely.

Then, in the distance, we heard a lot of music and racket, and there was a tall English policeman! See him? So we went to investigate…

When we got closer, the Bobby was actually Hermann, and having a blast with his friends! And that’s when we found out that it’s Fasching here. Karneval. In fact, it was Altweiberfest! Old Women’s Festival. Not what we expected at the fruit & veg market.

The evidence was there; we had just spaced it.

We always try to take in a gallery or museum, and today we went to the Munich Museum. Beautiful and fun, too. I liked the puppets and toys.

The mirrors made me laugh. We did look comical!
Then we decided to go see our friend, Mr Pane at the Ratskeller, and have a late lunch…
Spot the sunny day!

He was happy to see us, big hugs, and found us a table, but warned us that at 4pm the place would be taken over by crowds of people in fancy dress having a ball! Literally!

The place was certainly in party mode!

True to form, no sooner had we finished our Schweinhaxe mit Knödl, the place started filling up with loads of lively Germans – mostly women – dressed up in all sorts!
The band fired up and it got really loud!
At 4 in the afternoon??!
As we were leaving, before it got too crazy, I saw this wonderful group, and asked if I could take a photo.
They were happy to wave and pose. And then I realised something: they were all deaf. They couldn’t hear a thing. No music, no singing, nothing. But they were having the time of their lives!
It shook me. We take so much for granted, don’t we.
Then we finally decided to wend our weary way back to the hotel, and got on the S-Bahn, the underground.
And look at this lot! It was so comical! One minute the commuters were all just heads down, going home after a day at the office. The next, a whole crowd of women dressed like zulu warriors piled in! And they were up for it, whatever it was!!

All in all, a pretty special day. And to crown it all, as we were walking to the hotel, Dave tried to read the name on the side of a van, as you do.

“Peter Stinkhole. Not a very good name for a plumber!” I’m telling you. I nearly fell into the road laughing. What a difference a Dave makes….
Time to stop. HSE24 beckons. 11am UK time. 12 noon here.
Over and out xxxx

Love Barb x

68 thoughts on “Look out! Old Women alert!!

  1. Wow sounds like a fun festival. It's good you could relax a bit before your show. It all looks so lovely, we should have more festivals like that here in Britain! See you on Sunday x

  2. Hello Barb, oh what a laugh this morning. What an incredible day you had, and Dave with his pronunciation :-). Glad you had time to relax a bit. Hope the show goes well. Bx

  3. You have turned a wet, cold dreary morning into a pleasure!!! You look – as does Dave – like you have had a ball – so glad you made time for you two and it was not all work – great photos – great descriptions and what fun – Dave – I would have read that exactly the same – you gotta have a laugh haven't you!!! It reminds me of a portaloo company over here – you will have likely seen it – DAVLAV – sorry Dave no reference to you intended!!! LOL – Have a great hour on the TV and safe journey home – we are all preparing ourselves for you and your 'tits' on the TV on Sunday – much love and hope you have had some relief from the pain in your back and neck xx

  4. Very jealous of the blue skies, it was very miserable here yesterday. It looks like both you and Dave are having a good time with lots of fun and laughter. All the best for your shows today, wish I could watch online but unfortunately work beckons.

  5. You have made me chuckle AND also think deeply today Barbara .Its lovely to come across unusual things during an outing, but you are right, we all are guilty of taking things for granted. Have a rest today in readiness for a busy weekend.

  6. Looks lie a great time had by all . I recall a visit to the Rhine when we passes a tavern during the lunch hour and there was a very merry singalong going on,. All the local shops were closed and it seemed like a lovely way to spend a lunchtime xx

  7. Have never been to Germany but it does look interesting. Not sure about that clown hanging in the archway though! Huge fear of clowns so I would probably have to find a different route!! Xx

  8. How lovely to see a fun part of Munich and to be able to enjoy it! Didn't read the plumbers name straight away, so couldn't understand why you were laughing, but then it hit me and I had a good chuckle too!!! Set me up for the day!! Thanks. Hope the show goes well.

  9. Hi Barb,
    Looks like you and Dave are having lots of fun in Germany. I think I would have made the same mistake with the pronunciation still as the saying goes " God loves a trier"! Hope the show goes well and that you have a safe journey home. Gorgeous day here – really icy and bright sunshine and the Northern Lights last night were fabulous. Love Alison x

  10. When I read your blogs that include Dave they always make me laugh. I always envisage you as the "Art Magician" & him as your wonderful "assistant in the leotard " that keeps the show ticking along nicely & without him the structure just falls apart !! And, of course, he provides the odd giggle or two

  11. What fun – love those photos! I don't have a Dave, but my other half keeps me laughing too, although I do blame him for all my wrinkles!! Haven't been to Munich, but maybe it needs to go on my list… Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  12. Looks like a fun place to be and at the right time too. Would have been good if the cows round Milton Keynes were similarly coloured – but then I'd be thinking of chocolate every time I saw them. Wonder why?
    Beryl xx

  13. What a special day that started out as a visit to the veg market. Just shows what surprises are around the corner. Specially loved reading your blog today as it reminded me of our daughter who is living in Celle at the moment.

  14. What a day!!!!! The best Carneval I ever had was in Germany or Swizerland, they have the sense of fun and as you say, go for it. Wonder what time the party in the restaurant you went finished, because when they begin to dance there is no ending……
    Thanks for sharing. xx

  15. Morning Barbara, Thank you for such a great read and such brilliant photos. It has set me up for a busy Friday….hope the show goes well, I am sure it will and safe journey home….Jo. X X

  16. Special memories created there Barbara! We visited Munich a few years ago and went on a city trip at night. We ended up in the Olympic stadium where a music festival was going on. We saw the most spectacular firework display from the top of the tower. I'd never looked down on fireworks before! They do seem to know how to have fun in Munich don't they.
    Shirley G x

  17. The germans sure know how to live and have fun! The place looks wonderful, how come our markets never look quite the same? Hope you had a successful trip and looking forward to Sunday. Joan x

  18. Thank you for sharing your day trip with us. I've never been to Munich so it was great to see it. You sure look like you were having fun – love the mirrors!! Hope all goes well today. Looking forward to Sunday. xx

  19. It looks like you having a wonderful time , Did you see those animals with different heads on was they still there ,thought it was so funny ,i have a photo of them somewhere,not been there for a few years now ,there was a lovely park as well there ,not to far from that market i think
    Pauline xx

  20. Sounds like you had a great time Barbara, definitely wild. I love local festivals like that. We happened upon the 'Orange Festival' in Spain many moons ago. Didn't even know it existed. Great fun though, it had a bull run, burning the boat on the beach and a fab market that lasted the whole week of the festival. Thank you for reminding me. xxx

  21. What a fun time after your hard work. How happy you look.
    Think I must pay a visit to Munich. Love your blog – it is so cheery and informative
    Best wishes

  22. hi barbara – I loved seeing all of your pictures – I run a group of Rainbows and we are doing festivals this term and did Carnival on Wednesday – we made brightly coloured masks and talked about carnival celebrations – I'll be able to share your experience with them all next week! Brilliant! Thankyou xx

  23. Haha, Peter Stinkhole the plumber, classic. It gave me a good giggle. My hubby makes me laugh so much, I can never stay mad at him, but it's one of the reasons I love him, it's good to laugh together every day. Looking forward to Sunday, hope your German show goes well. X

  24. Great pics. Look like you had a lovely day. Have just watched the German show. Didn't understand a word but great demos. Now looking forward to Sunday! x

  25. What a lovely surprise a normal trip for show and look around a market ends up in a fun packed day looked great just what you needed sure show also is going well. Looking forward to Sundays show , when went to set record realised only am show this time 🙁 so have to make most of ot sure going to be brilliant looking forward to your blue tits xxx

  26. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you a really bright and cheerful blog. As I sit here reading it looking out at the
    Pouring rain it is great to see you both recharging your batteries ready for C&C on Sunday. Have a safe journey home. Best wishes Bev xx

  27. Well, in Germany wie have wonderful sunny weather, also today, the Show was wonderful, got my clarity map, the stencils – loved it and the blog torday about Münich, hi hi, hier im Rheinland its even "worse" here in the middle of the 5th Jahreszeit (season ?). Good journey home and looking Forward seeng on tv on Sunday! LOve

  28. Sounds a great fun day. I wonder if the German Tourist Office know what you could do for them, especially as Germany is largely undersold as a destination. I love Munich from my student days, so thanks very much for the reminder. And typical that you managed to find some heartwarming philosophy in it all too. Carol

  29. Looks like you were having a good time Barbara, and Munich seems like a fun and lively place. Love the photos and hope the show went well. Look forward to seeing you on C&C on Sunday. x

  30. That's great, love your guide around Munich. I have never been to Germany ,maybe one day if I am lucky. Love the fact it is Old Woman's festival there, perhaps I should go my grandson has just informed me that I am old, he softened it a little by then saying well just a bit. Oh dear 62 thought I was doing quite well , better get some more wrinkle cream. You certainly know how to enjoy yourself. Hope all went well Lynne xx

  31. It certainly looks as though this is a trip that you won't forget quickly!! Good to see that you manage to get a little 'down' time, I wonder what new stamp/stencil inspiration you've had!!!!x

  32. That's really funny, what a great Day you've had! Lovely to see you having fun. I hope the show went well for you, I can't imagine for a minute it didn't though. Can't wait t watch you on Sunday, I'll be glued to the screen as usual.Wx

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