Hello there!
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We’re up in Yorkshire at the Harrogate Craftshow this weekend.
Brilliant day Saturday.
One day done, one day to go.
So here’s a little Duckie flockie I rustled up some time ago.
Hope you like it!
I used
Barb’s Sunday Blog Special Offer:
All 3 ducks and the verse should cost £22.49
How about £12?
That’s about HALF PRICE!
Trouble is I can’t change the prices on the back of the website from here, (another little task for me to master next week!), so if you want to take advantage of this offer, you will have to call Jan at the office on Monday! 01732 868215. (Offer ends Wednesday)
Embossing pen
Ready? Here goes…
Stamp the 3 ducks in Bottle green on Theuva Card. 
Great cardstock for stamping. 

Colour them in with Promarkers.

Glaze them. Glazed Duck! Yummy!!!
Oh stop thinking about food Gray!
So use a Versamark embossing pen to apply Versamark to the ducks, add Detail clear powder and heat emboss.
Hahaha…the little one at the bottom here seems to have forgotten to flap his wings…

Glazed duck….

Add a large moon mask, load your brayer with Butterscotch from the blending mat, and brayer in a lovely yellow sky…
It almost looks orange in the right light.
Duck a l’orange…

Just keep rolling in the brayer from the top.
I think a You tube video of this one would be handy.
Just to get this sky right, once and for all!

The panel with the verse is simply a slip of the same white card, saturated with Butterscotch ink, to match.

When you brayer over a glazed image with dye based inks, like Adirondacks or Distress pads, you can simply wipe the ink off the glossy elements.

How about a Sunday giveaway? 
We had such a lovely Saturday here up north, 
so let’s spread a little Lurv….
Leave a pleasant, uplifting comment,
and on Monday I will pick a random winner to send
a £20 Gift Voucher to.
every little helps!
much love,

104 thoughts on “Duckie

  1. Good morning Barbara. Enjoyed watching you demonstrate at Harrogate yesterday. Still in awe of what you do so well. Always chatting having a joke or two, as well as clear encouraging explanations. Even Mr Darcy must see that you are a truly accomplished woman! Hope your headache has gone and have lovely day today.

  2. Beautiful, bright, sunny card……and looks like it's going to be a lovely sunny day today to match! Happy sunny Sunday everyone! Carole x

  3. Hmmmmmmm now I'm hungry lol. Love the ducks, good excuse for more practise with the brayer, great offer too thank you. I shall be visiting you and the clarity team today in Harrogate, so looking forward to it. I love watching you do the demos, you're so inspiring, thank you xx

  4. Beautiful card, couldn't eat the duckies though not even a l'orange. Today I'm thinking what card to make for a 70 year old man with no hobbies except he likes whiskey! I'm thinking my Scotland stamp set might have to come to the rescue as he is Scottish ! And we scots are quite patriotic , especially about whiskey! Lol x have a great day Barbara x

  5. Love your picture, wish I was in Harrogate too, but can't make it so Iwill practice a bit more with the brayer. Need to get the effect more air sprayed than splattered

  6. Good morning Barbara! Just getting ready for my trip over to see you. It's a proper road trip today with me, Jo and Brenda all making our way over to the show! I better go and make my butties!
    Beautiful card again! Love and hugs xxxx.

    PS. You can have a proper hug later!

  7. Great duck demo I d have loved to been in Harrogate bot it is too far from Bucks Will see you at the NEC though great price for the ducks poor Jan she is going to get so many phone calls. look after yourself xox

  8. What a pleasure it is to read your blog and see your lovely art work, love these duck stamps. I keep saying no more stamps and stencils but they just keep getting nicer. Xxx

  9. Lovely sunny sky Barbara, just like outside at the moment. Can't see any ducks though. Enjoy Harrogate. You will inspire lots more people today. Xx

  10. Lovely 'flock' on your card today Barbara – great demo, I love looking at your pics to see the progress of your card. This one should be another for your Gallery wall.

  11. Thank you so much for this step by step – I suppose once the ducks are glazed they become crispy duck!
    Really glad you're having a successful trip to Harrogate. Hope Sam's looking after those baskets! xxxx

  12. What a lovely morning. The sun is shining and the sky is blue! This looks very effective and the verse finishes it off nicely. Thanks for the step by step. And yet another generous deal to tempt us. I must resist and save my pennies for the NEC on Saturday! Have another great day at Harrogate. x

  13. Now I think I will go and have some breakfast especially after all this talk of food! I am liking this and would love a Youtube video of the brayering technique as I still haven't managed to master this. Really looking forward to seeing you at the NEC and can't wait to see your demonstrations.

  14. Good morning from sunny sussex you brighten up our days with your blog such good instrutions and you always make me laugh have a good day at the show love the offer another one to ring Jan for she will be busy tomorrow.

  15. Cant help but smile every time I see ducks as they remind me of my dad who used to have a thing about photographing them everywhere we went. Thanks for starting my Sunday with a smile 🙂 x

  16. Another stunning card! This must be my fave sky color. It's so striking! Have a lovely day at Harrogate (of what I just discovered after using google maps, is that it's very closeby. If only I had known sooner!).

  17. Love it – simple, effective, stunning – and oh yes typically Gray!
    Glazed Duck comment….LOL…much prefer crispy myself….sacrilege really for such a beautiful bird…I have an aunt who will not eat duck at all because they are such wonderful animals and although not a vegetarian will not eat duck on principle!
    What an offer you have made too – you are sooooo naughty….xxxx Have an amazing second day but keep an eye on that neck xxx

  18. Laying in bed on a Sunday morning reading your wonderful blog and thinking of my little duckies who may have flown the nest but come back to roost occasionally! Love to all mother ducks out there:)

  19. I read you blog every morning in my jim jams, it helps to start the day on the right note. For me, its always positive and the projects are inspirational. Thank you

    M x

  20. Positivity will get you through today and every other day to follow x
    How is that for positivity. This is how I try to live every day, but sometimes as you say Barb sometimes an evil fairie gets in your head, how true but you just have to shake her out with a smile or four lol.
    I love how simple this card is to make. It looks very complicated but wow I love a card that looks complicated but is easy to do. Well it will be when I master my brayer lol lol lol

  21. Hi Barb, I was laughing away when you started talking about glazed duck and duck a la orange. Yes yummy. This card is gorgeous, love the colour of the sky, lovely bright summers morning with ducks flying above. The hubz and I were out shopping yesterday and 2 geese flew overhead honking, hubz really made me laugh when he said oh dear we have just been goosed, so this reminded me of that. Glad Harrogate is going well. Happy Sunday everyone. Bx

  22. Good morning Barbara. It was lovely to see you yesterday at the show you are so inspirational and I can't wait to start learning via utube video. Have a great day love Vanessa xx

  23. fabulous offer and gorgeous stamps. a real temptation there barb! live that yellow toi it liiks stunning. i hipe the sunday show is lots of fun and you get lots of sales. i bet the stencils are going a bomb. thats what i'll be after at pirt sunlight. big hugs rachel xx

  24. Morning Barbara -hope you have another great day at Harrogate-a place I lived for a few years and returned to to get married!
    Wish I was there now but alas -unlike the duckies I can't just take off and go !
    Lovely card -you always make it look easy!

  25. Good morning from a lovely sunny Bexhill on Sea. We don't have many ducks but plenty of seagulls. With a bit of poetic licence those ducks could almost be gulls. Hope your neck feels better today. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Ally Pally. xx

  26. I just love 'my' ducks xxx I have several wild ducks that visit it me at the beginning of April and stay around for most of the Summer. They are such characters and such fun to watch. I don't live anywhere that you would expect them to come, so it never fails to surprise me when they turn up! Hence the name of Mac Mable (there's a Mac2 too!!!!).
    Needless to say I love your card today, the colours are gorgeous, bright and fun…just like 'my' ducks!
    As a result I don't eat Duck anymore…once you've given a duck a name that's it!
    Crafty hugs Beverley x

  27. I'm so glad you are enjoying some lovely sunshine too Barbara as it's gorgeous here this morning. You are one very generous lady with your ducky offer and the giveaway too. I hope you have a very successful second day at Harrogate I'm sur you will as your products are second to none and your demonstrations are so inspiring
    Jackie x

  28. Hi Barbara,
    This is my first attempt at this blogging stuff so I hope it works. Love this card especially the sky. Hope this message gets to you and that you have a good day.

  29. Hi Barb,
    Love these ducks, they are so cute! I really like the way you have glazed them before adding the colour with the brayer. I only wish that I could get the same effect whenever i use the brayer, I just seem to get stripes! So a video would be great! Pleased you had a good day at Harrogate yesterday & I hope today goes well too. Thanks for the offer too. Love Alison xx

  30. Ducks are my most favourite birds. They just make me laugh. I call them the happy birds. They love you to hose them down you know, just with the sprinkler ( obviously, only on a nice warm day). They turn this way and that to get all their feathers done. So I love this lovely, sunny, happy, duckie card.

  31. Uplifting! You keep banging on about glazed duck and duck a l'orange and I haven't had my breakfast yet. Tummy really rumbling now. Guess I'll have to 'uplift' my self from this bed and do something about it. Fabulous tutorial – as every – Barbara. Thank you for your continued inspiration.
    Beryl xx

  32. Hi Barbara. Great card. I love the duckies. Seeing the three together reminds me of the ornamental ones lots of people had on their lounge walls back in the 60/70's(?) My Grandma had to be different and had Kingfishers instead though! Hope the 2nd day at Harrogate goes really well for you all. Take care.

  33. I love these ducks. I just bought them at the secc and I seem to be mastering the dreaded brayer (I just can't do it like you Barbara ;0) ) so guess what I'm going to be trying this morning. This is beautiful. Lynne.x

  34. Morning Barbara,
    Lovely card and I simply love ducks! Have several stuffed duckie doorstops… and me a vegetarian!
    Glad Harrogate is busy and going well.
    Lorna D

  35. Another Lovely card Barbara. These ducks are so beautiful. I´m off to the Chinese for lunch later and I DON´T think I´ll be eating Crispy Duck and ho sin sauce today!

    Love Val in Spain x

  36. Lovely card. I always get hung up on the idea of a sky needing to be blue tones but this looks great in yellow. I am planning on starting my mothers day card this afternoon, a bit of gelli, blue tits and leaves. Only hope my card can be as special as she is too me. Have a great second day at the show. Xx

  37. Lovely simple and bright card today – and a fabulous offer if only I had enough pennies left! Might try this technique though with another stamp as it's really effective. Hope the second day at the show goes as well as the first, and that you get home safely for a well earned rest and belated birthday celebration!! Thanks, Susan x

  38. Another beautiful stunning tutorial card plenty of offers too we are so lucky to have your blog even though your so busy in Yorkshire have another fantastic day xxx

  39. Love the 'duckies'. Have a good time in Harrogate such a lovely town, the buildings are something else, of course there's 'Betty's. Just the thought of the cakes in that tea shop, magic.

  40. Hello Duckie. Glad to hear your having a quacking good weekend. Great blog, great ducks (bought them a while back and they always make me smile) and great techniques explained in your own saucy (get it) way. Makes me smile. xx Maggie Col

  41. Love the bright yellow and the luverly ducks! Thank you again for your lovely Gelli plate print from yesterday, pinned on the wall in my craft room, just going to have a play now with brick stencil, hoping I can remember what you did …. Look forward to tutorials

  42. Hi Barbara, A beautiful day here in London too. The sun is out and everything looks bright and cheery. Today is a day to celebrate and enjoy. Your blog is as always inspirational. Let us all share more with each other; it is people who count not possessions. Everyone have a magical day. Mx

  43. I love these ducks in that beautiful coloured sky Barbara and the glazing before brayering is a great tip. I do like eating duck but don't very often as my husband doesn't. I tell him that I disassociate the cute pond variety from the bred to eat brand, but to no avail, so I eat it sometimes when we have a meal out while he looks on in disgust. Thank you for the lovely demo, offer and giveaway. Hope your second day at Harrogate is going well. xx

  44. Another great tutorial Barbara, thank you. A great offer too, I hope Jan knows what is coming her way tomorrow!!! Glad all is going well for you in Harrogate. The weather in the Reading area is gorgeous too. It's so uplifting to see the sun and feel the warmth on you, really does bring out the best in everyone. xx

  45. hmmm…my chicken for lunch is a bit disappointing now…..but your stamps never disappoint – I'm off to play now with my clarity stamps – it was nice to see you and your lovely fella yesterday – safe journey home.

  46. Greetings from Cleethorpes – Turkey on the menu here today not duck, glazed or otherwise. Great tutorial as per usual, what did we do before BB? (Barb's blog) Hope today was as good as yesterday, have a safe journey back home.

  47. I hope Jan is getting a good rest today as she is going to be very busy tomorrow .Very generous offer. Lovely card with the glazed ducks, we just got pigeons round here. I like the yellow sky, I really have not got your vision to think of that would always think got to be blue. I am feeling blue at moment just had to cancel my trip too Sidmouth this week. Lovely weather as well . Have safe journey home Lynne xx

  48. Love the card. My daughter Heather, now is 16, and her first word was "duck" as she loved to play with her toy duck. For years we had to look out for ducks and all things duck!! Seeing your card reminded me of when we were in Braemar when she was just thirteen months. There were loads of ducks in the carpark when we parked and Heather tried to follow one shouting quack quack! It was so cute! She was upset though went the ducks flew away!! Happy times!!

  49. Love the card. My daughter Heather, now is 16, and her first word was "duck" as she loved to play with her toy duck. For years we had to look out for ducks and all things duck!! Seeing your card reminded me of when we were in Braemar when she was just thirteen months. There were loads of ducks in the carpark when we parked and Heather tried to follow one shouting quack quack! It was so cute! She was upset though went the ducks flew away!! Happy times!!

  50. Had to smile to myself as I read your post……Been playing in the garden with our little boy today as the sun has been glorious & the football has been flying around. He hasn't yet grasped the concept of the importance of the word "foot" & just as we home in on the ball he insists on picking it up & launching it at head height. All afternoon we have been shouting (you guessed it ) DUCK !!!! It just started as a one off but it made him laugh so much it became infectious. We have just put him to bed & he was still saying it amongst the giggles

  51. Barbara, hope your Harrogate show was successful. We've had glorious sunshine down in the Southwest today – let's hope it's a sign of what's to come!! Your card matches the lovely sunny day. Thanks for the giveaway. Jean.x

  52. Love the ducks, I spent yesterday in the sunshine with my son, daughter in law and grandchildren and today in the sunshine with my daughter and son in law that's all the uplifting I need x

  53. Another superb card to go with the superb day we have had here in sunny Edenbridge ! Hope you've had a successful but not too tiring day at the show. Safe journey home and many thanks for your ever inspiring daily blog Jane x

  54. I've been without Internet access for the weekend so it's great to be back at home and able to get a double installment of your fab blog, a great card with lovely summer colour!Wx

  55. Lovely to speak to you at GNPE today Barbara – that was certainly uplifting for me Congrats on winning the MDF clock, canny job you did with your card and without a brayer or make up sponge in sight! Love the colours in today's card & the ducks are fab. Pat x

  56. Your beautiful card fits today's weather so beautifully.The colour is so fresh and fun.The ducks are stunning.Another amazing tutorial that has brightened everyone's day.Hope the show went well and you had an enjoyable day.Hugs Debbie x

  57. Beautiful bright card, unfortunately I (over) spent my budget for this month at Harrogate yesterday so can't take advantage of this great offer. I managed to catch some of your demo using Perfect Pearls yesterday. This was great as I had been trying out the technique on black glossy card earlier in the week without a lot of success, will be having another go now, thanks for the tips. Hope you had another good day today.

  58. Lovely, lovely design Barbara and so simple but effective. Can't help thinking there'll be crispy duck if they fly too close to the sun! As ever thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  59. Beautiful card, Barbara. I could see those ducks in silhouette against yesterday's sunset too. Such versatile stamps. By the way, have you seen the full moon tonight – totally awesome. xxx

  60. Fabulous card – glad to hear that Harrogate has gone well! I normally go but couldn't make this weekend. Hope you will be back in the autumn! At least I have your great blog to keep me going 🙂

  61. I am am glad you had a good time at the show in Harrogate and just wish it was not so far away so am hopping your go to Exeter again this year as I was so pleased to see you there last year ( September 2013) I was so blown way by your demo that I scurried away after unable to bring my self to speak to you as I was sure I would make a fool of myself!
    I was so inspired I bought a few things ( that's my story and I am Sticking to it ,just incase the bank manager is reading this lol!) and spent the whole week after trying to get the hang of using the brayer , I had enough success to use it to do some of my Christmas cards but still have so much to learn but your blog is helping me feel much more confident – thank-you!
    Next the gelli plate !

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