A Pansy Posy

A Pansy Posy

Hello there!
It’s early Monday morning, day after the Harrogate Show, and I feel as though I’ve been lifting weights all weekend! The tops of my arms!! No Bingo Wings here, that’s for sure. Now if I can just clutch a brayer with my derrière, we could sort that area out too.
Now there’s a picture….
So moving on swiftly, Monday’s blog is Trees and Flowers; here’s a super Frame stamp combined with a set of useful little flowers.
I used:
Let’s begin.
Stamp the large Flower Framer into the centre of the A6 card, using black Adirondack.

Take the little pansy stamp from the set of 5 and stamp it to create a larger flower. This is where the Claritycard comes in very handy. 
it has the same surface as the glossy Claritycard, but it is much lighter weight. 170gsm. So when you want to cut an image out, the paper is ideal.
Do two.

Colour the flowers in with suitable Promarkers.

Cut the flower arrangements out, leaving a very fine white border.
Using a long Post-it,

cover up the Flower frame, leaving a border all around.

Take the same little pansy, and stamp all around the edges.
Colour these in too. Takes a little time, but well worth it.
If you move your arm energetically up and down inbetween colouring in petals, you can be working on your upper arm flab at the same time! Don’t forget the other arm though….
So now you should have two lovely rounds of pansies.
Add a little depth to the top one.

Curl the petals in. 
Then attach one on top of the other, using a little double-sided tape. I have to tell you, I never use squirty glue! I know it has a little more give, so you can still move your work around for positioning, but when it all squelches out the sides, like too much mayo on a sandwich! Heavens above! I thought we were making art, not lunch !!! 
Position the bottom one so that it peeps out inbetween the upper petals.

So now all we have to do is remove the Post-It and add a fine deckle line around the inner flowerline with a black Micron pen.
looking good…
This would make a perfect little photo frame, too, for an anniversary or a birthday.

Add a few leaves from the set with Willow Adirondack,
and then add your Pansy bouquet in the O.
Mount the card on a lovely lilac cardstock, and hey presto!

Happy Monday Flower!
And the winner of yesterday’s little giveaway prize is: 
Alison, AKA Alimecca
(so let me have your address, 
so that we can send you tour £20 Gift Voucher!)
Have a great Monday, and lets hook up again tomorrow. x
much love

60 thoughts on “A Pansy Posy

  1. Hello Barb, another chuckle this morning 🙂 I need to brayer more, as it seems to be good upper arm exercise. Beautiful card, love the colouring on the pansies. Well done Alison. Bx

  2. I cannot believe that I had forgotten that lovely little pansy flower, especially as the pansy is one of my favourite flowers. They have even produced a range of perfumed pansies now, can't wait for mine to arrive. I love the way you have used it this time, so different but still with elements of the first time I saw you use it. Hope you are taking things easy today. xxx Maggie

    1. PS I always use the Pinflair glue gel, which is very easy to control for decoupaging. With the syringe, you can place exactly what you need wherever you need it, thicker amounts to support the outer petals, and flatter where you need it. xxx Maggie

  3. This is beautiful. I am still working on my glue technique to try to avoid the squelching! As for brayering with your derrière, I am trying to get that picture out of my head!

    Well done Alison!

  4. Beautiful, love it, what a lovely way to start a Monday morning. A bottom brayer…. theres a concept ! Certainly fires the imagination. Your such a laugh. Joan x

  5. This is such a pretty card. Barbara and I reckon achievable -even for the likes of me!
    ( had a go with the masking tape technique after seeing your castle-o dear it just didn't look the same!) !
    Just one problem now Barbara-I will never be able to look at my braver in the same way again!!!

  6. Good morning,
    I am still trying to figure out how that brayer and hmmm it just makes me laugh. So I just went thorough the stamps I thought I wanted from the NEC and now I want the pansy

  7. Beautiful Barbara wow its beautiful love the flowers so inspiring this one thank you Barbara have a nice rest and hope you feel better soon happy st pats day everyone xxxx

  8. Lovely spring feeling card. I used to think that panties were wee garden people with the faces that you can see in them!! Panties remind me of my grandparents' garden and the happy childhood times I had there.

  9. Wonderful spring card. We don't have a lot of pansies in our garden, but there are a lot of small "wild" ones in the chateau where I work, and they are just stunning. Barbara, if you can just relax a bit after Harrogate, and have a lovely day. xx

  10. Still chuckling about your comments on your arms etc…Yes I certainly could do with toning up all of me so going to see where I can position the Brayer to take full advantage!!! Such a pretty card today and love this technique x

  11. Morning Barbara, your comment about your derrière really made me giggle…..what a picture eh?
    Anyway enough of that your card is beautiful and would be perfect for Mother's Day
    Hope you recover from Harrogate quickly

    Jackie x

  12. Hello Barbara how beautiful what a pretty little stamp my clarity parcel has just arrived so its a clarity tidy day as got your new stencil folders small and large and another clarity binder for my stamps as first one is full tell I am a clarity addict xxx

  13. Love the card Barbara. Really glad the show at Harrogate was a success and can't wait to see you at the NEC this weekend. Now I just need to decide what Clarity goodies I need to buy from my evergrowing wish list.

  14. I love this flower frame stamp. So versatile. I will have to get those pansies to go with it though…here I thought I was done with my spending at Clarity this month! Great card tutorial Barbara. xx

  15. This is gorgeous Barbara and I especially love the frame you have made with the little pansy, it works so well and leads your eye in to that beautiful flower stamp with more of those luscious pansies. Your demos always fire up the creative juices! Congratulations to the lucky winner too. Thank you Barbara. x

  16. Hi Barbara. Oh please, so much laughter. Images of you in the office "clutching" your brayer spring to mind :-)) Brilliant start to a Monday. The card is so pretty. I love pansies and this stamp is gorgeous. It makes a brilliant border too doesn't it. Hope you get a rest after the show. Take care.

  17. Really pretty pansies – love that frame! Glad you didn't use a brayer today, as the thought of you having to … enough said!!! Hope your arms feel better soon – Susan x

  18. So pleased the show went well.Congrats to the winner and I hope you are taking it easy today after such a busy show.Such a beautiful tutorial.Thank you.hugs Debbie x

  19. Still trying to perfect my brayer technique so maybe I will try your new idea! Can't even begin to imagine how you will demonstrate that on C&C!!!!! Happy Monday hope your arms recover soon. Xx

  20. Glad you enjoyed Harrogate. I am still trying to master a brayer using my hands never mind my more than ample behind!!
    Great card – it would make a lovely mother's day card.

  21. Pretty as a picture! Love the pansies around the edge & the flower framer is a really useful stamp. Pretty, delicate colouring – lovely card. Pat x

  22. Very pretty, I love pansies always have some in my garden. Glad Harrogate went well, how are you going to do four days at the NEC your poor arms will be dropping off. I am getting my list ready for NEC, your little Gray helpers are marvellous they usually just look over my shoulder then provide everything. Well done Alison Hugs Lynne xx

  23. This is so pretty and I love the colours you have used.
    However….I now have a picture of you with a brayer clutched by your derrier and squirty glue!!! LOL – you have such a way with words xxx

    Rest up ahead of your next show

    Much Love
    Kim xx
    ps – take that bag off your shoulders when at the shows (saw a picture of you yesterday) – that adds to the neck problem – take it from someone who also suffers xx

  24. Such a lovely card, I especially love the sweet border. I'm new to card making so haven't tried the brayer yet, watching you work always inspires me to buy one. I usually read your blog to brighten a Monday morning, late today but so funny reading about your derrière and "Fabulous Fiona's panties" I laughed so much it still brightened an already sunny Aberdeenshire . Just love your blog . Take care x

  25. What a pretty card. What would we do without our post-its? Hope you've managed to rest a little today after all that working out at Harrogate. Not sure about your suggestion for a new brayer technique – would certainly make interesting viewing on C&C. Dean would have a hysterical breakdown when you started clenching those cheeks! ! Best stop now as having a giggle attack. Xxx

  26. Great card, love the pansies, rest up and hope NEC goes well, I am trying to convince myself not to attend – not sure I'm winning. Hope you neck is feeling a little better. Jx

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