Allium und Dankeschön!

Allium und Dankeschön!

I do hope you are having a good Sunday?
My parents and brother are coming over for lunch,
so I can’t stop long; potatoes to peel and all that jazz..
But I thought I would go back to an old favourite today:
Alliums on Double-sided adhesive with Gilding Flakes.
Here’s what I used:
if you get these 2 large alliums, we will send the baby allium to you as a gift. xx

Sponge finger
Ready steady go!
Peel off the Clarity wax paper

Stamp a large Allium directly onto the adhesive sheet, 
using Black Archival ink.

Add the second Allium,

and the third…

Here’s how to lay the acetate down perfectly:
replace the wax paper over the inked artwork, 
leaving a half inch gap at the top.

Place the acetate exactly over the sticky part which is exposed.
You can slide around on the wax paper, to get it in the right place.

Now start pulling the wax paper away, 
and rolling the acetate into place simultaneously.

Keep going…

until the wax paper is gone and the acetate is in place.

Here is one I did for my German Mum. 
My lovely Schmetterling!

So now flip to the other side, and peel off the orange paper.

Variegated copper is good. Mum will like this one best.

Now make sure nobody’s going to come flying through 
the back door, 
or the cat can’t jump up on the table!

Sprinkle the Gilding flakes onto the adhesive sheet.
Make sure the sticky area is completely covered, 
and pour the leftovers back in the pot.

Using your finger, or a sponge finger, burnish the back.

Turn over for a rather sumptuous effect.

Here’s one using Variegated Green.
There are loads of different flavours. 
I think my favourite has to be Pirate Treasure though. 

Anyway. This ones’s for my Mum.
A while ago, we were walking along together, and I told her that of all the things she has shown me and taught me, the greatest personal gift she has given me is bilingualism. 
But I guess my Dad deserves half the credit for that one, too!
My German’s still not as good as hers, but I get by!
much love,

68 thoughts on “Allium und Dankeschön!

  1. So beautiful, I'm sure your mum will adore it. I've tried acetate a few times, including with Gilding flakes but I'm afraid it's still something I've still to master. But I think your demo may have solved my problems.
    Bought these stamps at Harrogate recently and used them last week and used them last week on cards for friends. Their stunning simplicity makes them vefy versatile.
    Wish I could speak more languages, I do admire you. Have a lovely Mother's Day with your family. I live too far from my 2 children to see them but I've been told to expect a delivery. Xx

    1. You're more than welcome Barbara. Just a little something in return for the huge poitive change that Clarity has brought to my life and your very entertaining and inspirational blogs. Xxx

  2. Hi Barbara, loved this card. I used your Marianne stamp to make a card for my friend using the acetate & variegated gilding flakes & was really pleased with the result. Must buy the alliums though. You are an inspiration to us all. Enjoy your Mothers day. x

  3. Happy Mothers Day to all you Mums – I hope you have a fab day full of pampering and special treats xxx
    Barbara a big thank-you for this extra special treat – I love building flakes and have some silver ones with which I shall go dust of as not used since before Christmas .
    You have a fab Day xxxxxx

  4. Happy Mother's Day Babara to you too. I now have the Pirates Treasure in my collection so thank you for that special offer. I love the way you use these double sided sheets. It looks great with the Alliums too. XXX

  5. Happy Mothers Day, love this card, funnily enough I woke very early this morning having dreamt about this technique, I bought one of your gilding flake sets a long while ago… Must be feeling guilty about not having used it much so will put this right very soon

  6. Happy Mothers Day also, I hope you get to have a fabulous day. This is a lovely idea. I have been going to buy double sided sticky for a while and still not gotten round to it. I think I really must get it now, thank you as always for the wonderful inspiration. Dx

  7. I'm sure your mum will love this beautiful card, have a lovely day. Personally this is not a good day for me (and many others) as I lost my mum to motor neurone disease over 30 years ago, she was only 52. So I've treated myself to trees & their mantels (mum would have approved!) and will spend a reflective day in the garden followed by an evening of crafting now the long awaited light evenings have finally arrived. Love to all mums everywhere xx

  8. I always love the double sided adhesive designs you do, there always seems to be a touch of magic in there. Happy Mother's Day…. enjoy. I am a lucky girl & lunch is going to be cooked for me. My little boy is only 3 & so his culinary successes so far are things like toast, Readybrek & jam sandwiches. Guess what Mum's having for lunch ? I will savour every moment & it will be one for the precious memory bank

  9. One of my favourite techniques and I've just noticed it looks like one of your boarders stamps on the lids of the flakes Happy Mother's Day one and all, including all the Mums up in heaven who look down on us

  10. Must give these gilding flakes a try they always look so good. Happy Mother's Day to all even my two children remembered this year and the Spanish post obliged with their delivery. You have to live here to understand.

  11. Morning Barbara. We must be on the same wavelength. I bought the stamps at the nec last week. I used them on Friday to make a card and I gilded them with guess what, yes pirates treasure. Happy Mother's Day. Going to see both mums later. Xx

  12. Morning Barbara, I love this technique and your Mum is going to love her card. Happy Mothering Sunday to all Mums, and special thoughts for those Mums who are no longer with us. xx

  13. Love the stamp Barbara I haven't used the flakes I'm scared whimp I am 76 and scared of flakes.have a lovely day with your family thank you for sharing love June xxxx

  14. Good morning Barbara and a happy mothers day to you! Neither Colin nor me have our mums with us anymore but I feel that today they are both with us looking down and smiling on what we're doing!
    We will be spending the afternoon with Amy and her bf Matthew in their new home and then they are treating us to a meal in Manchester! It's good to spend time with our families!
    I really must get these aliums! I keep forgetting to get them.
    Your mum will love her card I'm sure simply because you have made it for her! Have a good day! Love and hugs xxxxx

  15. Happy Mothering Sunday to you Barbara, hope someone helps with the washing up! We are out today, it's also my husbands birthday so family get together in Yeovil. No cooking or washing up! x

  16. Hello Barb, Happy Mothering Sunday to you, your Mum and all the Mums out there. This card is beautiful, and I am sure your Mum loved it. Have a lovely day. Bx

  17. Happy Mother's Day everyone. I am lucky enough to have an original one of these that you gave me at the NEC a couple of years ago when you demoed this technique for me it has pride of place in my craft room .

  18. Hi Barb,
    Happy Mothers Day to one and all. Unfortunately, this is the second year without my Mam & I still miss her so much. However, I really do believe that both my mam & dad are looking after me still. Had a fall on 'Monday & nearly went over a ledge with a 20 foot drop onto rocks & convinced that they kept me from falling. Anyway, I digress. Love the allium stamps and the gilding flakes and I'm sure your mum loved her card. Hope you have a lovely day with her and your brother – treasure every moment with them. Love to everyone, Alison xxx

  19. Happy Mother's Day to all mums my mum passed away 21 years ago but when I need her I feel she is always with me .love the technique have put the flakes on my wish list have a wonderful day xxx

  20. I had my Mothering Sunday yesterday, when the whole family came down for a garden, shed and garage clear out. All four grandchildren playing happily together, playing hunt the smallest worm. I am off out into the garden again in a minute to do some more planting up and planting out. My existing beds are filling up nicely and the new ones are in the pipeline – I need them soon as I have the plants for them already. I love this gilding flake technique, and I have just got the alliums to try to replicate one of the samples on the stand at the NEC. Anyway, work this morning and play this afternoon. Have a lovely time with your Mum, Barbara. xx Maggie

    1. Just had another visit this morning from my daughter and her family who live close by, with a lovely hand made card, using a photo of her primroses in the garden (she knows I only have the native primroses in my garden not the modern hybrids) and four more plants (two lavenders and a honeysuckle to smell nice and a clematis for colour) for the garden and one for the house. Now I need to get busy and get more of my little plants properly sorted. Have a great day, all of you. xx Maggie

  21. I don't have the alium stamps, but I do have some other floral stamps and the acetate, so may give this technique a go this afternoon as I have two birthday cards to make. Hope you are enjoying Mother's day with your Mum and I bet she liked the card.

  22. Hi Barbara. I love the card. The gilded background is beautiful with the flowers. I wish I could speak another language. I was let off compulsory French after 3 years as I was still at the je m'appelle… stage, just could not retain any of it. Had to do extra maths instead though:( ! Give me something practical to do though and that's a different story : ) I hope you have a lovely day with the family. Take care.

  23. Fabulous card today Barbara – always forget you can stamp directly onto the sticky stuff! I've had the aliums for ages, and use them such a lot – great stamp for a simple, classy card for lots of occasions. Happy Mother's Day to you and all the other mums out there! Susan x

  24. I've seen you do this before Barbara and it always looks so beautiful. I just love gilding flakes although I do wish they didn't fly all over the place. Have a lovely mother's day everyone.. Pat x

  25. Hope you've had a lovely day with your mum. I'm sure she loved your card. It's stunning and I'm going to try the technique. Have been wanting to have a go with gilding flakes for ages now and I've kept looking at the alium stamps-even put them in my basket a couple of times but never finished the process! Will do so this week! Thank you, Jan

  26. I hope you are enjoying your day with your mum. My children are spoiling me too – my daughter made me a beautiful card which I really appreciate as I am sure your mum did too. My mum and my mother in law were very pleased with their cards. All in all a very good day.
    I have the alium stamps – they are extremely useful especially the smallest one without the stem which makes a brilliant firework!
    Must go now as my hubby is making tea for us all.

  27. Happy Mothers Day Barbara, hope you had a lovely time with your family xxx My Son brought me a printed insert he had done himself, and promptly told me it was a 'Do It Yourself' Mother's day card!!! So after reading your blog I have to do the aliums with guilding flakes to make the outside cover ……………..what else would do, thanks for the inspiration Barbara, crafty hugs Karen xxx

  28. Hope you have had a lovely Mother's Day with your mum. Been pretty hectic here as I have provided lunch for all my family, thought it would be nice for my daughters to have a break for a change. Great to get them all together and a chance to insist on a hug from grown up sons. Sadly no older generation left now but I used to cook lunch for the mums every Mothering Sunday. I had my gift from my girls last week when at NEC, they asked me what I would like off your stand. What a difficult decision but I was very spoilt. Bless them. The Alium stamps were the first ones I bought from you just over a year ago after watching you demo them, I love them with the gilding flakes I have used them several times. Lynne xx

  29. Love this technique, and I bought the aliums ( along with lots of stencils and other stamps) at Port Sunlight yesterday. I got my 'O' level German, and did do 'A' level, but I had met my first serious boyfriend by then, and didn't apply myself to the work properly and failed the exam, which I regret to this day. My mum has been gone 20 years now, but I feel her close to me sometimes, when I'm struggling with life. My two gave me money to spend yesterday, (for Mother's Day), which was great, and they have waited on me hand and foot today. What more could a mum want. Xx

  30. Oh Barbara I love these stamps and this card design, I saw you demo' it on tv and intend to have a go myself once time allows. So many great ideas to try but so little time to play!! Thank you for all the great inspiration. x

  31. Lovely card, wish I still had my Mum to make a card for but sadly she died 11 years ago and the anniversary falls very close to Mothers Day so it is always a reflective time for me but I have 2 wonderful daughters who make a special effort for their Mum.

  32. great card and pirate treasure is my fave too. i agree with you that bilingualism is a great gift and that is why i insist my kids need to learn my native lingo too. your german is great and i'm sure you were fishing for compliments with that statement.
    hope you had a cracking mother's day even though for your mum surely it is a bit early considering they celebrate it in may….. hugs xx

  33. This card is lovely Barbara and the gilding technique never fails to look fantastic. It's great you are bilingual and thanks in part goes to your Mum, for being German will have helped you pick it up more easily, but you must still have needed to want to do it. I hope you have had a good day with your parents and brother and I'm sure she will have loved her card. I know it shouldn't matter but it is quite hard when children are not around at these times. Our son lives on the other side of the world and my husband and I miss him a lot. He always remembers to send cards, and I received a lovely Mother's Day card and a call as well which means a lot. Thanks for another cracking demo, and I must get some of the double sided adhesive sheets to try this technique with. x

  34. I dithered about the Allium set of stamps so they along with the gilding flakes and double sided adhesive sheets are on my list for Doncaster in June.

    I enjoyed a lovely afternoon with my Mum at a local garden centre (she loves her garden), we had tea and cake (lovely) then we had a lovely wander round and I treated my mum to some more plants , it was lovely xx

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