Sent to you with Gratitude….

Sent to you with Gratitude….

Hello there!
It’s Saturday, 
so it’s a new technique blog.
Thought I’d get my little Gelli Plate out, 
and show you something so simple, 
but really, really effective.
I used:
(I need help!)
Stamp the Blue Tit in Black Archival on the Gelli Card

Beautiful stamp!

Cover up the tit with the mask, and then put to one side.

Add a small amount of Phahlo Blue to the Gelli plate, 

spread out with the brayer, and then start lifting it off with the brayer. If you can see the ghost of a bird in the blue, you aren’t seeing things; I did one earlier!
Anyway, when the blue starts to lift off, 
stop when it looks like this!
Leave it to dry for 5 minutes.

Add a little amount of Pistachio over the blue 
and spread with the brayer.

Lay the striped Stencil in the wet paint and blot lightly 
with a piece of copy paper.

Cool imprint.
Let it dry again, for 5 minutes.

Next layer: spread a layer of Buff Titanium over the Pistachio.

but this time, before it dries, take your pic with the blue tit,
lay it on the wet Gelli Plate, rub the back,
and pull a print.

Using the outside of the mask, cover up the background now.

Use a make-up sponge to colour the bird 
with your Stonewashed ink pad

Add depth to the tips of the wings with Denim in the same way.
Add some yellow Butterscotch.
Replace the masks ready for the next time.

So you have this wild, arty, gritty background, 
and a perfect bird in the foreground.
I think I like the contrast.
Stamp a couple of appropriate Clarity Words from the NEW Word Chains, being released next Sunday on Create & Craft 9-11
with Black Archival.

I love it. 
Today I went to the Physio-therapist for help with my neck. 
I’m telling you: My cup o’er brimmeth.

When you see what others endure…
Trim the card.

A couple of close shots.

What is cool is the FEEL. 
The artwork feels gritty – except for the silky bird.

So now it’s Saturday, and let’s plat a game.
It’s all about backing, framing.
So here are a few possible background colours to go with. I want YOU to tell me which you like – in order of preference. And then see if you can guess which order I have picked.




Just making sure you’re still awake!
Do please leave an uplifting comment, 
and tell me what you think! 
(And if you put the footballs in first place, 
maybe I’m in the wrong building!)
I would like to wish Dave, Maria, Jo, Heather and Len and wonderful day at Port Sunlight.
Sorry I can’t be there. 
We are doing something far less strenuous: 
Filming our first official You Tube video!
In readiness for something very new:
Yep, every Tuesday we will post a new YOU TUBE VIDEO, 
both on this blog and on the Clarity website.
So wish us luck! This could be the start of something very big!
Should be fun, too…
much love

118 thoughts on “Sent to you with Gratitude….

  1. Good morning,
    I am torn on which mat I like best maybe the teal one then the blue followed by the black, sorry the soccer ball one just is too funky for me. Looking forward to your you tube Tuesdays. Great card today, thanks.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    What a beautiful creation. I would choose blue because it is my favourite colour and I feel it suits this picture the most. Can't wait for Tuesday to see the results of your hard work today. Have fun everyone. Love Bev xxx

  3. That is lovely and think good with football background looking forward to video on YouTube of to see Sazz and our wonderful clarity East Midlands family today so glad I have this group woul have got through last 7 months with out it speak later have a good day xxx

  4. Morning Barb, I would like the footballs…no onky joshin. I think a very fine black mat then onto that lovely blue one. Can't wait for your videos but gutted you wont be at port sunny today …I knew those words wouldn't be till next week, grrrr I could've got them today x dont do too many bloopers lol

  5. Good morning Barbara, my preference would be blue, black turquoise, cream no footballs. I think you will have chosen blue too. Looking forward to the videos. Have a lovely day filming. You're a star x

  6. What a gorgeous card. I have used the large tit stamp quite a few times now and I absolutely love it. I haven't tried it with a gelli background but that will be my next job now that I have seen yours. The football background is obviously one option ….. ? ….. But my order of preference would be Turqoise, Blue, Cream, Black. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to next weekend shows x

  7. It has to be the teal for me (would go lovely in my craft room then). I agree with Linda's fine black mat and maybe a white one too? Love the word chains, can't wait for the next set.

    Ps my daughter is a sports therapist (very handy) and a regular massage is the way to go with your back and neck, hope its starts improving with the physio.

  8. Great blog today love the bird and have it on my wish list. As for choices mine would be Blue,Black Turquoise Cream and the footballs are last. Looking forward to the you tube videos and I wish you all the best with that. Hope your neck improves soon take care x

  9. Morning Barbara, love the technique today. My preference is Black, you really look at the artwork, it shines through, the turquoise just about does it justice, the cream makes the picture too bland, blue is too much you see the blue rather than the picture and the other one could be in an abstract!!! Enjoy your day not many of us make a video for public display. Looking forward to Tuesday. Valerie

  10. I think for me it would be turquoise blue black then cream. … but those footballsnot sure where they belong other than on a pitch…. !!!!
    Can't wait for you tube tuesdays what a fabulous idea and something to look forward to each week. ….
    Look after your neck…. xxx

  11. My order of preference for the background is turquoise, blue, black, cream – and swap the footballs for milk bottles…
    Not sure what you would have chosen, but the turquoise is the definite winner (IMNSHO 😉
    Great work, as always -thanks.

  12. We a very early good morning from me… Hubby put clocks forward last night got cup tea brought me at 5.30 then he was on about man on radio he kept getting time wrong!!! Hubby a day early!!!
    love the bird i want a gelly plate not got one yet ,its fabulous,look forward to the u tube cannot wait!!! xxxx

  13. For me it is Turquoise, Blue, Black and then cream. Can't wait to try this technique although it will have to be with an alternative stamp as I don't have the tits (apart from in my garden)! Every day we have blue tits,great tits, coal tits and long tailed tits to keep us amused. Thanks for another great idea.
    Looking forward to Tuesday. Have a good weekend.

  14. What a lovely piece of artwork. For the layers I would go turquoise, blue, black, then finally the cream. Looking forward to Youtube Tuesday's and hope the filming goes well. Hope the team up in Port Sunlight have a good time.

  15. Black draws your eye to the message – so for me the most important followed by blue , turquoise and then cream but it is beautiful bird picture – looking forward to you tube videos – are you no longer doing the classroom shows on c & C ?

  16. Hi Barbara. Great piece, always good to see ways of using the beautiful tits. Torn between black and blue. Black really makes it pop but is it too harsh? The blue doesn't make it pop so much but looks great so I think I would go for Blue, Black, Turquoise then Cream. Forget the Footballs, but Viv Carbines idea of using milk bottles gave me a giggle : ) Glad to hear you had your neck looked at yesterday, hope it helped. Good luck with the filming, hope you leave in any bloopers, not that you ever make any mistakes or get the giggles do you Barbara 🙂 Looking forward to seeing it on Tuesday. Have a lovely weekend. Take care.

  17. Morning Barbara, sorry to hear that the neck hasn't improved.
    My colour choice would be turquoise, blue,black, cream and then (if I have to!) footballs.
    So glad to hear about the Youtube videos aaaaaaaaaand ACTION!

  18. Morning Barbara – I am making a card today for a friend who lost her sister on Thursday so I may get my "garden birds" out – love these stamps and you've created a very dreamy look here which would fit the bill perfectly I think – I'll have to chose the words carefully – any suggestions?
    My favourite is the black background as it brings all the colours to the foreground, then the turquoise as it brings the whole thing together, blue next as it highlights Mr Tit, then cream, not sure if it's quite a strong enough background colour to emphasize the lovely artwork?….then of course, the balls! 🙂 Good luck with the You Tube adventure today – Looking forward to next week to see the results. Have fun, hope your neck feels better….laugh lots it's a fantastic remedy for most things 🙂 Take care, Carole x

  19. Good morning Barbara, love this image and the effect that you've created. I would put the backing colours in this order: black, blue, turquiose then cream. The footballs made me do a double take! Hope the filming goes well, looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour! Have a good weekend.x

  20. I love this Barb. I think I would choose black, turquoise, blue, and finally, cream. I take photos like this sometimes when I can't decide what to choose, and come back to them later. I always find that helps me.

    Good luck with the video for YouTube Tuesday. Xxx

  21. Good morning Barbara! I'm off to Port Sunlight today and I'm flying the flag for clarity….I daresay Dave will tell you what that means! I'll be supporting the team there anyway! You know I will!
    Anyway I love the turquoise but I think I'd put a very thin black mat on it first!! It's a beautiful card anyway! That background looks like a really arty sky! Have a good weekend and I look forward to seeing the first you tube! Xxx

  22. Hi Barbara . Lovely card, I can't wait to try it. For me it would have to be the turquoise first, then the black, then blue and finally cream. Not even going to mention the footballs!!!!
    I love the idea of the you tube tutorials, as I learn more by watching, great idea.
    Hope your neck is a bit better after your treatment. Take care.

  23. Hello Barb, Lovely image and background, my choice is turquoise, cream, black, then blue, the footballs would be a fallback option :-). I think you chose turquoise. The list of ingredients made me giggle. I hope your neck improves, can't wait for the videos. Hope there will be outtakes. I am sure the team will have a good time at Port Sunlight. Have a great day all. Bx

  24. Turquoise, cream, black, blue, footballs lol, thats my order of preference for the background. Love this and I have everything so I'm good to go, my mum loves watching the garden birds so this will be perfect for her Mother's day card, thank you x

  25. I agree with Jane, the turquoise as it tones beautifully with the background but with a thin black mat first to emphasise the lettering, next choices would be black, blue and lastly cream. Kick the footballs into touch !!
    Christine (Andypandy)

  26. I think I feel a Gelli plate session coming on because of this Barbara! I love the black background which makes the image pop out – closely followed by the teal. So looking forward to the You Tube sessions and hope you enjoy doing them 🙂 xxx

  27. Blue, Black, Turquoise, cream and football never, which is what I keep telling my hubby. Well the football never bit I mean.

    I think you would have chosen blue.

    Now then Mrs film star,…………………. really looking forward to your youtube video. What a lot of fun I bet it will be. Good luck


  28. This is so lovely Barbara, can't wait until I can stretch to a gelli plate as I love your creations.
    As for the order- turquoise, black , cream, blue and as for the footballs -they need permanently banning!
    Can't wait for your you tubers!

  29. Morning Barbara I really love the blue tit set of stamps and this idea is fab. My preference for the background would be footballs (only kidding) blue, black, turquoise and then cream. So can't wait for the next set of word chains, they are a brilliant idea. Looking forward to your YouTube video next week and every following Tuesday. Good luck to the team at Port Sunlight. xx

    1. Oh how clever and so humorous of Barbara – well done Angela for getting it – Forget footballs , I am as sharp as Cotten wool ball and would have missed this if you had not said . at for sharing the fun xxx

  30. Torquoise, black, blue, cream and forget the footballs. Stunning tutorial thank you. Good luck with the you tube filming. I do hope your neck improves soon
    Toni 🙂

  31. You are definitely checking whether we are awake this morning, Barbara. I read through this twice and on the third read (I speed read so I always have to go back to check after) I suddenly spotted the word NEW in front of the mention of the Word Chains. I did say, I was spent out, but it might be a case of toast, dripping and Marmite for a few days longer. I have to have those words. I liked the ghostly image of the bird, it would make a lovely background. I am trying to work out how to pull that print without messing up the rest. I suppose you would have to start again to do both. As for the colour choices, definitely the footballs? Seriously though, my choices would be blue, turquoise, back and then cream. I wasn't sure between the blue and turquoise. Good luck with your filming and make sure you give yourself plenty of breaks to give your neck a rest. My chiropractor tells me to change activity every 20 minutes. Have a great day. xxxx Maggie

  32. Morning Barbara the black is wonderful I must have this stamp more so now because the blue tits are in my nesting box it's first time in 15 years it's all down to you and the tits . the cards are lovely have a great day oh how I wish I could go to the stamp show love always June xxxx

  33. Morning Barbara. If you had a song it would definitely be "Always look on the bright side of life". Sorry to hear your neck has been so painful. You will feel a huge improvement once the physio gets to work. Just to be awkward, I think the black looks fab. It brings out the little bits of black in the bird. Followed by turquoise, blue and cream. But they are all lovely and you are always surprising us so I will be wrong no doubt. Have a lovely weekend. Lynne.x

  34. Morning Barbara…I'm thinking turquoise, blue, cream, and then black. But then thought a thin blue mat then a thicker turquoise one, or t"other way round? Anyway…another lovely creation and looking forward to Tuesday! xx

  35. Love your card that background is sooooo coooool
    The mounts well the footballs have to be last (yes I was still awake lol ) and I like the turquoise best then the blue, black and cream. As for your choice I think you might have gone for blue first, then black, turquoise and cream in that order oh and the footballs last.
    I'm glad you are getting some physio for your neck
    Have a great weekend
    Jackie x

  36. Beautiful print Barbara. I do love my thin black mats so I'd have to stick one of those on, after that I'd put it on the turquoise.
    Love the sound of YouTube Tuesdays. I look forward to seeing the first video. x

  37. Hello Barb, I hope your neck starts to feel better very soon!
    Fab project, my first choice is definitely turquoise, then blue, black and cream.
    You Tube Tuesday is sounding exciting!!

  38. Beautiful! Adding something so random as the footballs made me smile this morning! I would probably go black, teal, blue and then cream. But like a few others have said I would like a fine black then the teal (or possibly blue). I have been undecided between the teal and blue. Hope your filming goes well. Am really looking forward to the new videos. x

  39. My favourite is, footballs,…..only joking…..turquoise, blue,black cream and the balls!yours maybe the same or maybe blue first? I really hope your neck feels better soon!good luck with the videos, I can't wait to see them. Have a fab weekend!Wxx

  40. Gorgeous as ever Barbara. My choices would be, black, turquoise, cream, blue and finally footballs. Footballs???? why footballs. Why not, I dunno, Giraffes??? 🙂 I agree with the others, You Tube Tuesday sounds great. Hope yur resting that neck. xxx

  41. Hmm! Think you do need help indeedy…large tits and balls all in one blog, you certainly had me giggling this morning. As to the choices I think the black frames it well, then the blue really makes the bird pop ( glad I didn't say tit as exploding bosoms would be too much) the turquoise brings out the background but the cream just does nothing for me. The footballs just made me smile. So I would go for the turquoise as it looks like it's made from a gelli print but with a little black between. Think you'd choose turquoise too.
    Hope the filming goes well, please include the bloopers at the end 😊 Make sure you also rest your neck and do any exercises the physio suggested. Take care and best wishes Jeanette xxx

  42. This is beautiful Barbara, love the technique.
    My order of preference would be :


    Not sure whether this would be yours but that's mine lol! Who on earth thought about Footballs!!!

    Great news about You Tube Tuesdays, can't wait. Good Luck and No laughing lol!!!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  43. Morning Barbara
    Beautiful card, I just love that shade of blue, then black and lastly cream. I think you might go for teal or maybe black, not sure 😊. I hope you have a great wknd , being Mother's Day it will probably make you even more excited about flying out for your son's graduation, if that possible. ✈️🇺🇸👏. xx

  44. Hi Barbara, sorry you are out of commission and hope you are back to normal soon x
    I would choose either black or dark blue followed by the teal colour and maybe cream if you wanted a third layer. Love the way the tit looks like its flying. xx

  45. Aww! I see smiley faces or clapping hands don't work, hence the squares. Oh well you get my drift…..exciting. I hope the physio has your neck a lot better by then. Good luck with your filming, looking forward to you tube so much. Xx

  46. Hello.. Well .. I think it just has to be the black first. The blue is lovely but is a very strong colour. The turquoise is just beautiful but a bit faded. Don't like the cream at all, and as for the footballs. Well maybe you've lost your marbles!! (joke) Can't wait for the youtube Tuesdays. Sure to be a good laugh with just a few techniques thrown in for good measure. xx Margaret Col

  47. I like the blue best, black, turquoise, cream after that. I think your choice would be black. Hope the physio helped, I have neck problems due to a car accident a few years ago, good pain relief helps. Looking forward to you tube tuesday very much, good luck with it. Joan x

  48. Morning Barbara. My choice is Blue, Turquoise, Black, Cream. I would find another colour rather than the footballs! maybe something with a slight leafy pattern with Blue in it. Good luck with the Video, looking forward to seeing it. XXXX

  49. Blue, turquoise, black, buff, football for me! The first two bring out different colours in the print. Love the contrast between the perfect tit (sounds like me – ha ha!) and the more rustic background. Looking forward to seeing the You Tube vids, Barb. Look after that neck! 🙂 xxx

  50. Well, had several looks st the frames and I love the turquoise, followed by the blue. For me they seem to draw out the colours of the bird. Can't wait for utube Tuesday, and would love it if you were to keep any out takes for a future release, as your laugh when things go a bit awry should be on prescription xx

  51. Blue turquoise black cream and no footballs is my order love the tutorial might have a go see what I can make with on other stencil and colours as haven't got that stencil don't know which colour paints either .looking forward to Tuesday you tube .have fun making it xxx

  52. Gorgeous and fab tutorial! My choice is blue, black, turquoise, cream and definitely no footballs! I think you would choose blue, turquoise, black, cream and definitely no footballs! I am looking forward to You Tube Tuesdays! xx

  53. I love the blue then turquoise, black, cream. Kick the football one into the back of the net.
    I like the blue as it highlights the blue on the bird and gives the card character and definition and also depth.
    Wondered what it would look like in deep lemon marble effect background to pick out the yellow on the bird. X

  54. Barb, hope the physio has eased the neck. Loving the art piece today – worthy of a place on the wall methinks. My order of preference is Turquoise, Blue, Black, Footballs and lastly Cream. Yes, I've chosen the footballs over the cream, cos, in my humble opinion, at least it grounds the picture, whereas the cream leaves it floating. Hope Port Sunlight goes well for the gang. Love Jean.x

  55. Lovely card. I like the blue for the texture, the turquoise with the hint of brown. Then it would be either the cream or the black;not sure about the black I think it might overpower the bird and the gelli print too much and the cream is a bit insipid and does not really do much to make the art work pop. As for your choice, well I'd like to think it would be the same as mine but then everyone's tastes are different, one man's wine is another's poison!

  56. Every day I read your blog & it lifts my heart, it your enthusiasm, your humour & the mix of all things Barbara Gray. I like the creams & blue best & would use both for different occasions, the footbals Na! unless it was for a footballing birdwatcher, the black a little overpowering, the turquoise I would tone down the white a little befoore using. Thank You for my daily crafty uplift. xx

  57. Love the card. My choice for background would be turquoise, blue,black then cream but woiuld this have been your choice. hope the physio helps. Good luck with the filming. Looking forward to Tuesday. xx

  58. Great background Barbara, and I'm so pleased you are finally getting some help with your neck – these wear and tear things generally don't get better on their own unfortunately. My choice for backgrounds would be dark blue, then turquoise (although it was a close thing) then black, cream and finally the footballs, although I also like the idea of milk bottles!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, Susan x

  59. Turquoise, black, blue and cream for me. I've used the bluetit for my mothers day card and added in the blossom branch. Inked and coloured the birds and then stencilled the background. All thanks to you and your wonderful blog! Looking forward to next weekends show so I can grab some more gorgeous products. XX

  60. Lovely card. My preference is as follow :
    Cream……And footballs. Very funny one!!!!! I think you will have chosen the Blue or the black may be.
    Can't wait to see the U tube demo on Tuesday. Glad you're getting help for your neck, and hope you'll feel the improvement soon. xx

  61. Well, apart from the footballs obviously being the best (!) I think the turquoise sets off this beautiful creation best, followed by black, blue then cream (which I don't think works at all). Looking forward to You Tube Tuesdays – is there no end to your talents? Thank you for spoiling us with all these goodies.

  62. Well if it was left to my grandson he would definitely choose the footballs but best left in the net. I would choose BLACK, BLUE, TURQUOISE, CREAM. Think the black really makes the colours pop out and is always a safe option. Think you might have chosen the blue or even double mounted it. Hope the physio helps, it did with me so long as you keep up the exercises, finding yoga is quite helpful at moment even though I don't quite manage some of the positions very well. Look forward to the videos, I imagine there will be some laughter producing them. Right I am off back to the kitchen got 14 for dinner tomorrow. Lynne xx

  63. Hi Barb,
    Hope the physio has helped. Love this today, the sharpness of the blue tit in contrast to the background is just gorgeous. As for the colours, I personally would go blue, black,turquoise, cream and then balls! I think a double mount could be good too. Have a great weekend. Love Alison.
    Ps can't wait for u-tube Tuesday!

  64. I love the Blue Tit image Barbara, and the Gelli Plate background is great because every print is different, and the colours you chose work really well in the finished print. I think whichever background I chose it would have a thin line of black because I always think it brings the eye in to the central image more, but then I think that I would choose turquoise or cream. For me personally the blue is just a bit too heavy, although the colours are in the image I think it swamps it too much, but perhaps the blue could go around the image first instead of the blue. I definitely think the footballs should be kicked into touch. Rather a feeble joke but the best I could do. Hope the physio works for you Barbara. x

  65. Blue, Black, Turquiose, Cream, and then maybe, just maybe the footballs if you are desperate lol xxx Stunning artwork as always Barbara, hope all goes well at Port Sunlight, good luck with U Tube will be there having a look on Tuesday, and every week after that. Get well soon Barbara, crafty hugs xxx

  66. your team were doing a fabulous job when I saw them Barb – and I managed to buy some fab stencils and some grunge paste that made me very happy lol!!! I think my fave order is as follows:

    black, blue, turquoise, cream, footballs. Not sure if the first two will be that was around or the other – but I do like a plain mat so thats why I went for that one! Hope the filming went well! Big Hugs Rachel xx

  67. oooh! Blue, Turquoise, Black, Cream then…footballs if we must lol!
    I love this, still do not own a Gelli Plate but on my very long wish list.
    As for your neck, Physio didn't help mine, it was the chiropractor who sorted me out. Also when it was my back I had problems with physio only helped slightly, what sorted me was acupuncture so if your physio is not making a difference give the other options a try. Look forward to seeing your You tube video. As for something uplifting…'s a glorious day outside today, I managed to spend some time in the garden when I got home from work and it was so lovely to feel the sun on my back……….roll on Summer xxx

  68. Yes, still awake Barbara, so no I don't like the footballs, my fav is the blue background. Sunday as in tomorrow, or next week for the launch of new dies? Guess I'll find out tomorrow. Happy Mother's day.

  69. My colour choices would be cream, blue, black, turquoise but I am absolutely naff at putting colours together so I probably have them in reverse order to you! Love the Gelli background and the bird is lovely – so much detail in the stamp. Pat x

  70. Barb I hope the physio has helped and not left you in tears as I always am lol. I love this blog it is fabulous. I love the background on the gelli plate. I think if I feel good tomorrow I am going to fight the fear and do it. Nothing can go wrong, therefore don't know what I am waiting on.

    My fave is the blue, turquoise, black, cream and footballs lol.

    I am really looking forward to the you tube vids.

    I hope you get some relief from your neck 🙂


  71. Lovely Barbara. Personally I'd go for Blue, black, cream then turquoise. I think you' go for black firstly, then cream, blue & turquoise. Definitely not the football's. Hope your physio sorts out your neck problems. Looking forward to seeing you at Alexander Palace on 12th April.

  72. Lovely Barbara. Personally I'd go for Blue, black, cream then turquoise. I think you' go for black firstly, then cream, blue & turquoise. Definitely not the football's. Hope your physio sorts out your neck problems. Looking forward to seeing you at Alexander Palace on 12th April.

  73. One of the reasons for having the 6×6 gelli and the 8×10 gelli, is that you could create your topper background as you have done on the 6×6 and then create a backing paper with the same colours and materials and on the 8×10 – well that is my intention, when I get the time to play, next month. I personally would have gone with the teal and the black.

  74. I would normally go Black first, but not this time, that Blue looks lovely so its my first, then Black then Turquoise, although I do really like the turquoise too, I don't like the cream at all I am afraid? I think you would pick the same as me because you have good taste!! Ha ha xxx

  75. Hi Barbara, lovely blog as always, I personally would go for the Blue, Turquoise, Black, Cream and as for the footballs they have absolutely not place in a piece of artwork like this so either bin them or save them for a footie card !! Could you please let us know when the first classroom of the year is Barbara ?? Many thanks Doreen xx

  76. Great blog, love learning new ideas. My favourite is the turquoise. Can't wait to see the new word chains next week. I know your children are a long way away but have a lovely Mothers Day x

  77. love the background. for me it is black, blue, turquoise and cream. the black makes the colours on bird so vibrant, opposite to cream that makes it washed out. my gut says you went for the blue but we'll wait and see. please look after your neck. it's too precious for your job. hugs xx

  78. Good Evening Barb, rarely do I read your blog so late in the day, but today was Clarity East Midlands, so I was up before the dawn and on the road as the sun was breaking through the fog on the M11 to spend the day with such a wonderful group of people led by the wonderful Sazz. The day has been full of fun and learning, we used the very versatile leafy egg and had a ball of a day..your influence on our group is truly profund and our Sazz does you proud. So in reading today's blog having waded through all the 'tits' which made me laugh out loud, I am rounding my day of Clarity off with a huge smile on my face. This blog is lovely, those colours beautiful, the end result I do hope is being added to your gallery. My choice would have been turquoise, black, blue and the cream… Oh and then the footballs! Keep the physio going and do whatever exercises you have been given. Very much looking forward to hope you have some bloopers! Xx

  79. Woo hoo. What a great post to see tonight as I came home from Port Sunlight with the large tit stamp and a Gelli plate. Maria's demos were brilliant and were the reason I couldn't come home without said goodies (and just a little bit more'lol). The the pain in the neck has eased.
    Beryl xx

  80. Evening Barbara, cool background and fantastic new technique. Definitely turquoise as first choice. It really highlights the pistachio in the back ground. Then it would have to be blue, cream and finally black. Can't wait for the you tube vids. I hope you'll be releasing outtakes to … I'm sure there'll be some funny ones! Take care of your neck.I hope physio was helpful. I suffer from a bad neck too but I find being creative really releases the tension. Such a great excuse to retreat to my studio rather than doing my marking or boring household chores! Xx

  81. Hi Barbara, well I was torn between the blue and the turquoise but in the end I decided the blue brought the image out the best. Really looking forward to the u tube video on Tuesday, just watched your first ever dvd again tonight all those lovely ideas especially the appature mask that I had forgotten all about so guess what I will be doing tomorrow. Thanks for continuing to inspire xxx

  82. See it would depend on if sending as a card or piece of art as I think the cream lets the art work speak for its self and adds clarity to the over all finished work But if as a card for a man blue , woman Turquoise
    So I will go – cream , Turquoise , Blue , Black , footballs lol!
    I think you would go cream ?????

    I am glad you have had Physio as it can make a big difference , I am currently having hydro therapy and it is the best pain relief ever in my book – if only I could stay in there forever I might be okay lol!
    Looking forward to the video tutorials but hope you take time to relax and look after your neck and back as your comfort and well being is more important .

  83. Hi Barbara I have to say your blog is fantastic, as for the backing colours I'd have to say my first choice is blue then turquoise, cream and black. Can't wait to see your you tube videos xx

  84. I like the blue best, followed by cream, then turquoise and lastly, black.
    However, I think you will like the turquoise first, then cream, then blue and then black.
    Or I could be wrong, lol xx

  85. Blue, turquoise, black, cream, footballs! Love the colours you have chosen for this project. Just beautiful. I've just found your blog today Barbara, but have seen you on C&C many times and just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for all the inspiration. Maddy x

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