Happy to be 55!

Happy to be 55!

It’s Tuesday already!!!! Whoever is winding the clocks up and making them go faster, pack it in !!
Anyway, Tuesday’s Blog with a little twist today. 
As you know, I was another year older last week, and I would like to thank my friends who made it a very special 55.  
So after a rather manic few days, chasing up to do the Harrogate show, I spent THE most pleasant morning today, enjoying each of the cards and greetings friends gave me, photographing them, so I could show them to you. 
Jayne at work, who knits tits….
Jane Telford, who makes fantastic Chryanthemum spray Boxes.

Elaine Milner, making a speedy recovery from a big op, but still has time for her friends.
Jo Rice, Stencil Queen!

                                                          Angela’s fantastic fishy wishes

Heather Hutchinson, best known to you for her kneepads at the shows! Very clever cardmaker, too…

Sam Crowe, always putting the cat among the pigeons!

and then trying to fatten me up!

Debby Berry, my one in a million TADA friend!

Linda Page, amazing cardmaker! Look at this!!!!
Even the box it came in is a masterpiece!

And just look at this lovely petalwork by Annie Pennington!

Linda Spencer, always creative, always thoughtful..

Dear Kim Reygate. Every one’s a keeper.

Super Spring blessing from Janet x

Pat Humby – such a beautiful, bright surprise! Thank you xxx

Joan. Got so much on her plate, yet still finds time…
Charlie Ann gave me this beauty at Harrogate x 
Thank you so much!

Barbara Leonard. A print of her own water colour work.

Maggie Craner, a beautiful original! I love it x
Dear Dee Paramour. Never forgets xxx
Doreen Sympson. Fantabulous cardmaker.

Kim Shaw, has got a straw –
And isn’t afraid to use it!
Thank you so much Kim xx

Stephen Simms, Maria’s young lad. 
Got an A for this masterpiece in Art, framed it, and gave it to me.
P for Precious.
Gallery piece, or what?!

And Maria herself of course. My right hand and my bestie.
Mandy Branston. Handdrawn. Wow…
I do hope I haven’t forgotten anybody, 
and if I have, my sincere thanks and apologies.
One of the most rewarding things for me is seeing other people get creative. Nothing beats a handmade greeting, don’t you think?
I never throw any of them away, do you?
But the best in show has to be…
So I just want to thank you all for making me feel very special. 
And I haven’t even mentioned the beautiful flowers and gifts which were arriving all week last week! 
Honestly! You do spoil me!
And there was me wanting to let this one just slide by quietly. 
I have been having a little Ageing Stage in my head lately. 
Maybe you know what I mean. 
The body is starting to change shape, grey hairs are suddenly appearing, what used to be laughter lines are definitely wrinkles – the head is telling me I am past it, and the neck is confirming it! So I have had to address not only my vanity, but also my mortality. And it’s ok. 
I can’t change it – getting older, that is – but I certainly can change my attitude. Most of what my head tells me is rubbish anyway!
So sod it! 
I’m 55 and I embrace it.
I’m 55 and I know a lot.
I’m 55 and still have loads to learn.
I’m 55 and still sexy.
I’m 55 and ALL WOMAN. 
There. That feels MUCH better. Try it
lots of love

100 thoughts on “Happy to be 55!

  1. Welcome to the fifty rivers club Barbara. Membership one year only so enjoy it to the fullest. I certainly am going to. Xxx. What wonderful cards to be given. They are all so lovely. Xxx

  2. WOW, Barb! You have alot of incredibly creative and talented and thoughtful friends! Bless you and your 55 years?? I shall be hitting 44 next month and I also wonder what has happened to the years, but I would never go back only forwards?! Helen xxx

  3. WOW, Barb! You have alot of incredibly creative and talented and thoughtful friends! Bless you and your 55 years?? I shall be hitting 44 next month and I also wonder what has happened to the years, but I would never go back only forwards?! Helen xxx

  4. Gorgeous cards/presents everyone different but very beautiful. I dont think I would ecer be good enough for this lot but then again practice practice practice as you say and have more confidence in myself I hear more people say.
    Belated Happy Birthday Barbara!

  5. Fantastic cards and boxes! I'll be 55 13 Oct and realised this week that all those years ago me and hubby said I'd retire at 55 as there's a 12 year age gap between us. Seems time might be getting nearer for me to get and use all my Clarity toys I'm saving a lot for retirement as I never find enough time to get really unto things at the moment. I have a big retirement pile of stash to work through !

  6. Good for you, embracing your age. You might just as well make the most of every second. It is just that pain in your neck that is getting you down. I love Dave's card. (I did say we needed a peacock in the bird collection.). Just carry on being you, whatever the numbers say. Happy Unbirthday! xxx Maggie

    1. PPS Thank you so much for showing my card. I also feel very honoured to be put in with all the talented DT. Fantastic from Stephen Simms, and so generous. I imagine that is going in your gallery. xx Maggie

  7. What beautiful cards barbara well I will join you next month to the fifty five club. So glad you had a wonderful time lots love and have a wonderful day I have a day to myself for change so going to be a craft day xxx

  8. Good morning,
    What a wonderful reflective blog today. So glad that you are celebrating each moment. Celebrate one day at a time makes sense to me… 55 you young thing you…

  9. What a lot of beautiful cards Barbara! Getting older I know what you mean I'm 60 in a few weeks and though the body tends to feel it my mind thinks it's only about 21 and can do anything which I can't! Lol. Anyway glad you had a good day and enjoy all those lovely cards x All the best x

  10. Hi Barb, so refreshing to see your outlook on ageing, I am also over that 50 milestone, and know what you say about making it positive. Love the cards and gifts you received, such creativity. Dave's made me laugh out loud. Glad that you had a good birthday. Bx

  11. Your cards are beautiful and your friends are very talented. Some truly stunning cards. I usually find the "5" birthday the one's when I have a wobble as they begin the approach to the next decade. But I soon pick up again as I start to reflect on the stages of my life and think forward to what I'll be doing to celebrate the next milestone. You only get one life so celebrate each and every year of it. Xx

  12. Thank you Barbara. I was feeling a bit achy and old this morning and then i popper in here a d read your blog. Not only does your art work (and tbat of others today) give me massive inspiration but reading the last few lines has made me see past my aches and pains. Thank you for being you and for bringing Clarity to my life – in more ways than one. Xxxxxxx

  13. Wow what amazing cards your friends have made you must feel very special. I join the 60 club at the end of the year so definitely need to slow time!!!

  14. Hi Barbara,

    These are wonderful, you are so lucky to have so many friends make you so many wonderful things. Love the knitted Blue Tit and Dave's card is hilarious. Glad you had a good day, embrace 55 there is nothing we can do about it, I know how you feel I was 54 a couple of weeks ago, if only we could roll back the years!!!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. Morning Barb – the knitted Blue Tit is just fabulous!!! You must sit that on your desk so when you are feeling a little low you can look at it and raise a smile because it will bring back good memories! What wonderful cards everyone made so feel very honoured to have mine shown as well – I am bowing in thanks – Daves card I love it – All those wonderful peacock feathers and the hen says NO – brilliant! I am two years off the FIFTY RIVERS (Lol) club – and you say you are only just getting few grey hairs – how lucky are you! – I have been grey for so long I don't recognise myself in photos with the very dark hair I used to have – your mantra is good – you are only as old as you feel – somedays that can be hard when the neck and back are hurting and you find twinges where twinges shouldn't be – but in our minds we are so much younger – and you – yes you – are a fun loving – and I guess its OK to agree with you – yes sexy – lady – so live life to the full and enjoy your 55 years and the many that are in front of you xx

  16. Good morning Barbara, how lovely to see your birthday greetings. How kind and typically you to give the showcase to the artists. Have a lovely day. X

  17. Beautiful, beautiful cards, 55 is the new 35 (or so I'm told) and we all have a 'head age' which never changes I'm sure its why when we try to do things we could do at 25 or what ever we are bought up short by our body saying 'hold on a minute'!!

    You enjoy all that life experience and your beaurtiful and on going talent, and Happy birthday for last week.

  18. Just a note to say I wouldn't participate in the above blog post as it sounds like a scam to me. Anything asking for your bank details should be avoided at all costs!

  19. You are so lucky to have such talented friends. I keep the hand made cards I receive because I know the work that goes into them (usually only two!)
    Think you should get another blue tit knitted and give to err Lee no sorry Dean on the next show.
    What does age matter I always say as long as you are enjoying life that's all that counts, I've got 12 years on you but sometimes I feel and act half my age!

  20. Hi Barbara….I am 56. I feel the same its when you pass a mirror and look and think yuk that's not me …. but if we have our health that matters more …….
    happy crafting ……x

  21. P for precious indeed, what beautiful cards, gifts in themselves, made with lots of love and best wishes, for a very special lady who shares and gives so much of herself, thank you Barbara. Love Dave's card, so funny and yes a Peacock stamp would be fantastic, love the knitted blue tit, you can't help but smile xx

  22. Happy Lastweekbirthday, Barbara! What fantastic cards you got! Such talented friends…but you're all babies, really……I hit the big 70 in a couple of months and I'm really looking forward to it! What adventures are still in store for me?? Who knows? Not hang-gliding, or off-piste skiing, maybe….but I shall do my best to enjoy every moment!! SO….in 15 years I shall expect to see photos on your blog of all the cards your very clever friends have made for YOUR 70th birthday! 😀 Jo xxx

    1. I am not far behind you, NannyJo. I also intend to get as much enjoyment out of life as possible. I shall not be joining you in hand-gliding nor in skiing, and definitely NOT bungy jumping. But you are so right to enjoy every moment and don't waste any of it. xx Maggie

  23. You've been spoiled, and you deserve it. All those artwork are stunning, and yes, I think that Stephen's frame should go in your private galerie. Thanks for sharing all that with us. xx

  24. Grow older gracefully or disgracefully which ever you prefer but enjoy. You have some very talented friends who find the time to create something special for you, how fantastic. Happy belated birthday.

  25. I always think that the quality of a person's friendships is a reflection of that person as a friend. And as a person. This speaks volumes about you, Barbara. Admired, respected and above all loved.
    Maggie x

  26. Such beautiful and clever and stunning cards ….Stephen Simms…what is he going to produce in the years to come…fantastic and amazing P for precious indeed, thznks for sharing these with us all, love Dave's card too and yes I am not a bird lover but a cool peacock would make for some beautiful colouring in too ! Xxx

  27. Hi Barbara What a beautiful array of cards from your friends. I never throw a handmade card away. Someone has taken the time to make it just for me and I have to keep it.
    I´m way past your age but loving every minute of it. It´s just a number and in my head I still feel like I´m a young woman, although the mirror tells me differently! Anyway I don´t like the thought of the alternative!
    Love Val in Spain x

  28. All the cards you received are wonderful. There are such thoughtful people around, but you deserve it, Congratulations, age is only a number, it is how you feel inside that matters. Live life to the full. Valerie

  29. Gorgeous cards and you could feel the love and kindness in them. The attitude and right frame of mind is all you need when you get older, it gets you through a lot.


  30. I have just reached 63 today, don't know where all the years have gone! Your still a young whipper snapper. You have some amazing talented friends too. Love Dave's card. I don't throw away cards either, its nice to look back. Joan x

  31. Hello Barbara, I still feel young and as you say body tells me otherwise, I will be 66 this year and still feel so young. Age is just a number its what you make out of life thats important.

  32. You have got wonderful, wonderful birthday Cards, dear Barbara. Well Life tells us what is importand. We don´t want to celebrate, well – Life wants to celebrate itself!. It is only the Body that ages not your wonderful Soul and Spirit, Barbara. .Thinking that way helps me and it is true as well. LOve

  33. Wow – your living room (or wherever you are dislaying these beautiful cards) must look fabulous.To me – you are just a spring chicken.
    Beryl xx

  34. Morning Barbara, oh what gorgeous and very special cards and gifts….and the one gift that everyone gave you was the time that it took to create something just for you…….
    You are 55 years Young….have a great day and see you on Thursday…..Jo…x

  35. What fantastic cards you have received Barbara, like Kim I feel very honoured to have my card included. Stephen's artwork is great and indeed precious. I love your mantra and will start to put it into practice. I too feel younger than 52 (nearly 53), though after a double keep-fit class last night the body isn't in agreement at the moment! Love Dave's card. Angela xxx

  36. Hi Barb,
    What beautiful cards, who's a lucky girl then! Just read yesterday's blog & discovered you drew my name for the prize!! Thank you so much! Had an awful day yesterday – discovered my 89 year old aunt has been diagnosed with cancer so was looking after her and never got to see the blog so fantastic to see my name today – needed cheering up! Thank you. I've sent you my details twice actually – not that I'm desperate to get the voucher or anything!! Love Alison xxx

  37. Hi Barbara. What a beautiful bunch of friends you have,. Each and every one of the cards are gorgeous, and best of all you know they were made with love for you. How special is that : ) How could anyone throw them away? I always put the date on the back as well to remind me which year I got them. Daves card is brilliant, did he draw it himself? Glad you have got into the right mindset. What's the point in worrying about a few laughter lines caused by lots of smiling and laughing (I refuse to call them wrinkles!) there's no real cure so live with them or grey hairs, use dye if you don't like them! Your mantra is great. Don't forget it : ) Take care.

  38. Knitted Tits indeed!!! What a lovely post this is Barbara and funny!xx Trying to fatten you up? me? I find with the age thing if you hang around with people older than yourself you feel forever young!!! But someone once said to me, "When you are 50 you will wish you are 40 when you are 40 you will wish your are 30 etc." So on my Birthdays I always think, in 10 years time I will wish I was this age now. I forgot to add a year on at my last Birthday though and only realised I was 53 a few weeks ago?

  39. Hi Barb, lovely selection of gifts and cards, thank you for the compliment but it truly is my pleasure. My 57th birthday is at the end of the month so I totally understand what you are saying but you just have to accept it and it really is just a number but rest when your body insists you must and you will be fine or at least that's what I find now …. Big hugs xxx

  40. What a lovely week you have had Barbara – and well deserved too. I am 55 too – when I got to 60 I decided I would count backwards rather than forwards – so I shall be 54 next month 🙂 xxx

  41. What a fantastic array of cards &.creations. They're all as individual as the people who made them to help you celebrate your special day. I've been going grey since my 19th, but I don't care, along with the scars I have, that's part of who I am. I've only got a couple of years to go until my "fifty rivers" year now

  42. Loved your blog today Barbara…sure got some good friends out there. Glad Heather, the knees got a mention xx Also can relate to a very similar age and yes things are creeping in but after reading the end of the blog, its another day I can forget about my age xx

  43. Love the mantra Barb, roll on the 'who cares' brigade. I've had more good belly laughs and fun since I retired at 60 than I had in all the years before. Best thing is being able to anything not only because you can but because you want too. There is a society of retired women who have rebelled against years of wearing staid suits to work, you know navy, black etc (like me especially navy). The 'mark' of the society is that they now wear 'red berets', in my case it's shoes, red, lime green, dark pink and the latest a of pair deep burgundy patent leather. So keep on laughing and enjoying life and remember laughter is good for your cheek muscles, stops them getting flabby, so they say. Thank you for a peek at your birthday cards, loved the humour in Dave's.

  44. Glad you had a lovely birthday Barbara, your cards are beautiful and a visual expression of how much you mean to your friends, wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Take Care xx

  45. Wow Barbara, what a beautiful set of birthday cards – I wondered what kind of card to send to such a great crafter, now I know. As for age, just keep on thinking the way you feel, not the age you actually are. I'm 67 with another birthday looming, but I only feel about 40 odd inside.

  46. P.S. I so agree with "craftyani" it would be great fun to give a copy of the knitted blue tit to Dean a aka Lee, that show was hilarious, such infectious humour and a great pick me up. Your sense of humour will keep you young. xx

  47. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful gifts and cards – not really surprised you have such crafty, talented friends though!! Fast approaching my mid 50's too, but apart from aches and pains occasionally, don't really feel any different to my mid 20s – just a bit wiser!!! Remember, getting older isn't so bad when you consider the alternative… Susan x

  48. Love your I'm 55 and……… verse, I shall be 55 in a few short weeks from now and couldn't agree more even if I feel about 95 just now following a fall and the resulting knee injury necessitating the use of a walking stick lol. What a wonderful selection of birthday cards you received and Daves certainly made me chuckle.
    Jackie x

  49. Fabulous stunning cards and boxes and you deserve everyone what would we do without you and all your inspiration big crafting clarity hugs Barbara xxx

  50. Beautiful cards, so many talented people who obviously think a lot of you. I am working on my challenge entry but not going to be in that league, Just fantastic. As I am the cardmaker in our family I don't get many handmade cards but have kept any I have received. Don't worry about the numbers, you are as old as you feel (ancient somedays in my case). Love Dave's card bet that made you laugh. Lynne xx

  51. What a lot of lovely handmade items, you are certainly blessed with a lot of talented crafty friends. I don't get any handmade cards but I certainly know if I did they would be kept along with all those shop bought ones from my Grandma, Mum and Dad, Partner, Best Friend and Godson. I especailly liked the Tit and would love the knitting pattern if at all possible…Cheeky I know but you don't get if you don't ask!

  52. Glad you are enjoying all the cards and gifts and the tit absolutely fantastic -know what you mean about the aging thing, hate the fact my hair has gone very thin especially on the crown, I always had thick wavy hair, but now I have my mothers " 2 hairs & a nit" and trying to cover the bald bit is a pain lol….

  53. brilliant cards Barbara – and thanks for making me smile everyday! Yes you're a very lucky lady – but a very talented, hardworking and kind lady too! All lady! Hugs Rachel x

  54. 55 wonderful years old! fantastic i shall join you in that number this year and like you have decided to be positive and embrace it ! well done Barbara and happy birthday, love daves card, did make me giggle

  55. What a lovely post! But do you know what Barbara ….I am so glad you had such a lovely birthday week as you totally deserve it!
    Stay positive and remember that you can delegate things these days …..
    Love and hugs xx

  56. What a lot of great cards and gift, a lot of very clever crafters out there, but you so deserve them. I'm glad you had a lovely time al be it very busy. Is Dave hinting at something then? Very funny! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us all, and showing off all this artwork. Wx

  57. Happy birthday, Barbara! What an amazing collection of artwork – all fantastic pieces, thank you so much for sharing them. Mandy's definitely made be laugh out loud! Sounds like you've had a wonderful time and been spoilt rotten – just as it should be. xx

  58. One of your best posts. Don't give a second thought to the number of birthdays you've had when you obviuosly have a wonderful troop of family & friends surrounding you

  59. what a stunning display of creations Barbara, they are amazing and all so different. Love Dave's card too. Glad you had a lovely birthday, off to try the mantras now xx

  60. wow what a beautiful array of cards. you are one lucky lady and never forget it. you do have some wonderful friends that care so much about you. sorry i didn't send a card but i'm bringing it on thursday to nec – late i know but i had bro's wedding on my mind. hugs xx

  61. What a bunch of talented people you have around you. To have such a lot of kind and thoughtful friends shows what a good friend you are too. Enjoy your friends and family. Thank you so much for sharing their talent and your optimism. Hope you have a wonderful 55th year. Take care, Jan

  62. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards with us. As many have stated here already you truly deserve them (personally I would not have the confidence to send you a card as I don't think it would be good enough). You truly have some very talented friends.
    As for the age thing I was 54 yesterday and the realisation that I can retire in a year scares the he'll out of me, mentally I am still the 18yr old newly qualified with the same passion for my profession. It is a shame the body doesn't feel the way. Life is a journey not a destination enjoy…… best wishes Bev x

  63. What a lovely selection of cards and gifts Barbara, and what a beauty that knitted tit is. A lot of the time the age you feel is in your head and your heart and not your body. I intend never to act my age even though I will be 63 in just over a couple of weeks time, and I like to feel I get just as much fun out of life as I always have, so as you rightly say Barbara 55 is just a number. You are obviously held in high regard as you should be. xx

  64. Beautiful cards! Belated happy birthday wishes, been a bit laid up so am late to the party! I love the knitted tit – that is gorgeous and the lady who knitted it should sell them! Go on being the age you feel and not the age you are – that's my reasoning and I'm sticking with it x

  65. How wonderful, so many beautiful,personal gifts. You must feel well loved. I dont blame you for keeping them, hand crafted is soo thoughtful, I keep mine too.
    I didnt know it was your birthday but I hope you had a great day.
    Im not far behind you and if it wasnt for this darned knee Id still be playing sport. The oldest on my netball team is 59, so if you can,then why not do what you want. X

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