Up in the Clouds!

Up in the Clouds!

It’s Sunday, it’s a simple step by step,
and I hope with all my heart that your house is safe and dry,
and NOT flying away, up in the clouds!
So what do we need?
Cotton wool ball
First I did a sketch of what I wanted on copy paper. 
I find planning a rough composition before I launch into the artwork reduces the chances of error. Well, that’s the theory…
Once I know roughly what I’m doing, the rest is just a process.
Stamp the houses in to place on the A5 card 
with the Black Adirondack.
Blot or let it dry.
Cut a mask of the houses. Punch a moon, too.
Fluff up the cotton wool ball (you only need a tiny amount)
soak it in Versamark ink, transfer it to the sky area
Lift it off and discard.
Load the brayer with Cloudy Blue and roll back and forth
until the clouds come out.
Wipe with a cloth.
Then add Juniper to the bottom half with the brayer, too.
Then add the little village lamp post and the Birthday greeting, using Black Adirondack.
Cut out your banner shape, whatever you have decided to go with.
If you want to add more Juniper, now’s the time.
Before you mount the banner, take a Denim Blue Promarker and run around the outside with it. 
What a funny language English is. 
I just had an image of you putting your wellies on, and running around the outside of the house waving a Denim blue Promarker.
Good for the circulation!
Anyway, I jest.
Attach the artwork to another piece of lovely white card, 
run around the edges of that card with the Denim (chisel end) again.
Using a fine black Micron pen (the one we use for Doodling and Filigraphy and all that Zen stuff!), tie little bows to the four corners. Cool.
I added the miniature house from the Village set to the bottom.
These little stamps are also great for the insert, the envelope, the gift-tags etc.
Colour in the houses and the lamp post with Promarkers. 
I have yet to finish mine!
But I do like this little piece. 
It has a whimsical, refreshing feel about it. 
When I get back from Stevenage, I may just have to paint the houses. If I have enough energy, that is!
Be safe, be dry. Stay in unless you really have to go out. 
Perfect weather for getting arty!
much love 
and WARM wishes, 

55 thoughts on “Up in the Clouds!

  1. really liked this and I. Have these stamps so can give it a go. was coming to Stevenage today but my daughter in law presented us with a new grandson yesterday and I am needed for babysitting duties for my grand daughter so will be sorry not to see you? it is on my bucket list to go on one of your workshops have you any idea when they will be.

  2. Morning Barbara, another lovely blog, I do so enjoy reading and learning every day, although it am not card making so much at the moment I am storing all the little tit bits for later use! Have a great day x

  3. Have a great day at Stevenage, and take care. It is good to see these stamps get another airing. I love the miniatures and have used them, probably mire than the main set. xx Maggie

  4. Oh! – what a lovely card. I want to have a 'go' at making it but first I must tidy my working area. It is it's usual messy self. Hope you all have a good day and a safe journey home. x

  5. Love the off set design of this. Would also be good for a new home card with a different sentiment. Must have a go once I've checked my garden fence is all intact. You take care as well Barbara.

  6. A lovely step by step. Every day I'm learning something new so thank you Barbara. I played with my Gelli plate yesterday and also had a go with the gilding flakes you showed yesterday. I discovered something remarkable ………. if I follow the instructions it works! xx

  7. Morning Barb, I love it when you blog the simple easy ones as well as the technical ones.. You make us realise that it does not have to be too extravagant with techniques to be stunning and effective – as this one is – I love that this is relatively quick but lovely, I think the cutting of the banner shape really makes it – and running (with wells) round the houses with a blue marker is the finishing touch! Have a wonderful day at Stevenage …hope the new stencils fly out the stand with popularity and you have a safe journey home xx

  8. Lovely card. Good to see how to use the VersaMark this way. I will leave the running around outside with a marker pen to you! 🙂 Being about 30 mins drive from Stevenage, I am hoping to make it there this morning. Looking forward to it! x

  9. Really lovely – I actually like it blue and white – really fresh! Got my brayer out of the box again yesterday after a long absence – I know the splodge mat is there somewhere as well … Must tidy my craft room today!

  10. Thanks once again for the inspiration. Blue sky with wispy clouds…had forgotten what that looked like. Love the little bows. Must dash…I'm off for a jog with a Promarker!! Have fun in Stevenage Xxx

  11. Once again thank you for sharing your amazing talent, the card is lovely. Hope our weather improves and gives us a blue sky instead of dark rain clouds! Enjoy your crafty day. Joan x

  12. Good morning Barbara, thank you for another great project, if only I had the confidence and courage to try them out. I am intending to get to Stevenage today Sat nav permitting!! Can't wait to fill my bag with lovely Clarity goodies.
    See you soon Bev x

  13. Have a good day at Stevenage. I am glad I am not the only person who sees the funny side in instructions – how about: Remove pan from heat and stand in sink! Makes me chuckle every time. 🙂 x

  14. Lovely little village today, language is funny, yesterday when you said about rubbing off the guiding (auto correct doesn't like guilding!) Flakes with a foam finger I had visions of a huge foam hand and finger like Miley dances with (and I say dancing in its loosest sense). Hope the show is going well. Xx

  15. Love the whimsical nature of this. I am having a lazy day today as my partner has gone fishing (Mad isn't he?) in the wind and the rain. Hope all goes well in Stevenage, wish I could have come down but unfortunately I have no way of getting there.

  16. Hi Barbara. Love this! It is so fresh and clean. Thanks for the tutorial, love how you make the clouds. The village stamps, regular and minature, are gorgeous. Hope the show goes well. Take care.

  17. So cool, cutting the Banner like that so it add another dimensions and it looks like it's moving in the wind. So clever. I will have to remember it. Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration. xx

  18. Morning Barbara this is lovely, I really like the fresh colours you have used……very Spring like.
    I hope you are keeping dry and safe too and that your home is ok too

    Jackie x

  19. This is lovely Barbara love tge banner idea and the little bows. Sorry but I wont be running aroubd the outside with my pro marker….its persisting down . Have a great day in Stevenage x

  20. Have been running round the outside already chasing the chickens back into their enclosure. The wind must have blown the door open and has blown a fence down so they've had a lovely time in next door's garden! Oops! Beautiful card by the way. Have a fab day in Stevenage. X

  21. Hi Barb,
    Love this and as I have the stamps might give this one a go this afternoon. Hope the show goes well today and that you have a safe journey home. Hope everyone is keeping safe. Love Alison xxx

  22. So Love your tutorials, Barbara. They are so easy to follow. Luckily I have everything on the list so will have a go this afternoon.
    Hope your afternoon goes well.
    take care.
    Love val x

  23. Love the ideas in this card. Know how to get my clouds right now. Like the pro-marker comment, oh if only exercising was as easy as that. Doing yoga, walking and eating sensibly but still the bulges stay there stubbornly. Hope the show goes well, wish I could be there. Take care on your journey home, hope the winds will have died down a bit. Lynne xx

  24. Another lovely tutorial Barbara, these houses come to life with a bit of brayering, and this idea of shaping the mat they sit on and then putting bows on the corners as though they are tied together works beautifully. The idea of running the Promarker round the edges of each layer looks really good too, just as though it has been matted on to a piece of blue card, and the miniature houses at the bottom finish it perfectly. Hope the Stevenage event has been a success. x

  25. Love this card, another stamp that I want. Managed to get to Stevenage today, really enjoyed it and thank you Barbara for the Gelli plate demo – I am going to give it another try tomorrow. Jx

  26. Just back from a few days away in Marseille, where I had no computer, and God how I have missed being able to come and read your post everyday…..Will have to catch up tomorrow. Absolutely love your card today, even without all the colouring. Thanks for sharing a great tutorial again.
    Laurence xx

  27. love the simplicity of the layout of this card. i was just thinking that if you cut banner shape out of copy paper you could mask around pic and then have a flat piece of artwork with white border without having to cut the banner out and restick it. just a suggestion……. hugs xx

  28. Nice card Barb,like the colours and layout. Always look forward to your step by step tutorials as I can then craft-along-with Barb any time. Reminds me of the great time I had with you at West Meon last year.
    Hope today went really smoothly for you today, I'm sure you would have been a big hit.x

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