On Your Special Day…

On Your Special Day…

Hello there! Happy Saturday to you. Now Saturday’s blog is a new technique, so I thought we could take a look at some good old vintage gold leaf edging. 

You will need:
Crafty Notions Glue
Talc + Brush
Here’s how.
  1. Screw up a piece of copy paper. 
  2. Squirt some Craft Notions Glue onto the craft mat and 
  3. dab your crumpled copy paper into it.
  4. Dab the gluey, screwed up copy paper around the edge of the card, 
  5. picking up more glue from the mat as you go.
  6. Sprinkle some Gold Gilding Flakes on top of the gluey edge, and 
  7. pat it into place.
  8. Now let the glue dry.
  9. After about 5 minutes, use a foam finger to rub away any excess gilding flakes. 

Same technique, using Pirate Treasure gilding flakes instead…
  1. Dust the card with a little talc. This helps the gold detail   powder glide off the card in a minute.
  2. Stamp the words and the Floribundance into the centre, using a Versamark ink pad.
  3. Sprinkle with Gold Detail Embossing powder,
  4. Tap off excess, check for stray speckles (although the talc should eliminate that issue), and heat emboss. 

Best to heat from above. Hang on let me turn it a little, so you can see the gold emboss. Spot on!

Sits nicely in that vintage-look edging.
I mounted the cream card on manila/craftcard.

 But what about the inside of the card?
How about a lovely, neutral sentiment?
That is just the ticket.
And yes,
However you spend it
Whatever you do,
Hoping this Saturday’s special for you.

Dave, Jayne, Chloe and I are setting up the stand at Stevenage, 
ready for the Sunday Show. 
Then we are meeting our good friends, Debby and Gill for supper.
So all in all, a pleasant day planned!
Stay safe, stay in the dry,
and think of us poor sods in the pouring rain, unloading the van in the afternoon! Refreshing I suppose!
If you are in the Stevenage area, please do come and say hi! 
It’s a great little show.
much love

60 thoughts on “On Your Special Day…

  1. Great card today, I love building flakes but they get everywhere and I have to be careful working at the kitchen table! Enjoy your show on sunday and I hope the rain isn't too heavy x

  2. Beautiful and gentle card…..thank you for sharing this one…gives me some ideas for a card I am planning so thank you xxx Don't work too hard…have a lovely meal xxx

  3. Hi Barbara. Love the simplicity of this. Gilding flakes are brilliant, love them. Have done shows in the past so know the feeling when you are packing/unpacking trailers etc. in the rain. Even worse is when you pack/unpack in the rain then 2 minutes after you have finished the rain stops for the rest of the day !!! Has that ever happened….you bet it has, and for you too Barbara I'm sure! Never mind, sure you will have a great show, enjoy the get together tonight. Take care.

  4. Looking at the card I would never have guessed that the border was done with scrunched up paper! Lovely design Barbara and simple enough for all of your followers to give it a go. Enjoy the show, bit too far from Northumberland for me to get there but my friend is having a crafty playday at her house. There will be about 8 of us there so we will have lots of fun and laughs and just maybe get some crafting done too!! Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe. Pat x

  5. Beautiful card, have a lovely time with your friends & hope Stevenage goes well. Must dash as driving down to Preston for Maria's Clarity Class. Sure she will have something wonderful planned for us. X

  6. Hi Barb,
    Lovely card, fabulous for anniversaries. Love the idea of spreading the glue with scrunched up paper – wouldn't have thought of that! Have a good day at the show and hope you don't get too wet. It's a bit too far to go though from Durham. Hope your not flooded out again at home in this horrendous weather. Love Alison xx

  7. Lovely technique and such an elegant CAS card, just the kind of thing that I really like. If you are selling cards, it would be the first off the stall. I have a card to do today, and although I had decided what to do, I just might change my mind and try this instead. Hope you do not get too wet unloading and setting up. Have a good show. too far for me, sadly, so I shall have to wait for the NEC in March. xx Maggie

  8. Thanks for the idea, I have some gilding flakes so will give this a try. Great card, looks classy. Have a good time at Stevenage, I live in South Wales so quite a distance but who knows if the weather is good I may try and get there. Jx

  9. Lovely card Barbara have a great evening with Deby and Gill. Hooe the rain holds off whilst you unload….but at least you and the stand will be a ray of sunshine to the peeps able to get to tge show xxx

  10. Absolutely gorgeous project Barbara. Have a great weekend. Stevenage a tad too far for me now I no longer live on the Fens – and when I did I hadn't discovered stamping.
    Beryl xx

  11. Very simple and pretty card – hope the rain stops for you. Although we've got sunshine up in Inverness, looks like I have another day inside trying to finish off my decorating! Nearly there….

  12. What a simply beautiful card. Love it. Have a really good day and keep well away from the rain and wind, although they do say that Sunday will be better. Take care.

  13. What a lovely card Barbara, that gold heat embossing looks great, I wonder if I have some of that powder? You just gave me an idea with the gilding flakes, they don't have to just be on card do they? Have a lovey day and hope the show goes well. xx

    1. Try stamping the silver birches onto acetate and putting silver gilding flakes on the reverse of the trees. If you back the finished thing onto dark card, the trees look fantastic. I can't find my picture of the one I did. xx Maggie

  14. Love this card and may borrow the idea as I have a cousin getting married later this year. Definitely need to get myself a heat tool when I get paid at the end of month, it is fast becoming a must have!

  15. I love building flakes, when I first discovered them I became a little obsessed and guilder everything! I haven't guilder like this though so will be having a go. Hope you don't get too wet this afternoon. Xx

  16. Really must learn to read before posting! That should say I love guiding flakes and guilder should be guilding. My auto correct is so fast I don't even know its changing things!

  17. Hope you have a good day at the show Barbara and don't get too wet. Thank you for sharing that great guilding flake idea, I must give that a try. x

  18. Loving this Barbara. Good luck to you and the Team today. Can I ask, do you have you use Crafty Notions Glue or is there an alternative I can use as I don't have that one? xxxxx

  19. What a gorgeous card, thank you for the step by step as I would never have thought about using the scrunched up paper to get that lovely effect. Hope you have a good show tomorrow, just wish I could get there too. x

  20. Lovely card Barbara. Thanks for sharing the technique to get the edging. Hope you and the team have a great day tomorrow, unfortunately I'm unable to get there :-(. Hope you didn't get too wet this afternoon. xx

  21. Lovely elegant card. Useful for several occasions, will have to have a go. got several anniversaries on the horizon. Just started to rain again here in Midlands, so hope you have missed it. Went for a walk this morning certainly blew the cobwebs away. Hope the show goes well, looking forward to the NEC in March. Best wishes Lynne xx

  22. Lovely card Barbara and tho I'm not new to gilding flakes, I've not seen the crumpled paper edging befoe. One to try.
    Hope the show goes well tomorrow and the weather is kind to you all. Wish I could pop down but Steveage is just a bit too far 🙁 however, my ndc stamp arrived today so I will enjoy playing around with that instead. Xx

  23. Gorgeous and elegant! I hope you all have a lovely meal and a good show tomorrow!
    I would recommend the glue from Indigo Moonm I don't mean to mention another brand here Barbaram but it is the best glue for stamping and gilding with it. I have loved using my Claritystamps stamps xx

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