Poppies Pop up!

Poppies Pop up!

Good morning on a rainy Monday! Yuk. 
So here’s a colourful card, to lift your spirits.
A Poppy Pop-up Card!
I love Pop-up cards. They take a little time, 
but what a delightful keepsake they turn out to be!
Look tricky. Aren’t.
I used:
I do like my old embossing Scoreboard. Call me old-fashioned, but it’s what I reach for whenever I want to score and fold a card! They’re especially useful when you are making pop-up cards, 
I can tell you! 
So here’s how.
Take a piece of A5 Theuva Card. 
Score across the card halfway down, 
turn the card over and score across the card again, one inch out from the centre-score either side. That will be your step-fold.
The thing about Pop-ups as I understand, 
(and I’m no Pop-up expert! This is just what I have worked out)
is that you need a lot of stamps to fill them and make them interesting. So the smaller the area, the easier to tackle.

So with that in mind, let’s make the area smaller! 
Cut some off the side! I took about an inch off.
So let’s deal with each area, starting with the top part.
Stamp the lovely Mill into the centre using Espresso. You may be able to see I blotted either side lightly before stamping.

Now it’s time to add the beautiful poppies. Just follow the picture below, using the centre scoreline as your guide.
The two poppy stamps belong together. They link into each other.

Next we need some pop out pieces. 
So stamp and cut out the elements below:
the barrow
half the mill scene
the mice (come with the territory)

For the fields, I added a fine-nib to the Promarkers and dot-dot-dotted the lines of the fields. 
Colours? I used Poppy, Pear green and Pastel Beige.
Next, colour in the poppies and pods. This is where you will find how brilliant Theuvacard is for Promarker work.

Here’s where your Clarity Stencil brush will come in VERY handy! Load one with Lettuce and dust round the edges.
Then cover up the mill area with a sheet of copy paper and add more green to what will become the shelf.
Remember we shaved an inch off the edge of the A5 card? Well, once you have decided you have done enough colour work, I would suggest we attach the artwork to a fresh piece of the same card, just to establish the pop-up part properly! 
Say that with your teeth in!
The trick is to score the fresh piece of card in the centre, too. 
Then, only add double-sided adhesive tape to the upper and lower areas – NOT on the step!
Just make sure the centre-folds line up perfectly before you stick down. (See picture below)

Colour in the barrow and the mice, and start adding the elements to the front of your pop-up step.
I have left room for a message – whatever it may be….
Any good ideas? Do share.
And this little picture I put on the front of the card.
The idea being, everything is a little triste looking.
The little mouse is looking forlorn…

But then! 
When you open the card, there is a burst of vivid colour, 
and the whole scene has come alive.
You see, that’s the fantastic thing about crafting. I look out of my window today, it is raining, windy and pretty grey.
So I turn my attention to this blog, and I escape into a splash of colour and fun. 
I think we will have a little SALE, to brighten the day.
If you decide to buy the Old Mill stamp
I have asked the guys at work to include both mice stamps as a gift.
Should you like the poppies, I have asked Tom to put them together, knock a fiver off, and add a free Poppy Promarker.
And if you need an Embossing Scoreboard, this one is the business. It comes with a bone folder, and I have asked Tom to deduct another fiver.
Theuva Card? Why not. If you buy one pack of 50 sheets, we’ll send you a second one FREE. I had best tell Tom quickly!
This is a Barbie-blog special, so if you can’t see these offers on the website, never fear! Tom and the Team know what I’m up to!!
SALE ends Wednesday 12.2.2014  at midnight.
much love,

59 thoughts on “Poppies Pop up!

  1. Have to say Barbara, I'm enjoying your creation looking at blue sky and sunshine! We've been lucky to have a pretty fine and dry winter so far in the Highlands, although it's not over yet, no matter what my spring bulbs think!! I've never done a pop up card – you may just have inspired me to have a go.
    Thanks, Susan x

  2. Oh how I love poppies. They are such a brightly coloured flower and have such a poignant meaning. These stamps are on my wish list but unfortunately I will need to wait until I get paid at the end of the month so will miss ot on this offer…Oh well it can't be helped, serves me right for spending so much.

  3. Oh, I love this colourful Pop up Card – makes my Day. I wonder if you bring the stencil brushes and the gelly plate to Germany, when you come to HSE this month. I am really looking Forward to the Show. LOve

  4. Please stop making such beautiful cards and putting up the special offers. I may be over stretching my all ready overstretched budget! But then it is a beautiful card and would be wonderful for my sister-in-law, her favourite flowers are poppies. Will that justify it to my husband I wonder!

  5. Hi Barbara. Thank you for doing a bright and cheerful card today, I can dream of being there instead of being stuck with dingy grey skies. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers and always cheer me up. Love the pop up action, really effective. Thanks for the generous offers, I can't afford to buy anything at the moment but can vouch for Theuva card. It is brilliant with Promarkers, I made the costly mistake of buying another brand and regretted it before I heard of Theuva which is perfect. Won't make that mistake again! Hope the show went well and that you aren't too tired. Take care.

  6. Am so going to have a go at making this card! Once again, you have been so inspirational! Stunning card – really lifts the spirits. Have the poppies already, fortunately, just need to add the other bits 'n' bobs… 🙂 xx

  7. Fabulous card. I just adore poppies, they are one of my favourite flowers (sunflowers being the other). What great bargains as well. Think I will have to order everything.

  8. These poppy stamps are amongst my most favourite stamps ever so of course you have now tempted me into buying the old mill with 2 free mice , and I'll have to have the barrow, and I might as well get some theuva card …. Love it when I see a tutorial as beautiful as this …what is a girl to do!!! 🙂 xx

  9. What a beautiful card and poppies are so my favourite flower. I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday, you were very generous with your time and knowledge. Poor old Dave on the till was so busy despite your encouragement to speed up because of the length of the queue to pay! Having blown my budget yesterday I feel I must pass on your generous offers today, oh well I can revisit your blog and enjoy your handy work at anytime. Thanks again, can't wait for the 'tits' on C&C or CAC as one lady called it yesterday!! Best wishes Bev xx

  10. I just love the little mice. My daughter had to catch one of the little blighters in a humane trap this weekend, she took it for a nice walk to the local park and let it go…. hope it isn,t a homing mouse! Your stamps are lovely and what a generous lady you are. Joan x

  11. How bright and sunny and these poppies are just gorgeous. The pop up idea works really well with these stamps, and the lovely red base card makes a beautiful splash of colour. I have never tried a pop up card but your step by step makes it seem achievable. Thank you Barbara. I must say our weather here has been quite bright and sunny today but not for much longer I fear. Hopefully the brightness we have here will be coming your way. x

  12. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear that the weather down South is so awful. Up in Durham we have been so fortunate up to now. Went to Whitby today and it was like a Spring day just beautiful. However, it's possible that we are getting snow tomorrow or Wednesday. Love this card and the special offers. I adore poppies – they always look so fragile. I've just ordered the two stamps ( poppies) and am thinking that they might go well with the poppy stencil that I've already got. Thanks !love Alison xxx

  13. Oh Barbie Barbie Barbie…you know I am weak!!! What a lovely card – so bright and cheerful – we certainly need some colour right now – so blooming grey all the time its depressing! Sentiment….hmm….."A poppy in the hand, is a smile in the heart" – nearly wrote poopy instead of poppy!!! LOL – right I'm off to the web site xx

  14. A lovely card but does look complicated despite you saying it isn't. Well the proof of the pudding as they say so I'm off to eat humble pie (hopefully) Thanks for the offers. I have the stamps but theuver card is a steal, thanks


  15. Hi Barb, beautiful card, certainly brightens a gloomy day. And what fab offers you have thought up. You know how to annoy our bank managers – lol. I think you need a whiteboard in the office, that you can update with Barb's offers….. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration. Bx

  16. Think it might be rude to ignore your generous offers. Thankyou. Lovely card so cheerful I too love poppies. Received my NDC pack on Saturday and had a go yesterday at making the backing paper using clingfilm. In fact followed your instructions to make the whole card, I am pleased to say it all worked beautifully. I even managed a neat edge with a pro-marker. Thankyou again lovely ideas. It was sunny here this morning so off we went for a walk and you guessed it heavens opened got soaked. Never mind we are so much better off than a lot of poor souls. Lynne xx

  17. Poppies are my favourite so I couldn't resist the reduction for the set. Will certainly be making a few poppy cards when they arrive. Thank you Barbara, and Tom for adding them to the website. XX

  18. You are such a clever lady Barbara-what a delightful scene and popping it -so to speak- just makes it so special.
    I would love to receive a card like this.
    Great offers , thanks a lot ,

  19. 'Just popped by to say Hi!' ?

    Thanks again for your inspiration Barbara. I've never tried a pop-up card but will have a go and of course must try theuva card too. Will I ever stop spending?
    Jan xx

  20. Great card and fab offers unfortunately I spent my budget yeserday at Stevenage, I'll just add them to my list. Will give the pop up card a try though, thanks for the instructions. Jx

  21. this is stunning Barb – I love it to bits – so clever and beautiful – wish I could afford the sale items – you are a very generous lady! Hugs rachel x

  22. You are so right. We need something bright and cheery to keep us going in this dreadful weather. I am so thankful that I live on top of a hill, but feel so sorry for all those who are suffering so badly. Thank you for all those lovely offers. I am now buying craft stuff for my two little granddaughters, who have taken to stamping and drawing etc like ducks to water, encouraged by their parents as well. They will love the poppies too, I know. xx Maggie

  23. Poppies, such a pretty flower but oh so powerful and thought provoking come rememberance day. Still, they are one of my favourite flowers and look stunning on your card. I'm going to have to have a look at buying the poppies and some card. Very kind of you to treat us. Hugs, Theresa x

  24. Fabulous card, as always! You never fail to inspire! Sentiment could read "Just popped up to brighten your day". Great offers – thank you Barbara. You really are a special lady xx

  25. Loving the poppies, read this yesterday when I was at home nursing my cold – I didn't move out of the chair all day and was attached to the ipad!! Think I'll have to give in and get them…..despite telling myself I don't need any more. Thanks for the demo of a pop up card though as it did give me 'oh that's how it's done' moments – I've seen them before but never quite cottoned on as to how to do them! I will give it a go now.

  26. Thanks for the great offers Barbara! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I have just ordered the poppy set – a set that I have drooled over for ages! Lol! Can't wait for them to arrive now, so that I can play.

    Love Joan xx

  27. I got my poppy set today, Barbara, and I am thrilled with them. I think these are my favourite stamps of all time. Thank you for the great offer. :0)

    Would it do the unmounted stamps any harm to store them on sheets of glass? I'd like to have them 'on show' all of the time.

    Love Joan xx

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