Perfect Pearls under the Sea.

Perfect Pearls under the Sea.

I’m writing this blog doing 70mph up to Peterborough, so please forgive the spelling! Do I wish I had done this before we left home? Well, the tomorrow’s Blog box just didn’t get ticked, so here goes. I think we’ll concentrate on the pics and go lightly on the words…already feeling a bit queezy. It is very very windy tonight!

You need
Double-side adhesive A6 sheet
A6 Acetate too!
Black Archival ink pad
Perfect Pearls. My little set of 7 for this.
The tropical fishies and the Sea kelp
(This little set is on special offer for February, Stamp of the month)
Here goes…
Peel the Clarity Paper off the adhesive sheet.
We are stamping directly onto the sticky.
Here’s his mate
More Seaweed
Cover the inky images back up with the wax paper
Turn over to other side
Use a scalpel to score around the fish.
Also score a seabed.
Start with the fish…
Start painting the little areas with Perfect Pearls
Blend the colours, uncovering more little areas as you go.
When you have painted the fish, start on the sea bed.
Punch a few bubbles out of a bit of scrap.
Add them before you do the top part.
Now add the background water.
When all your painting is finished, this side will not be sticky at all.
Buff it with a tissue.
Turn your art over and peel off the wax paper.
This is the sticky side, but you can use Alcohol Pens like Promarkers no problem.
Colour in the reeds with Promarkers.
Add a little shade to the fishies.
Now you just have to protect it with a sheet of acetate.

The easiest way is to lay the wax paper down on the art again, leaving a little sticky margin. Then line up the A6 acetate at the sticky end, and slowly peel back the wax paper.

The artwork is best attached to a white A6 piece of card, to highlight. If you layer it on dark card, the Perfect Pearls are translucent, so the overall effect will be darker.
Well, that’s the best I can do, from an I-Pad bombing up the M11!
I will say that the Fish Kit is a great price at the moment; ironically, I noticed it after I had already planned this project! So that is fortuitous; you’d think I had a plan! will take you straight to the fishies!
They’re on the top banner!
I hope you can join Nigel and myself tomorrow on Create & Craft. 9-11am and 2-3pm. We have some lovely new circus and marionette stamps, not to mention cool stencils. So I shall be getting out the Gelli Plate, bottled inks and all sorts!
Stay dry, keep warm, be safe.
Much Love,
Barb xxx

71 thoughts on “Perfect Pearls under the Sea.

  1. Good Morning Barb! Hope you did not end up travel sick doing this….I sure would have been so hats off to you….that time certainly did not wait for you!
    Great tutorial and so typically 'Gray' – am ready and waiting for the first slot xxxx

  2. hi barb. this looks amazing and the technique is something i would never have thought to do in that way. you are so clever! hope the shows go well. i'll have to catch up with them later as i'm crafting all day an a course witj hels sheridan today. big hugs to you. rachel x

  3. This looks great Barbara. you have just given me and idea, I will try it later. Well actually you have given me a lot more than "an" idea over the years! I am sitting waiting for you to appear on TV, my dog got me up at half six?? Have a good un!! xx

  4. I've always admired your talent, but WOW! Being able to blog and drive at 7mph up the motorway is an outstanding accomplishment!!!!

    Card is stunning as usual.

  5. Beautiful card Barbara, there's something so relaxing about fish although don't suppose you were relaxed bombing up the M11 typing; I'd have turned as green as the seaweed. Sure the show will be a scream with Nigel so I'm getting up now ready to watch it. X

  6. I love this project but I'm not very good at working with double sided adhesive. I'm not good with a craft knife so I struggle from the get go!!!!
    I love the way you do it though Barbara, love the bubbles too.
    Just setting up to watch you for two hours on the TV – must get my cuppa.
    Have a good one!! Xxxxx

  7. Fabulous art work barbara looking forward to the show put on record as not normally up at this can watch again and again have a great showand a safe journey home xxx

  8. Love it ,its a great project love the fishes ,got my tape set , i got go out today its my Great Granddaughters birthday she will be 6 and she loves crafting ,will watch u later
    Love Pauline xxx

  9. I am sitting here ready to watch and chat today. I love how you do this technique, so effective. It looks so easy until I try. I need to be more gentle with my craft knife as I seem to leave cut marks which spoil the effect. I don't know how you manage to do the blog while you are charging up the motorway, that is dedication. I would be so travel sick if I tried to do anything like that. Have a great show. xx Maggie

  10. Fabulosity personified! Well done Ms G. Could you please wipe your hands on a tissue and send it to me in the hope that a smidgen of your great talent will rub off on me! Looking forward to seeing you in a few minutes with our Nige!

  11. Hi Barb, Fab step by step, it is on the TTL (to try list), just hoping that I can score and not cut. Tele is on and record button pressed. At least it kept your mind off the traffic on the M11, writing another wonderful, inspiration packed blog. Love reading them. Off now to carry on watching. Have a great day. Bx

  12. I think I might have to stop reading your blog Barbara. My wish list is out the door and half way down the stairs! Looking forward to the demos this moning – all set to record. x

  13. Awesome artwork Barbara and well done for doing this post while travelling. I have to keep my eyes fixed to the road (or the countryside if I'm not driving) or I get really queezy.
    Beryl xx

  14. What a great effect. Will have to give this a go. Watching you on telly at the moment – what fantastic new stamps. Looking forward to seeing the demos. Have a lovely time and a safe trip back. xx

  15. Oh Barbara, yet another technique I will have to try. My to do and wish lists are growing by the day. I just wish there were more hours in order to try out all these projects you keep bringing us on your blog.

  16. I love the fish Barbara so many men would like this card must have been scary on the motorway I can't even read in a car . Looks as though you have some great stamps today have good shows love June xxxx

  17. Thanks for this Barbara because I bought these a while ago and other than the jelly plate couldn't think how to use them to best effect, will have a go at this


  18. A beautiful design using a set that I NEED as my daughter has tropical and marine fish so between her and her boyfriend they will get plenty of use! Thank you for all the great inspiration, watching you and Nigel as I type, desperate for a cuppa but don't want to miss anything!!! x

  19. Love the card and I too bought the fish a while ago so will look forward to trying this technique. Unfortunately I'm unable to watch you today on TV as I'm in New Zealand and although we're having a fantastic time, I'm missing crafting. I'm not sure if I'll be able to catch the programme on the web when I get back or is it only the classroom that is saved? Lesley x

    1. That would be great….many thanks, I'll do that……I may be really cheeky and ask you for the March programme too as we get back just after that programme has been shown!! I'm looking forward to coming home and catching up on all the club magazines too!

  20. Hi Barb,
    This is fabulous and how you've managed to do it in the car I will never know – I would be as sick as a dog. Anyway, I love this technique although I never seem to have any success with mica powder – it always ends up looking a mess! I love the idea of using it, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to like me. However, I will persevere and hopefully get it right eventually. Fantastic show this morning with brilliant samples. You certainly have. Very clever design team. Love you and Nigel together! Hope this afternoon's show goes as well as this one is. Love Alison xx

  21. I have always loved watching you on TV as you are so genuine, thoughtful to the viewer and funny too. You empower us less artistic crafters whilst entertaining us too. I would love to see inside your crafting head to see your train of thought!

  22. I am impressed how you managed to blog in the car. I would have been feeling too queasy to finish! This project is beautiful. I love this technique. I can see where I have been going wrong with Perfect Pearls. I now just need the double sided adhesive sheets, acetate and maybe those fish too! x

  23. Am always amazed when you do this that you manage to not cut through the whole thing, can you tell that I have done that! This set is great, another one to add to my ever increasing list! Xx

  24. First comment on this blog.Would to say that I think that all of your work is amazing and hope that just a tiny bit of your talent will rub off on me to help improve my cards.

  25. Just fab Barbara. I'm watching your tv programme just now. I had seen the magpie stencils but wondered how I would use them. You have worked wonders so I'll just order them to use with my gelli plate. Wonderful. Lynne.x

  26. Yet another fab demo and looking at fish is very soothing. The acetate over the top makes it look as it they are in a tank. Just watched this mornings show, now feeling very inspired! xx

  27. I find it hard enough sending a text message when I'm travelling let alone writing a blog! Just watched this mornings shows and would like to say how brilliant the design team are, all very talented Jane x

  28. I never cease to be amazed at what ideas you come up with next Barbara. Your demos are fab & the design team's work is wonderful. See you at the SECC in March! Can't wait. S x

  29. Love this technique and it has so many uses and looks for fantastic on a card, love the shimmer of the artwork. Thanks for the reminder Barbara.xx

  30. Managed half a show this morning, and have the rest recorded for later when the paint is drying in the room I'm decorating! Less fun that waiting for the ink to dry I can tell you!! Love this fishy masterpiece, and really liked the circus set from the TV show – may need to treat myself (again).

  31. Beautiful as always, Barbara. I've never seen a Clarity stamp I don't like…unfortunately though, I don't own any as being unable to work due to bad health, I can't afford them. Watching your afternoon show right now and just adore the lovebirds and the flower stamp set 🙂

  32. This is on skill need to mastery stamping so far hasn't come out right on double sided sticky so will follow instruction. On way home to catch up on shows watched first hour was brilliant xxx

  33. loved all your shows today and so sorry that I wont be at home next week when you're visiting Stevenage darn it !!!! , but im off on hols to Lapland for a week as a birthday treat to myself .

    Brilliant work and just love all your inspiration

  34. Hi Barbara. I love this technique of yours, the fishes look fabulous. I will have to have a go one day. Loved the shows, along with the new stamps and masks, and you and your design team have excelled, as usual, so many beautiful cards etc. 🙂 Thank you. Take care.

  35. Hi Barbara. Really enjoyed the shows. You and Nigel seem to get on so well. He is, hopefully. really interested in the techniques, if not I shall have to slap him.
    I know the M11 very well, having spent 5 months visiting my husband, daily, at Addenbrooks Hospital. Sadly the transplant failed but the Hospital were so caring.

    Laughter is the Sunshine that drives Winter from the Face.

    Hugs x

  36. Really enjoyed your shows today, lots of good ideas and helpful tips. You seemed to get through quite a lot of demos which was good. Love the magpie stamps and stencils, my husband loves watching the magpies by us and there are a lot. Think stamp will make him a lovely birthday card later in the year. You and design team made some beautiful cards. Thankyou for the inspiration. Lynne xx

  37. Thank you for this and the demos today. Also some beautiful artwork from the team.
    Will have to have a go with a gelli plate before too long, but so much to try and learn for a beginner in crafts!!
    Take care, Jan x

  38. This is a piece of art ! It's beautiful. I always feel confident trying something new with you holding my hand through the step by step instructions. Many thanks. PS I have added a gelli plate to my birthday wish list

  39. Stunning artwork again. Already havefinkto treat me with the special offer…..Will offer the other fish to a friend of mine who is beginning making cards. Couldn't manage to Watch the shows and…….Forget to record them….. Blonde moment!!!! xx

  40. Fabulous under the sea work of art. Thanks for sharing. Half watched your shows today but was marking 20 GCSE graphics folders at the same time. Have recorded them and looking forward to a proper watch when I get a quiet mo during the week. X

  41. These fish are lovely, and the step by step instructions are great. The colours you have used are really nice medium tones, and the idea with the sticky sheets and perfect pearls covered with acetate gives that glassy fish tank feel. Your shows today were great as usual. It's amazing how much you manage to pack in!

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