The Lone Ranger and the Forest Ridge.

The Lone Ranger and the Forest Ridge.

Monday Monday!
Thank you for stopping by. Well, Monday’s Blog is Trees and Flowers, remember?
So here’s a quickie, using the 
what else?
Cream Card
Tonto –the Lone Ranger
Colouring Pencils 
This is a very simple exercise in building up a landscape.
Stamp the Rope Frame in the centre, in Black Archival.

Stamp the Forest Ridge in the centre using black Archival ink, too, but before you plant it, blot either end of the inky stamp on copy paper well, to get rid of some ink.
Now re-ink the Forest Ridge stamp in black, blot on copy paper and stamp either side of the Rope Frame.
You will find that the Forest Ridge stamp tessellates; it joins up seamlessly either side, so it can go on and on and on. 
Great for a landscape!

Place a moon mask in the centre, and tear a piece of copy paper, using the hill side of the NEW Clarity blending Mat.
Cover up the land and load one of your fantastic, super duper Clarity Stencil Brushes with Mountain Rose ink.
Now, before we proceed, I need a show of hands here! It’s all well and good me piping on about how super these brushes are to use, how they are super smooth, no bristles, wash up beautifully, etc. etc. But I need some back up! Please, if you have our brushes, leave a comment giving your opinion of them. 
I know they are brilliant; 
I just would like you to endorse what I am saying. xx

Anyway, dust a lovely Mountain Rose sunset or sunrise into the centre area, and gradually lighten the dusting towards the edges.
Move the paper mask to slot into the hills as you do this. 
Tear a piece of copy paper now and add a few light hills with a make up sponge in Caramel and Pesto. These colours, Mountain Rose, Pesto and Caramel are a very good combination for landscapes in general. 
Stamp The Lone Ranger in the front, for perspective.
Perfect for a Male card. Plenty of room to stamp a sentiment to the right of the frame.
Off to work.
It’s TV Week! 
German TV show Friday lunchtime 12am, on HSE24. 1 hour.
English TV show Sunday Morning 9-11am, on C&C. 2 hours.
Long way to go for a 1 hour show….
Don’t forget, there’s a super sale on yesterday’s Wallflower stamps and Letterbox kits!
much love,

75 thoughts on “The Lone Ranger and the Forest Ridge.

  1. Hi Barb, great card, love the rope frame, more to add to my wish list. So my endorsement – I love my brushes, they are fabulous, and you get such a soft effect. So glad I ordered them when I did, they certainly make a huge difference. Bx

  2. Another fab card, my list of stamps/stencils just keeps growing. I have your brushes; I'm so glad that I bought them, they give such a great air brushed effect but more than that they have given me confidence as the results are so good. They are easy to clean too. Thanks Jx

  3. Yet another great card Barbara. I don't have the stencil brushes but can see there usefulness. These are actually at the top of my wish list along with a heat tool.

  4. Great card Barb! I love the gentle colours with that burst of vibrancy in the centre!
    As for the brushes…I want MORE! I already have a much loved and well used set but I do need more so I can keep them for colours!!!
    They are great with the stencils too!!!
    Have a great week and safe journeys
    Love and Hugs xx

  5. Hi Barb and good morning to you on this the start of what will be a busy week for you. Great card, great tutorial – lovely colours. The brushes – I too have them and would not be without them – had tried various different other options including fairly expensive make up brushes which did not clean up so well – these brushes are fantastic – they give a lovely finish and you have fairly different levels of control depending on how you hold them – they do not shed, can hold the colour if you choose to store them without washing – but very importantly do wash lovely and dry quite quickly – coming in a set with various sizes they are a great purchase of a bit of kit that will last a very long time so well worth buying xx

  6. Beautiful card Barbara. I have to say I love my brushes. They are beautifully soft yet the bristles are densely packed. You can get a delicate effect if you wish, which is great for edging, or keep going and build up the colour. I wash mine after every use so they are always ready to go again. x

  7. Great card. The tree line is really good as it lines up. I have my set of brushes and they are fantastic. Wash really well and I can blend my colours really well with them to either get a soft or a bold effect. The value for money is great as you get different sizes in the one set. Certainly make stencil work easier. Xx

  8. Another beautiful card Barbara. I have your Clarity stencil brushes and love them. They are sooo soft and are very easy to use. You are able to get subtle shading as well as a deep sweep of colour depending on how you hold them. I used mine at a card workshop I held this weekend and those who attended were really impressed too! And they are so easy to clean. I wouldn't be without them now. Good luck with your TV shows. xx

  9. So pleased you have done this one as a step by step, just what I needed as inspiration for a card. By the way the stencil brushes are great – I used one of them last year to decorate my Christmas cakes using some of your stencils, worked a treat. Jacqui

  10. Hi Barb,
    Great male card today, love the background. As for the brushes, I have commented on them once ,but will happily do so again. I have brushes that I paid an awful lot of money on and absolutely hate them! They she'd bristles everywhere on my work and don't blend well at all. So much so, that they are now in the bin. I totally lost all confidence in myself because I just thought I was doing something wrong. Then I saw you use yours over and over again, and eventually decided to give them a go. Well, what can I say! They are FABULOUS!!! They are so easy to use, NEVER shed and are really soft. They clean up really well and don't take long to dry either. I love using them with stencils as it is so easy. I made my friend a card using the poppy stencil in different shades of red with green stems and she loved it so much that it is now framed and on her wall! That certainly wouldn't have happened with my other brushes! My advice to anyone who hasn't got them is – GET THEM – they are worth every penny. In fact I'm going to get another set because I love them so much. Thanks Barb, looking forward to the weekend shows. Love Alison xxx

    Worth their weight in gold. They work so well
    Thinking of getting another set as I am so pleased with these, as alimecca says wash and dry well.
    They are perfect. Looking forward to weekend.

  12. Another great card. I have the brush and I agree with you they are stunning. They are very smooth, easy to use, let you use "more or less" ink depending how you hold them, and when you wash them, they stay as new as when you bought them. Really a good buy for me…..Will even invest in a 2nd set…..
    Laurence xx

  13. Hi Barbara,
    Lovely , step by step card-love the tree set.
    I do not have said brushes but highly covet them!
    Reading the comments makes me realise they are a must have so as soon as I am able will get some.
    Have a great week and see you on Sunday!

  14. Hi Barb
    I have the stencil and have made some really interesting cards with it. It lends itself to a lot of different scenarios including wedding and anniversary, where it doesn't look anything like a rope
    Love it


  15. Firstly just read yesterdays blog, you have a beautiful daughter. Love todays image, saw this on C@C or something very like it, its lovely I love the colours you have used. Wondering whether I will ever be as accomplished. Moto for today, must do better! Joan x

  16. Love this tutorial, great for helping to build up my confidence with landscape building. I don't have the brushes YET but they're on my shopping list for Harrogate in March, you had best take plenty xx

  17. I have the brushes barb they are brill good morning all I love this card it's so lovely looking out on a scene.look forward to next week safe journeys barb have a good German show xxxlove June

  18. Hello Barb – I bought the brushes at Ally Pally (I think) and got home sure I'd been talked into something I didn't really need – how wrong I was! They are fantastic. Such a smooth cover and so easy to use. I'm now thinking I need another set to keep the colours separate to save time. A real must have tool. Loving the blog so thank you very much. xx Maggie Col

  19. Lovely card – really great scene! Can't comment on the brushes I'm afraid, as all my stencils are still pristine in their packets!!! Hope to have some crafty play time in March and April though… Susan x

  20. Great card for a male. I bought a couple of cheaper brushes to start with, but was lucky enough to receive the Clarity brushes at christmas. I hadn't even used them but could feel the quality was far superior to my slightly cheaper brushes. As soon as I used them, they did not disappoint, they are lovely to use and wash clean very easily. I love them so much I will definitely be wanting a second set! x

  21. Morning Barbara,
    I have the brushes, didn't think I needed 4 so at your stand at the SECC I asked several people if they would split a pack with me but found nobody willing, so decided to buy them anyway because you had been praising them on the TV, went to pay for them still sort of grumbling to myself about pack of 4 started speaking to Dave and another customer and they both told me not to worry because I do need all 4!! How right they were, they are amazing, easy to use, easy to clean, never shed bristles, and because there are FOUR you can use different colours in one design!! Can't praise them high enough! Don't hesitate just buy them!!
    Loving the card!
    Lorna D

  22. Hi Barbara. Love the card, wish I was there right now : ) Your brushes are on my (ever growing) wish list. Wouldn't even think of buying any other make. You can see how soft and dense they are when you use them on a Tv/Show demo without even touching them. Have a good week, Germany is a long way to go for an hour show, but it shows how good you are doesn't it. Enjoy yourself. Take care.

  23. Hi Barbara, great blog. The brushes are fantastic, anyone who has not tried them, they are worth every penny. Comfortable to handle, easy to control, easy to wash, and don't leave bristles everywhere. xxx

  24. Hi Barbara, I am so glad you come to Germany, only 1 hour? Cant believe it! Anyway – you are there – was von Deinen Sachen bringst Du mit? Ich freue mich sehr drauf ! Love

  25. Morning Barbara and thanks for sharing another great card.
    I don't have your stencil brushes …….. Yet but I do want some as they look so lovely and soft. The ones I have are hard and scratchy and don't give the best of results. Yours are on my birthday wish list

    Jackie x

  26. Stencil brushes are brilliant! Also I have made good use of the wallflowers – they are beautiful. The quality of Clarity stamps are superb.
    Best wishes

  27. I am hoping this works with the help of the wonderful Clarity telephone team. I tried desperately yesterday to say how much I loved the stamps. I had seen this on TV but the offer was irresistible. Todays card will certainly make the 'male' cards easier. Many thanks

  28. All those who have already said how good those Clarity brushes are so right. Good quality tools should always be the aim and like everything else from Clarity, these brushes are just right. The name Clarity means good things and excellent customer care. I have got two of those stamps, the trees and the rider, but not the twiggy frame – not sure why. I think it will have to land in my basket very soon. xx Maggie

  29. PS I will be watching you in German on Friday (very odd but we know what you are saying, more or less) and obviously recording and watching on Sunday back over here. xx Maggie

  30. I do appreciate the detailed instructions and the asides that are so helpful. I still have a similar piece to this made at a workshop with you, so it's great to revist. It didn't become a card as I have no intention of parting with it! I don't have the stencil brushes – yet, but the comments are all very reassuring for when I do. Carol

  31. I have used these stamps many times for both male and female cards and all have gone down very well. As for the brushes I will be buying at least one more set if not 2 I love the fact they are different sizes and the way they wash up each time and are as good as new every time that they are cleaned. They are always within arms reach when I am crafting and great for picking up excess ink off of blendingats too ! The other thing I like about them is you can use them really roughly and add texture to what you are making and you would never know it to look at them ! Love all Clarity products they ooze quality xx

  32. This card shows a good technique that is also applicable to other designs.
    On the brushes –
    If Barbara puts her name on the stencil brushes then that's good enough for me; I bought a pack recently. Of course they are great, why wouldn't they be? They apply ink smoothly, four brushes can cope with almost all tasks without the need to wash between colours, washing them at the end of a session is easy and the b** bristles don't end up springing out and putting colour and aggravation where I don't want it. All in all they are perfect stencils brushes.

  33. I have the stencil brushes and love them for their soft and smoothness and good coverage at any depth – in fact I have two sets. I ordered one when they were out of stock and forget and another set when they were back in stock and before the first set had arrived! I completely forgot I was waiting for them – doh! I can still use them all!

  34. Hi Barbara. The brushes are on my "to buy" list but haven´t quite reached the top. If they´re yours they´ll be brilliant anyway.
    Love todays scene.
    Love Val in Spain x

  35. I have got the stencil brushes they are fantastic so easy to use and clean so easy these are the best stencil brushes the different sizes are fabulous they dry quick and I have problems with my hands / wrists ect but the clarity stencil brushes are the best
    Another wonderful thought out clarity product .brilliant card today .put in my order for yesterdays sale products got letterbox kit but offer to good so ordered a second set so got number set free thank you barbara xxx

  36. i have the stencil brushes and they are super. i had a different set and they kept shedding. then i tried these and was hooked. in fact i am the proud owner of 2 SETS as i'm too lazy to wash and dry the brushes. now i have a brush for any colour. i would definitely reccommend them hugs xx

  37. Hi another lovely card. I have not got the stencil brushes, on my want list. I can see by the effects that you produce they are much better than anything I already have. A little disappointed today as just found all your workshops sold out, I was obviously not quick enough . I had been keeping a check on website, wow they must have flown. Never mind always another year. Hope you enjoyed your lunch yesterday, I have been treated to lunch out today as it is our Anniversary. 43 years. Lynne xx

  38. Gorgeous colours in your card Barb, it looks beautiful. I bought the brushes at Harrogate last year and they are the best I have ever used. They give a lovely soft airbrushed look, they wash out easily and dry quickly. Perfect!! Pat x

  39. Love the card. Would be great for my fella's birthday because he is a western film nut. He would love it! I have the stencil brushes and they are fabulous; my best Christmas present by far! Unlike another make I which already possessed, yours are really soft and flexible, easy to use and look after. I would definitely give them a five star rating. Pam x

  40. I have just brought the brushes and although not used yet to their full potential, they are fabulous. easy to clean and no shedding, I would like to be able to buy singles as well. Very subtle shading and able to build up colour, good job for heavy handed me.

  41. Well it looks as though the Stencil Brushes are firmly on my shopping list for Glasgow! I usually use Inkdusters but they d0 shed and I hate that. Lovely card and another great post Barbara. Have fun in Germany, see you on Sunday. xxxx

  42. Lovely card. Can fully endorse the brushes. Smooth to use, don't shed bristles all over your work; nor leave brushmarks if you brush on copypaper and very comfortable to hold if you have trouble gripping like me. …a quality product that gives quality results. Xx

  43. Have had the brushes for a while and use them every time I craft – haven't cleaned them yet as I've got one for yellow, blue, red and the forth one for the browns/greens….covers all the ink colours perfectly – why clean them? Love the card – men are a problem to cater for……need I say more! 🙂 x

  44. I bought the brushes at the NEC in November and they are the best. Most importantly they wash so easily, just a rinse under tap and they are clean and ready to work again. I've got that stamp so I might have a go tomorrow, usually my husband is out on a Tuesday so I can play all day and pretend I have been working hard on house cleaning. lol.

  45. I love my Clarity brushes, I too haven't cleaned mine yet, as Mrs P says I use one for yellow,one for blue, one for red and green and brown. They are a joy to use and never shed a hair on to my art work. Lovely card.xx

  46. I know this isn't the right place for this but I'm getting desperate. When I put my fine nibs on my ProMarkers no ink flows through. I leave it for minutes not seconds as the instructions say and still nothing happens. I try testing like with a biro when the ink flow stops. Have 6 nibs and they are all the same. Have Googled the problem but no luck. Surely one of you ladies will have a suggestion please. Crafty Granma x

  47. I have had the brushes for a little while but have only used 2 of them so far. The effect is soft and subtle when you use them. I am a bit heavy handed using make up sponges and always get a harsh line or too much ink, I know "you can add it but you can't take it away!" But it is impossible to do this with the brushes, they are lovely quality too. Great card, I'm going to have a go at this one.

  48. Wow, what a wonderful scene you have created with these lovely stamps Barbara. The three colours together are so effective and eye catching. I especially like the Mountain Rose. What a great idea to put the frame in the middle and extend the scene in the frame to either side like that. The Forest Ridge stamp looks very versatile. Thank you for sharing this with us. x

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