P for Purpose

P for Purpose

Hello there!
Tuesday’s Blog rolls back the hours 
and takes a look behind the scenes.
So today, I thought it would be interesting to tackle P for Purpose. 
Purpose as in, “if it serves no purpose, don’t do it.”
Years ago, I used to spend many, many hours doing things that really served very little purpose. I think the best example I can think of is arranging pillows on the bed. 
God only knows how many hours I have spent dolling up the bed, only to throw all the cushions on the floor every night! 
And I bet I am NOT alone!
But you know what I mean. It’s one thing making the bed; it’s another spending 15 minutes running from one side to the other, trying to make the pillows sit up symmetrically. 
Yep, the woman is mad!
In the beginning, I applied this mad head to the business, too. I suppose I just wanted it all to be right, and since I have that perfectionist streak we talked about a few weeks ago, I would spend hours, nay days, in an attempt to make it all perfect. 
But as the business has grown, and I am getting stretched every which way, 

time has become a very valuable commodity, and I just cannot afford to waste it on senseless exercises.
In fact, if I am efficient and I use my time efficiently, I can have days off, spend time with my parents, with Dave, with friends.
Conversely, if I faff about and waste time on fruitless activities, the door through which I can skip to be with friends and family closes on me.
So the name of this Barbie Game is to make sure that everything I do serves a purpose. 
Recently, somebody questioned this blog, said I was investing way too much time on it, that I was a fool to give so much away about myself. 
I laughed when I heard this, because the criticism is not only inaccurate, but reflects a lack of insight.
I only have time to do things which have P for Purpose, right?
Of all the things I do for Claritystamp Ltd, this Blog has more Purpose than anything. It is also probably the most rewarding part of my day – in every sense of the word. 
No matter what is happening around me here at work, 
I withdraw into Blogland and focus on you. 
On chatting to you, 
on motivating you to get creative, 
on giving you ideas for your own businesses,
and on plugging mine!
Many of us gather here every single day!
So let’s see; I give away too much, do I? If we are talking about my cards and art ideas, I thought that was the point!
If we are talking about the personal aspects of my blog, do you really think I am giving that much away, when I open up about insecurities and fears? About how I started out with a 6ft table and a Rhyme Chart? I don’t think so. 
I’m saving the juicy bits for when I get time to write a book!
The TV is once a month.
The New Design Club and the Newsletter are once a month.
The Blog is every day.
Most of you already know what to expect each day, because of a quirky little poem I set out right at the start.
Go on, test yourself. See if you actually know it!
Close your eyes…
Monday’s Blog is Trees and Flowers,
Tuesday’s Blog rolls back the hours.
Wednesday’s Blog is something new,
Thursday’s Blog is always blue.
Friday’s Blog a private peek,
Saturday’s Blog a new technique.
But the Blog that is posted on the Sabbath Day is
step by step
and typically Gray.
In under 4 months, we have established a sizeable community here, which is growing week on week. We laugh, we cry, we contact each other, you write to me. We have fun. So how can that lack purpose?
This was the sky from our bedroom early this morning. 
I jumped up, grabbed my IPad and took a snapshot. 
Why? The purpose? 
I wanted to share it with you. 
And here’s the thing: the best is yet to come.
Watch this space; more will be revealed.
I just need to make more time; and I am…
much love,

129 thoughts on “P for Purpose

  1. Hi Barb, there is no way that this blog is a waste of time or doesn't have a purpose. It educates, amuses, inspires and communicates. It inspires me to make more of my crafting and tools and educates me how to use them. Your background can both amuse me and make me admire you. We all communicate on this blog and sometimes even help each other out. It brings purpose to what Clarity is and what it stands for.

  2. Morning Barbara – what a beautiful sky no wonder you took a picture and so pleased you have shared it with us. So your blog is a waste of your time is it ? well not to the majority of us we love it , we may not always be in a position to comment every day but I am sure everyone has a quick sneaky peak at the minimum. we might laugh and cry like you say and I am just wondering if you feel like crying with your neck today – I hope the pain has eased , me – I am nearly crying with a sore arm – can hardly move it – no idea why. Anyway have a fabulous day and I hope the weather lives up to the glorious photo. xx

  3. Goooooood Morninggggg Barb!!!! Pah to the person who questioned the blog – I sense they are jealous! I love every day that you bring us – be it trees and flowers, rolling back the hours, private peaks, something blue, new techniques and typical gray moments – you have gathered a like minded community and inspired many and more to come – now as the crow flies I probably live not too many miles from you – se london to Kent not that far – yet the difference in my sky outside the window to yours – no comparison ! Hope today your neck has eased a little and you make some me time ahead of your busy end of week schedule with the TV shows here and Germany – have a Turkish Delight on me – love Kim xx

  4. Meant to say lovely sunrise! Still makes me want to create a card! I can honestly say the first thing I do every morning while I'm drinking a cup of tea is open up the ipad and see what is on your blog, so keep going I enjoy it as do many others. x

  5. Friendship is the purpose, to care and share, encourage and raise a smile and give guidance and support… This is what you do every day, it's what I try to do every day. To believe, trust, hope and have something to look forward to… Thats a rare gift to give and you give it so well! How could you ever give too much of that? Thank you x

    1. I am with you both, Mandy and Kim. The friendship and support I have received from you, Barbara, has encouraged me in the darkest times of my life, and encouraged me to try to follow your example of positivity. Those people who criticise do not see the precious gifts you give us every day., and it is their loss, not yours and definitely not ours. We need more people in the world like Barbara Gray. xx

  6. Morning Barbara, great blog today again, lovely photo as well. As for wasting your time I don't think so, you give inspiration to so many and so many have made new friends . How can that be a waste of time? Keep on doing what your doing we all love you for it x

  7. Good Morning, what a lovely sun rise. I had to giggle to myself about all the pillows/cushions on the bed. My hubby asked the same question, "why all the pillows, when all we do is throw them to one side at night"? I said "because it looks nice during the day", which he replied "but how often during the day do you go and look at them"? So, although I still have the pillows, I don't fuss so much about them looking even on the bed. I didn't admit to him that he was right!
    Hope your neck feels better today. Take care Sally xx

  8. Hello Barb, I am sure that person that questioned the blog has no idea of the inspiration you bring us, both with your words and your art. I look forward to reading your blog and enjoying your sense of humour, or insight, as well as looking at your artwork and thinking I could do that if I tried hard enough and persevered. Please keep going, and just ignore the grumpies. Love the picture of the sky, thank you for sharing it. Bx

  9. Agree about things having a purpose, when my children were little I spent much time making sure the house was over tidy (had a mother in law like Mrs Bucket) something I now regret.
    Your blog has a purpose it inspires folk showing them how to do projects and therefore generates business.
    Your blog is great and is the second page I bring up in the morning, my e mails being first. Keep up the good work.
    Ani xx

  10. What a beautiful sun rise. We have got cloud cover as usual in Somerset but it is not actually raining at the moment. It only rained twice last week, once for three days and once for four days! Hope your neck is feeling better. Please keep blogging it brings a bit of sunshine every day no matter what the weather is like. x

  11. Lovely blog as always and please don t take any notice of who ever said THAT!!
    Your blog is the best part of my day and I look forward to it every day. It is so inspiring and encouraging. I have to have some creative outlet every day and always have, if I don t then I feel something is missing! I'm guessing the blog gives you that too.

    The following you have gathered in 4 months says it all so

    keeeeeeep Blogging!!

    With very best wishes


    PS Thanks so much for pulling my name out of the blog candy magic hat!! I'm very excited about that.

  12. Morning Barbara, I can't believe that some one told you your blog had no purpose and that you gave too much away. I suppose they don't realise how important you and your blog are to us and I know you get back something from us through our comments. You have created a great community of crafters who love what you do and to share is a wonderful thing. Thank you. Hope your neck gets better. xx

  13. I really enjoy your blog that you write every day. That is a great pic of you being stretched!!! I love the sunrise. Didn't see one this end of the country today but the sun is now reflecting off a glass window. Looks like gold! Never did have the time nor energy for perfect pillows, but patchwork quilts, now that's another matter!!! Looking forward to tomorrow's blog! Enjoy today.x

  14. Barbara thank you for sharing such a personal insight. Don't doubt how much we in blog land/ craft world appreciate your posts. I often tell my kids to stay true to what they believe in and follow their dreams even though others round them always seem to try and pull them down it seems to be they world in which we live that enjoy tearing down rather than building up. I have just attested a fantastic clarity retreat last weekend and a year ago I wouldn't have had the nerve to even contemplate anything remotely like that. You have given me a renewed passion and purpose and for that I am truly thankful. Please be assured that for every negative word out ther your barby army have 10 more positive words keep plodding on.

  15. How can a blog that has so many responses by 7.30 by a waste of time! Many of us look out for it as part of our daily routine. We love it, you love doing it – so ignore the critics! I am sure hat many of us have also bought various clarity products out have mentioned so there is a good business reason too!

  16. PS my neck too is suffering after 8 intensive weeks completing a scrap book for my daughters 30th birthday. Osteopath works wonders, having used in the past, they are great at un knotting muscles! My appointment booked for Thursday, hope yours is better soon as it does get in the way! Hilary

  17. Thank you for standing by your blog convictions. Checking out your daily post is one of the first things I do each day whilst I'm conjuring up the strength to tackle each day. I have learnt hell of a lot about crafting & quite a lot about life too. Yesterday was my birthday & now that everyone knows I'm addicted to crafting my pressies were all stamp related – some Clarity, some others so please continue sharing the Gray magic while I absorb lots of ideas from this blog on how to make the most of goodies

  18. Morning Barb, you give generously of your time and we all appreciate it, it connects us all. It's definitely not a waste of time. I agree with you 100%, do the important stuff and don't worry about the rest. Thank you for giving us all inspiration, I'm really looking forward to the book and "the best is yet to come" (wonder what that is). Jx

    1. And I agree with Janet 100%! Also, your business and your life are much more closely linked with your customers than any other profession that I can think of. What better way of engaging us and keeping us faithful to your brand? Some businesses spend millions on trying to engage their customers. That's the cynical side. I also happen to know that you truly care about us (most of the time!) and have seen you move heaven and earth to behave as a true friend; helping, supporting, fixing and encouraging at a personal level. Remembering little things in our lives that are important to us when you maybe havent even met them except through FB and your blog. All this is why your blog soared to the top as soon as you started, why we still chmp at the bit for your new products and tutorials. AND… you are ridiculously funny 🙂 x

    2. I totally agree with Janet and Jane. On my Wednesday blog the other week, I showed the new storage for remountable stamps, and one friend, who came back to me, commented on how good Clarity are at looking after their customers, and thinking of our needs, and how impressed they are with that attitude. That attitude to customer care comes initially from one person – YOU, Barbara. You surround yourself with people who are also committed to your ideals. Long may you carry on enjoying what you do and passing that enjoyment to the rest of us. xx Maggie

  19. Hi Barb! Its funny when people criticise others, and by saying you give away too much is a criticism! It always stems from insecurity and usually a bit of green eyed monster, too!! In the modern world of blogging and technology, there is nothing worse than going to a blog that's never updated! Its amazing that you take the time and effort to update your everyday!! Of course, you are promoting your business and yes that is the point but too many people out there think that a successful business doesn't need promotion and they are wrong!! The personal info you give us just shows that it takes hard work, sacrifice and dedication and we admire you for that! Besides, doesn't everyone want to know what others are doing? 😉 Have a fabulous day, Helen xxx

  20. You are such an inspiration to us all and bring sunshine and laughter to your blog followers day. I hope you gain a cathartic benefit from writing everyday and please, please carry on while you enjoy it……. because it has become an important part of your followers lives. I am filled with awe and wonder at your writing skills, you are a very talented lady. xx.

  21. I think something that brings you pleasure can never be a waste of time! Not only you either, I know that everyone who reads your blog gets a lot of fun and laughter everyday as well. How can that ever be critisised ????? OK so you do talk about personal things but that's what puts your blog a step ahead of the rest. It is only by sharing your creative processes with us that spurs us on to try something new so that must be good for the business as well. Please don't listen to the nay sayers in this world, just carry on being the Barbara Great that I class firmly as my 'Craft Guru' Much love Donna Xx

  22. I think something that brings you pleasure can never be a waste of time! Not only you either, I know that everyone who reads your blog gets a lot of fun and laughter everyday as well. How can that ever be critisised ????? OK so you do talk about personal things but that's what puts your blog a step ahead of the rest. It is only by sharing your creative processes with us that spurs us on to try something new so that must be good for the business as well. Please don't listen to the nay sayers in this world, just carry on being the Barbara Great that I class firmly as my 'Craft Guru' Much love Donna Xx

  23. Morning Barbara,
    No nice sunrise around here !!
    I agree about the pillows/cushions -ironing is also something I have reduced to a fine art over the years .
    The older you get the more you need to prioritise!
    Your blog gives you and others pleasure and what's bad about that?

    1. Oh yes, Ruth, a lady after my own heart. On the whole, my ironing is confined to Angelina fibres. If I can put my washing out, then it usually just needs a good shake and folding straight away. If I use the tumble dryer (if I feel rich or I am desperate) then I make sure I am there to grab the stuff as soon as it finishes, shake it out and fold it. I gave up ironing the bed linen when I went over to duvets and fitted sheets. No-one sees my bed apart from me, so if I can live with the odd crease, who else cares. As you say, Prioritise – another P word from Ruth to you Barbara. xx Maggie

  24. Beautiful sunrise, Mother Nature provides the most wonderful inspiration. I absolutely love reading your blog everyday and especially Tuesday's. I love the step by step tutorials, I love the personal insight into your world. You my lovely inspire me to do more, achieve more and be more so thank you so very much x x

  25. How many brayers, butterscotch and cranberry ink pads did God buy to paint that beautiful sky? I am certainly going to try to replicate it this afternoon.
    Your blog a waste of time? Sure it is to anyone who doesn't understand that crafting is a fellowship where of like minds bounce ideas off each other, where inspiration is searched for like an oasis in a desert and regular doses are welcomed like your lovely photo today

  26. Hi Barbara. Well I for one think your blog has great purpose. It´s good to know that despite your amazing talent of which I´d love a bit, you´re just an ordinary complicated person like me with problems insecurities and moments of panic. That´s why I come back day after day because you are real. So thank you.
    Love Val in Spain x

  27. Good morning Barbara,
    I hope your neck is better. I am addicted to the one day at a time blog, everyday I have a laugh out loud moment, a WOW moment, an I can do that too moment, a Barbara Gray is sharing with me Moment, and a sense of purpose and clarity from just reading your thoughts that you are sharing with us. I thank you and say tadaaa to this day. Thanks and feel better soon with that neck.

  28. You are very generous and very giving and I for one would hate you to give up your blog, I look forward to reading it every day and if your late posting I check and check till its out there. Can this be wrong? Don't think so. The sunrise is stunning a beautiful start to the day. Keep on doing what ever you want to do cause life is short. Joan x

  29. Hi Barb,
    I have 3 things that I do every morning once I've managed to get out of bed. 1) cup of coffee,2) your blog 3) Sue Wilson's blog! Before both of you very talented ladies entered my world, I would never have even looked at a blog, let alone commented on one! I love the enthusiasm, the step by steps ,the products and the insight that you give into your world and love you for all of those and also the inspiration you give me and all fellow bloggers. To the person who questioned you blogging I say bah humbug! As long as you enjoy doing it and it isn't a chore then please carry on! Beautiful sunrise -I wasn't up early enough to see what it was like here! Love Alison xxx

  30. Perfect sunrise photo. Beautiful colours. I love reading your blog every day and feel that there is something missing if I don't read it. You share snippets of your life that provide inspiration and sometimes comfort to myself and others about life. Keep writing and sharing your insights and don't listen to those who diss about it don't understand the power of positive words and are not good at listening to those who are forward thinking and embracing new media formats. Or maybe they are just jealous of your talents and achievements.

  31. Perfect sunrise photo. Beautiful colours. I love reading your blog every day and feel that there is something missing if I don't read it. You share snippets of your life that provide inspiration and sometimes comfort to myself and others about life. Keep writing and sharing your insights and don't listen to those who diss about it don't understand the power of positive words and are not good at listening to those who are forward thinking and embracing new media formats. Or maybe they are just jealous of your talents and achievements.

  32. I can't bring myself to think about you giving up your blog – it makes my day and always brings a smile. I never thought I would actually read something like that let alone respond but I wouldn't miss it for the world. When you get around to writing that book Barbara I'm sure all of us will be in the queue to buy it. No doubt it will be as successful as your stamps etc. I also have a picture of a lovely sunset taken out of the window of my craft room (sounds posh doesn't it!) that I use as a background on my laptop – that always makes me smile too.
    Shirley G x

  33. This blog makes me look at the world differently – with an Artist eye, I mean (ein wenig wenigsten 🙂 That is so wonderful – means I look at the sunrise, want to make a Foto and create something out of it, something nice, to share with others. Love it ! LOve to you

  34. You've got your own row to hoe and we all love it so two fingers up to critics. It just means that you are having an effect on lots of us and whoever popped in and read your blog was obviously rattled by that. The "grayettes " all love you and are inspired by you on a daily basis and we mean more that one naysayer……love that word! Carry on carrying on I say and I too have great faith in my chiropractor …..hope the neck improves soon….xxxxx

  35. Don't listen to those moaners Barbara, I love your blog and look forward to reading about you and your work every morning. A free dose of pure inspiration! keep it up, love Carolyn x

  36. Lovely sunrise! All I can say that your critics just haven't read or acted upon the craft ideas and thoughts contained in the blog. It's a daily 'must' for me, and I am encouraged try new or old techniques and best of all your words encourage me to play for practise and not to think that playing as practise is not a waste of time and materials.

  37. Morning Barbara,
    I love your blog and it certainly has purpose. You brighten a day with your thoughts, you inspire and demonstrate how to be creative and you promote and sell Clarity! I have bought loads because of your blogs! I think everyone else is missing the point!!!
    Lorna D

  38. Great picture never saw sunrise too tired after runng about yesterday. I love your blog its inspirational but also informative and makes you laugh. I can hear you saying all this and don't stop.

  39. As soon as I get a minute to myself in the morning I read your blog. The first pleasure of the month is watching you on create and craft. Not only do I feel I know you better through reading your post every day, I feel I identify with you. It is humbling and such a privelege to read about your life journey. I buy your products because you give me inspiration. I wouldn't know what to do with most of them otherwise! Some people are naturally negative don't you find? My day wouldn't be the same without this blog. Lynne.x

  40. please carry on just as you are Barbara, but please don't burn out, it happens you know, so make sure you get your down time. BTW, how's your neck? I have a damaged neck. Was advised to sleep on my back with only one pillow. It works, have a go. xxxx

  41. The person who made that comment has no understanding of friendship, and no idea of true customer service. Claritystamp is your business, and your livelihood, and your biggest asset is your customer base. The great thing with you and Clarity though, is that you treat all of us as your friends. You love to share with us your ideas, experiences, etc, be it crafting or life related. And we all share our own ideas and experiences, etc, and that all happens on here, and wouldn't be possible without this blog. And in turn that makes for great customer service because we all feel like friends together. You don't treat us as a commodity to be used and abused, you aren't coldly thinking of ways to just part us from our money whilst rubbing your hands in glee, you genuinely want us to learn and be happy, and that is the big difference, and why this person may be jealous, because you have got it so right. X

    1. Loraine, in my eyes you have just hit the nail squarely on the head for sure !! Barbara is a warm and caring person as all of us who know her are aware, with her it really is a case of ' what you see is what you get ' no airs and graces about this lady for sure !! Sorry Barbara no pun intended and sorry for taking the lovely Graces' name in vain xx

  42. Hello .I love your blog and your Tv slots. I have them all taped so i can look back on them. I used to visit lots of blogs but have cut it down, Yours is one i will always look at daily although I do not always comment. Keep up the grreat work you are very talented lady. Hugs

  43. Thank you for sharing so much of your talent, inspiration and good sense every day – there is no way your blog is a waste of time! I'm sure your ears were burning all weekend, as there were a number of workshops all over the country using Clarity products. I was at the one in Perth with 9 others (one of whom is still at school), and you were there with us all the way even though it was Pauline putting us through our paces and teaching us new techniques and ideas for stamping onto things other than paper. I look forward to the warts and all book – it's already on my must buy list!!! THANK YOU – Susan x

  44. Barbara, your book will be a joy to read as is your daily blog. You are quite inspirational in life as well as art. I do hope you continue to share both with us all.

    Lesley Xx

  45. Ditto everything that Loraine has just said. From my own point of view, I have spent the last 10 months trying to organise my time to allow me to do things I want to do, rather than always the things I think I have to do. I have finally got the point! I organise the things I want to do and do them without feeling guilty. Things like crafting trips, visits to the theatres locally, going to see my lovely family, weekends away with friends and crafting for me. Then if there is any time left, I do the things that need doing, but they have to be fitted in around what I WANT to do. My blog and Facebook have both been a real lifeline to me and a release from the pressures on me and around me. As you say, this blog of yours is a real gathering of friends hosted by our best friend – you, Barbara. Long may it continue (but we do understand if sometimes you cannot find the time to post as you would wish – just say to us "Sorry, things are just too manic today" and we will understand. Thank you for your friendship. xx Maggie

  46. I couldn't agree with you more Barbara.Purpose is the name of the game and we all need some purpose in our life.I have OCD tendencies at times but am trying to relax and use my limited energy on the important things in life.I was told about your blog by my friend Sheila Simpson who is a massive fan and collector of all things Clarity. Seeing your inspirational posts and step by steps makes me fall more in love with stamping – just need to win the lottery….. tee hee… Thank you for all that you share with us.Hugs Debbie x

  47. Beautiful photo. I really look forward to visiting your blog everyday. If you do write that book who would you have to play you in the film version – Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep or someone else????

  48. Barbara, please ignore negative comments about your blogging. I look forward to your daily chat – it's very informal and, from a reader's point of view, it seems written especially for me (and all the hundreds of others who visit your blog). I love the little insights into your life and where Clarity Stamps has come from – it is inspiring and uplifting. Think of it as cheap marketing – after all, we're all going to buy from Clarity aren't we?!!! This is not a waste of time. Keep up the great words. Jean.x

  49. how anybody could say this blog lacks purpose is obviously not a blogger – I feel that to blog is to be some days – its a fabulous community and i for one am glad you're a part of it! keep up the good work Barb! Hugs rachel x

  50. Someone clearly doesn't understand … I follow another blog where information is 'given away' via video in the same warm, generous manner. Far from harming her business it has the opposite effect. We all chose to share, or not, to read, or not. I'm a stitcher, but I still come here for the information and inspiration, why… because I enjoy the friendly tone, the hints and tips on creativity, a pleasurable experience for the day.

  51. Beautiful view to wake up to Barbara, and I come here every day, even if I don't comment all the time. I really appreciate everything you show us, it's just my budget that holds me back.

  52. Oh Barbara I do so love your blog. It's great to here your friendly rambles and for the most part have been there too one way or another. Why not share some precious moments with us, friends do that and most Mum's want to hail their kids etc. To those who scorn your motives etc you wouldn't do anything you didn't want to do….you've been there, done that and to think that we are so naive to think you are giving all away x
    You just enjoy your blogging and finding time out to do it, I for one love it and I thank you for your generosity in sharing it with us xx Kind regards

  53. We need your blog us clarity fans we need your inspiration we clarity addicts who love your products your monthly n.d.c.club is like getting a present every month .ba humbug to who says you shouldn't blog to us your clarity fans .I read your blog each day I go back to it to try out the art work you make .I am very ill with many illness I am mostly house bound I look forward to my daily blog and your t.v shows and my monthy club and the lessons you set .its keeps me going ordering from clarity .keep up this wonderful work barbara .we need you xxxx

  54. Wow! There's always one!

    Your blog has become part of my daily routine too – I love to see the techniques you share and have really enjoyed getting to know you a little better, rather than just seeing you on the telly and at shows. Maybe the person who questioned you is simply jealous!

    I think I am one of many when I say – please don't stop blogging – we love it!

    Hugz, Jan xx

  55. I have watched you on c and c for what seems like forever, it has made such a difference to my life at a difficult time, your blog adds to that, it cheers me every day, often makes me think too, and makes me feel I am not alone. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  56. Hi Barbara,

    Your blog is one of the best in my book, not just for your step by step techniques, your family life, your beautiful designs but because you include each and everyone of us in your blog, like we are your extended family, you bring us into your life and its great to feel part of your 'family'. Who on earth questioned your blog is possibly just plain ole jealous! You give us an insight to your daily life, which is very interesting may I add, and you are a very generous person with all the freebies, who does not like freebies?

    Keep up the great work you do, I, like many, look forward to your blog each day.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  57. Lovely picture, thanks for sharing. We're a bit further south and get lovely skies too. I've been following your blog on and off but it's now become a daily 'must'. The instruction is great but the tone and generous sharing of your life are what really make it irresistible. I have followed other blogs but somehow feel let down if the writer slows down or appears to lose interest in the audience, and yes, it affects my purchases. I'm certain your message is multi purpose, and long may it succeed. Carol

  58. Your blog is great and it's good to know someone as talented as yourself is also as normal as the rest of us! I used to busy about at weekends when first married and for a good many years, making sure I'd done all the housework etc. I never bothered with cushions on bed though as I've always thought they're a waste of time ! Now, I don't do half what I used to – hubby is supposed to as he's at home all day – he doesn't 🙂 I use my time for things I want to do. No one knows, except you, about the dust gathering or the wonky pillows or the stuff you've chucked in the bedroom to hide from visitors coming for dinner !! I live with it now – untill I get the urge. What you said about Saturday and cleaning in the sun all rings true too!

    Keep going Barb, you're our inspiration in craft and 'normal' things too!

    Hope your neck is a bit better today too! Keep at it – we love it!

    x x x

    I love listening to you on C&C as you talk it through the way I would – I love it when you start to say something and then move on to something different – it's just all normal !! and the laughs you have with the presenter make us laugh too. I'm looking forward to the 'tits' this weekend! and I'll sit and watch as much as I can and sod the housework!

  59. I wonder if the person who commented on your Blog being a waste of your time Barbara has actually read it?….or the many, many comments that you get? How can that be a waste of your time? I echo virtually every comment on here…so please keep sharing your Life, Artwork and everything Clarity and Gray….think there might be a poem in there somewhere !!!! xx

  60. Barbara, I too, like many others read this blog every day, if I am in a bad mood it brightens my mood, if I am down in the dumps after reading your blog I am a much happier bunny, I hope your neck has eased after yesterday and you are not near to tears, when I read this blog I tend to visualise a lovely lady with a beautiful smile that brightens peoples lives with her selflessness. I have never met anyone more willing to give up so much of their time to others than you… I personally think you are a very unique and talented lady x

  61. Each to their own if someone thinks your blog is a waste of time they don't have to return. You inspire by sharing your talent and your sense of humour is a breath of fresh air and show you have time to be yourself as well as the business woman. Your fans obviously think you are worth the read. Please don't change, we all enjoy the different days.

  62. I think you only have to look at the number of messages and the comments here to know that this blog has purpose and is very much appreciated and enjoyed 🙂

  63. Trying to explain e-friendship is like trying to explain ice to a Sahara nomad. Many folk wonder why on earth anyone would air personal information, daily bits of news, online to strangers.

    Well, to that I say:
    – We no longer talk on the street to strangers, because they won't engage however hard you try to catch an eye, nod a greeting. Even saying Good Morning (other times of day may apply) is met with a passing-on-by.
    – We hardly ever stand in the garden chatting to the neighbour while hanging out the washing. Six feet tall fence panels and tumble driers have much to answer for.
    – If you work from home, your neighbours may not.
    – If you love to chat, how on earth can you if everyone is too busy to take phone calls?

    So the modern generation, from 60ish downwards, have taken to the Wifi in the name of Human contact!

    Thanks Barbara – I'm a new reader and can only admire your work ethic and pleasure in keeping to a very clever way of organising your blog. So clever, I could be just a teeny tiny bit envious!

  64. You are so needed, so talented, so honest…..so everything. You have brought new meaning to so many, me included. I am inspired all the time by you. I feel I 'know' you as a friend, even though we have never met. I am housebound just now so you light up my day. I do more crafting since I have found Clarity and you.

  65. I cannot believe someone could say you waste time and give away to much on your blogg I for one look forward to reading your bog seing your pictures that make me laugh, see you go through same things as us reading each other's leading to us chatting to each other I have made so many friends on blog Facebook workshop etc over last few months that have helped me through a really hard time so never give up your friendship and talents are so important to us all love trying what you show us thank you xxx

  66. Some people just don't get it! I love reading your blog, it not only cheers me, it also feeds me creatively and inspires so much! There will always be critics – just ignore them and keep on stamping, sharing and creating this lovely community x

  67. I have to be honest here…Don't shout at me everybody!…but I cringed when the blog was first announced – ignorance on my part! I'd only ever glimpsed at one or two blogs in the past and couldn't see what all the fuss was about. I should have known that Barb's would be unlike anyone else's! Now, no matter how badly everything else may (or may not) be going in my everyday life, I know I can always rely on Barb for a daily dose of 'warm glow'! A real tonic. I have had the privilege of meeting this lovely lady and can honestly say that she is one of the most wonderful and giving people I've ever met – shame there aren't more like her in the world! I'd like to echo an earlier comment: Barb, if you ever find that there is just too much going on for you to produce a blog every single day, we would all understand – we're all just very grateful for the time and effort you put in for us. Keep ice-packing that neck! Take care. xxxx

  68. I don't know who told you that you're giving too much on your blog, and I don't care, but please don't listen to her (or him). I don't miss your blog, even on holidays and it gives me idea, makes me laught, even when am down, and if I have time, I even read the others comments. And just in case you were not sure Barbara, you are very appreciated, and we all learn from your experience and tutorial.
    So please, as long as you can, keep doing your blog.
    Laurence xx

  69. Don't listen to the doubters, I for one really enjoy reading your blog each day. It is like having a chat with a friend. I love to read how Clarity came into being and how to do certain techniques (the photos are brilliant). You have even inspired me to dust off my brayer and give it another go. It's not perfect but after reading your blog I don't care – I will just keep on practicing. Your blog is funny, inspiring and interesting.Thank you Barb, please don't stop I would be lost without hearing from my crafty "friend" each day.

  70. Barbara you're such a positive, 'cup half full' type of person that reading your blog enables me (and doubtless others like me) to remain more positive and 'upbeat' as well, Please don't listen to any critics and continue with your blog for as long as you are happy to do so, after all judging from all the comments you're receiving you're certainly appealing to a lot of us! Many thanks for your committment to blogging.x

  71. Love to read your blog every day Barb. Ignore the comments about blogging. You are like me if you do something you either do it properly or not at all. You are an inspiration in everything you do. Looking forward to seeing you on TV at the weekend.X

  72. What lovely comments from everyone and how true they all are. Just goes to show it's not all a waste of time. I treat myself to reading it with a cuppa when I get in from work, but then it takes me ages reading the comments! It does feel a bit like a family on here, well better than one actually! Certain members of my family are excluded from that statement! So much of what you say Barbara makes so much sense, I would be gutted if you stopped blogging and sharing your creativity, talent and generosity with us all, I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one. Love to everyone on here!Wx

  73. I think your blog is wonderful. I am compiling a file of all the great art work and step by step instructions. Whoever said it was a waste of time wants to get a life!!!! I do hope you read this. I have had an awful day at work – which I hate with a vengeance. However needs must. Your blog cheers me along and saves my mind from going mad. Thank you so much. I look forward to my stamp every month and your TV programmes and looking forward to the Workshop in July.
    Life is good being with Clarity. I only wish I could work with you and your great team.
    A Big, big thank you
    Anne A

  74. I admit that I've often wondered how you find the time to blog so much every day and have only recently come to realise that you make the time by making it a priority. I'm so thankful that you do. I look forward to it every day, saving it until I can give it my full attention, with a cup of coffee. I craft alone, in fact spend most of my time alone, and love the thought that I'm part of your community. I also get a lot of inspiration from your creativity.
    Thank you for sharing. Keep it up, please. Take care. Love Jan x

  75. Hello Barbara. I just wanted to say that since you started Blogging I looked forward to reading your post everyday and I was quite lost there for a few weeks not being on the internet with the house move. What was my Priority when I got connected? Catching up with your blog before I even got to my own! Your Blog is always informative and very well set out. Like Jan Sharp, I spend most of my time alone and love being part of your community. I have really enjoyed making friends with other Clarity Crafters and getting inspiration from yourself and your lovely Design Team. I have had nothing but kindness from you all! So I send my thanks to you Barbara, to your Company, to your Design Team and to my new Clarity friends for just being there. Big Hugs to you all xxxx

  76. boy am I glad that this blog is a P for you Barbara, I love to read it every day and have loved to learn about your struggles to get where you are today. I was jsut thinking the other day that you should write and autobiography so strange you should mention such a thing in today's post. Please never leave blogland, you brighten my day and make me think positive thoughts xxx

  77. Hi Barbara. The gorgeous sky you have shared with us today says it all. You knew we would all get pleasure from it, especially those of us that woke up to grey skies and yet more rain,(we did have an hour or so later in the day when the sun came out though, so that was lovely) so you took the time and trouble to share it with us. How can knowing that you are giving others pleasure be a foolish waste of time?
    I agree with all of the comments others here, please carry on blogging, I read it when I have time to sit and enjoy it, a little bit of "me time"…. lovely. It would be wonderful if you did write a book, think i can safely say that it would be VERY popular : ) What have you got up your sleeve? Not even going to hazard a guess, just look forward to whatever it is. Take care.

  78. Bit late today getting round to reading your wonderful blog. I have just spent two hours decorating a Birthday cake for one of my daughters tomorrow. It will be sliced into pieces in no time but like your blog well worth it as it will give a lot of pleasure.( well I hope so providing I have baked the cake well) I think everyone has already said everything but I second it all. I really enjoy your blog and the wonderful tutorials you so kindly share with us. I hope you can keep it going but would also understand if it became too much. Many thanks for sharing your valuable time with us Lynne xx

  79. Fabulous photo Barbara – when are we going to see your take on it on a card? Love your ramblings, you write just as though you are talking to us all. A waste of time? Just ask all your followers what they think of that statement!! Pat x

  80. What a glorious sun rise it's beautiful thank you for sharing. I love you blog and all that you share with us and am so pleased you see it as a priority, it's also great that it has a purpose for you as well. Long may it continue
    Jackie x

  81. I think it is very generous of you to share your ideas and I love your daily posts. You have certainly inspired me and if I had been into stamping before I retired, as an ex-business studies teacher, I would have cited your business on many occasions. How many other business owners care so much about their customers, and how many of them know their customers by name. Quite extraordinary really.

  82. Love your picture Barbara and really enjoy your blog – It definitely as a purpose as you can see from all the comments people enjoy reading it . I like to read it when come from work -job can be a bit stressful crafting and reading about crafty stuff helps me put at the back of my mind until it time to go back to work. Thank you

  83. Hi Barbara I am one of your granny members of your blog it means so much to me .i have read it from the beginning and I love it .ots part of my life and I look forward to it every day.please don't at any heed to doubters just think of all the people who love you I am one of them.i have made cards for charity for a long time at the time I am making some to sell to get money for crafty stuff but I feel so guilty take care of your poorly neck much love June xxxx

  84. I always arrive at your blog quite late and my comment is usually short as everyone has already said what I was thinking. I Love your blog and all that you share with us, thank you for taking the time x

  85. O Barb don't give up the blog. So many of us enjoy it . It's become part of my day, Like making the bed doing the washing , making my bread and a spot of crafting , It's GREAT . I LOVE IT . I never end the day without reading it . xxp

  86. PS just love the photo of the sky . I have taken a great interest in the sky since following your work and here in Wales we get some remarkable sunsets . We also get some wonderful grey dull wintery skies.xxp

  87. I think you can tell your Blog is not a waste of time by just how many read it and bother to leave a message. Long may you continue – it's informative and funny and I enjoy reading it. Thank You.

  88. Barbara, Ignore the critics and just carry on what you are doing, pleeeeeeeezz!!
    I look for your blog every morning to help me get through another crappy day!!xx

  89. please cont with the blog. i love reading it and gaining insights into what makes you you. i can understand how doing the blog can recharge your batteries as you step away from everything for a little while. i don't blog everyday, i'm not good like you but when i do i'm lost to the world till i fifsh my piece. hugs xx

  90. Ditto what everyone has said!…..Roll on tomorrow and what you will share with us – I'm looking forward to "something new"….perhaps you may give us a sneak peak at Sunday's new Clarity range???? 🙂 Hope you feel back to P for perfect very soon. Take care, Carole x

  91. Well I have had a jolly good read at every ones messages today and i agree we all love the time and effort you put into this wonderful blog hope you can carry on I have only been reading and joining in for the past few weeks and now have to look at the blog before i get out of bed thanks for giving us all inspiration.

  92. I echo what everyone has already said here. I spent years doing the things I thought I should do and feeling guilty if I didn't but came to realise life is about seizing the moment and doing what you want to do when you want to or risk forever regretting it. As long as blogging never becomes a chore then please continue. Lovely sunrise, thanks for sharing.

  93. Waste of time blogging? Hmm what's there problem- is it because they cant do what you do? It feels like we are one big happy family- I look forward to reading your blog everyday- your kind caring and thoughtful- Yes, you think of us the crafters!! I loved watching you on C&C and then I was lucky enough to meet you at a show. You stand there and you take/ Have the time to explain what you do and why- You didn't make me feel stupid if I didn't understand or asked loads of questions- Thank you for being you!!!

  94. I love your blog Barbara, each day has a different effect on me…inspirational, motivational, educational, enlightening, cheering, entertaining, comforting and even theraputic… so it definitely has a purpose for you and us but a rewarding purpose too… and yes, I admit it does have me rushing to your website sometimes but that's because I know they products are great quality & your demos help me get good results. So I'm very pleased that you started and continued with this blog…long may it continue. Love your wonderful sunrise too. Xx

  95. I love reading your blog and gratefully receive all the inspiration you so kindly share. From a business point of view it is brilliant! I probably wouldn't have thought about purchasing the wallflower stamps this week of you hadn't inspired me with an idea! Your insights into your life and business are fascinating. Thank you Barbara, you are a truly remarkable lady. X

  96. Do you know Barbara, I only found your blog two or three weeks ago, and I so wish I had been here at the start . I like so many others have seen you on C&C and liked your enthusiasm and zest for what you do and thought what a nice creative lady you were, but since reading this blog I see there is much more to Barbara Gray than we see on tv. It is so refreshing the way you are willing to give of yourself and your obviously very precious time to encourage and connect with us here. I find this blog a fascinating and compulsive read and would miss it very much if you found yourself for one reason or another unable to keep it up. You are one very clever and talented lady, and I am so glad you get as much out of writing this as we do reading it. Thank you, and long may it continue. x

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