P for Positivity

P for Positivity

Tuesday’s blog rolls back the hours and is the day we look at aspects of business, where Clarity has come, and where I was at the time!

I know that many of you reading this are building your own businesses, one step at a time. That is Brave and Brilliant! But always bear this in mind: If it were that easy, everybody would be doing it. And actually, I think it’s getting tougher out there.

To my mind, creating a business is much easier than running one. Having the ideas is one thing; converting them into a going concern is another! So if you are making it happen, if you are actually generating an income from your hard work, and keeping the wolves from the door, then you really need to reach round and give yourself a hearty pat on the back! Don’t break your arm though; that could really set you back!   

My question to you today is this:

Are you a glass half-full person?

Or a glass half-empty person?

If you are a naturally upbeat, positive person, then you will bounce back more easily from setbacks, or things that don’t go quite according to plan, or disasters, than somebody who gets out of bed wishing they didn’t have to!

So, P for Positivity. It’s easy to be positive and upbeat when you’ve got a thriving business, good health, a loving partner, lovely kids and a nice home – that’s for sure. Having said that, I know plenty of folks who have all that and are still unhappy! They are still missing something. In fact, the more they have, the less they appreciate it.

I remember years ago, when I used to do the Craft Shows in marquees, I would observe the other stall holders, and how they did it, so to speak. 
I think we can learn a lot from watching how others operate. Then either emulate them – or NOT! I remember there was one chap. Cor! He was miserable!! At first I thought it was just me he didn’t like, because I was always so full of beans, and he just grunted at me, or ignored me. Then I realised, he was like that with everybody – including the customers! Most days, he would sit and read his newspaper at the stand, and completely ignore everybody! Then he would complain that he was having a bad day! Even though his work was actually very good, I would NEVER want a piece of his energy in my home. In fact, he exuded such negativity, that I used to avoid him, walk down the other aisle. And I’m sure that at a subliminal level, that negative vibe is what most passers-by picked up on.
Then there was another exhibitor, who became a good friend, actually. She had a very gentle, kind, soft way about her. And I bought a piece of her artwork every time I saw her. I have a house full of Erica’s energy. Do you see what I mean?
Can we learn Positivity? Certainly! I do believe we can. On Saturday evening, after the Stevenage set-up, we went out for dinner with our friends, Debby and Gill, two of the most positive, upbeat women you could wish to meet. You just want to be in their company. Well, Gill had us fling our arms out and laugh, like this:

She explained that it was impossible to feel negative in that pose! So we tried it. And she’s right! If you were at Stevenage on Sunday, and you saw a load of us with our arms outstretched and laughing, looking like we had just won the lottery, I was spreading the news! Thanks Gill x
Can I put it simply? Quite aside from what P for Positivity evidently does for one’s business, I like being with myself much more when I am happy than when I am unhappy. And I’m sure I speak for all those around me, too! So what do I do to stay upbeat?

I sing.
I write a Gratitude List EVERY DAY
I try to help others.
I avoid negative people.
I try to dress well and look my best.

Does this positive attitude sometimes irritate others? I’m sure it does. No. I KNOW it does. But there again, I have spent many years learning how to do Life on Life’s terms; there are bound to be people still working that out. But the ones that mind me don’t matter. And the ones that matter don’t mind me.

lots of love to you,

90 thoughts on “P for Positivity

  1. Positive mental attitude is what gets you through the dark times. It also means that people will be happy to be around you and not avoid you in case you depress them. You have to look for the things to be thankful for, if you want to stay sane. xxxx Maggie

  2. What a wonderful sentiment to finish on and I love the animal photos; they illustrate your points superbly..not that I think you look like a labrador in rollers. I will definitely try to adopt your postive attitude from now on, especially as it's my birthday today …so I am therefore another year wiser 🙂

    1. What a great blog Barbara with some really good advice which I shall make a conscious effort to adopt – is it too late to make a New Year Resolution I wonder? Happy Birthday Jeanette……………..

  3. Ditto the above comments. And Happy Birthday, Jeanette! You really CAN learn to be positive. I'm not saying it works every time, but if you can get the positive thoughts to outweigh the negative ones for the majority of the time, then you're on the right track. I've had depression for most of my adult life (was going to say 'suffered', but that's too negative!) and at times have really struggled to find positivity. I try to find pleasure in something every day – even if it's just a bird in the tree opposite my kitchen window. I also think it helps to know what to direct your efforts at; the Serenity Prayer (Clarity has this on a stamp!) used to be permanently pinned to my fridge door when I was going through a really tough time a few years ago: 'God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference' – helped me loads. I, like Barb, do not like to have things in my home with negative vibes/connoitations – thought it was just me! I've been having a good chuckle every time I think of Barb demonstrating her arm-flinging technique whilst trying to avoid demolishing her stand at the show at Stevenage on Sunday…! The Elbow lyrics "Throw those curtains wide; One day like this a year'd see me right" makes me think of the same movement and always has a feel-good factor about it! 🙂 x

  4. You make me laugh! These pictures are so funny, how long did it take you to find them? I definitely think that body language and movement has a big impact on people around you, like some people seem to bring out the worst in you and others bring out the best in you, they are the positive ones, not necessarily because they are more positive than you because maybe you bring out the best in them! confused? me too! I once did a telephone handling course, they taught us that if you want to end a conversation, stand up, it puts more authority in your voice and the person on the other end picks up on the vibe and starts to close down the call. So same as flinging your arms out must have a similar affect, you probably end up cuddling a lot of people you don't want to cuddle if you're in a crowd though! well enough waffle, good night.

  5. Me, I think I'm a glass half full kind of girl- especially when it comes to others or work. Tho I have to say at times over the last 16mths it has been hard to keep positive since a knee replacement that has not done what it said on the packet. Still, its only a knee eh haha. Mind you, there is a positive side to it, I can't work at the mo so I get more time to craft ;-))
    I have to agree that positivity breeds positivity as the opposite is true and,btw, you do always look fab. Thanks for the pics, made me chuckle. X

  6. I always prefer to be glass half full, can't be around people that are always negative, drags me down. We all have our off days, me personally, I'm going thro a difficult time at the moment but I've finally asked for help and I'm positive that things will get better, good friends and a loving family are a wonderful tonic and the joy I get from crafting and reading your blog is a wonderful tonic, thank you xx

  7. What a great post today makes a girl feel very upbeat . P for positive that at some stage tonight the sand man will come and visit. I do try to stay positive and upbeat..not always so easy when you live with someone who suffers with depression, but that's just one of life's little challenges.xx

  8. The mantra on my own blog is Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. It's my favourite. Someone told me they had looked it up (which in this day and age means Mrs Googled it) and it is credited to an Indian girl! I always meant to check for myself but never have so I 'm going to do that now 'cos I sure love it. Thanks Barbara. I love our daily Blog too.

    1. I'm back having Googled the quote. Not a mention of an Indian girl could I find. I did find a chap named Bernard Baruch BUT I also found a certain Dr Seuss. I rather like Dr Seuss and his books (of which I have read many to my children and grandchildren) and so I am going forward from this day POSITIVELY believing that it was Dr Seuss who gave me my mantra :o))

  9. Great blog today, p for positivity is a great bit of advice. I'm a wee bit shy but shall definitely try and be more upbeat when I go back to my weekly stall at our local woollen mill in March. Thanks for that Barbara x

    1. Isobel – I used to be painfully shy, and when I started nurse training I soon found that if I could ask really personal questions in my uniform, then I surely could just exchange a smile and some chatter out of it!! Now people don't believe I was ever shy – if you can learn P for positivity you can certainly learn to leave your shyness behind. Good Luck!

    2. I wasn't painfully shy when I started my nurse training, but was quiet and wouldn't say 'boo' to a goose (what a strange saying..!). Nobody believes me now either!! 🙂 lol x

  10. Hi Barb, what a great blog post, I need to take what you say on board, sometimes it is tough, and it really gets you down, when you are trying to juggle a stressful job, and stressful home life, when things just keep going wrong. The photos are a great laugh. I may try the arms outstretched at my next business meeting and see if I can elicit a response. Thank you for sharing this with us. Bx

  11. Such an inspirational blog. The photograph's made me giggle to myself, being on the bus on my way to work people must have thought I was mad. I to learnt something very early on whilst working on Reception, no matter how miserable you feel smile when answering the phone and your customer's/suppliers think that you ate a cheerful and positive person.

  12. Speaking as someone who is very unhappy at work right now reading your blogs helps me – especially the Tuesday and Friday ones – when I was scrolling down the picture of the emu made me laugh out loud – seeing the picture of everyone with their arms flung out – great – very Al Jolson – like your Jazz Man stamp – the image of you doing that on the stand – fantastic. I know that when I or anyone around me – feels down it does affect those around you – I can think of lots of excuses to my current state of mind – I know only I can lift myself out of it by either just getting on with life and making the best of what I have or by taking a bold step and changing my life – but it is taking all my will power to decide which path I am going to take – so I guess unfortunately I am a glass half full right now – I know I will get through it though – just need to have the time and space to do it – I am no where near as bad as the man on his stall you spoke of – but am at a crossroads – so for me I read your blog and it helps a lot – I am so grateful to have discovered you and your products and the clarity workshops – I think without them my life would just not be quite thinkable …. as I sit here typing away knowing I must get ready for work I am already thinking about what time I will be home and can make another card…so there is hope on the horizon!!!! xxxxxx

    1. Hi Kim, maybe it's time to write a list like Barbara's way back of all the things you like, the skills you have and a solution might present itself. I think I'll do the same, hope you feel better x

  13. Glass half full every day for me, although sometimes I drain the glass and ask for a refill (especially if there's wine involved)!! I always think of Eeyore when I meet half empty types, but having had a really bad stressful time a few years ago, I hope I have a little more insight and empathy now. I so agree with you, you can definitely learn positivity – and I've discovered since running a B&B that you can also learn to become OCD too – can't walk past a speck on the carpet or chip in the paintwork anymore :o)

  14. Hi Barbara, I know what you mean about negative people, they can certainly be a drain on your own spirit if you are not careful. I know a few like that and you are right, they get avoided! I love reading what you share about Clarity and your journey. Thank you for sharing. x

  15. Hi Barb,
    What you say is so true. I always try to be positive, but sometimes it is difficult. I know when I was teaching, that there was someone who was always miserable and negative and this did impact on people around. However, as a department head, I always tried to be upbeat and to have a good working atmosphere within the department which did seem to work as we all got on and had a good laugh most days. I love your photos today but that poor dog in rollers! Well, who would do that to a poor dog! It also made me smile to think about you all with your arms out! Xx Alison

  16. Great advice Barb! I try to be positive all the time and especially around other people! There are people in this life who bring you down and people who enhance your life and uplift! You know the type you should surround yourselves with!Just for fun, I defy anyone to not laugh when listening to the laughing version of Are you lonesome tonight by Elvis Presley! Go on, look it up!! Happy Tuesday everyone, Helen xx

  17. Your positivity always shines through when I see you on C&C and that in turn makes me think I can have a try, so thank you for that. I agree that trying to be positive despite life's hiccups isn't always easy but crafting sees me through the tougher times. I also sing (everywhere) really loud if its been a bad day, a loud bit of Green Day in the car always does the trick! Of course reading your blog everyday always gets me off to a good start. Xx

  18. Great thoughts Barbara. At the start of each year I sit down and write out my A-Z of Blessings. Then I look back at previous years to see the changes. It can be hard to look for the sunshine but it's always there behind the clouds, waiting to peek out and smile at us

  19. Thanks for your thoughts and the animal pics-and no I am not including the one of your friends!!
    It is always best to count our blessings every day but some folk find it harder than others -we just have to be " salt and light " for them and pray they have a breakthrough.
    I am sure Barbara that you have had a positive impact on so many people and your character is revealed in your art-beautiful, imaginative,at times intricate ,embracing nature and of course quirky!!
    Enjoy your day -it's terrible here-windy and wet -time to craft!
    P.s Kim you will be in my thoughts today xx

  20. I think I'm a glass half full, I try to look on the bright side but life can test you to the limits sometimes. You have to stay positive, negative energy attracts negativity, never good. Thank you for your P for positive. Joan x

  21. I have so much to be thankful for and I like to think I'm a glass half full person. Your joie de vivre is obvious every time I see you on C&C – you have a personality that lights up the studio. Pat x

  22. Thank you for sharing this Barbara, your positivity is always there for all to see and it even shines through your blog. When I read your words each day it is as if you are beside me just talking away, I love that and I'm very grateful

  23. I love your positivity Barbara, you are a breath of fresh air and what you say is soooo true. We should all have a very big bowl of positivity for breakfast. I certainly agree that the less you have the more you appreciate and the happier you are, I see examples of that all around everyday.
    Love your Tuesday posts, they kick start my day on the right foot!!
    Have a good one
    Hugs Lisax

  24. All so true. On positive days it is easy to achieve much more. I'm in the middle of a big declutter at home at the moment and feeling more positive the more I do. Thank you Barbara for the fun and wisdom. x

  25. Wow that was deep Barb, made me stop to think. Thought about it and I think that I'm a 'half full' type because I always seem to cling to the positive side of life. Or maybe because I'm still a 'young blonde woman' in my head instead of a white haired 67 year old.

  26. You are so right with every word….I find my lipstick helps….as I just have to smile when I wear it…love all your animal photos and the last one could be my Labrador Tess….it just looks like her…
    Have a happy day….Jo. xx

  27. It also doesn't cost you anything to smile ! More people should try it. Smiling is infectious if you smile at people they usually smile back . Let's all share a smile version of a Mexican wave and get whole country smiling on this dismal day. Xxx

  28. I have always looked on positive of things but over last few months going through a hard time having trouble picking myself up your blogs help pictures made me laugh and our clarity class in East Midlands with Saz is fantastic we always have a laugh and fun not just in class but on our Facebook page to we are always having a laugh . Was mucking about yesterday and Saz has us all in the corner just such fun may be need to but arms out at next class too xxx

  29. Love the pics Barbara love the words too I am stuck for words today I am going to the funeral of my dearest friend of 51 years we met ehen our girls started school I am trying to think of all the love happiness of those years love June xx

  30. I've been both half empty and half full but definitely half full plus these days and some of that is thanks to you Barb, reading your blog has really made me a more positive person. Thanks again. I'm off to book some craft fayres to attend this spring. Have a great day everyone. Jx

  31. Ahhh Barbara, you're such a lovely upbeat person. You remind me so much of me, I'm definitely a half full girl. I remember being at a job interview and the Theatre Sister asked me what I'd do if I'd had a bad day, would I go home and take it out on my family? My answer, 'No, I'd plug my mike in and have a good sing' The manager looked at her and said, 'You didn't expect that did you?' It was as good as standing on a hill and having a good scream, very cleansing. I got the job. 🙂 Love your blog today, so inspiring, but in a different way. Please keep it up. xxxx

  32. everything in life is about positivity Barb – it took me a long time toi get there and sometimes I slip a little – but life is so much better when viewed through the half full glass xx

  33. I think negativity is just a bad habit in some people, they always find fault and look for the worst in every situation. Moaning minnies. It's seems so sad to be like that, the world is such a beautiful place if you just open your eyes and your heart.

  34. Barb, thanks so much for your positivity, I feel as though I've had a gentle kick up the ****. I woke up this morning with the blues and have been feeling sorry for myself. Reading your blog put a smile on my face and my mood has lifted – thank you! Jean.x

  35. I know I have already commented today but I have just sat down with a coffee and re-read your post, and all the lovely comments from everyone else. I must say that I agree with so much tat everyone says. You are a breath of fresh air, and your positive attitude really lifts the spirits. It is so noticeable going round the NEC shows that everyone round your stall is upbeat and buzzing. That buzz is not present anywhere else. I know, from my own experience, that you do encourage and inspire us all to look for the positive things in life, and give us the strength to look for the sunshine in our lives. Thank you. xx Maggie

  36. Hi Barbara. Glass half full, definitely. Yes, be happy, there is always someone far worse off than me. That is what I always say. I do have bad times but I allow myself a good cry, feel sorry for myself for an hour or so then pull myself back up. People often comment that I always look on the bright side. I just try and be positive! It's not always that hard. Funny how I have opened up to you on this blog. Most people that know me don't know half what I have told you. Hope I haven't come across as a negative person. I would be joining in with the arm stretching (great idea) if I saw it, rather than tutting and turning away as some might : ) What is better than making someone smile and feel good inside themselves? Take care.

  37. Hi Barbara never a truer word said. I aspire to be a half full glass person and get there most of the time. This last year has been difficult at times, though I know I'm much better off than a lot of others. Looking at the world around me, especially the nature always cheers me up, especially if by the coast. Thank you for your blog and especially your Tuesday thoughts, as others have said it's as though you are actually with us everyday. Your positivity shines through on the telly and at shows and your workshops. Will definitely try the arms outstretched exercise. Thanks for making us all smile with your words and photos. xx

  38. I agree Barb. Miserable people can be so draining. I try to be positive and try to see the silver lining in every cloud although it isn't always easy. Keep on singing and smiling Barb.

  39. I would like to think I'm a 'half glass full person', although there are days when it proves difficult and I find myself sounding like a female Victor Meldrew! I find that crafting always helps me through those darker days, a better therapy you would struggle to find. x

  40. oh Barbara you always cheer me up. As someone who is going through a tough time and trying to be positive this post really touched me. I put on a front so I don't drag others down of course cos nobody likes a grumpy pants. I so look forward to reading your blog every day and your positivity and bubbly character is such a tonic. Thank you so much xxx PS, am gonna try that arms out wide stuff at work tomorrow 🙂

    1. Shazza, as someone who had the year from hell last year, I know that is the right way to go for me. Fake it to make it. It was the right way for me. I know I will never get over it but I am learning to cope and build a new life. I am mostly positive, although there are some seriously bad days, and that is normal. Take care of yourself and try to look for something good each day, a little bit of sunshine to warm you. xxxx Maggie

  41. Life sometimes "kick" me hard, but I always have a smile the minute I come here and read your post. It is so great. I always try to be the "leader" of joy, things to look forward, and it helps some friends. The one, which are annoid by my attitude?????? I just give them a bigger smile, and send them positive attitude…..
    Thanks for the smile you put everyday on my face and in my mind and heart.
    Laurence xx

  42. I am a 'glass half full person' always try to look on the bright side. The last words my father said to me last year were ' enjoy yourself'. I owe it to him to do just that, he struggled in the last two years and had every right to complain but never did. A blog today to really make us think, I love those animal pictures. First one made me jump as I scrolled down the page but then I was smiling. Carry on being the lovely person you are. Lynne xx

  43. Thank you so much for the advice. I have been surrounded by negativity all day!!! That is what comes of being a pensioner, having to work and being an "uncivil servant" I do hope you read this.
    I am home to my lovely husband of 45 years and to my crafting and my favourite stamps.
    Thank you a million times
    Anne A

  44. We should always try to be optimistic although sometimes life drags us down. I think I lie halfway between half full and half empty, I think it is in my nature to be a bit sceptical about things sometimes, and to not always be able to see the best in things, but your upbeat personality always shines througth, and I'm sure that thinking positive does give you more energy and zest for life. Thank you Barbara for always giving us something to think about. x

  45. Thank you Barbara. I try hard to be positive (am finding that much easier now I've retired!!!) even in the face of negativity. It's true that the people we choose to be with are those who are cheerful, positive and make you feel better for being with them. Am going to get my husband, who is hating his job at the moment, to have a go at the arms wide technique!!!
    Keep smiling and singing. Your blog helps so many people.
    love Jan x

  46. Fab pictures! They did make me smile. I shall remember those when I have to teach 22 thirteen/fourteen year olds all about religious fundamentalism in their citizenship lesson tomorrow! Thanks as ever Barbs 🙂 x

  47. I read this post this morning but didn't have time to reply. However it set me off on the right track this morning. Gradually though my day just took a downward spiral as I faced negativity nearly all day. It does affect you!!! But then I got home to my lovely Colin and my little dog charlie and everything was Ok again. It helped I had happy post too!!! So tonight despite my cold returning with a vengeance I am back to being positive again and tomorrow is another day and another glass that is half full!!!
    Thank you for the positivity that you share! X

  48. I read your blog this morning and decided to be Mrs P for Positive today. My work place is currently going through a tricky time and people are very negative but I walked in the opposite direction when I felt negative vibes approaching and avoided people discussing in huddles. I took positive action and smiled a lot resulting in me having a stress free day for a change, plus I'd bought them all cake as it was my birthday and they thought I was wonderful. So thank you Barbara for making my day fab with your positivity xx

  49. Thank you Barb for your inspiring blog. I too use a gratitude list sometimes just in my head as I'm going off to sleep. Funnily enough the list seems up be longer on the hardest days as especially in the tough times there so much to be grateful for in my wonderful family & friends.
    Keep up the good work, love reading your blog each day for all your uplifting thoughts & fabulous crafting. X

  50. Thank you Barb for your inspiring blog. I too use a gratitude list sometimes just in my head as I'm going off to sleep. Funnily enough the list seems up be longer on the hardest days as especially in the tough times there so much to be grateful for in my wonderful family & friends.
    Keep up the good work, love reading your blog each day for all your uplifting thoughts & fabulous crafting. X

  51. I am a glass half full kind of gal. Your posts never fail to make me smile and if anyone dares to feel down these pics are surely enough to perk you up.In my world life is too short not to enjoy what you can, even if it's something small that you've achieved each day.Big hugs Debbie x

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