And the clever winner of the Foxglove Competition is…

And the clever winner of the Foxglove Competition is…

Monday Monday! Good morning. After yesterdays antics, I am a little slow getting out of the starting blocks. I have to say that the TV shows do wipe me out rather. Takes me a day or so to settle down again. But if you watched and enjoyed the artwork and the demos, then it was worth it.

Remember last week, I set you a challenge? To decipher how this piece was created? I asked you to write out the instructions as if you were me.

Well, would you believe we had over 30 entries?! I think that is astounding, because it really wasn’t an easy challenge. Some of you were right on track, some were really interesting! And if I had the time, I would love to see where those instructions lead. I bet they would all work very, very well. But the best thing was that you were prepared to stretch yourselves, to have a go. 

The entry that came closest to my truth was 
Angela (angelacrafthut61), 
So very, very well done Angela, for working out what I did. Actually, thank you for reminding me! 
The thing is though, that this just is my interpretation. I was thinking about Scotland, which most of you guessed right.
Did I use masks? Actually, no. (Although we do have them). I just made sure the acrylic paint wasn’t too think or dark where I planted my foxgloves.

I used a larger 
I created the background in sections, starting at the bottom. Instead of coating the whole gelli plate with acrylic paint, I spread a strip of Crimson acrylic paint through the plate, and blotted it with bubble wrap, like this:
Then I did the same with the blue at the top, for the sky, using sequin waste, or Punchinella, as it’s called. 
In the example here, I even added an Ocean swirl stencil. 
Looks quite good. And added a blend of the 2 colours at the base. 
You can see already where the Foxgloves have got to go: 
in the lighter area to the left.
The hill in the background was done by adding a mix of the blue and red paint to the gelli plate, but just in the  upper area. Then I covered up the wet Gelli plate with 2 pieces of torn copy paper: one to cover up the lower half of the gelli plate entirely, one to cover up the sky, leaving the purple blend slit of a mountain range. 
I forgot to take step photos of this. I think that the mountain process was quite challenging as it was, without getting paint all over my brand new Ipad trying to click away, too!
I did all of the paint background BEFORE I added the Foxgloves.

So now for the Foxgloves. I loaded each one on a C-thru ruler for a mount, and stamped it into place, using Black Archival. The reason I decided to add the Foxgloves AFTER doing the background, was so that I could place them to fall in with what had happened in the background! See what I mean?

Here’s another one I did, where the flowers had to move!
As for colouring in, I used Distress markers. Promarkers don’t react well to acrylic. Or Black Archival for that matter.
Add shade once the undercoat is dry.
Now for the green. I used Lettuce Adirondack and a make-up Sponge over the Crimson acrylic, and Cloudy Blue over the sky. 
See how it stains the card underneath?
I went round the edges too. 
Do it with care, building the shade gradually. 
And that’s about it. 
All I need to do now, is send Angela my original, signed, as a gift, 
together with an 8″ x 10″ Gelli Plate as a prize.
Please email us your mailing address Angela xx
And the comment candy winner from last week. Well, thank you so much for all your Blog Support! I do work hard at this – but I really enjoy it, too. 
I will pick a random winner tomorrow….
Much Love from

56 thoughts on “And the clever winner of the Foxglove Competition is…

  1. Congratulations Angela on your success. I was sort of on the right track but I will go back through your tutorial Barb to fully understand the process. Loved this challenge thanks. Really enjoyed yesterday, great demonstrations and love the new stamps. Have a great day. Jx

  2. Congratulations Angela on working out what Barbara did so well, enjoy your fabulous prize
    thank you too to Barbara for telling us what you did and sharing your work in progress photos with us
    Jackie x

  3. Well done Angela !

    I used my gelli plate for first time yesterday – managed one print – not very good but it wont put me off. I was just pushed for time but had it in my head after having the thing for about 6 months in a box I should use it, especially as I've ordered the bigger one too. Must get myself some buff titanium though – that always makes me chuckle for some reason. I used some crimson and white mixed and the heart stencil. More paint than pattern but still impressed!

    Great shows at the weekend – I aim to try the magpie effect but with something else – so much so I've written in my book how to do it!

    p.s. I must get some lettuce adirondak – that makes me chuckle too ….

  4. Good detective work Angela.
    Yesterday's tv shows were spot on, my head is brimming full of ideas, thanks to your inspiration Barb. I hope you recover quickly from yesterday, as you gave so much pleasure to all your fans.

  5. Well done, Angela. Great determination to work that one out, I reckon. Loved the shows yesterday, although it was hard to keep up with commenting on Claritystamp as well. Not as hard as you work though, Barbara. Very inspiring altogether with your demos and the stunning work from the design team. You were all on fire, including Nigel. Thank you for all your hard work. xx Maggie

  6. Well done Angela! Great to see how it was actually done too. I haven't had a chance to watch the shows yet, but they are recorded and I will watch them this week, when I have some quiet time to myself. x

  7. Well done Angela!!!! Great prize too.
    Brilliant Clarity Sunday yesterday and I love the live chat too. Always record the show too as I can get carried away with the chat (those who know me won't be surprised at that!). Thank you Barbara for all the fantastic work on and off screen xxxxx

  8. Congratulations Angela on working this one out and what a fabulous prize you are getting. I wasn't able to watch all of the show yesterday morning, but have recorded it and the afternoon session. The artwork and stamps I did see were brilliant and I love the way the Design Team always manages to come up with original idea. I particularly like the work of Julie Owens with the Pyrography Technigue and would like to see this method demonstrated.

  9. Well done Angela and thanks Barbara for the step by step instructions! It is just like Scotland in the spring – can't wait to get out in the countryside again in the near future, although I have a Clarity weekend with Pauline in Perth to look forward to first at the end of the month!! Must have a little play with my gelliplate before I go – I really like the idea of trying to do strips of colour and texture rather than one overall design….so many ideas, so little time! Thanks, Susan

  10. Oh my goodness – thank you Barbara and everyone for your comments. I'm really surprised! Thank you for the lovely gift too. I really enjoyed what I saw of the shows yesterday and look forward to watching the rest. Your demos were fab and as always the samples from the design team were amazing. Again thank you! Angela xx

    1. Hi Barbara yes you do know me from the shows – I've be stalking you for a whole now!!!! 🙂 and I was lucky to be at one of you Cowden workshops last year. Thank you so much, you should have received an email from me. Thank you so much. xxx

  11. Angela congrats I think this sis a very clever exercise, but my mind just couldn't yet try.m thanks for uncovering the mystery Barbara. The shows yesterday we grand, fun, funny, informative and guess who,has a list of things to buy? I never think I want the stamps until you show samples and demonstrate… You and your team are so very clever. Thanks again.

  12. Congratulation Angela and well done. I could not have done it. The Show yesterday was really fabulous. I liked the way Nigel took care that you were able to do as much demo as possible. I have never ever heard anyboy speak english so fast. Well, I am not a native Speaker so for me ist always amazig 🙂 LOve

  13. Hi Barbara. Thank you for the breakdown of the foxgloves pic. Congratulations Angela and well done 🙂 Brilliant shows yesterday Barb, You and Nigel were great. Got lots more ideas, and an even longer wish list now! Hope you get to relax a bit today. Take care.

  14. Loved the shows yesterday, the new stamps are jaw dropping good, well done to the design team. You always seem to enjoy yourself on tv although a bit nerve racking I'm sure. Joan x

  15. Hi Barb,
    Firstly, congrats to Angela & also Karin. I did guess some of it correctly but not all so it was great to see your step by step today. The shows yesterday were great and whilst the circus stamps & puppet ones don't appeal to me personally , I did like the demos and the samples. Thanks for doing the zentangle on the " book cover" – it's great to see someone actually doing this instead of looking at books and patterns etc. I also loved the magpie print you pulled from the Gelli plate, in fact so much that I ordered the set of stencils so I can do something similar for my husband's birthday card next week ( that's if they arrive in time! ). Thanks very much for your time and inspiration. Love Alison xx

  16. Thanks for this Barbara,
    Hope you recover from your shows and have a great week.
    It is so good to watch you in. Actionas it gives one the confidence to try.
    The new stamps are lovely and I love the card you made with the wallflower set -just beautiful!

  17. Hi Barb, shows were great, demos were great, and as always a good laugh. Well I was not that far off with the task set, but, you live and learn. Well done Angela. Looking forward to the winner of the comment game. Well I can live in hope 🙂 Bx

  18. Hello Barbara
    Congratulations to Angela. Watched your show yesterday and really enjoyed them as usual. Many thanks for your inspiration and hard work you put in. It must take you hours to prepare for these shows. My wish list is getting longer. Love your blog too.

  19. Well done Angela, I was well off!! LOL – I loved this challenge – you will have to do another Barb!!! Shows yesterday were fab – one of the best yet – think the music they played helped really set the scene for the circus!!! Rest up though xx

  20. Hi Barbara,
    Enjoyed the shows yesterday! loved all the new stamps as well!
    This design is stunning, I don't have the foxglove stamps so I used the thistle and it worked well!
    Love working with the Geli plate and trying everything you show us. Keep them coming!!!
    Lorna D

  21. Hi Barbara, I thought the 'Gelli' was there somewhere, but I just couldn't work out the sequence. Loved the final picture though.
    Really enjoyed the 'telly' yesterday, I was totally engrossed throughout both programmes, a change for me because I can talk for the whole of the UK once I get going. Thanks you again for a fab programme.

  22. Well done Angela, that was very clever to work that out. What a lovely prize as well. My husband appreciated that challenge kept me quiet all that evening trying to work it out. Well I got the Scotland bit right, will have to get a Gelli plate.
    Congratulations to Karin as well on your runner up prize.
    Enjoyed the demo's yesterday Barbara, going to try your trick with the inks to make backing papers. Thankyou for explaining how you did this picture, I did enjoy the challenge even if I was way off. Need one of your workshops, will book when you release the dates. Lynne xx

  23. Congratulations Angela….enjoy your prize…
    Great shows yesterday Barbara…I do love to see you and Nigel together…Thank you for all the inspiration …and such fantastic products….hugs….x

  24. Congratulations Angela 🙂 I was way off track, but I have learnt so much more…it's great to learn what you can mix with what, i.e., what inks & acrylics, with what markers (distress markers versus pro-markers – I had no idea they were different!)…I'm still quite new to this as you can probably tell!!! 🙂 I'm looking forward to having a go with the Gelli plate & this method though. Hope you had a chilled out day Barbara 🙂 x

  25. So clever of Angela to worrk that all out – and the best prize of all – the origianl artwork. Wow. Lucky lady. Great to see your breakdown of the making of it too.
    Beryl xx

  26. Well done Angela, you are a very clever detective to work all of that out in the right order. Seeing it all worked out step by step makes it seem so simple. You are an excellent teacher Barbara. X

  27. Well done Angela, and thank you Barbara for a great tutorial. I thought perhaps it was done with the gelli plate, and stencils and a bit of masking, but sorting out the order of work would have had me scratching my head. Anyway, it comes down to one gorgeous finished piece of work. x

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