Introducing our New Mat !

Introducing our New Mat !

Hello there!
Wednesday’s Blog is something new, so at the risk of putting the mat among the pigeons, I would like to introduce you to our brand new Clarity Blending Mats.

I got my thinking cap on with this. 
Thought it might be cool to include more than one function. 
You know what we’re like at Clarity; 
always at the cutting edge!
So let’s take a closer look…
One side has a deckle-edge.
Great for tatty tearing card and paper.
The A3 Mat is ultra-thick, too. 
500 microns.
The other side has a wavy edge. 
If I had a pound for every time a customer has said,
 “I just can’t tear hills like you,” 
I could retire!
So never say I don’t listen!

If you would love to master the art of brayering, 
but you have difficulty achieving that ‘air-brushed’ look, 
the Clarity Mat helps you load the brayer 
with just the right amount of ink 
and stores the ink for you,

So that you can not only go back for more ink, 
but you can mix and blend colours beautifully, too.

 The mat is great for intense edging with a blending tool;

For spritzing lightly with water,

thereby creating refreshingly arty papers.
And when you’ve had enough arty fun for one day, 
simply wipe clean with water.

Oh. And one other clever little touch:
The C in Clarity is a great Storage Hanger. 

So whether you want a big A3 Mat,
or a smaller A4 Mat
rest assured that the new Clarity Mat has been thought through.
Very carefully. 
Blend it 
Tear it
Deckle it
Hang it
Dave and I made a decision that 2014 is going to be the year of
Tomorrow is Thursday, and I will put yon Mat to the test. 
If you are new to Clarity, and you want to see this tool in action, then check out this blog tomorrow!
I think we’ll have a Giveaway Day. 
Leave an uplifting comment today
and you could win an A3 Mat tomorrow!
much love from

161 thoughts on “Introducing our New Mat !

  1. Building your brand is the only way to go. ..clarity to take over the crafting world. …. quality tools to produce stunning projects….. can't wait to get my hands on a mat…..

  2. What a fantastic idea, clarity really are going from strength to strength. I love the stamps, I love the stencils, I love the stencil brushes, and I know I will love an A3 Clarity blending mat.

  3. Wow! It's a Clarity revolution. Go Clarity! The Clarity mat must be female as it can definitely multi-task and will be super useful in the craft room and to take to classes. Congratulations on you new Clarity baby x

  4. Thats what we love about you Barbara you dont just pay lip service to your customers – you listen and act upon it. The C in Clarity isnt just for hanging the mat – to me it is and always has been Customer Service whicch is second to none. Congrats on the mat – look forward to your next post and what you do with it.

  5. How clever, and multifunctional …and it will help Billy Brayer so that is fantastic…….I am so looking forward to ordering mine and having a play….and for me it is Clarity all the way….yah….x

  6. Just when you think they have got it all sussed those clever Clarity companions come along with another clever idea, just brilliant . Jacqui is right you and your team listen to what us crafters say and then come along with something better. Looking forward to tomorrow's post now to see what cunning plan you have come up with xx

  7. When I went to the November show at the NEC last year, there were two things that I commented on to my friend. One was the happy buzz around the Clarity stand, and the way that you are constantly developing what you do and what you provide for us. You are always finding new directions to open up while other excellent crafting brands seem to be standing still, in comparison. It makes so much sense to bring all your products, as far as possible, under your control. That way, we all know we can trust the quality and the excellent Clarity service. Enjoy playing with your new baby, and we will enjoy the results you will show us. xxxx Maggie

  8. Fabulous! As I know it is from Clarity I know it will be the best blending mat ever. The hook, the deckle edge and the tearing edge – that is inspired thinking. I want one or maybe two xx

  9. Love the idea of these edges, and also the fact that the A3 one is as thick as it is, I currently have a blending mat made by another company and it is so thin and flimsy that the wrinkles and tears in it after a wee while take the biscuit. TFS and I look forward to seeing tomorrows post. Hugs xnx

  10. It looked brilliant when you showed the blending mat on Sunday at Stevenage. Love the deckle and hill tearing edges. Definitely will be adding one of these to my want list. x

  11. Wow now I am so impressed, you really have thought about us in making this product it'll be this years hottest product until you bring something else out as we're always guaranteed something excellent in quality and very useful x

  12. Everything is such quality, I'm having a love affair with Clarity products and my wish list is getting longer and longer with the addition of the stamp storage, stencils and now the new blending mat… Ooer Mrs slow down a bit and give me a chance to save some pennies…. I want it all now!

  13. I so love your blog and your products. My friend Elaine introduced me to Clarity stamps and your wonderful video's. Thank you for another inspiring new product and thank you for always bringing a laugh into my day when I have so needed them. Super women with a superb product

  14. What can I write that has not already been said, yer a marvel, I watch you on C&C on the web from North Carolina when I can, sometimes dragging these ole bones up early (bloody time difference) and I am never disappointed, always inspired, educated and cheered. Keep up the fab work we all appreciate it! x

  15. I just love the way Clarity always does that bit extra and goes that bit further in everything. Who else would have thought of adding a tearing edge and a hanging hook to a blending mat?

  16. This is a wonderful product, I bought one on Sunday at the craft show and have used it every day to do a different function, the edges are fantastic. Way to go Clarity… Thanks

  17. Barbara I think it is going to be a clarity year for myself too. I am new to crafting and I have been building my stash. I just recently got my Brayer an Gelli mat and yet to use them. I am going to really enjoy watching you in the classroom as I am now ready to learn some new techniques. I would love to win your fabulous new mat and if I am not so lucky I will buy it. I will also be buying some brushes as I want to have the right tools for the job and even though I haven't been crafting for too long I know that Clarity is a brand to trust. Thank you for the fabulous opportunity x

  18. Hello Barb, what can we say except WOW, WOW, WOW. What a fabulous product, the edges are going to be very useful. Clarity products are just the cats whiskers. One of the first stamps I ever bought was a clarity stamp – the motorbike and that was at Stamperama, and it has not stopped since then, amazing products from amazing people. Go Clarity. Bx

  19. Barbara you never cease to amaze me! What a fantastic idea and one mat can do so many things! It's just wonderful and great storage idea for when your finished playing.super super super.

  20. Well Barbara that looks something fun to use, especially liked the loading of brayer and the equality of ink you get, I never manage to load my brayer equally. On my wish list for sure!

  21. I love the idea of these mats and to make them multi-functional puts these mats a cut above the rest. All I need now is a fold up desk do I don't have to work on the living room floor due to my partner using the big table to do his shop accounts.

  22. What a moment of sheer Clarity! And what a great idea to have the edges and the hanger. I am in need of a new blending mat so I will be getting one….just need to decide which size!!! or is that even a question?
    Have a great day. Love and hugs xx

  23. Barb!!!! How clever are you and Dave!!! That trip to France just before Christmas was truly a wonderful week – not only did you get that much need R&R but you both came up with all these wonderful ideas and new directions! And how lucky are we being able to take advantage of it! Your drive and dedication is truly inspirational – your words of wisdom and words of witty comments equally thought invoking and spirit lifting! I have had a quick look on the web site and they are a good price too – so guess where I will likely go towards the end of the week when I ponder over purchases! Clarity truly rocks – I echo so many comments above – but most of all the customer care by the team is the keystone of continued success – with your drive hot on its heals. xx

  24. Every one of the comments made so far are oh sooo true. Your are an inspiration, always cheery and so helpful with customers questions and very dedicated to your art but also willing to try different things. Hope you have a great Clarity year I'm sure everyone coming to your blog will too.

    Big Hugs

  25. Great Idea Barbara, thank you for putting your customers first, you are always thinking of new and clever ideas to help us along with our crafting, it will definitely be going on my shopping list xxx

  26. Wow what a super idea, don't know where you get them all from, your head must be buzzing. Thank you for knowing what we crafters need before we do ourselves !! It's a must have !
    Christine (Andypandy) x

  27. Try again. That will teach me to 'preview'! …….

    What a good idea. Also a good idea to go down the Clarity route. Looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham next month. Love and best wishes to you all.

  28. Very useful product! Products that are multi functional are a great idea! I always think thatthe mmost successful businesses are the ones that think outside the box! Also, once you have gained a reputation for quality and innovation (as Clarity has) it is important to expand your offering and "stamp!" that mark of quality onto as many products as possible either associated with or in addition to your original product! Clarity does all this!!! Have a lovely day. Helen xxx PS I cannot tear hills like you do!

  29. What a great idea, a blending mat with tearing edges and a hook. It's great having crafting products with the Clarity twist – thank you! You and Dave have definitely been working hard on our behalf. Your minds must be buzzing all the time. xx

  30. What a great multifunctional mat – I like the idea that it is not just a mat but can do other things and the idea of the hole to be able to hang it it is brilliant. It is good that you are going down the Clarity route – that way we know that we should be able to achieve excellent results with practice – shame we won't be able to blame out tools!!! Also I waiting for the stencil and mask folders – that will be a welcome addition to my craftroom. Looking forward to seeing you at Ally Pally.

  31. What a brilliant idea, Barbara! I like the idea of 'multi-functional' anything…after all, we girls are so good at multi-tasking! (sorry, guys, but you know it's true..)

  32. New year great new products for clarity i cant wait to see what's next. And because its a brand i trust i just know the mat will be as good as you say cant wait for tomorrows blog. Thankyou clarity x

  33. Oh no ! I put a blending mat on my birthday wish list for next week so I'm now going to be texting family & friends asking them politely to "hang fire !" I have found that Clarity products are second to none & so I'll have to get my little inky stained mitts on one of these instead. What a great collection of fab ideas rolled up into one product.

  34. Yay for Clarity once again I will be off to the web site for my mats. You always seem to read my mind when you bring out new things. My new years resolution was to start brayering this year so i am slowly buying the tools i need. These mats will be ideal. The only thing i need now are the makeup sponges………… Any plans for a Clarity set of these? Keep up the amazing work all you wonderful people at Clarity! Xx

  35. What a brilliant moment of clarity. I love the idea of the different edges. It's always good to find things that can be used for more than one purpose. I think that is why I love your stamps, there is always more to discover in them. Keep up the Clarity branding – it's great. x (I'll second Donna's comment about the sponges, maybe you could design them already mushroom shaped.)

  36. there's a lot of thought gone into this one Barb – I currently have a small splodgewaway mat that I bought from one of the times you were at the Harrogate show – I did your karioke workshop during the day and had to buy – ever since then I've been wishing I'd gone for the larger one – now I'm glad I haven't got around to it – one with a curvy edge and deckle edge is such a great idea – especially for the hills – clever!!! I wonder if I'll be able to make it work? See – I'm feeling like I've bought it already! lol! xx

  37. Hi Barb,
    These are fantastic & I can't wait to get my hands on them! Only Clarity could have thought up the brilliant ideas of using the sides to tear with and the C to hang up. Love it! I am one of those people who has never been able to tear hill but now I'll have no excuse. Fantastic idea. Also like that the A3 is so thick. Well done to you, Dave & all at Team Clarity. Well done. Love Alison xx
    Ps gave my husband his birthday card with the magpies on ( like your demo) which he really liked after he'd got over the shock – we are Sunderland supporters and of course Newcastle 's nickname is the Magpies – I'd forgotten that – oops!!!

  38. Another great idea from the Clarity team! The A3 mat will go on my wish list along with the storage for stamps and stencils. Well done and thank you. Shirley G
    ps I agree – can we please have some Clarity make-up sponges – soon.

  39. What a clever idea!!!!! Just love it. May be I will manage to use my brayer with this mat…… Can't wait till tomorrow to see it in action in your talented hands. Roll on Clarity!!!!
    Laurence xx

  40. Well Done Barbara!
    You always give us value for money, how clever you are to make the ends useful.
    I was going to order the poppies today and will have to add a mat as well!
    Absolutely fantastic product!!!!!
    Lorna D

  41. Clever old you!!! Fancy having a blending mat with tearing edges – what a great idea. You and your team are so inspired – thanks for passing this on to us mortals!!!!! Jean.x

  42. Hi Barbara. Brilliant! You have come up with a fantastic mat. The different edges and hanging hook will be so handy. Thank you. It is another item to go on my "need it" list : ) Looking forward to your demo tomorrow, I'm sure you will show us ways of using it that we hadn't thought of as well as the obvious. Have a good day. Take care.

  43. What a great idea. A multifunctioned mat. Do you lie awake at night thinking of new inventions or do the ideas come to you in a dream? If the latter, you should go to sleep thinking of lottery numbers!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what treat you have in store for us tomorrow.
    Sleep tight
    Love Val x

  44. Loved this when I saw it on Sunday, goes without saying that it's on my wish list. Great that you have your own brand of tools etc as well as stamps now; who better to create them than you. You know what crafters need, I'm sure it will be very successful. Clear, Lovely, Artistic, Ramblings, Inspirational, Tutorials, Your blog – all the things I appreciate about you and your CLARITY team. Thanks Jx

  45. C is for clever too. I love the fact that your blending may is so versatile. Deckle & wavy edges, plus the ability to hang it up for easy storage. That's great designing, which Clarity always delivers, thank you

  46. What a great idea to add wavy and deckle edges to your blending mat, and we'll be saving the rainforest too as we won't need to use so much copy paper. I think I will need the big one, and I still need to order the brushes, and a long list of stencils and stamps. Can you please arrange for me to win the lottery Barb. No…..oh well, will do it a bit at a time, I can have my own personal Birthday present to me each month, yay!!!

  47. How clever are you! I do love tools that do more than one thing! Alas, I've just found my other blending mat having just tidied up my craft room, and there are other things on my "need it" list higher up than this, but it's still a great idea. I'll just have to put up with wonky hills for a bit longer, unless I'm a very lucky girl indeed!! Thanks, Susan

  48. Fabulous idea I might get those hills right with this mat and of course if it is Clarity it is going to be the best quality. My family's eyes just glaze over when I start to mention Clarity. Also was trying to explain to my son and his girlfriend last night about your theory of throwing arms open wide. I think they are totally convinced now that mum has flipped. Never mind I just love anything Clarity. Well done Barbara and Dave Thank Lynne xx

  49. Thank goodness for internet. I am on holiday and enjoying the sun but can still stay in touch with reality. A good product will always sell itself with a little help and encouragement. Good luck to the clarity team and all new product production.

  50. Barbara your post yesterday reminded me of something I was told in connection with change. Stand up and fold your arms – not difficult you fell comfortable. Now fold them the other way. Now how do you feel? A little strange? With practice this feeling of strangeness/uneasyness will go away. So if you feel like you are in a rut and what to get out of it, make a change but don't be put off with how it makes you feel, embrace it and it will become natural.

  51. Wow, wow, wow Barbara – you've done it again dear lady.Another awesome product with so many clever uses – what an amazing team you are at Clarity which the ideas and products just keep flowing. I am in awe of you all. Looking forward to seeing it in action tomorrow.Hugs Debbie x

  52. Oh I love it and will definitely be getting one, it is the edges that really make it stand above the rest, but of course it is a Clarity mat so what else would we expect. Thank you for bringing something so brilliant and useful out xx

  53. Bend it, Tear it, Deckle it, Hang it
    B = Barbara your the best, you are certainly different from the rest
    T = Together you and your team conquer all
    D = Decisions and demo's you make with pride
    H = Hunger, happiness and helping hand you give to us so we can strive.
    Thanks Barbara for such a fantastic product, you have done it again x

  54. I have ink, I have stamps, I have a brayer, I have theuva card, I have clarity card, I have a craft room full of beautiful things……this weekend I will summon up the courage to get the brayer out of the box for the first time instead of just drooling over the stunning works of art that you produce….wish me luck!

  55. There once was a lady called Gray,
    Her clear stamps are amazing they say,
    She wanted a change,
    So extended her range,
    Now there's a great new blending mat, hooray!!!!

  56. I already have an A3 splodgemat, so I'll be treating myself to the A4 Clarity mat. It will be a great size to take to workshops. Even Maria Simms hasn't been able to teach me to master the art of tearing nice hills yet, so I'm hoping this will help. Fab idea, fab product. Xxx

  57. Great about time you had more of "your brand" people steal ideas I have found and although I'm all up for sharing, I do believe that the originator should get some credit. You are the queen of brayering, and hills so it makes perfect sense that you have your own product. Good luck with it Barbara and may there be many more innovative but essentially Clarity items. No-one does what you do better.

  58. A Must-have Mat in A3 size to do all those things that I have yet to master. Can't wait – but will, just in case I'm lucky – then I'll get the A4 so that I can make even more inky, painty mess while practising my hills. Clever Clarity again! xx Maggie Col

  59. Gosh, I wouldn't have said it was possible to improve the mat, but you really have. And I really, really want one!!!! So, uplifting comment…. I saw this on Pinterest today, and I love it. ' Compliment people. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses' I am a teacher, and, this weekend, I plan to make this into a fancy poster for my classroom. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Margaret xx

  60. I saw you demo-ing these at Stevenage on Sunday. Fantastic product especially with the cutting edges and the hanger! Carry on the good work, looking forward to seeing your Clarity products in the future.

  61. This may sound strange but were your hands moving in the cleaning photo this morning. I'm sure they were still this morning and the water bottle definitely didn't jump around. Please put me out of my misery…I think I'm going crazy! !!!!

  62. My hubby and daughter says that my life revolves around Clarity Stamps and crafting and I suppose to a point they are right but in my defence it makes me happy, so surely that's what counts ?? No crafting = misery moo and surely if my granddaughter loves to join in too that is fun for her too ! We can't both be wrong …. can we ?? I love everything about Clarity right from the mounts to the brand new products which are all on my wish list I might add. Barbara, you, Dave and all your wonderful team do a great job and the quality of everything that I have ever bought from you is second to none !!! Long may it continue 🙂 xxx

  63. What a great idea – hills have always been a bit hit and miss with me; this would help with that, and I love using the blending mats, so I amsure I could make space for another

  64. I'm sure that any ink-related product that you have designed will be the ultimate! You know just what is needed and just what we crafters want so 2014 sounds as if it's going to be a great year for Clarity fans. Pat x

  65. I saw this on Sunday where you demonstrated the ends with such aplomb. Somehow I forgot to put one in my shopping basket duh!! I did however purchase a bag of makeup sponges, so you see ladies Barbara has already thought of everything.
    Long may the good ideas flow, I just wish they flowed more freely into my head instead of just out. Take care Bev x

  66. The rain is raining, the wind is blowing and i am Claritying so the suns out for me, great idea and love that you can hang it up, at hand straight away not half an hour searching for it under the piles of Crafty stuff x

  67. Hi Barb, love the new addition to the Clarity brand. An A3 sized mat is a really useful size but to have a multi-tasking mat, well, very innovative. Well done Barbara and Dave.
    I wanted to add a poem to yesterday's post but couldn't find it. It's one of my favourite pick me up poems, so, if you don't mind, here it is:-
    Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu,
    When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.
    I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin,
    When he smiled, I realised I'd passed it on to him.
    I thought about that smile, and realized it's worth
    A single smile, just like mine, could travel round the earth.
    So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected,
    Let's start an epidemic quick and get the world infected.
    Best wishes to you all, Theresa x

  68. What a fabulous idea Barbara. I love the the tearing addition, what an innovative idea! We can now all achieve perfect hills in our 'clarityscapes'. Looking forward to your blog tomorrow and seeing it in action. Pam x

  69. This is the mat that: Clearly Loves All Really Inky Tricky Yobs (meant to be Jobs but couldn't think of a word beginning with Y) Best wishes for 2014 and looking forward to all the new Clarity inovations

  70. Happy Clarity crafting with this new mat – brayering, blending, spritzing – just love getting lost in making an artistic mess. Then so easy to clean.
    Great to know there are crafting sisters and brothers in blogland. What a blessing to be part of the Clarity Clan

  71. How exciting and what a brilliant idea. I can't wait to get my hands on these mats. The quality of your products are second to none and this product will be one of those craft tools that permanently stays on my craft desk. So when can we get our hands in them??? Congratulations to on your awards well deserved.

  72. What a brilliant idea to make the edges useful! That's the beauty of Clarity – quality, imagination and practicality. This has gone straight to the top of my 'need one' list.

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