One for Sorrow, two for Joy

One for Sorrow, two for Joy

Thursday’s Blog is something blue, so I decided to log the Gelli Plate demo I did on Sunday with the lovely Magpie Stencils. Not everybody watches telly, you know! And I really would like to catalogue the technique here. I was so happy it came out well!

I used:
The 3 Magpie Stencils.
They come individually.
There are 2 parts to each stencil – 
the inny and the outy.

Some Punchinella (sequin waste)
This is so easy!
Place the Gelli Plate on a piece of the white card, 
for positioning the artwork in a minute.
Add some Buff Titanium. A pea-size for this size plate.
Spread it out lightly with a Brayer.
Screw up a piece of copy paper and pad the wet paint, 
to distress it.
Distress? Funny word in this context really. 
Pull your first print. 
Lay a piece of the same card on the wet, distressed Gelli Plate,
rub the back, and peel off.
Now you have a good base for the next layer.
Spread a mixed layer of the grey and blue paint next.

Place the inny stencils on the wet paint.
Using the crumpled paper again, press through a sheet of Punchinella, to blot around the birds.

Lift off the stencils and allow the paint to dry for 10 minutes.

 So. Quick recap. 
You have got a Buff Titanium base layer and 3 magpies, which have dried on the Gelli Plate.
Next, spread a thin layer of Buff Titanium over the dried Magpies.
You should be able to see them peeping through the cream paint.
Lay the Buff undercoat card directly on the Gelli Plate again, rub the back, and peel off the whole lot – including the Magpies.

It blows me away, that such a simple process can yield 
something so artistic!

The depth is astounding – 
especially when you think we have only used 2 colours!
Then I used the blue backing paper you get with Clarity stencils 
to mount on. Perfect match.

So that all folks!
There are a couple of things…

A while back, I put this out there…

Let’s have a Comment Candy Giveaway! 
If you leave an uplifting comment (or 4! One each day!) on this blog between now and Sunday evening, I will randomly pick a winner on Monday, 
and send that lucky winner
a £20 gift voucher, 
a brand-new-not-yet-seen Claritystencil! 

So it’s time to pick a winner!

MaggieC, it’s your lucky day!!

A £20 Gift voucher and this wonderful 2-part girl with a love balloon stencil will be winging their way to you tomorrow xxx
In fact, why don’t I send you the lovely little boy, too… 

They make such a lovely pair.

I think I will use them on Saturday’s blog.
Let’s have a competition then, too!

much love,

82 thoughts on “One for Sorrow, two for Joy

  1. Well done Maggie C ! Enjoy your prize. Another great stencil. Seems stencils are the way to go theses days so have to get saving as I've a very long list! X

  2. Am so glad you blogged this one as I loved it so much I ordered the Magpie Stencils – up until then I had not been sure – get a lot of Magpies in the garden who steal all the food leaving none for the little birds – but your card made me look at them in a different way so had to have them! Also glad you did it as I could not remember the blue colour you used – so I am sure many people will be very very happy you have done this. Loving the look of the new stencils you have shown above – they are whimsical like the filligraphy balloon which I love – conjures up sunny summer sunday afternoons – when shops did not open, cream soda floats and walks to the park xx

  3. Wow it seems to me you can make something artistic out of anything,
    What a talented person you are .The first thing I do every morning is to look and see if you have written your blog? I can't get started with my day until I've had a dose of Barbara it's a good thing you are also an early riser. I wish I had discovered you when I was working. Now I'm a pensioner My purchases are more restricted but I can't think of anything better to spend my money on. In fact I am waiting for two clarity parcels to arrive .Oh what joy. thank you

  4. I watched this on Sunday and enjoyed it so am glad you have given us a step by step. Will have to try this on the hello plate, takes a bit of the pressure off trying to get a print before it dries. Well done to Maggie C for her win. Xx

  5. Well done Margaret C 🙂

    Love this technique, have a desperate urge to get my gelli plate out but have to go to work first hmpff 🙁

    Thank you as always for the tutorial as always x

  6. Absolutely loved this when I saw the demo on Create and Craft. Simple but so effective and with endless possibilities for other colour and stencil combinations. Just beautiful.

  7. Thank you for thinking of us who are unable to view on the TV. With a hubby and children I can very dearly watch you live! However, love to see what techniques you have been using.

  8. More stencils for my wish list. I haven't watched all of Sunday's show yet but after seeing this tutorial I am very much looking foward to seeing these stencils in action.

  9. Saw this demo on telly and was blown away, thank you for giving the step by step really must try this. Congrats to the winner, the stencils are gorgeous look forward to working with these too. Joan x

  10. A great technique,i love it so much ,wish i had a jelly plate but funds will not let me yet.,love the bird stencils as well ,Well done to Maggi C on winning . i recorded your shows as was G Granddaughters 6th birthday last Sunday

  11. This is very beautiful Barbara -I love the whole thing -think the gelli plate has to go to top of my wish list!! Like magpies I am collecting!!
    I love it because it is so subtle and restful .
    Have a great day xxxRuth

  12. Thanks for the step by step guide – such an effective technique. Must have a go next week, when I have more time for me! Congratulation to Maggie C – those new stencils are just lovely. Susan x

  13. Magpies are a bird you love or hate I love their colour but wasn't sure of the stencil till the step by step its great and I could see myself doing this one x well done for bringing it to us x

  14. Hi Barb,
    I saw this on Sunday, ordered the stencils and they arrived yesterday. I was so impressed , both with this demo and the stencils, they are gorgeous. As soon as the postman arrived, I ran upstairs and got everything together and began, and guess what, I did it! I was astounded at the result. I then went on to do a white background which actually came out a sort of very,very pale green as I think a bit of colour came off the brayer but the magpies really pop and the finished result was gorgeous and it really pings on the background mat using the Clarity paper. I hope my husband will be impressed! Thanks for showing us this technique, it really is impressive & if I can do it, anyone can! Well done to Maggie you lucky thing! Love Alison xxx

  15. The magpies used to really annoy me in the garden but now we don't seem to have so many and the birdlife seems more balanced. These stencils, as Carol said, would not have been a choice for me until I saw that demonstration. The effect is stunning, but not in your face. The birds themselves are almost ghostly, very subtle, but still so clear and beautiful. It would make a lovely piece of artwork for the walls. Thank you so much for choosing me for the stencil draw today. I never win anything so this is extra special and I will really enjoy playing with these two new beauties. Thank you, Barbara. xx Maggie

    1. Congratulations Maggie on your lovely prize. Like you I always said I never won anything then Barbara chose my name in January. Well I won three things that week , I was like a child at Xmas so excited. I've decided Barb is my lucky mascot, Family made me try lottery but did not win on that. Oh well can't have everything. Enjoy your prize Lynne xx

    2. Strange you should say that, Lynne. I also had an email from Amazon to tell me that I should have had something else with a purchase that was free, and giving me the link to sort it out and receive the free extra, worth over £50. Mybe I should try the lottery this week. xx Maggie

  16. I watched the demo on Sunday but I don't really think that I took it all in. Thank you for going through the process again, the telly doesn't really show the true beauty of the artwork or the 'maggies'. The image really is stunning, and the process magical.

  17. Record all the shows as they are so inspirational and it's great to be able to check back. I have one 50th and three 21st birthday cards to make so I can see this technique being used a lot. Brilliant xx

  18. Loved watching this on show on sunday good to have a step by step guide .the way you re used the Gelli plate that was a week old was fascinating wahat a prize to win maggie well done xx

  19. I had a nice collection of stencils arrive yesterday and am sure I have more on the way. However I wont get the magpies – I like the demo though! – birds especially 'flapping' are not my favourite thing and I have a bit of a phobia. Greatly improved to what it used to be – I can now walk past a pigeon ! We have magpies outside our office window which isn't a problem but I think I'll avoid the templates! I do have the Kingfisher (or is it a Woodpecker>) stamp though! Haven't used it yet though…. like a lot of things! Need to do some cards urgently and one for tomorrow which I'll do this evening! Another technique – I'm glad to know I'll be able to look back on these!

    Well done Maggie C !!

  20. Love the technique – instead of using the dried remnants to see what comes off – intentionally letting the gelli dry first! Going to try it later…. Nx

  21. I'm so glad that your blog today showed this – I missed your first slot on C&C on Sunday morning and haven't been able to go back and watch it as there was no replay on that 2 hour slot – everyone had commented on what a great technique this was and now I know why! It's brilliant. I'm so looking forward to the weekend so that I can have a go! Enjoy your day 🙂 xxx

  22. Loved this card and technique when I saw it on TV. Really glad you've popped it onto your blog so I can give it a go. You are truly inspirational and I love buying your stamps etc as the quality is second to none and being 'clear', they are so easy to use and position. Just love your blog and thank you so much for all your hard work in doing it!! xx

  23. Barbara, thanks so much for this tutorial – definitely going to give it a try. I missed the show on Sunday – too fond of my bed I'm afraid. Hope you're not too soggy in Kent today, we're very wet here in the West Country. Still, your blog takes my mind off the grey skies – especially love your look back at the beginnings of Clarity Stamps on a Tuesday. It certainly proves that P for perseverance pays off – thank you for the inspiration. Jean.x

  24. Well thanks again for another wonderful demo. Glad I have got it to refer back to as not got Gelli plate yet. Definitely on my wish list as are the magpie stencils and stamp. Your blog is a great library to refer back to for so many ideas. Enjoy reading every day. Well done Maggie C. xx

  25. Hi Barbara, I love these magpies, The saying I know says 1's a wish, 2's a kiss and 3's a disappointment, and these are definitely not a disappointment at all, in fact they are just great. I love the colours which make it look like an etching. Mind you I have to admit I'm not sure if my saying was for magpies or fruit stones, as I seem to remember my dad eating prunes and lining the stones on the side of the plate…. but perhaps that was tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor…. anyway, these stencils are lovely and I love the tutorial which explains this technique so well. I don't have a Gelli Plate at the moment, but every time I see it used, it works it's way further up my wishlist. x

    1. You have to remember though, that you get six magpies, three innies and three outies.
      In my verse, it is One for sorrow, Two for Joy, three for a girl and Four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold, Seven for a secret never to be told, Eight's a wish, Nine's a kiss, Ten is a bird you must not miss. xx Maggie

  26. Loved this demo on Sunday but will be great to have it to look back on, I have a Gelli plate but not getting the results that I would like but will keep trying. Congratulations MaggieC , stencils are fab I'm sure you will enjoy using them. Thanks Barb for tutorial. Jx

  27. Loved the demo on Sunday and can't wait for mine to arrive so as I can play, but I don't think I will leave mine on the gelli plate for a week before I use it though !! lol xx

  28. Well I loved this demo on Sunday! I even held my breath when you went to pull that final print!!! But it was superb as ever.
    How marvellous for Maggie C to win the voucher and the fabulous pair of stencils!!! love and hugs xxx

  29. i still haven't managed to see the last bit of recording, so obviously this is still waiting for me. this print is spectacular. i must say that gelli plate is a lovely piece of kit. both little one and i fight over it at times. methinks i need to get him one soon. when are they going to be on special offer Barbara? hugs xx

  30. I watched this demo Barbara, the result was absolutely stunning. I haven't got a Gelli plate but think I will have to get one. Congrats Maggie C – what a fab prize. Pat x

  31. Hi Barb, loved this demo on the telly, lovely card will give it a try at some point. Still practising with my gelli plate and now have the bigger one too. well done Maggie C. Bx

  32. Wow took a lot of scrolling to get to the end Of the comments today. Just proves what a fantastic, stunning demo this was. Can't wait to get the gelli out to try it but it may be a while. Barbara, your wonderful blog means that I need never worry that I'll forget how to do something. Thank you and congratulations to Maggie too x

  33. Hi. Watched the demo on Sunday and couldn't believe my eyes, amazing what you can do when you know how! Just wonder how on earth you find these things out,you're truly amazing. Really think I NEED a gelli plate now. Can't get by without reading your blog to see what you come up with next!!

  34. I missed the demo on Sunday, so was pleased to see the instructions on your blog. I had a go today and it worked! Really, really chuffed with myself.

  35. I received my magpies yesterday … and they are wonderful! The gelli plate came out straight away 🙂
    I also dissevered that Distress Stain are too watery for stencilling!

  36. I loved this so much I bought the stencils and had a go my self, I was very pleased with the result. Thank you Barbara for bringing us such great products and teaching us so well!

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