Messy fingers? Me? Never!

Messy fingers? Me? Never!

Hello there! On Wednesday’s blog, we look at something new. 
So how about a rare sight?
Inky fingers? Me? Every so often, I get covered. But I had fun, and Imperial Leather gets this off easily.
If you were watching the Clarity Show on TV on Sunday, you will have noticed me using some little bottled inks. Basically, they are Adirondack ink pads in bottles. Ranger used to sell them as Inkabilities, but for some strange reason discontinued them. At which point I went all out and cleared their warehouse, because they really are fab. You may have seen them; they come with a large, hard compressed sponge. 
Floral Brights. Here you can see the sponge.
Anyway, a few people have asked me about them, so I decided to show you a few tricks today.
I used
Floral Brights
You use the edge of the sponge. I used the narrow edge here.
Add a couple of drops of a few colours along the edge.

Drag the edge of the sponge along the glossy card. If you stop, you can make a line.
If you change direction, you can make it look like a fold.
Brilliant, innit!

The ink doesn’t bleed; it blends. So if you cross colours, you suddenly get new blends! 
Like here, where blue and yellow crossed, you create green. 
Pink over blue yields purple.

Tartans ahoy!

You hold the sponge like a big fat pen, at a 45º angle, and drag slowly. It is as simple as that.

You can control how much of a border you want to make, too. 
Here, I have put a sheet of copy paper underneath, 
and most of the sponge is dragging on the copy paper, 
so I can add a yellow line along the edge.
If your sponge starts to dry out a little, spritz with a little water.
Ready for a workout?
Twist – and make some bows.

Cut across the corners and make frames.
Criss-cross for chopsticks.
These are my favourites: Fans. If you do these with really watered down ink, they make beautiful backgrounds. 

Judder along the edge for a cool border.

Feathers are also delightful.
Touch the edge of the sponge on the card, and flick away.
Or flick into the card and make tassel edges. 
Jo Rice will like that!

Chevrons now. 

like a single chopstick, add a shaft…
and a spearhead
just like this. With the tip of the inky corner…

and hey presto! Arrows! Great for a man’s card!

If you use your imagination, you could even make a dartboard!
Or maybe a sunrise sounds more appealing…
So yes, that’s how I got covered in ink! I just got so caught up in loading the different sides of the sponge, I forgot that the other ink was still wet! Never mind. Very enjoyable exercise.
There is an hour of this on my old DVD No. 2.
We still have a stash of these 2 colourways left, because I moved very quickly! But when they’re gone, they really are gone.
Sometimes, fabulous things get discontinued, and skills lie dormant, too.
So I am glad to have rekindled this. I had forgotten how good it is. 
I bet these inks would be brilliant for marbling. May have to give that a go soon… 
They are perfect mixed with a little water in a Spritzer bottle, too…. 
There’s nothing like a good old creative workout for clearing the head.
much love,

54 thoughts on “Messy fingers? Me? Never!

  1. Why is Kindle so slow tonight? I so want those inks, really, really, really want them. Are they on the website, Barbara? Those results are just so much fun, and I agree that the fans are so beautiful. And not a stamp in sight. xx Maggie

  2. I must have a go at this. I have your DVD and was so impressed when I watched that I ordered the inks from you, but never got around to using them as I am so busy with your wonderful stamps! Lol! I'll definitely have a go at the end of the week. Thanks Barbara. 🙂

  3. Thanks for reminding me of these techniques Barbara! I bought some of the inks from you years ago, but haven't used them for ages. Time for me to revisit them I think 🙂

  4. Hello Barb, I remember watching this on your DVD, and thinking it was a lovely effect. Thanks for the step by step images, I feel some play time coming on, may just order another colour way. Bx

  5. Whar great.effects obtained using these inks. I don,t have thesr but am now wondering if I could get the same results using writing inks. Will have to try it and see!

  6. Well, after reading and before writing I hopped to the website and placed an order before they all went!!! I get hands like that all the time!!! I love what you have shown here so bright and looks relatively easy so will be itching to have a go!!! Hope you keep dry today with all the wild weather out there!

  7. Great techniques today. I don't have any of these inks but do have some alcohol inks and was wondering if they would do the same job? If not I had better get some pronto! Xx

  8. Really clever technique – I'll have to bring out your DVDs and watch them again! Still use your book for reference all the time too … sometimes old is new again if you don't do it for a while! Thanks, Susan x

  9. Popped over to Clarity and ordered these inks. What am I like? Can't resist just about everything you show…my mind buzzes….can't tell you how much I look forward to your blog. Are you going to show your circus zen tangle on here? I thought that was what you said on Sundays show……absolutely loved it, by the way xxxxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    I can remember being fascinated by this when you demonstrated it on C&C years ago. Knowing me though it would just end up a mess or with me being covered in rainbow ink. However, might just have to pop to the website & buy some! Love Alison xx

  11. Great for background. Love to get messy occasionally. I get full of paint every time I use my Gelli plate but you seem to say so clean using it on tele!
    I´m sure I´ve got some of these inks in a drawer upstairs, long forgotten. Must go and route them out.
    Love Val x

  12. I love this technique and remember doing it a very long time ago. Thank you for reminding me what fun it is. The inks are still in one of the many draws waiting to be re-discovered.
    Hugs x

  13. How beautiful so many things to do must order these now before sell out .watch you use them on the show and have got dvd 2 so will have to watch that too .just received my n.d.c fabulous love it wont say what it is as won't spoil the surprise if others haven't got there's yet .thank you to all at clarity xxx

  14. What a fab way of using these inks Barbara, and how sad they have been discontinued. You make it look easy and I'm sure with a bit of practice would be achievable. I love the fans. x

  15. Hi Barbara. Brilliant technique! Love all the different effects you have shown us : ) Thank you. I hope everyone is staying safe and dry. Take care.

  16. Genius! The effects are stunning! Bet I couldn't keep,a straight line like you do! But wobbles may look pretty too! You are amazing, Barbara!

  17. i remember dawn bibby and leonie demoing these on qvc many moons ago. now i regret not bying them. must have been one if the few things i didn't buy, lol! looks like you had a lot of fun with these. i wonder if the distress ink reinkers would do the same thing? but to find that sponge? woul cut and dry work? hugs xx

  18. I saw you demo these years ago at a show. I will have to rescue mine from the back of a cupboard and give it another go. Thank you for the reminder. x

  19. I have these, bought them from you many years ago. Never could get on with the foam but I love them because they work beautifully as watercolours – you only need a little ink and if you have only white acrylic paint you can use them to tint paint, inkpads, etc. So although I don't do what you do with them they are handy for other stuff I do these days! xx

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