Gelli Swirls and trees

Gelli Swirls and trees

Hello there!
Thank you for dropping by.
I am in Germany today, gearing up for the lunchtime show tomorrow, so a quick and simple project is required here!
Just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it isn’t appealing. Conversely, just because something it complex, doesn’t guarantee it will be beautiful either!
Thursday’s Blog is always BLUE,
so I rooted round in my stash of background papers and dug out a Gelli Card piece I made ages ago, using
and a brayer.
Sometimes we pull prints on a Gelli Plate, and it’s like a partial print; either we waited too long, or we didn’t use enough paint, and half the print stays on the plate!
Now these ghost prints or partial prints are BRILLIANT for us stampers. 
Just watch…..
I took a set of silhouette trees and Pine Needles Distress Ink.
I stared at the scrappy background, until I could see a lake and a valley. Sometimes this takes a while. Sometimes it’s just not there, or it is – but not for me – and sometimes I have to encourage it, like I have here.
I turn the card, look at it from different angles, 
until something surfaces.
So let’s build a scene.
Pine Needles ink is a beautiful colour.
If you stamp on top of acrylic paint with a dye based ink like a Distress pad, the acrylic paint will show through – you will be able to wipe the ink off it.
Look at the four trees here; the ones stamped over paint look like they are behind the paint.
Once I have planted a few trees, I need to add a lake. Can you see my lake here? All I did to create it was lay down a piece of paper and lightly add a little Pine Needle ink in the clearing, (in the white area) with a make-up sponge.
Then I tore a curve in the copy paper and added a shadow in the curve of the acrylic swirl, using the copy paper as a mask. 
See what I mean here?  
The hardest thing is to know when to stop.

Let’s stop and step back.
Let’s make 2 panels out of the back piece; 
it’s way too lovely to throw away.

Next I think I should make a connection between the two pieces.
Another tree and a hint of the lake’s surface.

 That’ll do. 

If I layer it on a dark blue, that will make the blues in the background jump out. 

Yes, I like that.

What do you think? Dark Blue?
An ochre would look great, too. 
These are one-offs. Originals. Think about that. 
Could it be that we are actually creating pieces of ART?

If you haven’t explored the Gelli Plate yet, all I can say is this:
it has changed my life. 
My whole approach to art and craft has shifted.

Do yourself a favour though. 
Don’t get caught up with products that tell you they can do the same thing as a Gelli Plate. 
You will waste your money.
Worse than that, mediocre results will affect your confidence. 
And that’s what bugs me. I don’t care where you buy a Gelli Plate; I DO care if you get conned into thinking you can work the same magic with other mats. 

But I must dash, said the Mexican….

Wish me luck here in the Fatherland!
much love.

72 thoughts on “Gelli Swirls and trees

  1. What a nice surprise in the middle of my afternoon to find a Blog post from you Barbara. Usually I get your posts as I am checking my computer just before I go to bed (NZ time). So nice for me to give some clear thought to give your post and think about the possibilities for me instead of blurry, sleepy thoughts about it as I drift off to sleep (or not if I get too caught up in thinking about the possibilities) I love your Blog. Thanks once again for so many things. Break a leg with the show. <3

  2. Hope you have a successful visit to Germany,I'm sure they will love your Clarity gear and will all soon be avid fans of Barbara. Looking forward to seeing you on C and C this Sunday with Dean. Keep fit and well. X

  3. Hi Barbara. I can see the lake and valley! I can see the lake and valley! I have been looking and looking then suddenly I saw them! (It is early and I'm not totally awake yet : )) I love how we see different things in art. Have a good time in Germany and we are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Take care.

  4. Am now going to route through my Gelli prints to see "what I can see" in them to try this technique. Thank you yet again Barbara for the inspiration……I should really be doing some ironing, but hey, I've got other things I can wear. Enjoy your day and good luck with the show tomorrow 🙂 Take care, Carole x

  5. Viel Glück!
    Had to look that up – too many years have passed since I did German at school!
    I have seen those other products you speak of – don't worry though those of us that are gelli converts will stick with it and your recommendations – we are your loyal followers, and when a product is endorsed by someone you respect that is where you go….its like anything in life – you get what you pay for.
    Another great blog – sets me up for the day x
    Have a wonderful visit to the Fatherland – try to find some me time while you are there though – make the trip work for you too.
    Can the show be picked up on the net – would love to see some of it xxxx
    Safe travels xx

  6. Have a safe trip Barbara, everytime youention Herman tv I picture you wheeling on your goodies on your trolley and it makes me smile. Don't overload it though we don't want you doing yourself a mischief do we ?? Take care have a great show and we will see you on Sunday xx

  7. Hello Barb, hope you have good shows over in Germany, love this blog post, need to look through my not so good gelli prints and see what pops out at me. Looking forward to your Sunday show. Bx

  8. Have a great show in Germany, hope they enjoy it as much ad er do in good old Blighty. This is a really nice piece of artwork and I could see the lake in the valley. I am really looking forward to your Sunday shows and can't wait tower the fabulous ptidycts you will be bringing us and the beautifup items your design have done!

    1. Oops I meant products. Typing on mobile phones whilst on the bus is not good for my health, but can never wait until I get into work to comment on your great blog.

  9. Guten morgen Barbara. I hope the show goes well in Germany. Another great piece of artwork. I'll have to look more closely at my Gelli prints next time I think they've "gone wrong"! xx

  10. Oooo very interesting, want to get my gelli plate back out and play. Have a great show in Germany and I'm very much looking forward to your shows at the weekend xx

  11. I haven't yet taken the plunge, almost bought one from your stand at Ali pally, but I get more tempted each time I see your wonderful creations I guess it will be gelli plate here I come very shortly xx

  12. Love this, will definitely look out my Gelli prints that I think I have messed up. Have a great time in Germany, looking forward to Sunday. Thanks Jx

  13. Hi Barbara. Have a great show today. I have gad my Gelli plate nearly a month now. I keep trying to clear the decks to open it and start having a go. Every time I'm nearly there something comes up, like making a last minute card for? , looking after our grandson, going away for the weekend. Methinks I'm frightened a little. Xx

  14. Hi Barbara. Bought my Gelli plate a couple of months ago with paints, brayer , card etc and am ashamed to say I haven´t used it yet. You have given me the spurt I need to get it out the drawer and have a play though.
    I love what you´ve done here. It´s a real masterpiece.
    Good luck today .
    Love Val in Spain x

  15. This is just lovely! I have a stash of gelli prints in these colours because, no matter his many times I have a Gelli session and start off mixing other colours I always seem to be drawn back to the greens, blues and yellow! Maybe it's about time to start using them!

  16. Hi Barb,
    I LOVE this! It is absolutely gorgeous! I would never have thought of doing this, but now like others have said, I will go back and have a look at some of the prints I've pulled and see what I can do with them. Good luck with the show in Germany and looking forward to Sunday. Off to attempt to make a sympathy card now unfortunately which I always find difficult. Love Alison xx

    1. Thanks Barb, what I actually did was use the poppy stencil in very pale black soot, pumice and iced spruce. Came up a dream – of couse used the stencil brushes so overall effect was very soft and subtle. Also ran it through eBosser. Love Alisonxx

  17. I love this Gelli plate picture. I can usually see the patterns or possibilities on a Gelli picture but I'm just rubbish at interpreting it. Whereas you are just magic, so simple but so effective.. Hope you have a good trip and return safely.

  18. Wow how stunning just shows what you see if you look I love my Geli plate I got the small set of paints to go with it gives you a few colours to start with before buying the large ones .have a good show safe journey back looking forward to new offers 1st march and the show xxxx

  19. Love it ,its so nice . Have a great time in Germany ,but don't miss plane back for Sundays show looking forward to it ,see you there and i have set recorder as well . I havent got Jelli plate yet suppose i will adventely xxx

  20. So timely with today's inspiration – my partner has asked me to make his sister's birthday card using the gelli plate! I can also see a waterfall cascading down from the lake on the right hand panel!! Hope the show in Germany goes well, but I can't remember how to say good luck, so Gut Geschlafen for when you get back!!! Susan x

  21. Oh wow – this is definitely one that should have been framed and displayed on a wall somewhere. I'd have been chuffed just creating that background – but to create a scene such as this is amazing. Thank you for sharing it (and the method) with us.
    Beryl xx

  22. This is wonderful Barbara it certainly is art and should be included in your gallery. I am just amazed at how you have created the scene from that background and the way the trees look behind the acrylic is a revelation. Thank you so much for sharing, looking forward to Sunday the recorder is all set ready
    Jackie x

  23. Hallo Barbara, ich freue mich schon auf deine Show in Germany. Endlich!!!!!

    I like this peace of Art with the gelly plate – Bis morgen Mittag im TV and Sunday on TV as well. LOve

  24. Love your imagination and interpretations. The way you blog makes it like actually being at a workshop with you as you develop an idea. Super result too. All the best for your Germany.

  25. I did my first Gelliplating last Saturday and was delighted with the results. Myself and a friend played together as we were both Gplate virgins! She used fabric and fabric paints, because she is a quilter, and she now has a cushion cover to show for her efforts.

  26. The Gelli Plate has definitely worked its way up my wish list since I have been watching you use it. I'm sure it makes us think outside the box and be more free with our artiness. Hope all goes well in Germany Barbara. x

  27. Great creation again. Since you've told us re. the "leftovers" on the Gelli plate, am doing it, and should say some stunning artwork is coming out it, so will just have to play with them now. Thanks for sharing und wünsche Ihnen ein sehr guter Tag in Fatherland…..
    Laurence xx

  28. Good Morning, Barbara!! I'm so happy to have "found" you on Gelli iPlate Arts…..your tutorial was absolutely wonderful……just like you were having a conversation with us……the print is beautiful…..and thank you for pointing out certain things, such as, dye ink stamping atop acrylic will put the image "behind"…….Have a wonderful day, and know how much of an inspiration you've been on "the other side of the pond"!! Carole from Chicago, Illinois USA

  29. Looks like I really got to get the Gelli plate. I am missing out on some wonderful backgrounds for my cards. Took me a while to like the prints from Gelli plate , was not sure about the distressed look but I am definitely converted now. Hope the show in Germany goes well, looking forward to the Sunday shows. Lynne xx

  30. This is beautiful. I think in the past we have all fallen into the trap of buying cheep just to try something out and have disappointed with the results. The saying of 'you get what you pay for' is certainly true. Have fun in Germany. XX

  31. I cannot join in with the German. I passed my O level and promptly forgot everything I had learned. So I will stick to what I know. I know that this piece of art just blew me away. Definitely one for the gallery. Clear and fresh and springlike. Beautiful! Can't wait for Sunday with you and Dean together. Have a good trip to Germany. xx Maggie

  32. Great gelli plate work. I've decided I am going to be brave and get out my gelli at the weekend. I've had it since last summer and I keep putting it off! I will share my results on my blog! Thanks for the inspiration. Hope TV went well today and can't wait for Sunday. xx

  33. Hi, I'm loving your daily blog. I'm new at card crafting, but decided to try my hand at stamping, which has led me to you and your work. I've also tried the Geli plate, but as yet, not happy enough with my results. Practice makes perfect, so I will practice. Your work is a great inspiration to me

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