I am opening a Gallery!

I am opening a Gallery!

Friday’s Blog a Private Peek…
So I thought I would tell you about my new Gallery.
It is a very small, intimate affair, 
and I haven’t even hung a picture yet, 
but I have a plan!
Would you like to see the venue?
This is the entrance.
Nothing grand, but from little acorns!
Let’s enter through the white door…
Right. Close your eyes and hold my hand.
Upstairs we go…
We are at the top of the landing.
You can open your eyes now.
What do you mean, is that it??
Yes, that IS it!
My new gallery is going to be in the stairwell,
and maybe even on the landing
I’m dead serious.
In fact, I spent the whole morning yesterday with my friend Jayne at her frame shop, picking mountboards and mouldings!
Should be able to start hanging artwork very soon…
This is a BIG THING for me, you know!
I have to tell you something. 
I have never ever hung a piece of my artwork up on a wall. NEVER. 
Don’t ask me why.
Because I will almost certainly tell you that I would be embarrassed to. That my work’s not good enough.
The house is full of lovely art – other peoples’ art.
Here’s a wonderful piece by my friend Billy Showell.
Amazing botanical artist.

Here are two beautiful pieces by my friend Erica Just, 
another very lovely and talented artist.
I have loads of her water colour paintings.
Here’s a masterpiece from our very own Carol Morgan. 
Fantastic original monoprint.

And my ex-father-in-law Chuck Bowers was a very talented and prolific artist. I really enjoy his work, too.
This piece is in the kitchen, and is huge!

So you see, I’m not afraid to hang paintings, not at all.
But mine?? 
You must be kidding!
It’s one thing going on TV and demonstrating a few cards, or teaching you how to wield a brayer; but to actually frame my work? How pretentious would that be!
Then why the change of heart?
Well, a few months back, we were invited to dinner to new friends,
Debby and Gill. Remember the Candle Blog? Remember the arms outstretched Tadaaa blog?
These two women are totally inspirational. 
But one thing hit me right between the eyes at their house. 
All their walls were a celebration of their art, of their creativity. They were so proud of it, and of each other’s work. 
All through the house, the rooms were full of wonderful artwork. And what it forced me to do was question my fears, 
my lack of confidence. 
The seed was sown. 
Actually, I think this blog was born out of that realisation, too. I NEVER even put any of my own artwork on my own facebook page! NEVER! It was a gallery for others – which was lovely, too. It took a few more months, digesting, pondering, considering, wondering. 
Until I had exhausted all my worries and reservations – literally.
And then came the moment of Clarity. Got there in the end!
I made the decision to get over being judged, 
and just enjoy what I do! 
Have some fun with it!

Anyway – it’s not as though busloads of people pour past our bedroom, is it!
It may only be our hallway in the house, but coming from my head, that’s a BIG STEP!
Watch this space.
I will let you know when the first pic goes up!
 You wouldn’t believe how exciting it is. 
Daily Blogging, and now a little Gallery! 
Whatever next?

On the subject of Moments of Clarity, 
here is that Clarity Stencil you all liked so much.


and Large…A5)

Both sizes available on our website. 
Glad you like!

much love xxx

85 thoughts on “I am opening a Gallery!

  1. I get that! When I used to silk paint I never ever thought I would be happy to put up anything I had created. DH had a couple of pieces framed and they are upstairs. No one else sees them lol! However this year I started to finally start putting pieces in frames and have a couple in our lounge. We did have more but my mum pinched a couple of them lol! xx

  2. You should definitely frame your work, it's beautiful and more than worthy of hanging on your wall. You demonstrated your brushes at the NEC and recently at Stevenage the Gelli plate and both times I was lucky enough to get the piece of art that you demonstrated – they both are now framed and hang on the wall in my craft room, they are my inspiration and I thank you. Love the Moment of Clarity stencil, I will be putting that on my list. Jx

  3. For some reason, I was comfortable hanging my cross stitch pictures on the wall, but would never entertain hanging my own drawings. I would feel too uncomfortable about being found wanting by others. Enjoy your little gallery, Barbara, your work will not be found wanting – wanted, maybe, most definitely. I just might have to go to the website for those new stencils before I go to sleep. xxx Maggie

  4. Barb, this really touched a chord in my heart. I owe so much to you and all my Clarity friends for giving me so much inspiration, support and encouragement. A few months ago I wouldn't have had the confidence to share and post my work, or to enter the Claritystamp challenge. I suppose I always felt my own efforts were so inferior to everyone elses. That doesn't seem to matter as much anymore. I am learning to enjoy the pure pleasure of sharing with others something that makes me happy. Thank you so much for helping me find my own moment of Clarity. Xxx

  5. Well good for you and so you should. You must have loads of lovely pictures to hang up. When I was making all the frames and things last week, I kept hanging them up in different places to see if they are sellable, I realised how cosy the house looked with them on the walls etc. I don't actually have anything of my own? I only do DT work I don't make anything if it isn't going to be used for something??? How will you decide which ones to hang up? By the way I have cancelled that Coach trip till your walls are full. xx

  6. what a fabulous result. So happy for you. Why does it take us so long to realise that we re worth something? I got a huge shed for my 60th last year and now I spend hours in there doing all those things I promised myself I d do ONE DAY.. . . before I run out of days! I have my own little gallery of all the crafty things I try . . a bit of printing, textile work, altered art . . . and I just love it. One day I might let someone else in for a look!! Thanks for the blog and all the brilliant ideas. xx

  7. You made me think too Barbara….not that I produce much…but I don't have anything displayed either…well sometimes the artwork is displayed temporarily on a sideboard out of the way so I don't spill something on it, before I give it away! You must have so much beautiful artwork how will you ever decide what to display in your gallery?!! More pondering!!! xxx

  8. Your so talented why not have your own gallery you deserve to be proud .I have my embroidered framed in my bedroom comfort it brings me .ive ordered the clarity stencils moment of clarity both a5&a6 .I love what clarity has given me I love my little art work you have taught me through t.v. blog and the design club also your dvds and to enter your blog challenges which I never thought I would do I was very lucky to win too and its opened my clarity world so thank you barbara and clarity family for what you do .xxxx

  9. Go on…be brave, we already get pleasure when you exhibit your card art on your Blog each day and you exhibit your stamp designs on tv every month. I think that sometimes we are our worst critic which is why we shy away from displaying our own art at home. However that changed for me when my OH insisted I framed a piece of landscape feltwork I'd made and his pride in me finally made me recognise my own achievement. Now I can say to visitors who admire it…oh yes, that's one of mine! (Even though it's not perfect) xx

  10. Well hallelujah for that, finally! I know you have some lovely artwork already so I can't wait to see what makes it into the gallery first.
    I keep looking at the Freesia I did with you at Billie's, I can't quite make myself frame them but its a shame to leave in a cupboard when it represents a happy memory. Xxx

  11. Good on yer girl. I would love to see some of your amazing stuff all in one place oh what a joy it would be. I bet you have some fantastic stuff stashed away so when you have filled the walls at home you should start on the office walls at work! Xx

  12. I don't know how you could doubt your work so much Barbara, your so talented . I think a gallery is such a great idea and will be so inspirational to all who visit. I do hope I get that chance if I'm ever in your neck of the woods. I wish you best of luck with it and I know it will be fabulous .x

  13. Hello Barb, if I had an ounce of your talent, I would probably plaster my walls with my artwork. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever seen, producing beautiful artwork from a piece of white card. You do yourself an injustice, doubting what you do. I hope we get to see pictures of this gallery, as it will be filled with inspiration. Bx

  14. O Barb you are so talented . I think it is a great idear . Hope you have lots of fun getting it all set up . I made a parchment fan a few years ago and have it in a frame . It's not perfect but only I know that but I love it .

  15. You should display your work Barbara. It is always so amasing and uplifting. I do understand what you mean though and you are such a perfectionist. We are always our own worst critic. My hubby has been nagging me to frame and display some of my photographs but when he says he likes a particular shot I always find fault. That deer is frowning or that bit of grass doesn't look right. We have a gap on our beautifully renovated bathroom wall that he has saved for one of my local landscapes but I just can't find one I am not critical of enough to display it publicly. You are right though, life is too short and we should just get on with it and get over ourselves. Your gallery will be fantastic, whatever you hang there xx

  16. I'm one of those people who prefer to do things for others and if they choose to display it fair enough. I do however have a Pinterest board where ai keep a record of most of my projects I have done for them. Love the idea and would love to see some of your work on Facebook and maybe even Pintetest as I would certainly follow you on this.

  17. Your artwork is beautiful and I love that you have decided to hang it in your home. I am sure it will provide some treasured memories of the enjoyment you had creating it every time you pass by

  18. Firstly – what a lovely staircase – I love the rope that is there too and what a lovely place to start displaying your own wonderful art – you must put that wonderful piece of zentangle you did recently in the calla Lilly as that was beautiful – it is simply lovely that you feel that you can display your own art and equally great that you were inspired to do so by Debby and Gill – I think the strength and influence friends in the crafting world give you is amazing and does make you feel good about yourself as an individual – stand up and be proud Barb. I did have a giggle when reading the line about not having hoards of people touring past your bedroom though!
    I also think its marvellous that you took on board the comment earlier in the week about having your little tag made for your trade show made for the rest of us – you are a true listener – I think the changes you have brought about in such a short space of time is amazing – many of us take ages to bring changes in our lives – you have acted and moved forward and its all good – xxx So be bold – and get those works of art up there and make sure that one of the most important pieces is your alphabet! xxxx

  19. Hi Barbara. What a shame you haven't had any of your beautiful artwork on your walls already. Totally understand though. We are all the same aren't we, far too critical of or own work. When anyone commented on a piece of mine, clothes I was wearing etc. I always used to be so quick to point out any mistakes, until someone said that you should just say Thank you because others may think you are looking for more compliments! I would have hated people to think that so now, no matter what I think, I say Thank you and leave it at that. It took some time to be able to do that, still occasionally forget but soon stop myself. How are you going to chose out of you massive collection? I don't envy you, or are you going to ask family and friends what they think? Have a good weekend. Take care.

  20. Hi Barb,
    All I can say is Good For You! You are such an incredibly talented lady that you should be proud of what you have achieved and show it off. I think the only problem will be which of your masterpieces to actually choose! We have a little gallery of some of my husband's photographs on our staircase and they are really special as they are all of places that mean something to us both. The nice thing is that we can just change them around when we get a bit bored with them or if he takes another one that we like better. Not sure you would do that if you had spent a fortune buying a picture! I'm sure your little gallery will soon be full. Thanks for doing the stencils too they will be popping into my basket! Love Alison xx

  21. I am pleased you are cresting a gallery for your work, Barb, you are a brilliant artist! I don't have any such trouble displaying work!! I have my 12×12 layouts framed all over the house!! I also have s couple of those multi photo frames that I have altered! I am no artist, though, but am proud of my creations! My husband lacks confidence and, I have to say, it drive me nuts! Everyone should be proud of their achievements whatever they are!!

  22. I'm so glad you've decided to have your own little gallery Barbara – but I would love it to be in a more prominent place – but little steps!!!!! Big Hugs to you and love the stencils – fabulous xx

  23. Hi Barbara, the idea of the gallery is such a great idea. You are the most talented person, I have ever met, so it is more than normal you show your artwork. Anyway, you're doing it since years, through TV, shows and classroom, so your house is somrthing far more intimate. And you'll also realise that the framing part is very exciting.
    I love framing and having lessons in France, and I am "bitting" in as much as making cards. Can't wait to see the 1st picture in your gallery.
    Laurence xx

  24. Perfectionism can be such a curse! Hope you'll share your gallery with us when all the work is hung! We took down all our pictures etc about three years ago to decorate the sitting room and have never replaced them so I've promised myself that during the course of this year I'm going to produce some artwork to grace those dreadfull bare walls!

  25. I don't suppose any of us will ever be in your house in person but I do so hope u will invite us into your home to view your gallery through your blog. What a delight to look forward to. What strange creatures we are, never thinking we are as good as anyone else. You are immensely talented but so humble. That is probably one of the reasons we love you. Your new name: The Adorable And Talented Barbara Gray. Lynne.x

  26. What a wonderful idea Barbara. I can't wait to see what artwork goes up in your gallery. Can I book a place on that tour bus please? You should be proud of your work and definitely not worry what others think. Not everybody is going to love everything, but as long as you like it, that is what matters. You have created so many beautiful pieces of artwork, there must be too many to choose from. Thank you for sharing this. Today's blog and other peoples comments has got me thinking about my own creations. I have in the past been more than happy to give cross stitch pieces to others, for them to display if they so choose (which they do) but I have never done one for me. And as I only started making cards at the end of last year, I am being critical of my creations. I have received a few compliments, but have been quick to point out my mistakes. I think I will learn to be gracious and just accept any compliments I receive. x

  27. Good for you Barbara – if your cards and gelli prints and ideas are anything to go by, I'm sure your artwork will be just fantastic! And how clever to choose the top of the stairs for your own work after all that flooding!!! I'm still a bit overcome by actually entering my first challenge and having people post comments on my little pink card – off to a Clarity weekend retreat tomorrow, so hope to come back buzzing with ideas :o) Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  28. Well done Barbara on overcoming your fears, it takes guts to do what you are doing when you have had such fears of being judged you go for it. Your art work would have a place on my walls any day I think it's amazing
    Thank you for sharing
    Jackie x

  29. Hi Barb, loved the artwork on your walls, especially the flowers which somehow look like a shoe and your ex-father-in-laws painting. Can't make up my mind whether the centre piece is a skull, a martian or a version of The Scream, but it's fab – so emotive. Oh thank you for making available the 'Moment of Clarity' stencil, the words have so many meanings for me. Now where's my purse again?

  30. Wonderful idea. Everything you do is excellent why not display them.
    Like Lynne, I´m sure we´ll never get to see inside your house ( unless you start coach tours) and it would be wonderful to show us a few of your hangings on this blog.
    Bye for now
    Love Val x

  31. Creativity is a wonderful thing and should be embraced, enjoyed and when possible displayed. There is a difference between showing off and being pleased and proud of a piece of artwork. So why not display it. Perhaps you will find the confidence to put some pieces in the more public areas of your home too. Go for it.

  32. Morning, I always feel honoured that you share your thoughts and feelings with us all Barbara…and I am sure they touch a cord with many of us. I am so thrilled that you are finally going to display your brilliant work….I can feel your excitement coming through in your writing.
    Looking forward to seeing the first piece on the wall…..have a great Friday….hugs…x

  33. Thats such a good idea ,You should go for it ,look forward to seeing what you do ,and love all the wonderful other art work you have displayed ,
    Love Pauline xx

  34. Dear Barbara, I do understand so well,so well. But as I learned
    from "Samarpan" (an american Satsang-Teacher living in Germany and giving Satsang)
    Everything is perfect the way it is. It was perfect to not show your artwork and now
    it will be perfect to do show it. Looking forward to seeing it. LOve

  35. Good morning Barbara, I'm so surprised that you don't have ANY of your wonderful artwork on show in your home! So glad that you are now going to display some of them and I'm intrigued as to which ones you will select, looking forward to your update! x

  36. Big step for you Barb and I'm sure that everyone lucky enough to visit your home will just love what they see. If I was as good as you I'd be putting my work in th e local shopping centre with my name in big letters beside it! As it is, most of it goes in the recycling bin unfortunately. Pat x

  37. Perhaps this is the first step towards bigger things! One step at a time. From little acorns big………
    Perhaps we might see you in bigger galleries in years to come. Glad you have decided to take the plunge.

  38. Your pictures are works of art and I would be proud to hang an original Barbara on my wall. So go on blow your own trumpet. Your a wonderful artist in your own right! You have just realised what the rest of us have always known. Joan x

  39. Hi Barbara

    What a great idea. I remember many many years ago visiting an elderly lady who was blind. She told me that she only had art work in her house by people she knew and proceeded to show me round her collection, she knew where it all was even though she could no longer see it, (she could in her minds eye though) and she told me the story behind each one.
    I vowed then and there (long before I owned a house) that I would do the same and I have, including my own, photos taken by my Mum, paintings by my sister; local artists who I have come to know etc. They may not be the best but they mean SO much more and its lovely to share them with others. You enjoy your gallery and your talent.
    I shall look forward to that sneak preview when you share it with us.
    With best wishes Hilary

  40. Yay! Good for you Barbara! It's about time your art work is fantastic, how you can doubt yourself is beyond me. But that's what makes you you, the best at what you do and so humble. You are one of the kindest most inspirational person I have ever met. Wx

  41. Morning Barbara,
    What a great idea to display your art work but I'm guessing that will turn out to be the easier decision, the harder being which pieces you consider to be good enough, we are our own worst critics. Everyone of us would say ALL of them but we didn't do them, it will be great to see which ones you are happiest with. By the way love your ex-father-in-laws work.
    Lorna D

  42. Morning, I was trilled to read this. I think that framing and putting up your lovely art is part of you growing into your home, making it part of you and infusing the walls, with part of who you are. I know from your blog and etc that you can now hang anything you like in your house of your walls, enjoy every minute. xxx

  43. I love your 'moment of Clarity' die and idea for the Gallery. I'm glad you are (almost) over the idea of hanging your own creations, they are all beautiful and definitely deserve wall space. Look forward to seeing the first one on the wall – ooooh, which one will you choose?

  44. I would be so proud to hang one of your creations on my wall, but I can understand your reservations about hanging your own. Why do we always fear what other people will say, we should just feel proud about what we have made. I am glad you feel ready to do it now. Thank you for putting the stencil on the website, very apt for todays blog. Xx

  45. I was talking about you and your design team the other day: A Banksy had just sold for hundreds of thousands and all (mostly) he uses is stencils. Most of his stencil work is one complete flat colour too. You and your team use stamps and stencil to create depth, shade and perspective, so why wouldn't you put your art work on display? I actually said to my friend that dozens of people are using stencils and stamps to produce lovely art work for their cards but just because they are women making 'birthday' cards, it's not considered art. How is Banksy's any different? It's all about promotion (P) and marketing (M). I think there's quite a few people who post on the Claritystamp web-site that should consider framing their work and either selling it or giving it as gifts.

  46. Great idea, we are all far too critical of our own creations, and should remember that perfection is a rare commodity. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  47. You should frame your work it is amazing first time I watched you on C&C I thought that could be framed I was just amazed few stamps and torn paper and a beautiful landscape picture xxx

  48. Hi Barbara,
    I am shocked to read that you would be embarrassed to show your incredible art work. I began crafting a few years ago but never thought I was an arty kind of person until I watched your shows on TV!! Your tools and techniques make art accessible to all. When I have your show on TV my little boy(3 years old), my mum, dad and my husband all end up watching!! I can't wait to see the updates of your gallery and watch it spread (as I know it will) all around your home and beyond!! You really are a truly inspirational teacher!!!

  49. Hi Barbara, you should hang some of your art work, not only is it fantastic but it inspires other people and that is worth celebrating. Go for it! I am looking forward to seeing what you choose to put in the gallery.

  50. I think we are all guilty of not appreciating our own talents. Your art work is stunning and deserves to the put on the wall – yours especially. Go for it Barb – shout about your talents.

  51. Hi Barbara you have a gift you share it with us all the time making us happy it's time to hang your work and be as proud of it as we all are I know. If I ever have one of your cards it will be on my wall love always June xxxxx

  52. fantastic idea Barbara and if I was as talented as you I would have my walls adorned. Makes me smile how you cannot see how amazing your work is, look forward to seeing your gallery develop x

  53. Well done for beginning to appreciate your talent and wanting to share your finished work, not just the process! However are you going to choose what to hang? All your work is worthy of a place in any gallery. I wish you joy in the project and hope you'll share some of your decisions with us!
    Have fun, Love Jan x

  54. Your creations should definitely be displayed. They are wonderful, if I ever managed to create artwork like yours I think I would want to frame it. I have several of my cross stitch pictures hanging around our house but I am not an artist sadly. My uncle was and I have a few of his which I am very proud of. How are you going to choose which to display? You will be pleased when you have completed your gallery. Lynne xx

  55. How wonderful that friends have inspired you to try something new, just as you inspire us. To display your work in your own gallery is a great way to start – from little acorns etc. Just as many struggled with the idea of the Gelli Plate and now can't get enough of it, I'm sure that hanging your own artwork will also become more comfortable and an enjoyable process. Good luck with your new venture. xx

  56. How sad not to have the confidence to display your beautiful creations when you are obviously so talented, all the followers of this blog bare witness to that. Go on fill your house with pride I'm sure you will have no trouble filling your gallery with art work. Can you tell me if the botanical shoe was the gift from the lady you were talking to at Stevenage regarding the rather expensive frame you chosen the week before. If it is what a fantastic choice, it really does the picture justice. What a very clever talented artist, it takes one to know one that's for sure, if only I had a small fraction of either of your talent. Practice makes perfect I hope!! Best wishes Bev x

  57. well i have no artwork on my walls apart from some cross-stitched pieces made by my friend. maybe i too need to follow your example and hypnotize hubby so he lets me drill a hole in wall. easier said than done, hugs xx

  58. I think your little gallery is a lovely idea. You can chop and change your pictures round as you please! Funnily enough I feel embarrassed about displaying my artwork on my blog. I've had it since November but I'm loathed to tell any one about it! It's daft really because I went to art college so I'm no stranger to having my work on display publically. Anyway I hope you're going to have a grand opening with champagne and everything! Pam x

  59. Yay thanks for the stencil, it's going on my payday list. You should be very proud of your artwork, you inspire so many, so enjoy showing it off. My Mum saves all the cards I make for her xx

  60. Loving the botanical shoe. That's a great place for a gallery. I have a couple of pieces of x stitch on the wall. I realise I also have a decorative seahorse in the downstairs loo and I keep wondering if hubby would notice if I stamped a seahorse here and there – was thinking I could develop an underwater scene to see if he noticed!

  61. You often hear actors say they can't watch their own films, I guess it's a similar thing. I hope you enjoy building up your gallery, I think you will be spoilt for choice. Your techniques and tools of the trade have helped so many people realise their creative side. Thank you.

  62. I don't display my own work at home either. Odd when as I write I've work in 3 exhibitions. I blame it on upbringing…. never allowed the teenage thing of covering bedroom walls with posters, so I guess things which are personal and important to you get suppressed. Shouting out 'this is me' or 'this is who I am' has been denied. Its a long way back for some of us to be able to go there.

  63. Wonderful! It is difficult to put your own artwork up for everyone to see, even family and friends. The first artwork I put up in my home got pinched! (they were of naked ladies) I stopped putting my work up for a long time mainly because I didn't do as much but now I do display my artwork around the house and I am very happy to do that as I like what I do more now than back then. I like to have my work mounted in frames and then sat on easels. It also helps me decide if the frame suits the artwork before I sell them and I get to have a change of pictures around the house. So good luck to you Barbara and I am looking forward to seeing your very beautiful artwork. xxxx

  64. What a great idea to use that neglected space for some of your fantastic creations. I think it is because as children we are often told not to show off because it isn't the done thing so we tend to shy away from the limelight. I for one look forward to viewing your gallery as you are one clever lady. x

  65. Good for you dearie.You should definitely display your work and feel very proud too.You have inspired so many people.I think we should all embrace what you are going to do and hang at least one piece of work with pride.Hugs Debbie x

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  67. Wow, just catching up on your blog. I cannot believe (in a good way) you don't have any of your art up on your walls, but I do understand it. I just decided after pondering for a while to start my blog, so I published my first blog last night. I look forward to seeing your gallery x

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