A Lazy Moon.

A Lazy Moon.

Hello there!
Thank you for dropping in and spending 5 minutes with me; 
makes this daily blogging much more rewarding, when you know somebody’s actually going to read it!
I hope you don’t mind, but today, I am going to take you through a little card I did on TV recently. 
 We will master this old Brayer eventually!
We will need:
Lake Mist Adirondack Ink Pad (my new favourite colour!)
Here goes. And don’t flap. There’s plenty of time to perfect this brayering thing before Easter!
Place the Lazy Moon Mask on the white card.

Load the Speedball brayer with Lake Mist, roll it out on your blending mat, and transfer it to the sky, coming in at an angle, so as to avoid lines.
Now load the Brayer with Eggplant and go back over the Lake Mist sky. This colour combo is superb!

Let’s check it out! 
Doesn’t the Lake Mist underneath the Eggplant look fabulous?
Cool. Next stamp the Bunny in a Watering Can (sounds painful!)

he’s feeling a little conspicuous in the middle of the prairie all alone!  Best stamp his buddy, too.

Tear a hill out of copy paper with a ruler , or use the edge of our new Blending Mat.

Let’s mask off the 2 friends before we begin…

Time to plant the land. 
Cover up the sky with your hill mask, and roll off what’s left on your brayer of the Eggplant. 
Maybe there’s a little left on the Blending mat, too.

Using a make-up sponge, add some shade around the rabbits.

Using the torn paper, and a make-up sponge, 
let’s add the dips and shadows in the pasture.
Slate Adirondack is perfect for this. 
Mix it up a little with Eggplant. 

Add some grass in Watering Can Archival at the front, 
and even in a couple of the folds.

Uncover the lazy moon.

Colour in the two little Bunny Buddies with colouring pencils.

I used a Blending Tool and Slate Adirondack around the edges. 
This is where the Blending Mat is very useful.

Nearly there…

Add a sentiment in the Sky.
What else could we use? Any ideas?
After all, this doesn’t have to be an Easter card. does it?

There we are. All done. 
I hope that you can extract some useful tips and ideas from this little greeting card. Whether it’s the colour combination, or the folds in the ground with the torn paper and make-up sponge. There may be something you can use in there somewhere.

Much love,

86 thoughts on “A Lazy Moon.

  1. An extra treat today!
    Love these little saucy re mountable bunnies !!!
    Barbara you are a caution!
    Such an innocent little scene -one I want to make for folk this Easter.
    Not sure my one will come out as well as this however!

  2. I love that colour combination, doesn't it work well. Loving your blog and seeing all the step by step instructions. Thank you for taking the time to do this daily blog, it is much appreciated.

  3. I love the bunnies and used them last Easter and they'll be out again for this one. Bunny is a sensitive word this week as my sister's house bunny died this week 🙁 She also lost a guinea pig this month so a sad time. I love the names of the ink pads!

  4. I loved this when I saw it on TV, but seeing it again here reminded me that I must try these colour combinations. I don't have the bunnies……yet, but they are on my list, but will give the other Clarity stamps a try. Who would have thought a pale yellowy-green and dark purple would make a beautiful sky! Inspirational, it must be your middle name!

  5. Love the colour combo for the sky. Great step by step demo. Thank you, once again, for the inspiration. Wonder what the bunnies can see this time…the cheesy man in the moon or are they a bunny couple out for a moonlit hop? Whatever…it's a beautiful card Barbara. Xxx

  6. Good morning,
    Hoppy Easter to you as well. I did have to ask what the expression don't flap meant, always learning so much from you. This is a sweet card, thanks for doing it today.

  7. Saw you do this on C & C and loved it, thanks for the tutorial will try this later today and see if I can improve my brayering skills. How about "Together For Ever" for an alternative caption. Enjoy your weekend Jx

  8. I love this colour combination, such a soft gentle look. It would translate perfectly to so many other projects. Once again, a perfect tutorial, and I can hear you talking as I read them. Thank you for such a beautiful project. xx Maggie

  9. Such s pretty card Barbara, the colours you have used ate beautiful a nd really do compliment the scene, thanks again for another great step by step … I may even make a few using this as inspiration for cards for friends this Easter xx

  10. Ilove these cute bunnies and I love the step by step way you teach I fell I can go and do this now. what a pity I have visitors for the weekend I want to go and do this now especially as my bunnies turned up on Thursday. I can't wait and of course next weekend I get to see you on the telly how many thousands like me do you inspire you are one special lady. thank you. M sure there are times when you think Oh drat I've got the blog to do and I'm tired or busy but you do and We are all here waiting Thankyou

  11. Just love love love this card! It's my 60th birthday at beginning of April so these stamps and the blending mat are so on my list of wishes. I look forward to reading your blog every morning with my cuppa hot chocolate when it's nice and quiet before they all get up! Keep up the good work Barbara we all appreciate the effort you put into everything you do x

  12. Love it, the bunnies are on my wish list too. Sitting here with a coffee in my hotel bedroom waiting for 10 am when the Clarity Retreat Perth begins, by 4 pm tomorrow I hope to master the brayer and the gelli plate techniques. Wish me luck.

  13. Marvellous inspiration again! I must have missed this card on create and craft. The shades of black/grey and aubergine all blend together well. Look forward to the next bit of inspiration!

  14. Hello Barb, a truly lovely card, You make it seem so easy creating scenes like this with hills and moons, and little bunnies. But at least with the step by steps, although it may take us longer,I am sure with practice we could produce the same images, and as they say practice makes perfect. As I am home alone today, I am going to play with my big gelli plate, so wish me luck too, and thank you for the ongoing inspiration. Bx

  15. I love these colours together & they create a lot of atmosphere ! I always pick up hints from your instructions & your completed projects spur me on to improve & keep trying. I'm beginning to get the hang of the torn paper creating furrows & hillocks. My better half is amazing & I think I may give this design a go but my caption will read "Always By Your Side"

  16. Wish I could brayer I try and try but always get lines. Have tried standing to do it but no better I am beginning to lose faith, so much so that when I bring my crafting tools out now the brayer stays on the shelf.
    Love the card and especially the bunnies.

  17. Im going to do bunnies today i think ,i am a bit upset cause car not working so i cannot get to Janets workshop , i love making hills and using the bunnies ,so getting my brayer out as well xxx

  18. I know it looks easy and I'm sure it is easy but its not easy at all. That's if you do it to your standard Barbara. It took me at least 3 go's to get this right when I did it after the telly demo and I bought these bunnies last year so I have had other attempts. It is so rewarding when it's perfect its fantastic so thank you for giving me that feeling because without an example and a demo I wouldn't know it was perfect. Keep doing them Barbara

  19. Good morning Barbara, loving today's card as to coin a phrase 'I like rrrrabbits!' (showing my age here aren't I – the old tv program Bread). The effect you've created with the shaded brayering is beautiful and the bunnies are just gorgeous! x

  20. I absolutely love these cutie little bunnies. Another stunning card. My mass order of inks is on its way and I will try this lovely scene once my lake mist arrives. Thanks for the lovely inspiration x

  21. this card defo doesn't need to be for Easter – most greetings would work – its gorgeous – I love it and the step by step is very helpful – thankyou xx

  22. Hi Barb,
    This is gorgeous and I really wish I could get to grips with brayer ink, mine just ends up with stripes all over! Anyway I will persevere and hopefully will manage it one day? Love those cute little bunnies too. The colours you have used work beautifully together. Thanks again Barb. Love Alison xxxx

  23. A gorgeous scene Barbara. I've had Lake Mist and Egg Plant for ages – as yet unused – but not for much longer. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Beryl xx

  24. Just love it. The problem is that everytime I see your creations it's another set of stamps I really, really love. Need to work out how to get paid overtime at a school! Oh well, wish list getting longer again! x

  25. What a great colour combo and thanks for showing the folds on the hills, definitely will try that. I have both colours and hadn't though to use them together…..will now. Thank you for giving us the step by step. Have a lovely Saturday xx

  26. What a fantastic card. I love the minimalist use of colours and am already trying to think of ways I could use this concept with the stamps I have as I don't have the bunny stamps (but maybe I should add these to my wish list as well!). I really need to master the brayer technique but after a few failed attempts I am very nervous of retrying, but as they say if at first you don' succeed try, try, try again!

  27. These bunnies are so cute, I love them. I don't know why I love them so much but there you go. I really think I must be addicted to all these Clarity. Barbara you are a genius! I'm not a gushy sort of person but I do seem to be as far as you are concerned.the blog is great too!Wx

  28. Morning Barbara,
    I love these bunnies and they look fantastic at night!
    I was just reading your blog when the postie arrived and yippee it was my clarity order can't wait to try my poppies and the 3d card you blogged recently!!
    Lorna D

  29. Love the bunnies, but no time to do them today, I am determined to play with my Geliplate I've had for some time. Watched lesson 20 again last night, and I have a friend coming round to play with me. What's more, I made a coffee and walnut tray bake to keep us going!

  30. Lovely smiley card. Thank you. I have had a go for my husband's Easter card. Not satisfied so trying again. Your gallery sounds fun and about time you had your exquisite work on the walls.
    Best wishes Anne

  31. Not sure those poor bunnies would stand a chance around my pair of dogs! They chase anything that moves – even flies! Love the moonlight and makes me yearn for those summer evenings in the garden or on the campsites. X

  32. Lovely card. I particularly love the colour combo. I am still "scared" of trying using the brayer, even with all the tips you're giving us, but being to get better using the masks. Thanks for another great tutorial.
    Laurence xx

  33. Hi Barbara. I love the bunnies, they are so sweet. Great card, your colour choices are always perfect, wish I had your eye for colour : ) You could use a Good luck on your travels/ Bon Voyage type sentiment as the bunnies could be looking away over the hills. Have a good day. Take care.

  34. Hi Barbara! I am playing catch-up with your blog and what a way to start! Absolutely fabulous! Always inspired by what you do. Thank you for sharing xx Now onto the previous posts to see what I have missed and then maybe I can start to blog again now that I am finally back on the net!

  35. Love this card and your tutorial is great and very informative. I love that colour combo I think lake mist will have to be my next on my list if purchases
    Enjoy the weekend, we have sun today and it feels like Spring is on the way I hope it's the same for you
    Jackie x

  36. Excellent, all the help I can get with the brayer is much appreciated! Love that colour combination, will have to try it. Shall I admit this ………………… I spent the longest time looking at that bunny thinking 'It doesn't look like he's in a watering can, perhaps it gets stamped on after'!!!! Oh dear, that will teach me to read the ink colours at the top more carefully. 🙂 XX

  37. I love these bunnies and the sepia type tones you have used. I too really like the lake mist – must put it on my to buy list. I think today maybe the day to get my brayer out again. Thank you as always for sharing your skills with us. x

  38. Love those bunnies, so cute. That colour combo is just fab, reminds me of the gloaming, (twilight) in SCOTLAND. Lovely time of day, and kind of magical too. X

  39. Love this card especially the twilight effect, such a change from 'mono' or coloured. I use the Lake Mist on the stamp which has a round section slightly sunken to allow a sun/moon to remain natural. Lake mist makes lovely clouds,

  40. Lovely card. I did catch the end of the show with this on, but have still not watched it all. You make this brayering malarkey look so easy. I need to practice, practice and then practice some more! x

  41. What a wonderful card and you always make it look so easy. Just wish I could be so confident with the brayer. I love the bunny stamps, they always make me smile – so cute. Jacqui

  42. I just love this piece Barbara.There is something very soft and subtle about these bunnies.Another fantastic step by step dearie.Love the colours.Hugs Debbie x

  43. Lovely lovely lovely …thank you for the tutorial. Have not long got home after a wonderful day at Clarity East Midlands with Sazzle – feeling inspired and ready to have some crafting time tomorrow – how about your May your Dreams come true xx

  44. Some bunny loves you! Would make a terrific valentines or anniversary card for my other half – love the subtle colours you have used Barbara. Thanks for sharing, Susan x

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