Kingfisher Blue…

Kingfisher Blue…

Hi there!
Thursday’s blog is always blue, 
so what better than Kingfisher blue?
Here’s what we need:
Kingfisher mask
Spectrum Noir Alcohol Pens
Let’s make a mask of the kingfisher first.
Stamp at the sticky end of a post-it and cut out.

Cut the mask ON THE  LINE. Why on the line? To avoid a halo around the image. 
Here, you will see I cut out 2 at the same time. Why 2?
This is primarily due to the fact that I hate cutting out, so I always cut one out for Ron.

Run Low-tack masking tape around all 4 sides of the 
A6 ClarityCard.

Stamp the Kingfisher into place using Black Adirondack. 
Use the second generation ink – in other words, blot it first. 
Ink, Blot, Plot!
Why? Glossy card. Stops you sliding about. 
Add the branch. Same sketch. 
Notice half the stamp is on the masking tape. 

Colour in the brach with the Versamark Pen. 
Important tool to have in your stash!

Ink up the brayer in Stream Adirondack, and run the ink off the brayer-edge which is going to hit the card first. 
In other words, do a wheelie! Look at the scrap paper here; explains it much better than I can!

Screw up a piece of copy paper, 
unravel it, 
roll the loaded brayer across the paper.

 Transfer the ink to the card by rolling once 
across where you would like to see some water.

Wipe the branch and the Stream ink will come away.
Versamark Pen – great resist pen on Claritycard.
Now let’s add some sky with Cloudy Blue Adirondack.

Brayer Cloudy Blue Adirondack into the opposing corner, 
behind the branch.

Remove the masking tape.

Add leaves using the black ink pad.

Colour in the leaves using alcohol pens. 
I used Promarkers, because I like them with a fine nib.
You will find that the Alcohol pens actually lift the colour underneath, so the lime green leaves override the Stream ink.

Time to look at a picture of a real kingfisher, 
to get the colours right. 

Didn’t have the right colours in Promarkers, so went to my Spectrum Noir stash. You know what they say: use what you’ve got. And I’ve got the lot! 
A lady at a Scotland workshop once talked about a SABLE.
A Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy!
So I found the right colours in the other box!

If you want to colour in with Promarkers, or Spectrum Noir, or Copics, or any other alcohol pens I haven’t heard of (yet!)
you need to use a dye based ink like Adirondack, so that it won’t bleed with the alcohol. Especially on Shiny cardstock.

I think these colours hit the spot, don’t you?

Add a little shade…

See how the branch shows up against the water in the background?
Once you are finished with the colourwork it’s time to buff and polish your artwork. 
Add a deckle edge around the art with a black micron pen.
Make sure you do this AFTER the polishing. 
Why? Because it will smear. 
How does she know all these things?!?!?
So there he sits, all regal, waiting for the fish to glisten in the water.
Do you know, I have never seen a kingfisher. 
It’s on my list of things to see live. 
Forget the 02 Arena. I want to see a Kingfisher Live! 
And on the uplifting note – if you will pardon the pun,
let’s have a bargain and a giveaway.
Everybody likes a baaaaargin!

Buy the Branch, and the Leaf stamp comes FREE
Buy the Kingfisher, and the Versamark Pen comes FREE.

Blog Candy Time!
Leave an uplifting comment today, tomorrow and Friday,
and on Saturday we will pick a random winner to receive:
A box of crafting Goodies hand-picked by myself!

119 thoughts on “Kingfisher Blue…

  1. My dad was once fishing and a kingfisher landed on the end of his rod and stayed there for ages. He didn't catch any fish that day, but as far as he was concerned, it was his best day out fishing.

  2. This is lovely Barbara! It reminds me of the painting of a kingfisher that my grandparents used to have in the hallway of their bungalow when I was a little girl. How I loved that brightly coloured painting! Thanks for reminding me of happy times with family (now sadly no longer with us).

  3. Lovely card and colours. Definitely will try this technique with my brayer – I will master the brayer, I will, I must! I will give this a go tomorrow with my Clarity stamps, I don't have this one …….yet. Thanks again Jx

  4. Beautiful card! Was lucky enough to see a kingfisher very, very briefly once in Italy…but would love to see one sitting still on a branch, think it's the beautiful colours that attracts me. Nature is so amazing! Hope you see your kingfisher one day Barbara xx

  5. Hi what a colourful card so bright in this dark wet winter , I saw a fleeting glance of a Kingfisher many years ago when my late husband and I were on a canal holiday . Great peaceful holidays and a chance to see a lot of wild life .xx

  6. Lovely card. I'm not really a birdie person but this could definitely sway me , it's such beautiful colours. Thank you once again for a great tutorial x

  7. Beautiful work of art – can't call it a card as its a picture worthy of a frame x There are so many birds I have never seen – this being one of them – have only seen a woodpecker once – but living in London unlikely to see a lot of beautiful birds like this one – that said have seen some wonderful little birds in Florida and New Zealand that you don't see here -(or I don't think you do) -Sand piper, a tui, and a pukeko – would love to see you add these birds to your stamp list of birds – so cannot wait for your next show on TV for those 'garden birds'! xx Just popping over to the web site now to umm and ah over your offer xxx

  8. Hello Barb, superb card, and wonderful step by step instructions. I would love to see a kingfisher in real life, and I think you have done justice to this amazing bird with your colouring. Laughed when I saw the comment about cutting one out for RON. Thanks for yet more wonderful inspiration. Bx

  9. What a peautiful and uplifting card. I am lucky enough to have seen several kingfishers in the wild, mostly in France, and they are absolutely beautiful. You have to. Find the right spot and then be very patient but the reward is well worth the wait. I hope that you get to see one soon. Thank you for the lovely blogs and artwork. I must add this lovely bird to my next order, along with your new tits ! XX

  10. I love kingfishers and was lucky enough to see one on the London Road section of the Nottinghan canal whilst out fishing many years ago. It is such a majestic bird and your artwork has certainly done it justice!

  11. I love kingfishers and I was lucky enough to see one on the London Road section of the Nottingham canal whilst fishing many years ago. It is such a majestic bird and your artwork has certainly done it justice!

  12. Wonderful kingfisher. how do you think up so many inspirational things to show us I'm floating on cloud nine at the moment ba cause it managed to book a place on your course I can't express how excited I am and how much I'm looking forward to it shouldn't wish the time away at my age but I can't wait

  13. Beautiful Barbara….the kingfisher is one of my favourite stamps. I was lucky enough to see one about 25 years ago when I lived in Wymondham, Norfolk.. now its all seagulls as Iive by the sea.

  14. Lovely work Barbara! I would love to see a kingfisher, too! We see a barn owl sometimes and we see wood peckers everyday! I will never tire of seeing red squirrels in my garden!! Long tailed tits are my fave garden bird. Oh, and goldcrest, but only saw that one time!! Blue titd, of course! 😉

  15. Lovely card and a great step by step tutorial. Kingfishers are beautiful. I have been lucky enough to see one along the Thames somewhere, when I used to live nearer that area, mamy years ago. x

  16. Beautiful piece of art, Barbara! And so beautifully explained! I once saw a kingfisher…I was on a canal boat holiday in Wales, and couldn't believe the colours were REAL! I never realised they were so small, either. Jo xx

  17. Beautiful artwork, and lovely photos. I would love to see a kingfisher too, my bird table is a wonderful squabble ground for tree sparrows, thrush and a Robin although last year a flock of waxwings were blown off course and I hardly left the window for the 2 days they visited. Thanks for the inspiration x

  18. Love this card and thanks for the step by step instructions! I've been lucky enough to see Kingfishers in the UK, and also in Egypt (where they are larger and black and white) and Queensland – that was definitely the best place to see them, from a boat, as they weren't disturbed from their fishing quests. Thanks Susan x

  19. Such a beautiful card and great step by steps. Thank you for the definition of what I have been suffering from for years – SABLE. I feel so much better now I can put a name to it lol! xx

  20. I am a full paid up member of the SABLE organisation. Thank goodness I am not alone. Great technique tip about the Versamark pen. Sadly, I have never seen a Kingfisher either, however, we do have the pleasure in our garden of the most striking woodpecker. In the past I have made a card inspired by those colours & the combination was beautiful.

  21. I love the kingfisher, so striking against the blues. When I was a lot younger I used to be able to draw something that looked like a kingfisher but sadly no longer have either the skill or evidence of ever having it. Perhaps I could cheat and use a stamp!

  22. Good morning Barbara, I'm also in the SABLE club and are now reaching the point where members of my family will need to move out to allow enough storage!! Drastic or what!?!
    Love your kingfisher card, the colours really draw you in. I've been lucky to see a real one in flight and they are VERY fast and surprisingly small (unless the one I saw was a youngster).x

  23. I have always loved kingfishers, your image is no exception.When I was about 10 I entered a competition with a painting I did of one, copied from a book. I didn't win which is no surprise really but I was chuffed with it. And here I am all these years later still copying from a master but enjoying myself and having fun, using your stamps Barbara is a much better way of getting a good result! Thanks you as always for the inspiration and quality of your deigns and products!Wx

  24. Hi Barbara. I so love looking at and reading your blog every day. Your infectious humour comes across in everything you do.
    Love the kingfisher. What a beautiful bird he is?
    I notice you´re doing wheelies again. Have you run out of Splodge mats?
    Take care and have a good day.
    Love Val in Spain x

  25. Fabulous artwork Barbara, right from the making of the stamps to the finished scene. I would love to see a kingfisher IRL life too. It's being in the right place – at the right time – not to mention looking in the right direction. Speedy little blighters when they see something they want. Wish your eyes could register stuff in slow mo.
    Beryl xx

  26. Hi Barb,
    I loveKingfishers & have been lucky enough to see one flying down the river Wear near here – it was so beautiful, an amazing flash of iridescent blue! Love this card too. I too was wondering where your splodge mat ( or Clarity mat! ) was seeing as you were doing wheelies again! Thanks for the great offers too. Love Alison xxxx

  27. Hi Barbara! Beautiful card! But that's because it's a beautiful stamp! I think the kingfisher has to be one of my most favourite of clarity stamps! The detail on him is superb! He looks lovely here all coloured in but he is also fab to do in film and fibre! Thanks for sharing him with us and for the giveaways! Love and hugs to you! Xxx

  28. Ahhh bless, Linda and Barbara your comments really made me chuckle this morning! I absolutely adore kingfishers. My favourite bird would love to see a real one. Will be putting these on my shopping list. Von x

  29. Fully paid up member of Sable club here, but wouldn't have it any other way! Yet again I believe you have surpassed yourself, where do all these ideas hide? You look like a normal sized person but how can that be …. In crafting you are a giant!

  30. I love todays project barb – Kingfishers are very special to us – this is now a must have stamp – then I'll be able to have a fabulous play!!! Thanks for the inspiration xx

  31. Simply beautiful! Such a lovely way to use the kingfisher. I too have enough craft stash to last me till ….. Well ……..forever! But you know what, I never have just the thing I need for the next crafty project. My favourite quote I saw in a magazine was that I have SFS craft stash. SFS? Saved For Stroking!

  32. Simply beautiful! Such a lovely way to use the kingfisher. I too have enough craft stash to last me till ….. Well ……..forever! But you know what, I never have just the thing I need for the next crafty project. My favourite quote I saw in a magazine was that I have SFS craft stash. SFS? Saved For Stroking!

  33. Hello, like yourself I love kingfishers, I remember when I worked in a large pet shop we used to have large outside tanks full of goldfish and other fancy pond fish and we used to have two kingfishers come every morning for their breakfast. Although the boss wasn't pleased to be losing stock we were all thrilled to be watching such a beautiful bird 'in action'. One of them overshot one day and came a cropper and was a bit stunned so I got to hold him (or her) I don't know whose heart was beating faster, just beautiful. You don't realise the amount of colour in these wonderful birds. I do have a couple of kingfisher stamps but I am treating myself to this one as there isn't much scenery around him so it will be easier to add my own. Once again thank you for your blog, wonderful as always, Andy

  34. Hi Barb. My original reply has got lost in the Ethernet somewhere by the looks of it – hey ho, not the end of the world. Love the kingfisher. Very regal and distinguished bird I have 2 quotes if I may. First is 'dum Spiro Spero'. Which translates to 'whilst I breathe I hope'. And also, on the lid of my sewing machine, I have 'close your eyes , clear your heart, let it go'. Helps me sew better. Sometimes, occasionally , maybe,

  35. Barbara i love Kingfishers your card is beautiful ,We have Kingfishers and dragonflies around our pond,such lovely colours to watch on a nice sunny day .I have the Kingfisher stamp ,so must get it out to use it What you have done is so lovely , i am a bit late today son came round and updated my laptop so i couldn't get to it!!!
    Pauline xx

  36. Love this design, I'm so pleased the design is the Kingfisher. Now I know what colour the feathers are I can use my Kingfisher stamp for the next card I make. Thank you so much.

  37. What a gorgeous card Barbara and a brilliant tutorial as always. To see a kingfisher live in the wild is on my to do list too as like you I've never seen one. Thanks for the chance to win in the giveaway. Your blog is always so inspiring and uplifting it's the first one I check out each day as it makes me feel good just by reading what you share. Thank you
    Jackie x

  38. This Kingfisher stamp is becoming a firm favourite of mine as it is such a colourful bird. I have many birds that visit my bird table but have never seen a Kingfisher in real life. I have had a woodpecker visit but not a colourful one. The most colourful birds I have had visit are the Tits and the Yellowhammer. The occassional Pheasant does strut his stuff around the garden with his harem in tow. I do have your pheasant stamps and the bird stencils arrived at the start of the week, so will have to play with them all.

  39. Hi Barbara, there is a kingfisher at the local nature reserve and he looks just like your card. Love the tip for making water, will definitely be trying that one. Once again your exquisite wrk has brightened up my day. Natalie xx

  40. WOW! Barbara, this is stunning. Love the Kingfisher and you have managed to match the colours perfectly. Have only seen a couple of Kingfishers 'Live' and that was on the waterways in Norfolk through the bird watching huts, they are a lot smaller than you think but beautiful birds. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  41. Very helpful blog, that helps me not to fall into the traps, though I still will because I don't have enough patience when crafting. However, I do have patience bird-watching and know a few places within 10 miles of home where kingfishers are a regular, if sometimes fleeting, sight. Aren't I lucky?

  42. Barb, I've never seen a kingfisher in the flesh either – and it's on my list of things to see, along with the Northern Lights and the Grand Canyon. Hopefully I'll see all 3 one day. Love the card today, it reminds me of spring which is just around the corner. Today the sun is shining and you can really believe that the dark days are behind us. Love your blog – I love the fact that it's informative and a little bit of you too! Jean.x

  43. I have glimpsed a kingfisher in the wild, just the glorious flash of brilliant blue along the roadside stream, but it was many years ago when I was a child. That memory is still strong and special. I have friends who live on a narrow boat, cruising the canals all through the year. They regularly see kingfishers on their travels – that is probably the only thing I envy them for. A narrow boat life would not suit me. Where would I put all my treasured SABLES, including my cross stitch SABLE and my lovely new sewing machine, apart from all my stamping SABLE? One question, if you used the thin nib of the promarker to do the wiggly edge, would that smudge too? I haven't had the guts to try that on a completed piece of work, and never remember to try it on an offcut. A really beautiful card, reminding us that we could hope for summer soon. The birds are convinced it is Spring now. xx Maggie

  44. Hello Barbara,
    What a lovely little feathered friend you have created here. So many blues together in his coat, but he's so
    adorable he would never make anyone
    feel blue!… "It may be Gray outside but
    in my heart it's spring" ;-)….hugs &
    smiles Angela x

  45. I love this, a beautiful kingfisher. I have never seen one either, but would love to. I also love peacocks, and I've seen plenty of them, with their tail feathers on full display, so, so beautiful. I love the colours and the iridescence, fabulous. I'm off to place a little clarity order now, happy days x

  46. Having a stressful day so far so cant wait to get home and try this one out, crafting always brings me back to myself and ive not tried out my versamark pen yet. Thanks for another great project x

  47. Wow what another beautiful card I love been able to go onto the blog and follow the step by step guides to making beautiful piece's of art looked back and part did the tree stencil card yesterday .thank you barbara for our daily blog .xxx

  48. What a coincidence. As I was walking the dogs round our local lake yesterday I spotted a kingfisher on a reed. Seconds later it dived for a fish. A beautiful bird and a rare moment. It certainly is a marvellous bird and makes a wonderful card. Thank you for sharing.

  49. I have a SABLE too – in fact I could say I'm SABLE'd out as I don't alway remember what I have got – are others the same?

    Intense colours as Barbara above says and a beautiiful card – I think I have the stamps except the leaves! At first I thought Barb had drawn them in and I was thinking no way would mine look that good.

    Also, Barbara, you brayered the stream on the crinkly paper and had a lovely effect but then it all turned completely turquoise – I was quite liking the blue/white crinkly stream effect!

    1. p.s. it's my Mum & Dad's Diamond Wedding anniversary today so will be spending time there instead of crafting this evening! I say crafting – I think about it while watching tv mostly!

  50. What a beautiful job you have done with the kingfisher Barbara, he looks gorgeous. I have seen a real one, just the once, and their colours are so vibrant. Ain't mother nature wonderful? Pat x

  51. I have never seen a Kingfisher either, maybe one day if I am lucky. Beautiful card , certainly does such a magnificent bird justice. I too am collecting a SABLE, so many crafts and ideas I want to try. Thanks for the wonderful offers Lynne xx

  52. I've always loved kingfishers and your lovely card has really done them justice. I love the way the leaves extend beyond the masked border, a real inspiration. Thank you for your Wonderful blog, it's amazing and so full of interesting articles and techniques.

  53. Didn't think i had anything uplifting to comment but boy did I feel upifted when I saw Linda's comment about the Woodpecker and your reply Barbara! Made me laugh out loud so thank you for brightening my day. This is stunning, love the colours of that Robin….oops I mean Kingfisher of course x

  54. I have seen a Kingfisher and they are so beautiful,you should take the time and sit by a riverside and watch then if you get to see one you won't be disappointed and if you don't you'll have had a lovely peaceful day.Stunning card.

  55. I saw a deer the other day not 50 feet away, and she was just so beautiful I am lucky to work outside so see a lot of things that others don't, on the subject of birds I once saw a heron down by our local river and was so surprised how prehistoric he looked. We are so blessed with our wildlife. Take care thanks for the inspiration. Liz Spooner.xx

  56. Barbara, I LOVE your blog. My SABLE is good for the life expectancy of the whole of my extended family actually – and there are some youngsters there! Have just almost mastered brayering land and now I have to practice water too – brilliant!

  57. This kingfisher is so beautiful, and the background treatment you have given it is just right. Thank you for the great tutorial. I have never seen a kingfisher but hope to one day. I and my husband saw an otter fairly locally to where we live, albeit in the semi darkness, but it did stay still for all of ten seconds, looking straight at us, with a water vole or something similar in his mouth. I was over the moon as I do love otters so will never forget this moment. x

  58. Hi Barbara -this is am amazing bit of art!
    I am very under confident about colouring in but I guess you improve as you go along.
    I have seen a real kingfisher or two when I lived in SAfrica- very beautiful .

  59. Hi Barbara. Beautiful card using that fab Kingfisher. I too had always wanted to see one and finally two summers ago I saw not one but two on the river! No camera around but can still see them in my mind, fantastic 🙂 Take care.

  60. Yet another stamp on my list awaiting the funds to buy, kingfishers are such fantastic examples of British wildlife at its most colourful. I have seen one diving into a river but they move too fast to see them clearly.

  61. it's easy to see there's a giveaway. jut look at the number of comments….. and Barbara i already have the branch but not the leaf unless it came wit some other tree… i think that if you heat set the micron pen it won't smudge. i tend to heat set archival a lot so it doesn't smudge. hugs xx

  62. I love this stamp and have used it a lot – usually with mica powders, so will give Promarkers ago! Kingfishers are such beautiful birds and their gorgeous plumage make them a gift for crafters with the different inks, paints and powders available to capture it. Craft hugs xx

  63. The kingfisher stamp is lovely and one you can be creative with in so many ways. I love the the water effect but my attempts never look as good as yours …it's always too tempting to run that brayer over twice! I know, bad girl! Thanks for sharing. X

  64. I love your card today, I have seen a Kingfisher, they are beautiful. Have not done much with my brayer, but with your inspiration and helpful hints I will have to try your technique for water described today.
    Kathy C x

  65. It is a bird I have never seen IRL either and would love to see.
    Your kingfisher is beautiful! I love the colours and thank you for the chance to win some lovely candy! Hope you have a fab weekend xx

  66. Stunning little fellow! I've been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a kingfisher many years ago, they are so vibrant, I'm surprised the fish don't see them coming! Although saying that they are extremely quick!
    Have a great day everyone… not forecast to be very good, so no doubt there'll be a lot of crafting going on – yippeeeeeeee!!!….I hope my Clarity package arrives today! 🙂 x

  67. I have been following your blog for a while but this is my first comment. The kingfisher and woodpecker are my favourite bird stamps. I first saw a kingfisher sitting in a tree by my pond eyeing up the fish and a green and red woodpecker is a regular visitor to the garden. Love the blog very inspirational x

  68. Wow! That is really beautiful, Barbara! You make it look so easy, but I'm sure mine wouldn't come out like that! There are kingfishers along the river beside our house. They are very shy and elusive, but we do see them occasionally. They really are stunning birds.

  69. This is THE perfect card design for my son's birthday in April. I don't know why I haven't already got this Kingfisher stamp. It will be top of my *Shopping List* for Port Sunlight show next month.

  70. Beautiful artwork, really wish I'd bought this in the sale,nay mind there's always Harrogate in March! I've been lucky enough to spot a live Kingfisher in my local park in Scarborough which has a stream feeding into the lake, took my breath away! Of course I've also seen one on the Norfolk broads, bit closer for you xx

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