The keys to my heart…

The keys to my heart…

Hi there!
If it all went according to plan, I did this simple tag on TV today.
But sometimes, it’s just good to get snapshots and a sequence, so here goes!
All I used was the
LOVE framer.
The keys to the heart Set.
Milled Lavender Distress pad
Espresso Adirondack
Post-its and a make-up sponge
You need a tag…
Stamp the Heart Padlock in Espresso.
This is quite a formidable stampset, you know.
Completely unmounted, too.
Now for the clever bit. Ink up the L of the LOVE framer in the brown pad.
Place it near the padlock.
Now it is very important to completely clean and dry the LOVE framer
before you take the next step…

Ink up the V and E in brown too, and place them on the other side. I used a post-it to make sure I didn’t touch the big O. Now for some purists out there, this will be deemed cheating. I’d call it using your loaf…

I tried to line up the E with the L, but that has more to do with my obsessive complulsive habit than anything else!

I love it when it works, don’t you?

Colour in the padlock with promarkers. I used Pastel beige and Morning mist.

Add the swifts from the LOVE Kit miniature set.

Now cut out a mask of the padlock

Cut through 2 layers of post-it and cut one for Ron!
(That’s lateR ON for our foreign friends, who are now wondering who Ron is!)

The trick to good masking is to cut ON the line, not outside the line, and to take time positioning the mask. If you get a white halo, you may want to address these 2 points. Don’t blame Ron!

Time for shade. Using a make-up sponge, gently start adding Milled Lavender to the edges of the padlock. Work from the centre outwards. This takes a while. Build up the depth gradually, to avoid stripes.
You can always use our cool stencil brushes, too, if you struggle with the make-up sponges.

I really like the effect when you remove the mask.
Trim the tag, to centre the art.

Nice, just like that. Try and resist the temptation to add any more.

I really think that less is more in this case.

Mount the tag on a complimentary colour, and the job’s a good’un!

Also, congratulations to PIPPA, whose blog is entitled ‘Views from my artroom’. You are the Lucky winner of a £100 Clarity Stash. I will put it together for you myself. In fact, why don’t you email me, and tell me a few things you would like me to include? Xxx
Many thanks to everybody who joined in. Keep that giveaway button on your blogs though! I think I will give away another £100 stash to celebrate when we hit 1,000 followers! x
With love from

65 thoughts on “The keys to my heart…

  1. A beautiful tag, and I love the soft feel of it. I think that we should use the phrase "Less is More" rather than saying it is is simple. Simple is actually hard to do well. Congratulations to Pippa for winning the blog prize. xx Maggie
    PS a great show this morning and wasn't Dean naughty today.

  2. Just watched your show, it was inspiring as always, and I didn't know you had a blog until I heard you mention it on the show. Now we can get inspired by your wonderful work here too!

    Alice xx

  3. Hi Barbara. Just been watching you and Dean having fun on Create and Craft. What a great way to start a Sunday – learning and laughing at the same time. Brilliant stamps as always and great techniques. Thanks for sharing. xx

  4. Oh yes. Great double act Barbara. Watched and learned whilst I was doing the boring ironing. Makes the job a lot easier when watching something interesting. X x

  5. Hi Barb,
    Haven't seen all of the show yet but have it taped. However, did manage to catch you making this tag & loved it. The only unfortunate thing is I couldn't afford these 2 sets as well as the £53 that I'd spent on other things! You brought us a fabulous collection of stamps, masks & stencils today so thank you for that. Looking forward to this afternoon's show. Alison xx

  6. Watched the show and this demo along with all the others was amazing. Love watching you work, so inspiring and relaxing Thanks for another brilliant step by step and show. Now to get on for a few hours until 2 this afternoon x

  7. Hi, hi – I would not have known who RON is. Was just wondering 🙂 Such a good Show on tv today. I put some stamps on my wish-list. I also love the tag but also the garden Heart is on my list. xx

  8. Loved the show this morning, Deano is the best and bet you had a blast. Well done keeping him in line he he!! Beautiful tag and gorgeous stamps again. Looking forward to the 2pm show. Elaine x

  9. A brilliant show this morning Barbara with funny man, Dean, loved all the stamps and demo's and all the cheeky banter. Great start to the day, looking forward to this afternoon….. if there is anything left to play with! Congratulations to Pippa, what a terrific gift and the offer to ask for anything in particular, where would you start!!! Have a lovely afternoon everyone. Michellexx

  10. Really enjoyed all of the show I saw. Your ususal excellent demos. So glad you are selling some stamps unmounted. Good for the pocket, good for the environment, good for storage and good for you!

  11. OMG you wouldn't believe the trouble I have had trying to comment the last few days! Must have been the tea spitting incident;) Hopefully I stay connected! Great blog posts the last couple of days sorry I missed commenting.

  12. Thanks for the demo, been watching it live this morning but still good to have a reminder.
    Thanks also to explain me, one of your foreign friend, for RON……Was really wondering who he was…….don't laught please!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!
    Laurence xx

  13. Watched it all, cant wait for the stamps to arrive. Hilarious section with you and Dino Mon amore "Dave" Really funny Barbara, you 2 do work well together and make us crafters laugh

    M x

  14. Really enjoyed the shows today Barbara – that Dean is a card. Love the heart stamp and the padlock stamp set. My resolution to limit my crafty spending is going pear shaped already!

  15. Fab shows today, but then they always are. I really like this stamp and the demo you have done.
    It was nice to see the windmill set again, liked it when you did the lesson with it and really think it I am going to have to buy it.
    Well done Pippa, how lovely that you can choose some items for your prize. Not sure I would know where to start. Lynne x x

  16. Great show this afternoon – my ironing sped by and I recorded like the morning ones just in case I missed anything! Purchased stamps earlier so I wouldn't miss out and can't wait for the. To arrive although I spend more time stroking them than using them!

  17. Great show this afternoon – my ironing sped by and I recorded like the morning ones just in case I missed anything! Purchased stamps earlier so I wouldn't miss out and can't wait for the. To arrive although I spend more time stroking them than using them!

  18. Hi Barb, looking at all the comments, the shows went swimmingly and were a great laugh. Have not watched yet, so have something to look forward to this evening. The RON bit gave me a giggle as always. Your blog always brings smiles, inspiration and food for thought. Well done Pippa. Bx

  19. I have just sat and read all your blog posts in one go, some made me laugh and some made me cry. Great read, very inspiring and educational. I simply cannot miss another installment and have signed up to follow. Loved your shows today and this blog confirmed what I always knew from watching you on Create & Craft; you truly are an inspiration and an amazing woman. I'd say keep up the good work, but being who you are, I don't think that is in any doubt!

  20. Great shows today as usual. Every time I think I could not possibly ever need any more stamps, along you come and show me otherwise. At this rate I shall have to live to at least 150 maybe more. Seriously though thank you and your team so much, keep up the great work.

    Lou B

  21. Great shows today Barbara, with fantastic new products …no wonder they sold out…congratulations to Pippa too…enjoy your goodies…I always look forward to your blog posts…hugs. X

  22. Well Barbara you did your magic again! This tag looked amazing on the telly! You are so inventive and always explain it so well!! Thank you for a great end to my hols… Watching you being creative fills me with such inspiration! Hugs and love to you! Xxx

  23. You did it again Mrs. Was sat glued to the screen for three hours today. This is a lovely set and it is on my order …together with a pile of other stuff lol. Fantastic stamps wonderful inspiration from yourself and all the team xx

  24. Loved the shows today Barbara and the Design Team did you proud again. Only trouble is that you've come up with too many wonderful stamps and although I've ordered I keep wanting the ones I didn't get. Will have to pace myself this year and save some purchases for one of the shows. This tag is beautiful, I love the lavender colour with the Espresso. What a great start to the year x

  25. So I got up at 2:30 to watch your show, it was fantastic, then I went to Clarity stamp online and ordered lots to include this set. Nice job. Watching you was great fun. Miss you. Xxx

  26. Not seen the show yet but have recorded it. I dont have a blog but love yours and the inspiration you give us all. Keep up the good nae great blog. You shud have a million followers.

  27. Really enjoyed the shows today. Both yourself and Dean made a great double act. I loved all the demos and it is nice to have a step-by-step guide to remind us on how you achieved the final version. Congratulations to both Pippa for winning the blog prize and Isobel for winning one of Barbara's cards this morning.

  28. Great shows again today Barbara watched and recorded. Ordered the stencil brushes and stamps off the website today so looking forward to having a go with them.

  29. Hi Barbara, I thoroughly enjoyed all three hours of your shows today, especially love it when you are working with Dean as you two together really make me laugh. I added your button to my blog so hopefully I will be included in your next blog candy giveaway. Thanks for the wonderful projects, so much to try out.

  30. great shows today, managed to get the hot air balloons but masks were sold out so ordered straight from clarity instead. Can't wait for them to arrive x

  31. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday – watching you demonstrate with all the new stamps; like everyone else, I want them all!!! Barbara – could we have just a simple "O" stamp please so we can use it with the alphabet set? [I have to confess, it's not my idea – I saw the suggestion during the show on the DT chat – but I think it's such a good idea, I thought I'd ask too.]

  32. Love it Barbara! Watched you doing it on tv it was fab. I am now struggling to decide which stamps to buy, my problem is I want it all!!!!!
    Lorna D

  33. Hi Barbara, I was glued to the tv for both programmes, I – like all the above want them all. I am going to re watch all 6 dvd's I have of yours and get into doing more stamping 2014. I love the Key set of stamps but will have to order it from Clarity with the brushes.
    Hugs Carol x

  34. Hi barb,watched you do this on c&c today (or should that be yesterday now) and even my husband was taken with the results and the stamps. Lovely…now i can buy them and blame him. Haha.
    Im sat reading your blog so late as im trying to stop myself from going through the roof which wouldnt be hard to do as when i went to bed i discovered the roof had leaked AAARGHHHH!! And on my lovely french bed too.
    Anyhoo, means i can catch up on some barb time-i know reading your blog will put a smile on my face.
    Belated new year greetings to you all, hope having your children home has been a great tonic. hugs, theresa.x

  35. At the rate your followers' list is growing, you will reach 1000 by the end of the week. A really lovely demo live, and how good to have it set down here in logical stages. xx Maggie

  36. Hi Barbara. This is a beauty! Clean and simple and perfect. Thank you for blogging it for people like me that like to have step by step pics. Great shows, as always, yesterday. Take care.

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