Around the World in 80 Days…

Around the World in 80 Days…

Happy Monday!
Sorry the blog is a bit late today; rather late out of the starting blocks this morning, after a formidable day on TV yesterday! Thank you so much, if you watched and supported. Makes it all worthwhile.
As promised, here is a step-by-step of one of the stamp-sets which sold out before I could demonstrate them. The new Filigraphy Hotair Balloons literally flew! As did the set of 5 Cityscape masks, which I also used here.
Here’s what  I used:
NEW Tree Masks from the 5 Cityscapes Set
Ready? Here goes:
Stamp the Hotair Balloon in Watering Can on the white card.
Add the Anchor and stamp the balloon twice, on the postcards which come with the square card pack.
Cut the balloons out, as below.

Frame the square card with low-tack masking tape.

Now for the TREES. Remember? 
Mondays Blog is Trees and Flowers? I have a plan, you know!
We will use the sky part of the mask. If it’s new, remember to lay it on your arm lightly, just to de-tack it a little before you begin. Always store the mask back on the wax paper it came on.

Mask in place? Now we need colour.
Using a Brayer, Pesto and a blending mat,

add green to the treescape. 
Simply roll back and forth, lifting the brayer to avoid stripes and keep picking up more ink from the mat as you go.

Move the mask up and over a bit. Re-load the Brayer (get rid of a little green on scrap paper if it is still dark), so that the trees are more faded. 
Add the next line of trees.

Move the tree mask up and over one more time, and add the third line of trees. 
Don’t even re-ink the brayer. 
Clean your brayer with a baby wipe or water, and load the mat with Cloudy blue in exactly the same way at the other end.
Add the sky. 

With a stencil brush, add a little Pesto from the mat round the edges. Softer than the brayer.

Remove the masking tape.

Colour in the Hot air Balloons with Distress Markers or colouring pencils. Promarkers may make the Archival ink bleed, remember?

Add some sticky fixers to the back.
Layer up your Balloon.
The top layer would make a great brolly, or skirt, or pram, wouldn’t it?

Take a closer look at the patterns here. Beautiful x

Yes. That’s what I wanted to show you on telly. 
Hope you like it! There’s plenty of room in the sky to add a sentiment – whatever the occasion. 
Or nowt! Less is more…
Tomorrow, it being Tuesday, I think I’d like to broach a subject very dear to my heart: P for Perfectionism. You might be surprised…
with love from

67 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Days…

  1. This was the card that made me fall off my perch and buy yesterday. I was going to wait a bit and buy them later, but I could not wait in the end. I put my order through Clarity to be sure of getting what I wanted. Thank you for such a clear tutorial for us to follow. Great shows yesterday with plenty of giggles along the way, especially trying to coordinate watching the telly and chatting on the Clarity site at the same time. A complete experience which left me buzzing, and the mojo in full flow. Thank you, Barbara. xx Maggie

  2. Fantastic step by step, as always – your blog is fast becoming my crafty little filing cabinet full of crafty techniques that I can go to for inspiration. Keep up the fab work, Barbara – loving the 'Filigraphy' stamps.
    Hugz, Jan xx

  3. This is lovely, I really enjoyed watching you and Dean yesterday, you are like a double act.
    I really want to attend one of your weekend workshops this year, when will you launch your dates, I don't want to miss out. Thank you.
    Sally xx

    1. Sally, you will not regret going to one of Barbara's workshops. I went for the first time last year and loved every second. It is very full on but great to learn new skills with such a great tutor. xx Maggie

  4. This is a great blog, you could always use the other hot air balloon stamps with this just as well I think . Loved the shows yesterday and was thrilled to bits to get drawn for a card from your lively self . I am so lucky! X

    1. Welcome to Blogland. Be warned, it is very addictive, but there are some lovely friends around in it. Have fun, you have chosen a great blog to comment on. xx Maggie

  5. Thank you for such a clear step by step guide. I didn't see all of this yesterday, so that's great. My one balloon flight so far was so worthwhile, but more than 20 years ago. Perhaps it's time for another!

  6. This is gorgeous I love that stamp and the tree scape, my wish list is getting very long and Santa didn't give me any pennies to spend 🙁 oh well I'll start saving
    Your step by step tutorial is so clear thank you
    Jackie x

  7. Hi Barb,
    Terrific shows yesterday – you & Dean together are so much fun – naughty but nice! I bought to masks but sadly not the balloon stamps ,but I do have your other balloons which I could use instead. Can't wait for all my goodies to arrive from C&C and also from yourselves – what a fab time I'm going to have when they come! Thanks again for the inspiration. Alison xxx

  8. Good Morning Barb or Afternoon I should say!
    I love the patterns on the Balloon ..can't afford it yet but its a must have ! I have your other Balloon stamps but the style on this one is different so I do NEED it !
    Loved the laughter yesterday with Deano!

  9. Really love this stamp as it reminds me of the time I went up in a Hot Air Balloon over Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Shame it sold out yesterday before you could do the demonstration, however I love this step by step guide on your blog.

  10. Oh wow! can't wait for mine to arrive Might have to invest in some more ink pads though! Such a great display of cards yesterday – well done everyone on the D.T.

  11. Lovely stamp, I do like the Filigraphy stamps, I have the leaf one and now think I need this one. Thankyou for explaining how to get a lovely treescape looks fantastic. I think I shall join one of your workshops this year, will definitely help me get a few techniques right. Enjoyed the show yesterday. Lynne xx

  12. I must say i do love this stamp, I must have a thing for hot air balloons that I didn't know about, there is another hotair balloon stamp in the NDC, which i totally loved too. Really cool way to use the "negative" mask too… such a quick easy way to get a treescape going. Thanks Barbara xx C

  13. Love this card! Hot air balloon stamps are great but yours is the best I have seen. Those masks are also on their way to me so I will be giving this technique a go. Thanks for the shows on sunday. XX

  14. Absolutely gorgeous Barbara and a whole new approach to stamping for me. Unable to craft much this past couple of years but slowly getting back so joined the Clarity Club today, found your blog too so here´s to a very Happy 2014.
    Nicola -x-

  15. Love this card and the mask, just used my voucher that I won from Barbara, it was really hard to choose – so many great stamps. Thanks to Stephen for taking my order and thanks again for the voucher. J x

  16. thank you so much for this, these are the stamps I managed to get yesterday but the cityscapes sold out so I have ordered them from Clarity website instead. Will be doing this when they all arrive, gorgeous!! Great shows yesterday, especially the ones with Dean, brightened my day x

  17. See now, you've gone and done it..I ordered the padlock set and now think I should have added this balloon!!! I love the whimsical feel of it and can almost imagine George Verne in the basket!!! I like this one a lot!!!
    Kim xx

  18. Yours is a fab card Barbara! I do love this stamp but also that mask of the trees is really useful and really lends itself to be used with the balloon! xx

  19. Beautiful card – love the intricate design on the balloon and the wonderful tree scape! I have just taken delivery of some clarity goodies so these will have to wait until pay day 🙂

  20. Hi Barbara. Love this one. The stamps are all on my wish list, as are many other Clarity stamps! Thanks for showing so clearly how to copy your fab work, and also a really big thank you for the reminder about which pens to use. I still forget which ones work with which ink! You really understand how some of us work. You really are the best. Take care.

  21. Your blog tutorials are truly inspirational and can't thank you enough for them. I think I can remember from watching the show demos but there's often something I can't remember so the blogs are great for those sometimes forgotten 'bits.' I love the treescape you demo'd yesterday and will definitely be purchasing it.

  22. Just spent most of my xmas pennies on the web site, my basket included both the balloon stamps and the masks along with a few other bits to add to my Clarity collection. Can't wait to play with them. Last of my xmas pennies will go on re joining the Design Club. Have just come to the end of my first year and have loved getting my envelope each month.

  23. Fabulous as ever Barbara – I missed the shows as we weren't back at home until today – hope I'll be able to catch up with the classroom on the website, but maybe after we start the decorating, or my other half won't be too impressed!!

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